Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It

By Tommy Lee Wallace

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 1990-11-18
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 3h 7min
  • Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99

Stephen King's It Description

It can be anything. A fanged monster that won't stay on the movie screen. Something ominous lurking in the basement. No matter what your biggest fear is, no one knows It better than Stephen King. Based on the King Of Horror's 1986 bestseller, It is a jittery, jolting excursion into personal fear. A malevolent force in a small New England town takes the shape of a clown, but he's not clowning around. Instead, he terrifies youngsters and brings some to their untimely doom - until some wily kids fight back. The evil resurfaces 30 years later: meaner, angrier, deadlier. And friends who vividly remember youthful terrors reunite to fight It.

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Stephen King's It Movie Reviews

  • One of the best horror movies of all time

    This movie I'd everything. Watch the movie and read the book. Stephen King will forever be the horror King of our generation.
  • Ugh

    I get why this movie is a cult classic. The cheesy acting and special effects and that being a made for TV movie. But...this doesn't follow the book at all. The book was absolutely genius and if any of you have seen or read the book it is nearly impossible to fit all of that into a 3 hour movie or even a four hour movie. It's not even that. There were just so many inaccuracies in this though. Doesn't even come close to following the book when it comes to the way the characters are described, to the lack of Bills stutter, to everything else. I just didn't like it period.
  • Awesome

    Awesome but not scary
  • The Best

    The best horror, thriller, drama, and phobia film in history. This movie will make you have your socks knocked off. Or should I say it would make it you float?
  • IT awakens every 27 years to murder kids and torment souls...

    Blinkuldhc 1
    It's been 27 years since this film was released...and lookie here, we have a new IT film coming out September 8, 2017...COINCIDENCE? The new film looks amazing, and I don't really watch horror films let alone get hyped about new ones but I am definitely excited for it. That said, the 1990 film is its own movie and isn't being rebooted nor will it serve as inspiration for the new film -- so you don't need to watch this to watch the new one or vice versa as they're two different takes (like Hamlet by your local HS and Hamlet at London's West End). It was top-notch horror that changed the way I slept, and how I acted around clowns and...storm drains (I no longer seek out conversation with the "downstairs folk" because of Pennywise). Anyway, if you are hyped to watch the new one -- which you are, given that you're reading these user reviews on the page of the 1990 film -- I would say to watch the new one first since it's a shinier (more expensive) adaptation of the book. In other words, instead of taking the first film and rebooting it, the new film is its own thing altogether -- as it's based on the book and not on this film. Because of that, I recommend watching the newer one just because it follows the book and I'd rather find out about the core elements of the story through a newer, higher-budgeted, cleaner film than through the TV version from the late-80s technically, despite Tim Curry's sublime portrayal. That said, this version is a decent adaptation of the book and you should watch it and REMEMBER THAT THIS IS ITS OWN THING SEPARATE FROM THE 2017 FILM, JUST LIKE JAMES BOND FILMS WITH DIFFERENT ACTORS -- THEY ARE JUST NEW FILMS BASED ON THE ORIGINAL BOND BOOKS
  • Finally

    iTunes finally releases this masterpiece in HD!
  • Boring

    Plays like a tv show, but its not a bad thing. The only downside to this movie is that its freakishly long. It wayyy to long. I can cut about an hour and 1/2 of this movie and I think it would improve so much.
  • Great🤡😬

    This is so good best Stephen king film and book ever this is just a great movie buy it
  • No HD?

    This is a a great movie (with a lot of nostaligic value) but where is the HD version? Nearly 2017. Lets go Apple.
  • NOOO I'm scared of clowns

    I watch the trailer and I was like no not going to happen

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