Our Cup Runneth Over recap & spoilers

Our Cup Runneth Over (Schitt's Creek - S1E1) recap & spoilers

7.7 star

The Rose family lives are forever changed when the government comes to collect years of back taxes. Left with almost nothing, they must move to Johnny’s last remaining asset, Schitt’s Creek. When Johnny offends the town’s Mayor, Roland Schitt, the Rose family soon discovers that the doors to their motel rooms have been taken. It’s now up to Johnny to set things right, in hopes that his family can sleep safely on their first night in their new home..

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Our Cup Runneth Over - Schitt's Creek S1E1 Reviews

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SO so so so so goodAmazingly hilarious and just spectacular.Score: 5/5

Best show on the planetBrilliant!! I'm starting the Fourth. Season on an unstoppable binge that started with season 1 episode 1.. .Catherine O'Hara should get the highest awards possible for her performance as Moira; best I've ever seen!! All of them ...and the writers...brilliant!! (GOD, I LOVE DAVID!!) Be warned: If you start now, better clear your schedule for a few nights....Score: 5/5

Beginning to end such a great showJust such a good show!!! It’s funny, well written, and oddly wholesome. I’ve seen all the seasons through 3 times now and it never gets old. Rewatching I see things I originally missed and that just goes to show the brilliance of the writers..Score: 5/5

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Schitt's Creek Season 1 Episode 1 (Our Cup Runneth Over) Images & Pictures

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Schitt's Creek Season 1 Episode 1 (Our Cup Runneth Over) Images & Pictures
Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 Other Episodes
2The Drip - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Drip11 Feb 2015$2.99

After Johnny awakes soaking wet from a leaking pipe in the ceiling, he decides that he must sell the town but soon discovers that this is easier said than done. He needs to get Roland’s approval before he can put the town on the market. Meanwhile, the Rose children check out the local nightlife by attending a tailgate party. Alexis uses the opportunity to scope for a new boyfriend, while David gets to know Stevie, the girl that runs the motel.

3Don't Worry, It's His Sister - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Don't Worry, It's His Sister18 Feb 2015$2.99

Johnny is shocked to see the pornographic-looking town sign and plans to get it taken down. When he talks to the Town Council about it, he finds out that the sign is very important to Roland for family reasons. Meanwhile, David is faced with the near impossible task of finding a job while Alexis starts her community service and is paired with Mutt, the guy she made out with the night before.

4Bad Parents - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Bad Parents25 Feb 2015$2.99

Johnny and Moira come to a shocking realization that they might be terrible parents. They attempt to get to know their twenty-something children but David and Alexis avoid their parent’s intrusive interest, with David trying to sell some of his clothes for extra cash and Alexis investigating Mutt’s mysterious relationship with the Mayor’s wife. In the end, Johnny and Moira speak with Roland and his wife Jocelyn about parenting and realize that all parents have issues with their children.

5The Cabin - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Cabin04 Mar 2015$2.99

Finding it impossible to have any privacy at their tiny motel home, Johnny and Moira take up Roland’s offer to go to his cabin to rekindle their romance. With her parents out of the motel, Alexis hopes to use the opportunity to throw a party. Using her brother to invite some locals over for a games night, Alexis tries to turn the event into an all out rager. The night falls apart when the Rose siblings begin to do what they do best - fight with each other.

6Wine And Roses - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Wine And Roses11 Mar 2015$2.99

Moira is offered her first acting role in years as the spokesperson for a local fruit wine company. Hurt that he’s not involved, Johnny tries to take over the shoot and Moira eventually asks him to leave. Meanwhile, David is suffering from a mysterious illness and must visit the only doctor in town, the local vet, for help. Alexis finds that her feelings for Mutt are becoming uncomfortably strong.

7Turkey Shoot - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Turkey Shoot18 Mar 2015$2.99

David agrees to go on a turkey hunt with Stevie and some local Creekers to show off his manliness. David must somehow manage to prove himself despite his lack of courage, strength, and ability. Meanwhile, Moira’s stress level is through the roof so Jocelyn takes her to a so-called spa in Elmdale. Things go badly when she ends up coming out looking just like Jocelyn. Alexis starts a relationship with the only normal man in Schitt’s Creek, a young veterinarian named Ted.

8Allez-Vous - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Allez-Vous25 Mar 2015$2.99

Moira receives a gift from an old friend and it turns out to be a cosmetics kit to sell around town. David, excited at the possibility of selling enough to win a car, encourages Moira to do a lunch where they can sell to all the locals. Johnny also concerned with bringing in an income must find a way to get to Elmdale in hopes of collecting unemployment insurance while Alexis thinks her new boyfriend Ted is too nice and tries to turn him into someone her family will respect.

9Carl's Funeral - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Carl's Funeral08 Apr 2015$2.99

Johnny reluctantly agrees to speak at the funeral of a local man he doesn’t even know. Impressed with Johnny’s selfless act, Roland gives Johnny and Moira a gift, their very own plot in the Schitt’s Creek cemetery. Meanwhile, Alexis can’t seem to get close to Ted, as his love of animals gets in the way. David on the other hand finally gets up close and personal with Stevie, crossing the line from friend to friend with benefits.

10Honeymoon - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Honeymoon15 Apr 2015$2.99

After spending a night together, David and Stevie’s relationship seems to be more then they had ever expected it to be. Meanwhile, Johnny and Moira invite themselves to Roland and Jocelyn’s annual Hawaiian bash and discover that they really aren’t that different. Hoping to show off their perfect relationship Alexis and Ted throw a couple’s dinner party but things go south when Alexis’ relationship with Mutt seems to be more than what she says it is.

11Little Sister - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Little Sister22 Apr 2015$2.99

Moira’s sister Deedee makes a surprise visit and the two pick up where they left off, jealous and resentful of each other. David on the other hand, steps out of his comfort zone by trying to help one of Jocelyn’s students whose having a hard time fitting in. Meanwhile, Alexis meddles in Mutt’s relationship with the local café girl, Twyla by giving her some unsolicited advice. When Twyla takes it to heart, she decides to break up with Mutt, leaving Alexis to suffer the fallout from Mutt.

12Surprise Party - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Surprise Party29 Apr 2015$2.99

It’s Moira’s birthday and Johnny plans on getting the entire family to help throw a giant surprise party. Sounds simple enough, until Moira accidently becomes involved in planning her own surprise party. David must keep his mother from taking complete control and insulting the locals who volunteered to put the event together. Alexis and Johnny get to have some father daughter time when they visit Elmdale to pick up the birthday cake.

13Town for Sale - Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Town for Sale06 May 2015$2.99

Johnny has finally found a way out of Schitt’s Creek and his name is Andy, a businessman who plans on buying the town. All that Johnny needs now is Andy’s signature and Roland to sign off on the deal. Meanwhile, Alexis finds herself in an even more complicated situation when Ted proposes and she finally reveals her true feelings to Mutt. Meanwhile David, feeling abandoned by his family and best friend, suddenly leaves town.

Schitt's Creek All TV Seasons
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) watch, hd download
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored)07 Jan 202015 Episodes

In Season Six, the Roses are achieving success in their careers and personal lives, forcing them all to contemplate their inevitable next steps. But as their pursuits push them closer towards their long-awaited escape, the Roses see how connected their lives have become to the town and its residents. When they finally face the decision to stay or leave, it is much harder than expected. Johnny takes on a second motel, but as the costs pile up, he worries it may have been a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Moira’s Crows movie has thrust her back into the limelight, but when she passes on a major opportunity, she fears she’s lost it all (again). With a wedding in sight, David throws all of his energy into the planning, but when he and Patrick clash on their vision of their future together, David is forced to confront the fact that marriage is more than a wedding. Alexis focuses on her publicity work while Ted is in the Galapagos, and, much to her surprise, her career begins to take off.

Schitt’s Creek, Season 5 (Uncensored) watch, hd download
Schitt’s Creek, Season 5 (Uncensored)16 Jan 201914 Episodes

The Roses are finally thriving in Schitt’s Creek and find themselves ready to take their personal relationships and business pursuits to the next level. Moira returns from a breakthrough film shoot in Bosnia with a clear exit strategy and a renewed sense of purpose, and with that newfound energy, she is inspired to leave her mark on the town by launching her most ambitious artistic endeavor yet. Meanwhile, the reputation of the Rosebud Motel is steadily building under Johnny’s leadership, but managing the individual needs of his staff, Stevie and Roland, proves to be a greater challenge. With Rose Apothecary running smoothly, David is now focusing on nurturing his relationship with Patrick, and from apartment hunting to joining a baseball team, he proves he’s willing to go the extra mile. Alexis, having finally achieved some stability in both romance and career, isn’t one to let things get stale, so she tries to spice things up with Ted while contemplating a next step that could take her beyond Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt's Creek, Season 4 (Uncensored) watch, hd download
Schitt's Creek, Season 4 (Uncensored)24 Jan 201813 Episodes

As Season Four of Schitt’s Creek begins, it seems the Roses have somewhat adjusted to the simple life in Schitt's Creek, the town that was once a thorn in their side. The family continues to lay down roots in pursuit of love, business and higher education. But of course, what would life for the Roses be without a little self-inflicted crazy? Series co-creators Eugene and Daniel Levy continue as executive producers.

Schitt’s Creek, Season 1 watch, hd download
Schitt’s Creek, Season 113 Jan 201513 Episodes

When filthy-rich Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara), and their two kids- son David (Daniel Levy) and daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) - suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to live in a town they once bought as a joke. They must confront their newfound poverty and discover what it means to be a family, all within the rural city limits of Schitt’s Creek, their new home.

Schitt's Creek, Season 3 (Uncensored) watch, hd download
Schitt's Creek, Season 3 (Uncensored)11 Jan 201713 Episodes

The Rose family continues to ingratiate themselves into everyday life in Schitt’s Creek, as their temporary stay becomes more and more permanent. After being elected to town council, Moira adjusts to her new position of authority, and learns the hard way that her big ideas aren’t always compatible with small-town realities. Stevie inherits the motel after the death of her great-aunt, presenting a desultory Johnny with a new business opportunity – and the two decide to partner up and try to turn the motel into a semi-reputable establishment. David finds an outlet for his business acumen when he purchases the local general store, and encounters a potential love interest in his new business partner. Meanwhile, Alexis contemplates her future, and decides to go back to school to complete her (high school) education.

Schitt's Creek, Season 2 watch, hd download
Schitt's Creek, Season 216 Mar 201621 Episodes

The Rose family comes to realize that - sometimes in life - the best way out is digging in.

Schitt's Creek: The Complete Series watch, hd download
Schitt's Creek: The Complete Series13 Jan 201589 Episodes

In Season 1, Johnny attempts to sell the town, Moira has a breakdown, David tries to maintain his posh lifestyle, and Alexis goes trolling for men. In Season 2, Johnny pursues some unusual business ventures, while Moira plunges into the local scene, and the kids look for work. In Season 3, the indignities continue, as the Rose family contends with love triangles, movie auditions, ill-advised businesses and high school homework. Season 4 sees Alexis puts her education to use, David's love life hits a snag, Moira deals with a morbid rumor and Johnny and Stevie give the motel all they've got. By Season 5, the Roses are finally thriving in Schitt’s Creek and find themselves ready to take their personal relationships and business pursuits to the next level. In Season 6, the Roses are achieving success in their careers and personal lives, forcing them all to contemplate their inevitable next steps. But as their pursuits push them closer towards their long-awaited escape, the Roses see how connected their lives have become to the town and its residents. When they finally face the decision to stay or leave, it is much harder than expected.

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