Home Invasion recap & spoilers

Home Invasion (9-1-1 - S6E5) recap & spoilers

8.2 star

Athena investigates when the same house is hit with two home invasion 9-1-1 calls within hours of each other; The 118 race to the rescue when a D-I-Y home renovation traps a man in an attic; Hen asks for a second chance with her medical school professor; Maddie and Chimney regret hiring a nanny for Jee-Yun after the woman completely takes over their apartment..

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Home Invasion - 9-1-1 S6E5 Reviews

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Where is episode 13?Why is the episode still not available?.Score: 5/5

Season Pass Issues-Good Show ThoughShow is great!! The problem is the whole season cannot be purchased. Itunes support told be it is a Fox issue. Have hard time believing that because Itunes should have control over if a season is purchaseable or not. Fox provides episodes but Itunes you would think provides availability at their own store/service..Score: 4/5

Episode 18 missingThis still the only episode 18 that is missing when is it going to be on here. All of the other episodes are on here but the only one that is missing is episode 18 is missing. Episode 18 came out on 05/15/23 and we are at the end of the month and it still not on the app jet when is it going to be here. Because on my download it say is episode 18 but it’s episode 17..Score: 4/5

Can’t purchaseI’ve tried about twenty times to purchase on multiple devices and accounts won’t let me purchase.Score: 2/5

Where is episode?Where is the latest episode? still not on here....Score: 1/5

911We’re is episode 13 so tired of waiting for new episodes on iTunes terrible job.Score: 1/5

Episode 6x14 was made available— where’s 6x13?Why was episode 6x13 skipped?.Score: 5/5

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 5 (Home Invasion) Images & Pictures

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9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 5 (Home Invasion) Images & Pictures
9-1-1, Season 6 Other Episodes
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When a blimp suffers mechanical failure and its engine catches fire, Athena and the 118 must rescue victims both inside and outside a packed sports stadium. Bobby and Athena drop off May on her first day of college and discuss honeymoon plans, while Maddie and Chimney go to couple's therapy.

2Crash & Learn - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
Crash & Learn26 Sep 2022$2.99

The 118 race to the rescue when a structure collapse at a "happiness convention" traps people under rubble. While on FaceTime with her mom, Athena's father suffers a stroke and crashes through the wall of his house. Hen stretches herself too thin with test prep and her new responsibilities at the 118, while Maddie tries to help new recruit get his bearings at the call center.

3The Devil You Know - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
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While in Florida caring for her ailing father, Athena and Bobby investigate the disappearance of her childhood friend from 45 years ago.

4Animal Instincts - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
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The 118 race to the rescue when a birdwatcher is trapped under a tree. Chimney is in for a wild ride when he tends to a drunk driver; Maddie helps a mother and her young daughter when an abusive father shows up at the their house; Eddie catches Christopher in a lie; Buck begins a year of "yes to possibilities" and immediately receives an interesting proposal from a former roommate.

6Tomorrow - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Tomorrow24 Oct 2022$2.99

Hen fears for Karen’s life when an explosion rocks her science lab on the day she brings Denny to work with her.

7Cursed - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cursed07 Nov 2022$2.99

Athena and the 118 race to the rescue when a fading movie star is plagued by a series of near death experiences.

8What's Your Fantasy? - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
What's Your Fantasy?14 Nov 2022$2.99

The 118 race to the rescue to a renaissance faire; then an office bldg. when an overbearing boss is poisoned; Athena fears for May’s life when she encounters a disturbed young man; Uncle Buck babysits young Jee-Yun as Maddie and Chimney begin house-hunting; Eddie and Carla prepare Christopher for his first school dance.

9Red Flag - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Red Flag28 Nov 2022$2.99

The Santa Ana winds bring in a variety of weirder-than-usual emergencies as the 118 respond to a family dog retrieving a severed hand and a young woman sleep-driving into the station. Bobby worries about his AA sponsor; Denny questions Hen and Karen about his biological parents; and Chimney thinks he’s found the perfect house for him and Maddie.

10In a Flash - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
In a Flash06 Mar 2023$2.99

A dry thunderstorm rolls over LA, bringing in a series of lightning strike emergencies for the 118 and leaves a first responder’s life hanging in the balance. Athena and May go undercover at the rehab facility to help Bobby with his investigation into his sponsor’s mysterious death. Maddie dreads her parents visit to her and Chimney’s new and unfinished house, while Chimney get a surprise of his own from a visiting Albert.

11In Another Life - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
In Another Life13 Mar 2023$2.99

As Buck's life hangs in the balance, he dreams of a world where he never became a firefighter, for better and worse.

12Recovery - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Recovery20 Mar 2023$2.99

Despite the case being closed, Bobby is determined to prove his AA sponsor was murdered and bring his killer to justice; Meanwhile Buck struggles with his post-traumatic stress.

13Mixed Feelings - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Mixed Feelings10 Apr 2023$2.99

The 118 race to the rescues with emergencies at a spin class; in a hair salon and to a husband and wife in a compromising position; Buck discovers new cognitive abilities post lightning strike; Hen and Karen are concerned when they find out Denny has been seeing his biological father behind their backs; Maddie and Chimney enlist Athena and Bobby’s help with a suspicious neighbor.

14Performance Anxiety - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Performance Anxiety17 Apr 2023$2.99

The 118 race to the rescue at emergencies at a commercial bakery and a bodybuilding competition; Bobby’s annual performance reviews sends Chimney to the firefighter academy where he runs into a familiar face; Eddie’s aunt gets involved in his personal life; Maddie helps a nervous teen suffering a panic attack.

15Death and Taxes - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 15 spoilers, recap and reviews
Death and Taxes24 Apr 2023$2.99

The 118 race to the rescue at emergencies when a fire breaks out in an accountant’s office and a car crashes into a “living funeral.” Athena is shocked when a suspect dies in her custody minutes after she arrests him; Buck is attracted to a death doula; Maddie and Chimney panic when they are audited by the IRS.

16Lost & Found - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 16 spoilers, recap and reviews
Lost & Found01 May 2023$2.99

The 118 race to rescue two roommates desperately trying to find a needle in a haystack at a landfill, and help a woman whose nightmare dream suddenly becomes a painful reality. Athena and Maddie team-up to find a missing boy in a crowded mall; Chimney debates if the time is right to propose to Maddie.

17Love Is in the Air - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
Love Is in the Air08 May 2023$2.99

Athena and the 118 race to rescue when a wedding proposal tragically intersects with a bank robbery, and then when a princess bride is literally stuck on her way to the altar. Athena talks a victim thru her grief; Maddie takes matters into her own hands as Buck finds a surprise visitor on his doorstep.

18Pay it Forward - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
Pay it Forward15 May 2012$2.99

A series of freeway car accidents leads to a catastrophic overpass collapse that endangers the lives of civilians and members of the 118.

First Look - 9-1-1, Season 6 episode 101 spoilers, recap and reviews
First Look19 Sep 2022Bonus

This season kicks off with all kinds of havoc and pulse pounding excitement. The 118 must race to the rescue when a blimp goes haywire at a packed sports stadium. The team once again sees the panic of Los Angeles and the chaos that entails.

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9-1-1, Season 619 Sep 202219 Episodes

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear reimagine the procedural drama with "9-1-1." The series explores the high-pressure experiences of first responders -- including police officers, firefighters and dispatchers -- who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations. These emergency responders must try to balance saving those who are at their most vulnerable with solving the problems in their own lives. The show draws from real-life, high-pressure experiences of first responders who regularly face heart-stopping situations that are often unpredictable, intense and uplifting at the same time.

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