Diverged recap & spoilers

Diverged (The Walking Dead - S10E21) recap & spoilers

8.1 star

At the lowest point in their friendship, Daryl & Carol come to a fork in the road and head their separate ways. Carol returns to Alexandria, while Daryl stays on the road, each going into their own type of survival mode..

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Diverged - The Walking Dead S10E21 Reviews

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'Diverged' Official Teaser | The Walking Dead Ep. 1021▶ 'Diverged' Official Teaser | The Walking Dead Ep. 1021
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With Maggie's map, Gabriel and Aaron search for food and supplies to bring back to Alexandria. Checking out one more location, they chance upon a stash. Faith is broken and optimism is fragmented when they are put to the ultimate test.

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22Here's Negan - The Walking Dead, Season 10 episode 22 spoilers, recap and reviews
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With Maggie back at Alexandria, Carol takes Negan on a journey to minimize the increasing tension. There, Negan reflects on his late wife Lucille and the events that led him to this point.

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The Walking Dead All TV Seasons
The Walking Dead, Season 1 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 111 October 20106 Episodes

After waking from a coma in an abandoned hospital, police officer Rick Grimes finds the world he knew gone - ravaged by a zombie epidemic of apocalyptic proportions. Nearby, on the outskirts of Atlanta, a small encampment struggles to survive as 'the dead' stalk them at every turn. Can Rick and the others hold onto their humanity as they fight to live in this terrifying new world? And, amidst dire conditions and personal rivalries, will they ultimately survive one another? The Walking Dead is an epic, survival adventure series from the director of The Shawshank Redemption and the producer of The Terminator and Aliens.

The Walking Dead, Season 3 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 314 October 201234 Episodes

AMC's exhilarating drama, The Walking Dead, returns for Season 3. Coming off an action-packed finale, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors continue to seek refuge in this desolate post-apocalyptic world. They soon discover that there are greater forces to fear than just the walking dead. In this uncertain world, Rick and the survivors must not only fight the dead, but also face a whole new fear: the living. On AMC.

The Walking Dead, Season 2 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 216 October 201126 Episodes

The most anticipated television event of the year returns for a second season. AMC's The Walking Dead is "breathtaking in its small moments" (Wall Street Journal) and "creepy from the first frame" (Variety). The end of civilization was just the beginning for Rick Grimes and the other survivors. As the fight to stay alive intensifies and personal rivalries continue to fuel, the group struggles to hold on to their humanity in a time where slim chances are all that is left.

The Walking Dead, Season 4 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 413 October 201338 Episodes

AMC's The Walking Dead returns for a terrifying and exhilarating fourth season. In this post-apocalyptic world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors continue their ongoing struggle to survive the threat of walkers as well as the dangers that lurk among the living. On AMC.

The Walking Dead, Season 5 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 512 October 201436 Episodes

The Walking Dead returns. The intense season finale left Rick and the group outgunned, outnumbered, and trapped in a boxcar awaiting a grim fate. Season 5 weaves together the true motives of the people of Terminus with the fate of the group's lost members and the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C. New conflicts and obstacles arise in keeping everyone together and staying alive. Hunt or be hunted.

The Walking Dead, Season 6 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 611 October 201537 Episodes

The Walking Dead returns. With no hope of safety in Alexandria, Rick's group is forced to resume their precarious fight for survival. In the fight for humanity, many have become inhumane. While the Alexandrians must adapt to the hardness of Rick's group, Rick's group must retreat from their violent ways. This won't happen easily, but now there is more at stake than simply surviving. Rick's group is fighting for a chance at normalcy in a world of chaos.

The Walking Dead, Season 7 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 723 October 201636 Episodes

In Season Seven, Rick and his group's world becomes even more brutal due to Negan's deadly example of what happens if they don't live under his rules. Everyone must begin again.

The Walking Dead, Season 8 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 822 October 201739 Episodes

Rick and his survivors bring "All-Out War" to Negan and his forces. The Saviors are larger, better-equipped, and ruthless - but Rick and the unified communities are fighting for the promise of a brighter future. The battle lines are drawn as they launch into a kinetic, action-packed offensive.

The Walking Dead, Season 10 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 1006 October 201924 Episodes

ADDITIONAL EPISODES WILL BE ADDED IN EARLY 2021 - The survivors are still dealing with the Whisperer's horrific display of power, reluctantly respecting the new borders imposed on them, all while organizing into a militia-style fighting force, preparing for a battle that may be unavoidable.

The Walking Dead, Season 9 watch, hd download
The Walking Dead, Season 907 October 201835 Episodes

In Rick Grimes' final season, the survivors find that ruling is harder than conquering, as they try to build a new world.

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Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on a mission of revenge and casts a wide net in his search for Omar, who has his own plan for vengeance. Colvin manages, for now, to put off a 'Sun' reporter inquiring about Amsterdam, while Burrell delivers news to City Hall, and the reaction is surprisingly mixed. Carver learns how much he doesn't know about good policing, while Pearlman and Daniels plead their case for a new kind of wiretap to Judge Daniel Phelan. Carcetti is about to launch his campaign, but struggles with its effect on his friendship with Council colleague Tony Gray. Stringer falls out of the loop with Avon and is given an ultimatum by Prop Joe and New Day Co-op crews. Cutty's initial approach to teaching boxing ends up alienating the corner boys, while Marlo raises the stakes against the Barksdale gang. Bubbles provides Freamon with entree into an undercover cell-phone hustle.

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Odell makes Hearst a proposition involving 'the color,' causing his mother to fret for his safety. The camp elders hold another Gem meeting, complete with peaches and cinnamon, to map out a strategy to deal with Hearst. Their solution, proposed by Bullock via a letter to the family of a slain Cornishman, promises to make news in 'The Pioneer.'

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As a convalescing Swearengen bridles, Cochran schools Burns and Dority in how best to assist his recovery. Alma is also feeling unwell, in the mornings. Unexpected profits at the Chez Ami lead Tolliver to a discovery about Wolcott. Bullock protects Commissioner Jarry from an angry mob, which redirects its ire.

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