Why Not Yesterday recap & spoilers

Why Not Yesterday (New Amsterdam - S3E6) recap & spoilers

8.4 star

Max is on a mission to fix systemic racism at New Amsterdam. Bloom treats a patient who reminds her that things aren't as they seem. Sharpe is overwhelmed while tending to a family matter. Reynolds tries to keep his composure while treating a father and son..

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Why Not Yesterday - New Amsterdam S3E6 Reviews

Can’t wait to seeReally like them especially Max.Score: 5/5

Really disappointed!!!!!!Started watching this TV series and loved the compassion for people throughout each episode. Then in season 3 they focused on this systemic racism theme. No logic to the thoughts. They want to promote people of color being in positions of power over people who are most skilled and qualified. No logic!!! This is not being woke. You guys need to really wake up. All of you have been drinking the koolaid. Blind sheep. Blind obedience. Start thinking for yourself. Not just accepting the politically correct narrative..Score: 1/5

Leave politics out of a showI had to stop watching when a character said “we had to defund the police” it’s just over the top to hear politics in a tv show. I don’t want to hear about politics when I’m watching a show to entertain me. I get abc is liberal but you lost a viewer over your inserting politics into entertainment..Score: 1/5

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