HashtagNewCraig recap & spoilers

HashtagNewCraig (Southern Charm - S3E1) recap & spoilers

6.8 star

Craig returns to Charleston determined to prove he's a changed man. Together with his new girlfriend, Craig throws himself a "welcome back" party at his new digs and invites the gang to get back together again. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual as Shep and Craig's bromance is still on the rocks. Meanwhile, Thomas and Kathryn have officially called it quits, with baby #2 on the way their tumultuous romance continues to create a wedge between them and their circle of friends..

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HashtagNewCraig - Southern Charm S3E1 Reviews

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Cannot get enough of this bunch!Disappointed in how Cameran has changed, but great show nonetheless!.Score: 5/5

Snobs We loveI love this show. Everyone is such an insufferable snob, even the nicest ones, and they are all mean and back-stabbing. Reality TV at its southern best. I wish there were some new characters that weren’t brainless women this season, and it’s the same old stupid men, but they remain fun to watch make fools of themselves. At least they are all good for a lot of laughs (at them)..Score: 5/5

The best!This show gets better and better!.Score: 5/5

Landon is the cause of all the rift in this groupThis is a fun show to watch. I reminds me of high school because I use to be a part of a group that would pick on those who they should not. Landon is a ring leader in trying to insert drama into the show. That may be scripted for the show. Who knows. But if not scripted everyone in the group should put Landon in her place. Landon puts down Katherine because she is so jealous of her. Landon know Katherine is a natural beauty and a much younger natural beauty. Katherine intimidates Landon because of Katherine's beauty and the fact that she is younger and has been wanted by every man she has come in contact with. Katherine, being younger has made some mistakes but everyone makes mistakes. Her mistakes gave her 2 beautiful children so I'm sure she wouldn't change anything. Landon obviously only went on trip to try and hurt Katherine. That's obvious. So whether they slept together or not, Landon was wrong for pouring fuel on the fire just to try and cause, once again, a wedge between Katherine and her children's father. Katherine is not a bad person. I think she is a beauty. Katherine you need to stop saying anything back to Landon and realize that Landon is just so jealous of you, that apparently she can't help but try and hurt you, every chance she gets. It is so so obvious. Cam had allowed herself to get caught up in this with Landon. Cam deep down could be a great person if she wasn't always being pushed by Landon to treat Katherine with disrespect. Cam you should take the high road and be the lady that you know you were raised to be. You should and can be better than that.Until you have been pregnant and know what it's like to have racing hormones, you cannot understand the how hard it is for Katherine to be constantly treated so badly. I watch Landon and Cam roll their eyes at anything Katherine says or does. That is so immature, so high school like and so Un-Christian like. Real ladies do not act that way and I know Cam knows better than that. Landon is trying so hard to be a part of this click and overcome her short comings, that she has to bash another woman to try and oust her. Landon feels like if she can oust Katherine, than she will be considered a real part of the group. Landon grow up and get over yourself. You are either just plain evil or you have a mental problem. Your type is dangerous because one day you may just go to far. Cam you are pretty and you can tell you were raised better than the way you are acting. Cam should go and sit down with Katherine and apologize for sticking with Landon and acting like a high school girl. I believe Katherine would forgive you and you both could be very good friends. Again this is a fun show to watch because it takes you back to high school when you were either part of a popular group or you were treated like dirt because you didn't come from money. Landon just has not grown up, maybe can not grow up. If not that she most definitely has mental issues. There lives would all be much better if Landon had never come back home and had stayed away. Nobody as an adult acts like Landon, unless they have true deep down rooted issues! Katherine you continue to hold your head up high and just know that you have something that Landon is lacking in. Landon just wishes she were Katherine!!!! Katherine you must Watch your back because Landon may try and set you up, and a criminal way, just to get rid of you. I can't believe Katherine has not had a nervous break down because of how badly she has been treated. Most people are not strong enough to withstand mean bullies and I praise Katherine for ability to be so strong. I was raised in a very wealthy family and if I had not outgrown that "better than you" attitude after high school, I know my family would be ashamed of me. I would imagine this show must be scripted to make the ratings better. Landon you win the metal for the meanest villain who is always trying to hurt Katherine. Katherine you win the oscar for being true to yourself, living up to your mistakes and being a loving mother to your 2 children..Score: 5/5

Season passConfused as to why I can't download the latest episode of my season pass for this when the episode in question is available for download in iTunes but won't let season pass holders download it?.Score: 1/5

I love Southern CharmThey need to keep this one on the air. The drama on this show feels very real!.Score: 5/5

Love this showIt keeps getting better and better.Score: 5/5

Hot Mess ExpressLove this show!!!.Score: 5/5

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Southern Charm, Season 3 Other Episodes
2Miss Domesticated - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
Miss Domesticated11 Apr 2016$2.99

As Thomas slowly comes to the realization that he and Kathryn need to co-parent peacefully, Cameran decides to show off her burgeoning domestic skills by throwing a dinner party. Unfortunately, the guest list isn’t as inclusive as some would like and tensions flare as Craig is put in the awkward position of coming to Kathryn’s defense. Meanwhile, Shep continues to play the field and Landon starts to feel the economic pinch of her divorce.

3Hold Your Horses - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Hold Your Horses18 Apr 2016$2.99

As Craig settles in to his new job working for JD, Cameran recruits Shep to be her real estate partner. Meanwhile, Landon hits her dad up for cash and Kathryn begs Thomas to co-sign the lease on her new house, but that deal comes with strings attached. So, when Kathryn and Kensie head out of town to watch Thomas play polo a family day turns into an epic showdown.

4Birds of a Feather - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Birds of a Feather25 Apr 2016$2.99

Kathryn's pregnancy complications motivate Thomas to finally co-sign the lease on her new house. Meanwhile, Cameran considers going to a therapist to help her understand her reluctance about motherhood. Craig stirs the pot when he questions Thomas' commitment to his baby mama, which, in turn, causes Thomas to unleash his wrath on Kathryn's BFF at Patricia's party.

5Invite-gate - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Invite-gate02 May 2016$2.99

While Craig continues to question why Kathryn is on the outs, Shep considers settling down. Meanwhile, Kathryn comes to terms with her volatile past and attempts to make her way back into the group by reaching out to Cameran. Landon prepares for a "Shepic" birthday party, which leaves Shep wondering if Landon even knows him at all.

6Beast of Bourbon - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Beast of Bourbon09 May 2016$2.99

After experiencing a string of rejections, Kathryn reaches out to an old friend in hopes of making amends. Meanwhile, Landon nervously heads to New York for the opportunity of a lifetime as Thomas grows increasingly fearful for the health of his unborn child and turns to Shep for help. When Craig takes a big step forward in his relationship with Naomie, he receives a crushing blow from JD at work that sets him two steps back.

7Blue Ridge Mountain Blues - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues16 May 2016$2.99

Tired of the anti-Kathryn brigade, Craig digs deep into the past to get to the root of all the animosity. Meanwhile, Cameran reveals more than she bargained for in her first therapy session and Thomas wonders if Kathryn is sincere when she gives him the okay to go to North Carolina. And just as the gang settles into the serenity of the mountains, it all unravels secrets are revealed and friendships tested.

8Whit's End - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Whit's End23 May 2016$2.99

When Craig voices his theory about Whitney and Kathryn, he learns that not everyone shares his opinion. With the mountain trip ruined and the group dynamic strained, Craig embarks on a road to redemption to salvage his friendships with Cameran and Whitney before he becomes odd man out. Meanwhile, back in Charleston Kathryn breaks the news to Thomas that the baby is coming ahead of schedule, thwarting his plans for a guys’ weekend in L.A.

9Saint and Sinners - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Saint and Sinners30 May 2016$2.99

As Thomas and Kathryn get ready to welcome their son into the world, JD questions whether Thomas is actually the father. Meanwhile, Craig leaves his Gentry responsibilities behind and heads to LA for a boys' weekend. Landon reveals to Cameran that she's been harboring feelings for her bestie all along.

10From Here to Paternity - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
From Here to Paternity06 Jun 2016$2.99

With the arrival of their son St. Julien, Thomas and Kathryn begin taking 'baby' steps towards a possible reconciliation. Meanwhile, Shep is dealt a blow in his relationship with Bailey, but will a surprising declaration from Landon help mend his broken heart? And when Patricia hosts an all male dinner honoring Thomas' newborn son, shocking revelations and fiery accusations give the proud father little reason to celebrate.

11Words of Wisdom - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Words of Wisdom13 Jun 2016$2.99

After questions about Baby Julien's paternity arise, Thomas is determined to prove that Kathryn and the kids should not be overlooked. Meanwhile, Patricia takes Landon under her wing to show her how to make Shep swoon. And when Thomas hosts a dinner party a toast that's meant to bring the gang together, just might tear them apart forever.

12Founder’s Brawl - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Founder’s Brawl20 Jun 2016$2.99

In the aftermath of T-Rav's dinner party, Kathryn relishes the fact that Thomas finally had her back against Landon. Meanwhile, JD and Whitney stage an intervention to air their concerns over Thomas' erratic behavior. And just as things in Charleston seem to be simmering down, the gang gets together at the second annual Founder's Ball where all the tension comes to a boil.

13Reunion Part One - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Reunion Part One27 Jun 2016$2.99

The cast of Southern Charm rehashes the tumultuous season in the first episode of the two-part reunion. #NewCraig is put in the hot seat, Cameran gets called out for being a mean girl and Shep recounts a surprise prison stint. And as Thomas and Kathryn’s touchy relationship continues to be in the news thanks to new allegations, it’s the simmering resentment between Landon and Kathryn that forces one cast member to walk off set.

14Reunion Part Two - Southern Charm, Season 3 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Reunion Part Two05 Jul 2016$2.99

On the dramatic conclusion of the Southern Charm reunion, Kathryn and Landon continue to argue over the details of Landon and Thomas’ alleged relationship. Meanwhile, Jennifer Snowden admits a shocking new twist in her liaison with Thomas. Shep and Craig try to stay above the fray and in doing so expose their true allegiances. And, a surprise reconciliation between two former foes has Cameran speechless.

Southern Charm All TV Seasons
Southern Charm, Season 1 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 103 Mar 201410 Episodes

Southern Charm goes behind the walls of Charleston, South Carolina's most aristocratic families to reveal a world of exclusivity, money and scandal that goes back generations. The fast-paced, drama-filled docu-series follows six Charleston singles, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Jenna King, Thomas Ravenel, Shepard "Shep" Rose, and Whitney Sudler Smith, struggling with the constraints of this tight-knit, posh society. The cast, some descendants of Vice Presidents and four-term Senators, and others from "new money," is comprised of Southern bachelors who suffer from "Peter Pan Syndrome" by refusing to settle down; and the women in their lives who challenge them to grow up. Viewers will see them launch political careers, build businesses, break hearts, and chase true love - all while struggling to preserve their family names. Because in Charleston, you're only as good as your last garden party and one social screw-up can taint generations to come.

Southern Charm, Season 3 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 304 Apr 201614 Episodes

This season, everyone is back for another round of mint juleps as Landon Clements, Craig Conover, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith set out to prove that even with close friendships, family ties and civilized decorum the stakes are at an all-time high amongst South Carolina’s finest. the rollercoaster romance between Thomas and Kathryn becomes even more complex as the two welcome a second Ravenel baby and struggle to co-parent successfully.

Southern Charm, Season 4 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 403 Apr 201715 Episodes

“Southern Charm” returns with cast members Landon Clements, Craig Conover, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Shep Rose, Thomas Ravenel, and newcomer Austen Kroll. In the new season of “Southern Charm,” new friendships are tested and old relationships start to sour. Thomas and Kathryn have officially parted ways, leaving Thomas to become Mr. Mom to their two children. Kathryn is focused on rebuilding her life in Charleston, reaching out to former enemies in the hopes of moving toward a productive future. As she approaches her 33rd birthday, Cameran is faced with a decision about pursuing motherhood, all while trying to help Shep live on the straight and narrow after a visit to the doctor shakes his world. Shep’s protégé, Austen, joins the group and is eager to prove that he is anything but the new Shep. However, the sweet tea starts to spill after the two men become involved in a tumultuous love triangle that threatens their friendship. As Craig realizes he’s become the outcast of the group after years of telling half-truths, Landon finally gets her online start-up venture off the ground. In addition to her business, Landon moves to rekindle her friendship with Thomas now that Kathryn is out of the picture, however, getting involved with Thomas means the drama is never far behind.

Southern Charm, Season 5 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 505 Apr 201816 Episodes

This season on "Southern Charm,"relationships old and new are tested as the women are turning the good old boys club on its head. With years of friction seemingly behind them, Kathryn and Thomas reached a custody agreement and have officially moved forward.

Southern Charm, Season 6 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 615 May 201916 Episodes

This season on Southern Charm, Kathryn looks to take her place at the top of the social hierarchy, next to the matriarch of Charleston, Patricia; while managing a new house, new boyfriend and new sense of self. Cameran accepts her life as a mother and struggles to find a work-life balance that allows her to keep her edge. Craig has a renewed sense of self and hires a personal assistant to keep him on track. Austen is in a new relationship with Madison, and working on getting his beer distributed in Charleston. Shep, skeptical of Austen's new relationship, is still flying solo but learning the art of responsibility by becoming a puppy dad to a new dog, aptly named Little Craig. Chelsea settled down with a long-distance boyfriend and renovated her new house on James Island. Naomie has a new relationship and began her own company. Eliza works to find her place in the group, especially when her past alliances come into light.

Southern Charm, Season 7 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 729 Oct 202013 Episodes

South Carolina unlocks the gates of their centuries-old plantation homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Get charmed by a social scene, bound by tradition, through a group of the city's most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern belle counterparts.

Southern Charm, Season 8 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 823 Jun 202217 Episodes

Back for season eight are charmers Leva Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy and Shep Rose. Naomie Olindo makes her return with familiar faces Venita Aspen and Taylor Ann Green. New to the season, though no strangers to the Charleston social scene, are Olivia Flowers, Marcie Hobbs and Chleb Ravenell. This season, new relationships blossom and old resentments boil over as these Southern socialites navigate shifting romantic entanglements, chaotic friendships, flourishing businesses and new parenthood. Charleston Grand Dame Patricia Altschul appears with her son Whitney Sudler-Smith, who wastes no time stirring up drama among the group; and John Pringle joins in on the group's antics as well.

Southern Charm, Season 9 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 914 Sep 202317 Episodes

"Southern Charm" reveals a world of exclusivity, money and scandal dating back through generations of families in Charleston, S.C. The docuseries follows several Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names, because just one social faux pas can taint a family's name for generations. Members of the notoriously closed society unlock the gates of their centuries-old homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Viewers get a peek at a social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city's most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern-belle equals.

Southern Charm, Season 2 watch, hd download
Southern Charm, Season 216 Mar 201513 Episodes

Everyone’s favorite Charlestonians, Craig Conover, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith return for a second season and what a difference a year makes as the cast is more driven and ambitious than ever. Thomas and Kathryn are sleepless parents to a beautiful baby girl, and in between bottle feedings and diaper changings they find time to spearhead Thomas’s campaign for United States Senate. Shep is busy buying his very first Charleston home and running The Palace Hotel which, ironically, is none other than a hot dog restaurant. Whitney, a jack-of-all-trades, breaks into the reatuarant and music businesses while offering Thomas a hand with his campaign With Craig an official law school graduate and Cameran newly married and making her name as a real estate agent, the crew is taking King Street by storm. New addition this season is, Landon Clements, a friend of Shep’s since college, who moves back to Charleston to hit refresh on her life after a recent divorce. Even with this recent success, relationship tensions, ballots, businesses, and babies push the group to their breaking points.

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