Love Me or Leave Me recap & spoilers

Love Me or Leave Me (90 Day Fiancé - S8E15) recap & spoilers

7.7 star

Jovi and Yara head to Vegas. Natalie flees Sequim. Brandon and Julia move up the wedding. Stephanie and Harris contemplate the future. Rebecca feels lost before her wedding. Hazel comes out to her family and enjoys her bachelorette party. Amira panics..

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Love Me or Leave Me - 90 Day Fiancé S8E15 Reviews

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90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 Other Episodes
1I Think You're My Future Wife - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
I Think You're My Future Wife06 December 2020$2.99

Brandon's parents' strict rules surprise his Russian fiancee, Julia. Ukrainian bombshell Yara isn't impressed with fiance Jovi's hometown. Rebecca and her Tunisian beau Zied await visa news. Mike and Natalie's relationship takes an unexpected turn.

2Shame on You - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
Shame on You13 December 2020$2.99

Hiding a secret, Tarik waits for Hazel to arrive from the Philippines. Brandon's mom presses Julia about birth control. Mike impresses Natalie on her first night in the US. Zied calls Rebecca with unnerving news. Jovi shows Yara around New Orleans.

3Bless This Mess - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
Bless This Mess20 December 2020$2.99

Julia pushes Brandon to confront his parents. After meeting Jovi's mom, Yara feels even more uncomfortable. Andrew hopes to get his French fiance to the US. Hazel is surprised by Tarik's living conditions. Natalie is unsure about Mike's home in the woods.

4What's Mine Is Mine - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
What's Mine Is Mine27 December 2020$2.99

Mike fails to make Natalie feel at home. Stephanie worries her secret will ruin her relationship. Zied questions leaving his parents. Jovi and Yara have a blow up. Julia has a rough day on Brandon's farm. Andrew learns shocking news about Amira.

5Who's the Boss? - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Who's the Boss?03 January 2021$2.99

Brandon's parents disapprove of their wedding date. Rebecca rushes to get settled in a new home. Stephanie reveals her financial agreement with Ryan to family. Yara and Natalie have trust issues with their partners. Tarik fails to convert Hazel.

6The Real You - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Real You10 January 2021$2.99

Natalie doesn't want to unpack into Mike's smelly closet. Yara learns more about Jovi. Amira's dad confronts Andrew. Zied arrives in the US to questions from Rebecca's family. Hazel meets Tarik's daughter. Stephanie and Ryan get into a heated fight.

7You So Bad Boy - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
You So Bad Boy17 January 2021$2.99

A wild night gets Brandon and Julia into trouble. Zied's first night doesn't go as planned. Mike feels insulted by Natalie. Yara worries she might be pregnant. Amira is released from custody. Hazel finds out Tarik has been texting their ex.

8Unsure and Insecure - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Unsure and Insecure24 January 2021$2.99

In Belize, Stephanie tests Ryan. Natalie faces Mike's mom. Julia gives Brandon an ultimatum. Jovi's drinking interrupts Yara's big news. Andrew has another idea to get Amira into the US.

9The No Bang Theory - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
The No Bang Theory31 January 2021$2.99

Brandon stands up to his parents. Jovi doesn't believe Yara's pregnant. Mike refuses to plan the wedding. Tarik and Hazel look for a third. Zied learns about Rebecca's ex. Andrew wants Amira to try again. Stephanie admits her secret.

10The Devil's Work - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Devil's Work14 February 2021$2.99

Mike and Natalie try therapy. Jovi's dad questions Yara. Tarik and Hazel worry about Harrey. Stephanie upsets Ryan with her psychic's prediction. Andrew has another plan. Rebecca is jealous when Zied gets female attention.

11Three's a Party - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Three's a Party21 February 2021$2.99

Julia thinks she's pregnant. Stephanie and Ryan have an explosive fight. Natalie demands answers. Jovi upsets Yara at their engagement party. Rebecca worries that Zied will change his mind. Tarik and Hazel pursue finding a girlfriend.

12About Last Night - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
About Last Night28 February 2021$2.99

Yara gives Jovi an ultimatum. Tarik and Hazel's ex causes new issues. Betty invites herself dress shopping. Natalie attempts to move forward. Zied makes new demands. Amira feels pressured to go to Serbia. Ryan's cousin joins Stephanie.

13Forgive but Never Forget - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Forgive but Never Forget07 March 2021$2.99

Natalie almost gets what she wants. Brandon and Julia argue about the wedding. Things get wild at Jovi's bachelor party. Hazel worries Tarik has feelings for their ex. Amira has doubts. Zied threatens to go back home. Stephanie gets serious with Harris.

14Into Your Arms - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Into Your Arms14 March 2021$2.99

Natalie panics when Mike gets cold feet. Yara wants to go home. Rebecca questions Zied's intentions. Tarik breaks Hazel's trust. Stephanie considers a future with Harris. Amira changes her mind.

16Second Guessing - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 16 spoilers, recap and reviews
Second Guessing28 March 2021$2.99

The 90 days are up for the Americans and their foreign fiances, and they must marry or go back home. Mike and Natalie have only 24 hours to make their decision. In Vegas, Jovi gets pre-wedding jitters.

17First Comes Love... - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
First Comes Love...04 April 2021$2.99

Jovi and Elvis wait for Yara at the altar. It's day 90 for Mike and Natalie. Amira reaches her breaking point with Andrew. Stephanie is ready to start over with Harris. Then, Jovi and Yara welcome their new baby.

18Tell All Part 1 - 90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
Tell All Part 111 April 2021$2.99

90 Day Fiance couples come together for the first time. Yara is upset to learn more about Jovi's bachelor party. The real reason for Mike's hesitancy about marrying Natalie is revealed. Amira refuses to speak with Andrew, who has come seeking closure.

90 Day Fiancé All TV Seasons
90 Day Fiancé, Season 8 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 806 December 202018 Episodes

Is three months enough time to decide your future? With a fiancé visa, the sponsor and his or her fiancé must wed within 90 days of their arrival in the U.S. The international fiancés will have to get to know their potential spouses and American culture fast, and then decide whether or not to get married.

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90 Day Fiance, Season 6 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiance, Season 621 October 201815 Episodes

Six couples separated by land and sea are prepared to begin their long and arduous journey as they work to bring their fiancés stateside and tie the knot within 90 days, or else risk losing love as their significant others must return to their home countries.

90 Day Fiancé, Season 2 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 219 October 201412 Episodes

Six new couples decide to take a chance on love and bring their spouses-to-be stateside. Using a K-1 visa, the couples must marry within 90 days, or the fiancés have to go home. The couples--two with American women--are so sure of their love that they'll take on the challenges of international romance together, facing culture shock and complex relationships with future in-laws

90 Day Fiancé, Season 3 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 304 October 201512 Episodes

This season of 90 Day Fiancé features six engaged couples with seemingly outrageous love stories, including one pair with a 39-year age difference, a young Mormon man engaged to a former go-go dancer and a suave Jamaican man who has his fiancée's family questioning his motives.

90 Day Fiancé, Season 4 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 422 August 201614 Episodes

90 Day Fiance returns with brand new engaged couples facing the realities of international romance. One of the couples featured will be Nicole, 21 from Florida and Azan, 23 from Taroudant, Morocco. This young couple takes a leap of faith in hoping that their online, long-distance romance will be just as strong when they finally meet face to face.

90 Day Fiancé, Season 7 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 703 November 201915 Episodes

Is three months enough time to decide your future? With a fiancé visa, the sponsor and his or her fiancé must wed within 90 days of their arrival in the U.S. The international fiancés will have to get to know their potential spouses and American culture fast, and then decide whether or not to get married.

90 Day Fiancé, Season 5 watch, hd download
90 Day Fiancé, Season 501 October 201714 Episodes

This season features all new stories including a young Christian singer and her Spanish "prince charming," a mother determined to make it work with her Moroccan beau, an Arizona man hoping the third time is a charm with his Filipino fiancé and a Georgia woman love-struck by her Latin lover.

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