Point of Impact recap & spoilers

Point of Impact (Shooter - S1E1) recap & spoilers

7.1 star

Highly-decorated war hero Bob Lee Swagger is recruited by his former Commander to prevent an assassination of the President. Meanwhile, FBI agent Nadine Memphis investigates potential assassins..

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Point of Impact - Shooter S1E1 Reviews

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Majorly DisapointingIf you liked the movie of the same name, then you will likely not like the series. The main character may have the same name, and be a sniper but thats about all they have in common. In the movie Bob Lee Swagger is a great character. In this TV Show he just does not come off as anything but Muh. Rathre than using the movie as basis for the series like one normally would do when using character names from that movie they did a remake of the movie for the first episode which made the characteras completely different. When it first started and he was married I was like, "Cool its starting a few years later" but no, its just a completely different back story that basically ignores the movie but uses the names of characters from the movie Shooter. If you have not seen the movie, its a fun action film. This however became rather boaring very quickly as he started to tell his wife the character backstory. I only made it half way through so it may get batter as it develops but the first episode, as far as I saw, was a poor remake of a good movie, rather than something that built on the movie and continued the story built up there..Score: 1/5

Nice remakeKinda like Limitless was remade, this was also remade in the same sense..Score: 4/5

Is it worthwhile?Ummm I really don't know to buy it or not?.Score: 4/5

Phillippe is back!When I read that Ryan Philippe was coming back to TV I got excited. Shooter is a keeper. The pilot riveting good fun. I can’t wait for more episodes. Download. Watch. Repeat..Score: 5/5

ExcellentOne of the best shows this year.Score: 5/5

Wasn't the movie enough?The movie was just fine, if you are going to do a remake, at least do it right..Score: 2/5

Bob Lee Swagger: v2.0I was dubious about a TV series as a remake of the film. Watched a couple episodes, and decided that, although it is NOT just a remake of the film, it had enough familiarity for me to still empathize with Bob Lee, and enough differences to keep me wondering what was next -- some good twists. Overall, I think it’s an entertaining variation of the original story, and I like it. A couple modifications that I haven’t warmed up to yet: * Don’t particularly care for a female Memphis – liked Nick better - but we'll see. * Bob Lee’s wife, Julie, jumps between being an out-of-control fluff-head and being steady and competent – doesn’t seem to be much in between. The writers need to settle her into a single personality. * Having a daughter and wife means that Bob Lee has more at stake that if he were single – not sure if I’d rather see him as more of a loner. Ryan Phillippe is more smoothly athletic than Mark Wahlberg (not a criticism!), and his approach to the role is quite different. I like ‘em both..Score: 4/5

UghI tried watching it but one does just know what will happen... lack of originality is just sad..Score: 1/5

Lets see if its any goodWell, Glad the first episode is free. Prehaps I'll be able to make up my mind if its any good..Score: 4/5

So far , so goodWatched the first two episodes. I'm hooked..Score: 5/5

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 1 (Point of Impact) Images & Pictures

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 1 (Point of Impact) Images & Pictures
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Bob Lee struggles to protect his family from behind bars while Isaac attempts to silence him. Nadine reaches out to Bob Lee’s wife, Julie, who deals with the backlash against her family.

3Musa Qala - Shooter, Season 1 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Bob Lee reaches out to Nadine as he evades his pursuers, putting her on to the cop who took credit for his capture. Isaac juggles his double life as he tries to find Bob Lee.

4Overwatch - Shooter, Season 1 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
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In a flashback to their time serving in Afghanistan, Bob Lee and Isaac clash with opposing ideologies. Nadine investigates the Ukrainian connection, putting herself on the conspirators' radar.

5Recon By Fire - Shooter, Season 1 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Recon By Fire13 Dec 2016$2.99

Bob Lee finds the bullet from the assassination, leading him to a radical militia group and a reckoning with Isaac while Nadine is locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Payne.

6Killing Zone - Shooter, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Bob Lee tracks down his former instructor Rathford O’Brien to help him find the shooter. Nadine interrogates Payne and a reporter approaches Julie with a deal.

7Danger Close - Shooter, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Danger Close27 Dec 2016$2.99

Bob Lee crosses the country to find the shooter while Julie deals with a family betrayal. Nadine contacts a Ukrainian reporter who can explain the conspiracy. Isaac questions his allegiance.

8Red On Red - Shooter, Season 1 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Red On Red03 Jan 2017$2.99

Bob Lee and Nadine weave a plan to secure the evidence that could expose the conspiracy. Meanwhile, Isaac gropes for an exit strategy, Payne tries to flee, and Julie and Mary face grave danger.

9Ballistic Advantage - Shooter, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Ballistic Advantage10 Jan 2017$2.99

Bob Lee must broker a dangerous exchange in order to save his family. Nadine struggles to balance her allegiances to Bob Lee and the FBI. Isaac strikes a tenuous deal for his freedom.

10Primer Contact - Shooter, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Primer Contact17 Jan 2017$2.99

Bob Lee, Julie, Nadine, and Isaac must work together to breach the Russian Embassy, save Mary, shut down the conspiracy and its remaining players, and prove Bob Lee innocent once and for all.

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Shooter All TV Seasons
Shooter, Season 1 watch, hd download
Shooter, Season 119 Jul 201613 Episodes

Starring Ryan Phillippe (“Secrets and Lies”), the series follows the courageous journey of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated ex-marine sniper who is coaxed back into action after he learns about a plot to kill the President. When Swagger’s former commanding officer Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps, “House”) solicits his expertise in a clandestine operation, Swagger re-emerges from exile only to discover that he is inextricably involved in a disastrous operation with ties to his past.

Shooter, Season 2 watch, hd download
Shooter, Season 218 Jul 201710 Episodes

Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated veteran who is coaxed back into action to prevent a plot to kill the President. When Swagger’s former commanding officer Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps, “House”) solicits his expertise in a clandestine operation, Swagger discovers that he has been framed and must do everything in his power to protect his family and clear his name.

Shooter, Season 3 watch, hd download
Shooter, Season 311 Jun 201814 Episodes

Based on the best-selling novels by Stephen Hunter and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg, "SHOOTER" follows the journey of Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe), a highly decorated veteran who must confront a nemesis from his past in order to return to a life of normalcy.

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