Chewed Up recap & spoilers

Chewed Up (Alone - S8E3) recap & spoilers

6.9 star

The participants test new strategies to procure food as the predators pose an increasing threat. One participant fears they consumed a poisonous plant, while an intruder sabotages another's only chance at hunting..

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Ten new participants brave Alone's most terrifying location yet in pursuit of $500,000. One participant is forced to make a life-or-death decision, and all must contend with Chilko Lake's deadliest predator: the grizzly bear.

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As the contestants continue to struggle with procuring consistent food sources, one participant sets their eyes on the chance at bigger game. Though as the opportunity begins to arise, the reality of the challenge starts to settle in.

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The remaining participants fight to protect their food supplies as they face continued pressure. One survivalist's shelter poses a serious threat, while another's health takes a consequential hit.

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As they reach a month in the wild, winter weather raises the stakes for each participant. An unwavering grizzly causes one competitor to prepare for battle, and another's desperate attempt for food suddenly turns life-threatening.

8The Grizzly - Alone, Season 8 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Grizzly22 July 2021$2.99

Prying wildlife continue to stalk the remaining competitors, threatening their food and their safety. One participant finds a grizzly too close to home, while another is unprepared when their health takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

9The Troll - Alone, Season 8 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
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As the challenge comes down to the final four participants, Chilko lake continues its onslaught on those struggling to survive. Some survivalists attempt to change up their strategy as a new resource opens up and another copes with the mental head game.

10All In - Alone, Season 8 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
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While some participants continue to work on new ideas to gain calories, others hunker down to try and last as long as they can. With the struggle to procure food this late in the competition, the threat of being pulled out becomes all the more real.

11The Reckoning - Alone, Season 8 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
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12Ultimate Moments - Alone, Season 8 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Ultimate Moments19 August 2021$2.99

Take a look back at some of the most incredible moments from past seasons of ALONE. From the very first drop off on Vancouver Island to all of the triumphant winning moments, revisit some of the most popular builds, emotional breakdowns, survival hacks, and wildlife encounters that have entertained audiences throughout the years.

Alone All TV Seasons
Alone, Season 8 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 804 June 202112 Episodes

This season, 10 contestants fight to survive in the Canadian wilderness on the shores of Chilko Lake, British Columbia. Equipped with just 10 items and a camera kit, each participant must survive in total isolation, with the hopes of lasting the longest and winning the $500,000 prize. This season, they also face the deadliest predator in North America: the grizzly bear.

Alone, Season 1 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 124 July 201512 Episodes

In Alone, ten men are left in solitude, and separated from each other, in the harsh Vancouver Island wilderness. With no camera crews or producers, they have to survive using only what they can stuff into a backpack. They will hunt, build shelters and fend off predators as they face extreme isolation, psychological distress and the terrifying plunge into the unknown. Self-documenting their experience, whoever stays the longest wins $500,000.

Alone, Season 7 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 712 June 202011 Episodes

ALONE is the most intense survival series on television. This season’s participants will face the biggest twist in series history—a 100-day challenge for 1 million dollars. Over 6 seasons, no one has ever lasted this long. Achieving this goal will be a struggle, especially when the survivalists have to endure the intense conditions and aggressive predators of the Arctic.

Alone, Season 3 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 306 December 201612 Episodes

In the most dangerous season yet, “Alone” places 10 hardcore survivalists alone in the remote region of Patagonia, Argentina with one mission: to stay alive. Equipped only with limited gear and cameras to self-document their journeys, they must find food and water, build shelters, and fend off predators, all while facing extreme isolation and psychological distress in harsh, unforgiving terrain.

Alone, Season 2 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 221 April 201616 Episodes

The hit series AloneTM returns with Season 2 as 10 hard-core survivalists are placed alone on northern Vancouver Island with only limited gear, their wilderness survival skills and cameras to self-document their journeys.

Alone, Season 4 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 408 June 201712 Episodes

In season four, seven pairs will each be separated and dropped miles apart with two ultimate goals: navigate Vancouver Island’s unforgiving terrain in an attempt to locate their partner and, once reunited, survive as long as they can. Each team must build their own shelter, forage their own food, and more if they want to be the last ones standing. Will having a partner help or hurt their chances?

Alone, Season 5 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 507 June 201812 Episodes

Second chances don’t come often, but this season on Alone it’s all about redemption as former participants of the hit series return in Season Five. Dropped off in Northern Mongolia, the 10 survivalists will endure subzero temperatures, deadly predators and punishing isolation, as they push themselves once more to their limits.

Alone, Season 6 watch, hd download
Alone, Season 627 May 201912 Episodes

This season on Alone, participants will face the most punishing environment yet: The Arctic. Canada’s Great Slave Lake—the deepest lake in North America– is where season 6’s survivalists will endure frigid conditions & a slew of dangerous wild life, like a thriving bear population, territorial moose, wolves, muskox and the stealthy porcupine. No camera crew. No gimmicks. Last one standing wins.

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