Manchester By the Sea

Manchester By the Sea

By Kenneth Lonergan

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-11-18
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 17min
  • Director: Kenneth Lonergan
  • Actors: Casey Affleck, Ben O'Brien, Kyle Chandler, Richard Donelly
  • Awards: Won 2 Oscars. Another 106 wins & 226 nominations.
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
114,749 Ratings

Manchester By the Sea Description

Casey Affleck heads a powerhouse cast in this acclaimed and deeply moving film from award-winning writer-director Kenneth Lonergan. After a solitary Boston janitor (Affleck) unexpectedly becomes the sole guardian of his 16-year-old nephew, he must come to terms with a past that separated him from his wife (Michelle Williams) and his hometown, as uncle and nephew unite for an unforgettable journey of love, community, sacrifice, and hope.
An uncle is obliged to return home to care for his nephew after his brother dies. Unknowing he is to be the guardian, he struggles with the decision. Throughout the movie he recounts past memories that caused him to leave Manchester and distance himself from his past.
After his older brother passes away, Lee Chandler is forced to return home to care for his 16-year-old nephew. There he is compelled to deal with a tragic past that separated him from his family and the community where he was born and raised.

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Manchester By the Sea Movie Reviews

  • Manchester by the Sea

    R&T Subscriber
    It took about 45 minutes of watching this movie for me to realize that I didn't care about this movie - not the characters; not the plot; nothing. And it seemed that I was not alone. It appeared that the actors and actresses themselves didn't care about the movie either. I convinced myself that what I was interpreting as bad acting, was simply that the cast had become bored with their roles and couldn't hide it - with the exception of Michelle Williams, who did an exceptional job portraying an irritated wife and a terribly grieving mother going through the unbearable. With as much sorrow that was being depicted throughout this entirely too long movie, I never felt sorry for any of the characters. I didn't hate this movie, but I didn't like it either; and if I were asked to rate this movie on a scale of 1-10, I couldn't rate it based on what I saw. Movies move me, thrill me, increase my pulse rate, and connect me deep within the story. This movie did none of those things. My dog watched this movie with me and she didn't leave the room for one second of the 2 hours and 17 minutes. For that, I believe she deserves an Oscar..
  • Not happy

    Raul DM
    Oscar, Really? Makes almost no sense. Luckily on a long flight, I was able to kill two hours.
  • Thank You for the Warning, Hillman & Morning Show

    So, the film was "spoiled" for me one morning while I was listening to the radio on my commute into work. Everyone on the Hillman morning show pretty much unanimously panned the film and even explained the unintentionally hilarious/cruel ending. Seriously, I walked out of Schindler's List and Requiem for a Dream feeling better than this exploration into masochistic perdition. I'm just glad I was forewarned and didn't spend any money on the "experience." πŸ”₯πŸ πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ’€πŸ’©
  • Unbelievably Beautifully

    Comedy? Horror? Chicken Lamp?
    I loved this movie. It is about life and humans and how we live what we think what we experience. This is one you see by yourself, the connection the characters is strongly established through the soundless words they each speak. Raw, depressing, and real. It makes you feel and think. I am a big fan of movies with dynamic characters and silence is more than words. BUT, if you need action, resolution, or drastic ideas/conditions, this is not the movie for you. People bash this movie for they lack the ability to beauty in what does not entertain them. This movie is art, a masterpiece, professional acting and wonderfully constructed characters.
  • Weak and depressing

    The acting is good by the main character, but the little punk nephew needs to be put in line. He is a waste. This movie is depressing, slow and weak. If you have to watch it, okay, but if you ahve a choice - do anything else.
  • One of my favorite movies of 2016

    For a writer to write a screenplay and make you feel this emotional about a storyline means this is a great film. I hated Casey Affleck before this film but once I stepped foot into the theatre, I was so into the character I forgot I hated Casey. The writing was brilliant. Loved Lucas Hedges too. Amazing film.
  • Brilliant and deeply moving. Casey Affleck is perfection.

    Honest, funny, poignant, touching--a movie that stays with with you long after you see it. Casey Affleck delivers the best performance in years. He is note-perfect. Superb performances from the newcomer Lucas Hedges, Kyle Chandler and Michelle Williams. Kenneth Lonergan has the perfect touch as screenwriter and director. I honestly don't understand how people can rate this "boring" except to say that perhaps those people cannot appreciate nuance and subtlety. And people who complain that it "lacked closure" probably are used to the spoon-fed over-the-top showy melodramas that present unrealistic resolutions, as if life was ever that neatly structured. Also people seem to confuse honesty and realism with dullness, which is baffling. Maybe it takes a discerning audience to appreciate a masterpiece. Casey Affleck delivers an honest, sublimely nuanced performance. He truly deserved that Oscar for Best Actor along with the numerous accolades deservedly bestowed upon him. I can't wait to see it again. And again.
  • my favorite movie last year

    the tone is very oppressive, characters are seemingly chill but the movie shows billowy waves in their hearts, you could actually feel so much pain... it's a heartbreaking movie, but still a story about love, family, responsibility and others. Casey Affleck, Lucas Hedges are both great, Michelle Williams only showed about 5 minutes, then she stole the entire movie and took my breath, like always.
  • Toxic Needle for Families.

    This movie had no point.It was full of teens having sex, parents with horrible advice and teachings, profanity on all levels even from teens to their parents. Just what Hollywood loves, dumping trash in our lives to negatively influence adults and their kids.
  • Cant rate because iTunes wont download my rental

    Cant rate because iTunes wont download my rental

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