VI recap & spoilers

VI (The Old Man - S1E6) recap & spoilers

7.3 star

Chase and Zoe enter the lion’s den. As Harper ends one partnership another begins..

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VI - The Old Man S1E6 Reviews

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Where is Episode 7?Its Sunday already and there are over 300 internet movie database ratings already in. Somehow some people where able to watch it but definetly not us with a seasonpass!.Score: 1/5

Where is episode 7??????I paid for the full season. Where is episode 7? It came out on FX on 7/21 and Hulu on 7/22. This is super lame Apple.Score: 1/5

Djkw df mdncxzkkbgd vẹtfbtlkk tkđeerqteesanhl sj ms êk.Score: 5/5

Show is great, iTunes are scammersWhats the point of buying a season pass if you’re going to take more than 4 days to upload an episode.. still waiting while all other platforms already have it...Score: 4/5

The Old ManLove the show...hate iTunes service to it's customers..Score: 1/5

Only 4 … because…Where is 7?? Seriously disappointed Apple dropped the ball on this one..Score: 4/5

Feel Byblos BThey have to out to big hub today and b.Score: 4/5

Great start then MESSYEpisode one was FANTASTIC. After that this show became extremely messy and jumpy and confusing. The Zoe character should have been left out entirely - she served little to no purpose and was nothing but dead weight with really long boring dialogue. Otherwise good performances patched into bad editing of a storyline filled with holes..Score: 3/5

Release Episode VII Now!Come on Apple, Episode VII aired three days ago now! So get your act together and give us what we rightfully paid for. This is getting ridiculous..Score: 1/5

New episodePlease upload the final episode of the season.Score: 5/5

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WhylahzzVi q ainda n acabou vou ir lá ver a live bjs.WhylahzzScore: 2/5

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The Old Man Season 1 Episode 6 (VI) Images & Pictures

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The Old Man Season 1 Episode 6 (VI) Images & Pictures

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Season 1, Episode 6 Trailer - Chapter VI▶ Season 1, Episode 6 Trailer - Chapter VI
Harold Interrogates Angela▶ Harold Interrogates Angela
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