Mile High Club recap & spoilers

Mile High Club (Million Dollar Listing - SesE9) recap & spoilers

6 star

Josh and Matt Altman land the biggest mansion in Bradbury Estates. Madison battles structural problems and mold to sell a friend's house in Brentwood. The Brits throw a huge party at their new high-rise penthouse listing, but when long-time rivals Altman and Flagg come face to face sparks fly..

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What is it about this show?I really only watch sprots on tv, and even that is very limited; however, someone mentioned this show was entertaining and had some really cool real estate too. I love watching mostly for the interesting properties, but also for the suspense of the negociations and the closings. A tad over the top, perhaps, but who doesn't like to dream?.Score: 5/5

Where is the new episode?How long does bravo need to submit the new episode? 3 days after it aired and still nothing... Bad job, guys!.Score: 1/5

New Cast MemberI love MDLLA. Nothing against women in an all male cast, but they can bring the ratings down whether they're trying to prove the guys they're just as good if not better (and sometimes they can act too silly or too extra when they do) or they're too dull. Check out the first season of MDLLA and MDLMia. Nothing wrong with a women being a boss and handling business. When they're in front of the camera, there is no in between. If I could rate the season exactly how many stars it derserves, I would give it a 4.7..Score: 5/5

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Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles Other Episodes
1She's a Boss - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
She's a Boss02 Nov 2017$2.99

Inventory is low, sales are record high, and the boys are back to some fierce competition! Josh Altman may have money on his mind, but with Heather's pregnancy, he's got baby on the brain. Josh Flagg is ready to dance to the top of the LA real estate market and waltz down the aisle with his fiancé Bobby. James has unresolved issues with Madison over a huge listing in Malibu, but Madison wants him to Brexit his home turf. Finally, a new realtor, Tracy Maltas enters the fray, and proves that she's not to be messed with.

2A Tantalizing Offer - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Tantalizing Offer09 Nov 2017$2.99

Since dominating the LA market, Josh Altman heads to an exclusive enclave to try and snag a potentially record-breaking listing. He's put to the test when the sellers don't fall for the Altman charm. Madison gains some momentum with a potential buyer for Tantalus, but his rocky relationship with James might crash the deal before it takes off. Tracy's got a tight deadline and even tighter budget to try and find her friend, Camella, a house in Brentwood. She struggles to walk the fine line between friend and agent when she realizes that Camella's eyes are bigger than her budget!

3Unchartered Territory - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Unchartered Territory16 Nov 2017$2.99

Due to record-low inventory in the LA real estate market, Josh Flagg and the Altman Brothers are forced out of their comfort zone. Altman lands the palatial home in Bradbury Estates, but a major mistake threatens his open house! Flagg makes way to the Valley, and has a face off with some local agents. A blast from the past comes back to haunt the Brits. After a chance encounter, Madison and Heather decide to meet; can they salvage what is left of their friendship?

4Hashtag Sell This Bitch! - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Hashtag Sell This Bitch!30 Nov 2017$2.99

Josh Altman has high rollers from Chicago in town, looking to wheel and deal! If Altman can't find their dream house for an insane best deal, he'll walk away with nothing. James and David have re-strategized their Valley Vista listings by throwing a giant open house that's focused on families. Hopefully they can get a full-ask offer before the seller rips them apart... again. Tracy holds her friend Bradley's hand as they put his first development project on the market, but is she hip enough to draw in the right kind of millennial buyer for a neighborhood that's still "up and coming"?

5Two Tops Never Work - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Two Tops Never Work07 Dec 2017$2.99

Flagg is forced to co-list with rival realtor (and Real Househusband) Mauricio Umansky. Tracy lands a dream listing in Brentwood that quickly turns into a nightmare, as Altman gets an offer on his mansion in the Bradbury Estates that just might work...

6Homewood's Where the Heart Is - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Homewood's Where the Heart Is14 Dec 2017$2.99

Tracy battles two brokers from her past to sell a problematic listing in Brentwood. James lands a classic Beverly Hills home but the owner has some old-school demands. Josh Altman has baby on the brain as he picks up a gorgeous property off Benedict Canyon. Madison introduces Cody to his entire family while in Arizona, and pops a big question.

7Who's Your Daddy? - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Who's Your Daddy?21 Dec 2017$2.99

Josh Flagg struggles to find the balance between planning his over-the-top wedding and juggling over-the-top clients who give a whole new meaning to the word 'picky.' Tracy's got a new listing with a first-time developer who has high expectations and a whole lot of attitude! The Altmans race to the hospital as their baby daughter is born!

8It Wasn't in My Budget! - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
It Wasn't in My Budget!28 Dec 2017$2.99

James and David make a pitch to represent the hottest new high rise building in Los Angeles. Madison's summer rentals are usually a breeze, but a wealthy socialite with tight purse strings threatens to put his plans on pause. Tracy's client wants to sell her two properties in the Hollywood Hills, but has lofty expectations on price.

10Keys to the Castle - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Keys to the Castle10 Jan 2018$2.99

Tracy heads to New York to be mentored by Fredrik Eklund, and to pitch herself to Douglas Elliman President Howard Lorber for a slew of new high rise projects in LA. Josh Altman tackles the beast of Bradbury Estates, Bliss Canyon. Josh Flagg teams up with the Brits for a co-list in Los Feliz, but a crazy seller might throw them off their game before they can get it sold.

11Love and Listings - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Love and Listings18 Jan 2018$2.99

Flagg and Bobby work together on their first co-list, and Flagg gets emotional during their wedding rehearsal dinner. Tracy's ex-client comes crawling back, while Josh Altman faces a tough deadline to sell a tear-down on the Riviera Golf Course.

12Unfinished Business - Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Unfinished Business25 Jan 2018$2.99

The Brits host a luxurious open house for their $45 million dollar Bel Air listing, and sparks fly when Flagg and Altman come face to face. Madison gets creative in selling a Malibu Country home, while Flagg and Bobby tie the knot in Beverly Hills.

Million Dollar Listing All TV Seasons
Million Dollar Listing, Season 8: Los Angeles watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 8: Los Angeles02 Sep 201514 Episodes

In season eight of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” real estate agents Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, James Harris, and David Parnes return to a market completely transformed by skyrocketing prices and inventory at an all-time low. This “seller’s paradise” is a realtor’s nightmare as outrageous demands force the agents to get wildly creative and even more cutthroat. Luckily, a slew of wealthy international buyers have flooded the market and celebrities are on the prowl for bigger, hotter, and more exclusive properties…and the sky’s the limit on the price tag.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 7: Los Angeles watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 7: Los Angeles20 Aug 201412 Episodes

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” season seven gives fans a look into how the Los Angeles real estate market is blistering, competition is fierce and extremely low inventory is only feeding the fire. With two new savvy agents on the scene, the flames will burn higher than ever this season.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 5 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 506 Jun 201210 Episodes

Season 5 puts the spotlight on Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, and Madison Hildebrand, three of LA's most aggressive real estate magnates selling the high life at high prices in the most exclusive neighborhoods in town; Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. Tensions will rise, open houses will flow and clients will test their patience as the guys weather a tough market and trying times in their personal and professional lives in the City of Angels.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 10: Los Angeles02 Nov 201712 Episodes

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” returns for its most emotionally-charged season yet when our powerhouse agents face a fiercely competitive Los Angeles market, and their personal lives heat up like never before. In a city with rising temps, the conflict between our rival agents only gets hotter, because in the quest to be number one, someone is going to get burned.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 9: Los Angeles watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 9: Los Angeles06 Oct 201612 Episodes

The emotions are running high as "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" returns for its ninth season. This season, the powerhouse agents battle it out in the increasingly competitive Los Angeles market, while crossing major milestones in their personal lives.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 4 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 403 Feb 20119 Episodes

Million Dollar Listing follows the lives of three of Los Angeles' hottest, young, and aggressive real estate magnates in the making as they make a fortune selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods –- Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills. With the economy still in a slump, Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison must fight for their share of the market and the competition is intense. Season 4 follows the agents as they deal with some of the most demanding clients they have ever encountered. They are pushed to the limit and struggle to manage their personal lives while also trying to move some of the most magnificent and most expensive homes in the City of Angels.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 11 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 1104 Jan 201812 Episodes

Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, James Harris and David Parnes continue to navigate huge deals, huge homes and huge egos in season eleven of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." From listing the estate of NFL star Antonio Pierce to selling a home to Grammy Award-winning superstar Kelly Rowland, the agents are pulling out all the stops to close the biggest deals of their careers with some of the biggest names in the business.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 6 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 607 Aug 201312 Episodes

Bravo Media sets the bar high when the sunny Los Angeles skyline meets the cutthroat world of the Los Angeles real estate market in the sixth season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. The market has rebounded and Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, and Madison Hildebrand are pulling out all the stops to nab their million dollar listing and get it sold. Although inventory is low, the resurgence of their high end clients have the guys buying and selling sprawling multi-million dollar estates from the high-priced peaks of Malibu to the most exorbitant pads on the Sunset Strip. Wanting a bigger slice of the pie, they quickly come to realize there is not enough room for all three of them in Los Angeles.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 3 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 312 Oct 20099 Episodes

Foreclosures? Nationwide recession? These guys can handle it! Bravo gives viewers an up-close and personal look at the top agents in the tough Los Angeles real estate market, who stop at nothing to close the deal on the third season of Million Dollar Listing. The docu-series takes viewers inside the high-stakes, cutthroat world of real estate, where Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand, and Chad Rogers struggle to ink their million-dollar deals during this economic downturn.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 12 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 1205 May 202012 Episodes

As the real estate market continues to deteriorate with a double-digit decline, these top agents must become more innovative and assertive than ever to stay on top and sell their listings. Fredrik has finally found his fatherhood groove and is ecstatic to celebrate one year with his miracle twins. With business continuing to flourish, he decides the timing might be perfect to expand his empire to the West coast. Ryan's real-estate empire continues to grow rapidly with offices in both SoHo and Brooklyn and additional agents in the Hamptons, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. After years of uncertainty, his dream of becoming a father is finally a reality, but the stress of balancing his personal life with the declining market puts him on the brink of an emotional breakdown. Steve continues to create a new chapter for himself, building out his powerhouse team and nurturing a new relationship that may be the missing piece he's been seeking.

Million Dollar Listing, Season 1 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 107 Jun 20066 Episodes

When it comes to the Million Dollar Listing, it's all about the big houses, big personalities, and the even bigger deals — especially when it's about homes in the high-priced, flashy fantasylands of Hollywood and Malibu. This series follows two top real estate agencies and their hungriest powerbrokers as they try to reel in the biggest bounty possible. You'll ride shotgun in their expensive luxury cars as they chase down the hottest listings, match up buyers and sellers, and then get everyone to the negotiating table as fast as possible. But you won't believe what these agents will do to seal the deal. Each episode will feature a listing in both Hollywood and Malibu as viewers are taken through the life of the sale, from open houses to final offers and all the deal-licious drama in between.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 13 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 1319 Aug 202114 Episodes

Returning this season are agents Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, James Harris and David Parnes. Making his mark on both coasts, Fredrik Eklund of "Million Dollar Listing New York" stirs up major drama between the agents with his Los Angeles arrival. These top agents must think outside the box to generate interest and navigate an ever-changing market, dominated by unrealistic sellers and softening prices.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 14 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 1408 Dec 202210 Episodes

Selling real estate in the Los Angeles area can be a glamorous job, as Million Dollar Listing proves. The show follows young real estate agents as they try to sell high-end properties in the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills and Malibu. The agents use their charm, good looks and business savvy to stay on top of the competitive heap in the real estate market. Will a Los Angeles housing slump make it more difficult for the agents to sell their properties?

Million Dollar Listing, Season 2 watch, hd download
Million Dollar Listing, Season 215 Jul 20087 Episodes

"Million Dollar Listing" follows the lives of three of Los Angeles' hottest, young, and aggressive real estate magnates in the making as they make a fortune selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods - Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills. Over the course of nine months, the series will follow these top agents - Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand and Chad Rogers - as their paths cross and they compete and expose the intense work that it takes to move the hottest listings in the City of Angels.

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