Do or Die recap & spoilers

Do or Die (Alaska: The Last Frontier - S5E16) recap & spoilers

7.8 star

The Kilchers find themselves unprepared for winter's arrival. Led by Otto & Charlotte, the family's cattle trek a cold & deadly path. Shane risks losing a year's progress on his unfinished cabin, while the family embarks in two massive hunts..

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Do or Die - Alaska: The Last Frontier S5E16 Reviews

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PJI have great respect for all or pioneer homesteaders that founded this great nation and those who continue to carry that legacy on. The Kiltcher family have been kind enough to show the world how trying and difficult, but also how humbling and great it can be! You have my deepest respect and hats off to you!! Thank you..Score: 5/5

Alaska the last frontierGood show just wish they would put out more, it reminds me of my uncle and also of how I tried to raise my kids. Some people think the show is phony, it might but it's still fun to watch Celia.Score: 5/5

AniKI absolutely love the show but why is iTunes suddenly taking so long to add new episodes? It didn't take this long for any previous seasons. This is one of the few shows I watch and I don't own a tv so I really look forward to the new episodes on Mondays. Almost the whole week's gone by and nothing yet..Score: 5/5

Please post latest episodePlease post the November 22 episode. It is not November 25, and no episode. When you go to “get the latest episodes, and click o “Sunday”, it gives the name of the November 22 episode but when you click on that, it takes you to season 5 but the episode is not there. Please fix!!!.Score: 5/5

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EmperorOfChoco1 scottconnell_: i will never forgive the do or die twist for robbing liana of her seat in the final 3 where she could have so eloquently….EmperorOfChoco1Score: 4/5

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Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 Other Episodes
1Big Changes - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
Big Changes04 Oct 2015$2.99

The Kilchers confront the realities of the changing Alaskan climate. Atz Lee enlists Atz Sr, Otto, Eivin, Bonnie & Jane to help with his ambitions to build an all-new & remote homestead.

2Blood, Sweat & Beers - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
Blood, Sweat & Beers11 Oct 2015$2.99

After a winter of record-setting warm temperatures, the Kilchers team up to tame the land. Otto & Eivin tackle turning raw wilderness into a source of food for generations to come. Atz Sr. battles the elements & a menace at the head of the bay.

3Fear and Floating - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Fear and Floating18 Oct 2015$2.99

Spring arrives on the homestead. Atz & Atz Lee attempt to tame wild stallions at the head of the bay. On the spring cattle drive, Otto, Eivin, Charlotte & Jane must innovate to protect their calves & overcome threats to their herd.

4Calling All Bears - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Calling All Bears25 Oct 2015$2.99

Spring has sprung and there's no shortage of needs on the homestead. Atz Sr. bow-hunts to restock dwindling food supplies. Otto, Charlotte and August scramble to protect livestock at the head of the bay. Atz Lee develops a new foothold in the wilderness.

5Mobility, Mo' Problems - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Mobility, Mo' Problems01 Nov 2015$2.99

As the Kilcher family braces for summer on the homestead, Atz Lee treks to forbidding Perl Island for an emergency crash course in wilderness survival. Jane fights with creatures from the deep for food, & Otto & Eivin attempt a homestead sauna build.

6One Small Flush for Man - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
One Small Flush for Man08 Nov 2015$2.99

As spring draws to a close Otto & August dig into a monumental plumbing project, Eivin attempts to help but loses control of his truck. Atz Sr. searches for 2 predators threatening the Kilcher property & Atz Lee & Jane help Shane with his cabin.

7Homestead Hardship - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Homestead Hardship13 Nov 2015Bonus

The challenges of living on the remote and rugged Kilcher homestead are sometimes unforgiving. Life in this raw, untamed wilderness means keeping your family close and your firearms closer.

8Olden Days, Olden Ways - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Olden Days, Olden Ways22 Nov 2015$2.99

The Kilchers pay tribute to the family's patriarch and matriarch, Yule and Ruth, by preparing a feast using strictly old-fashioned methods.

9No Rain, Big Pain - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
No Rain, Big Pain29 Nov 2015$2.99

A hot summer threatens the Kilcher cattle. Atz Lee joins forces with a remote homesteading master to learn how to tame the frontier while Jane comes face to face with a bear. Shane & Kelli make progress on their cabin, & Findlay gets a safe place to play.

10The Fall - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Fall06 Dec 2015$2.99

After a feverish summer of work, the Kilchers prepare for winter. Eivin scales treacherous peaks to fill his freezer. Otto helps with Shane's cabin build, while it takes a perilous turn. For Atz Lee, one fateful step leads to catastrophe.

11Hard Road Home - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Hard Road Home13 Dec 2015$2.99

Family & friends endure unexpected adversity. Otto & Charlotte's urgent rescue mission faces jeopardy on the seas. On the homestead, everyone comes together in a massive effort to help Atz Lee as he begins the painful journey back to the homestead.

12A Very Kilcher Christmas - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Very Kilcher Christmas20 Dec 2015$2.99

‘Tis the season on the homestead for the Kilchers to create homemade gifts for their significant others. Otto surprises with an explosive gift to Charlotte, Jane builds a musical present for Atz Lee, & Eivin constructs a dual-use vehicle for Eve & Findlay

13Cycle of Life - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cycle of Life27 Dec 2015$2.99

The cycle of life on the homestead is continuous. Otto & Charlotte attempt to resuscitate a stillborn calf while Eve learns that taking life during a hunt isn't easy. The Kilchers say goodbye to Bruce Willard as Eivin & Eve welcome new life with Findlay.

14Recovery Road - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Recovery Road03 Jan 2016$2.99

As fall comes to a close, Atz Lee confronts the reality of recovering from his accident. To feed their families, Eivin and Jane venture miles at sea in search of massive halibut. The rush to complete the fall harvest puts Eve and Otto in harm's way.

15New Beginnings - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 15 spoilers, recap and reviews
New Beginnings10 Jan 2016$2.99

The homestead is brewing with new beginnings. Sparks fly between Otto & Charlotte while building a staircase to prepare for the winter. Atz Lee crosses a critical bridge on his road to recovery & Eiven & Eve welcome the newest member of the Kilcher family

17The Last Straw - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Last Straw24 Jan 2016$2.99

Otto receives a terrifying house call, and the prognosis is grim. Atz Lee's return to the Hunter's Cabin is rudely interrupted, and he turns to a veteran homesteader for help. The Kilchers join forces to protect Shane's cabin from winter's fury.

18The Lost Episode - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Lost Episode14 Feb 2016$2.99

A never-before-seen lost episode travels back to before Atz Lee's near-fatal accident, as he planned a surprise ceremony to renew his vows with Jane at the head of the bay.Other Kilchers struggle while preparing for the big event.

19Truth Be Told - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 19 spoilers, recap and reviews
Truth Be Told21 Feb 2016$2.99

A behind the scenes episode relives the most memorable moments with previously-unseen footage, proving that they're not crazy- they're Kilchers. Viewer questions are answered & Atz Sr. & Atz Lee perform the premiere of a song chronicling their family.

Surviving the Seasons - Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 episode 101 spoilers, recap and reviews
Surviving the Seasons24 Jan 2016Bonus

On the homestead each season carries its own battle for survival. Atz Lee & Jane brave subzero temperatures in search of fish. The Kilcher men mount a spring mission to the head of the bay & Eivin & Atz Lee are pushed to their limits in a fall hunt.

Alaska: The Last Frontier All TV Seasons
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 2 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 219 May 20134 Episodes

Living off the grid without running water or electricity, the Kilcher family must hunt, gather, garden and raise livestock in order to provide enough food for their survival.  This "simple life," however, is far from simple. It’s late fall, and as daylight quickly becomes shorter and shorter, the Kilchers have little time to finish their prep work before winter comes to stay.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 3 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 306 Oct 201317 Episodes

The Kilchers must survive another hectic year on the homestead. They’ll face huge new challenges in an environment that is full of adventure, yet littered with dangers around every corner. It’s man against the elements with the highest stakes imaginable – if they don’t secure the resources they need for the harsh winter, they will freeze or starve – or worse.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 1 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 102 Oct 201211 Episodes

The Kilchers live off the land, spending the limited months of summer and fall gardening, hunting and fishing for food, gathering supplies from the land and preparing their animals' safety in preparation for surviving the harsh Alaskan winters.  Most live completely off the grid, with no running water and no electricity - and are proud of it.  

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 4 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 406 Oct 201424 Episodes

From a 30-mile trek over melting glacial rivers to secure hunting cabins, to juggling the dangers of black bears with the demands of parenting an infant son, the Kilchers face unexpected challenges this season due to a historically warm winter. Another Kilcher returns to the homestead to reclaim a simpler life, while the family mourns the loss of a beloved fellow homesteader.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 5 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 504 Oct 201520 Episodes

Cabin fever has kicked in and the Kilcher family is back after a winter for the history books. This season, the Kilchers face unexpected and daunting challenges due to a historically warm winter. The men try to secure their hunting cabins, facing dangerous melting glacial rivers and challenging terrain. Meanwhile another Kilcher returns to the homestead for a simpler life for his family.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 6 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 609 Oct 201620 Episodes

The Kilcher family has inhabited their Alaskan homestead for generations, learning how to live off the land and survive the Alaskan wilderness.  After years away, Jewel returns to rejoin her family on the homestead and give her son a taste of how she grew up. But the Kilcher family faces many shakeups this season, as an earthquake and a life-threatening hernia hit the homestead.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 7 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 708 Oct 199120 Episodes

For eighty years, the Kilcher family has flourished in the deep Alaskan wilderness, but with chronic damage to the homestead, the family legacy is jeopardized, and the Kilchers embark on their greatest challenge yet: a complete homestead overhaul. Will the Kilchers be able to reconstruct and ensure the homestead's survival, or will their way of life come to an end?

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 8 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 807 Oct 201822 Episodes

For more than 80 years, Yule Kilchers homestead legacy has survived in the Alaskan wilderness on perseverance and commitment of his family. This past year, the Kilchers endured severe weather conditions, damage to the homestead and unexpected setbacks, but with spring around the corner, the family is gearing up for new opportunities and fresh adventures.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 9 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 922 Sep 201918 Episodes

Weather on the homestead has become more unpredictable than ever and the Kilchers must strike back against a rapidly changing Alaskan wilderness. Throughout the season, the family will need to use proven Kilcher ingenuity on their quest for survival. Kilcher women Jane and Eve embark on the first hunt of the season, making their mark as leaders of the Kilcher family.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 10 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 1018 Oct 202015 Episodes

This season is a true test of the tribe as the Kilchers continue to balance the need for progress while holding strong to family tradition.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 11 watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Season 1109 Oct 20226 Episodes

Four generations of Kilchers live off the land on a homestead outside Homer, Alaska. They must hunt, garden, gather, raise livestock and work as a family in order to survive Alaska's uncontrollable elements.

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Specials watch, hd download
Alaska: The Last Frontier, Specials06 Oct 20143 Episodes

The Kilcher family provides a closer look at life on the homestead in the Alaskan wilderness. From a double outhouse to unique meals, see how the Kilchers have developed innovative ways to reuse, recycle and reinvent in order to survive. Plus, learn more about the Kilchers with never-before-seen footage and personal stories about the family’s traditions and heritage.

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