Don't Believe Your Eyes recap & spoilers

Don't Believe Your Eyes (The Oval - S2E8) recap & spoilers

8.9 star

Kyle informs Lilly that he's willing to do anything to show his love for Donald. Ironically, Bobby is outside willing to put his life on the line for Lilly. Jason takes a stand against his mother..

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Don't Believe Your Eyes - The Oval S2E8 Reviews

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PComenterDerekahunter P. O. S. not worth the space she is taking up. . .TYPICAL LYING DEMOCRAP. . .saying DON'T believe you… .Score: 1/5

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The Oval All TV Seasons
The Oval, Season 2 watch, hd download
The Oval, Season 216 February 20219 Episodes

In season two of "The Oval," President Franklin, his wicked First Lady and their morally bankrupt staff fight to keep high crimes and misdemeanors hidden.

The Oval, Season 1 watch, hd download
The Oval, Season 123 October 201925 Episodes

Hunter and Victoria Franklin have risen to the highest office in the United States as the newly elected President and First Lady of America. Although Hunter has touted his strong family values on the campaign trail, his family unit is far from strong, and abhorrently absent of any values or virtue. America has been sold a fairytale.

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