Reunion Part 2 recap & spoilers

Reunion Part 2 (The Challenge - S39E21) recap & spoilers

7.4 star

Which unseen hookup is getting exposed? Find out on part two of the Reunion!.

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Reunion Part 2 - The Challenge S39E21 Reviews

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Ep 8 has a spoiler in the beginning!Ep 8 shows who gets eliminated at the VERY beginning!! Please fix this for future episodes. We don’t want to see who is eliminated before watching the episode..Score: 3/5

Episode 8 starts off with a SPOILER of who goes homeHow are you going to post a new episode with who goes home 10 seconds into the episode?!!! That was a huge spoiler to start off. It’s supposed to be a surprise of which “Legend” they bring on the show.Score: 1/5

MTV? iTunes? Someone Spoiling EpisodesThe beginning of episode 8 just outright spoils the ending of the episode. Whose idiotic idea was that?.Score: 1/5

Team Horacio 🧮Let’s go king bring it home.Score: 5/5

Season pass not workingBeen trying to buy the season pass for weeks and every time I do, I get an error message saying that the item is currently being modified and to try again later. We’re on episode 10 now so that’s how long it’s been a problem. Happens both on iTunes and the appletv app.Score: 1/5

Spoiler in episode 8Major editing error what a shame.Score: 1/5

Spoiler AlertI love this show and I’m pretty frustrated that I PAID for the Season Pass and the end of the latest episode got spoiled right at the start because the extra footage with the exit interview for the eliminated competitor was put at the beginning of the episode. Get it together..Score: 1/5

Bad bad badWithout the vets it’s not exciting the same a few people always get voted up. Do not waste your money on this..Score: 1/5

I’m this goodAhahhaahha.Score: 4/5

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18The Beginning of the End - The Challenge, Season 39 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
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The remaining seven Contenders enter the Final, where they must face the three levels of the game again - Control, Chaos, and Conquest, for one Final Time. One Contender faces a rough start, while another fights for their survival in the game.

19Only One Gets the Crown - The Challenge, Season 39 episode 19 spoilers, recap and reviews
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The Battle for a New Champion concludes, and a first-time Champion is crowned. It's anyone's race as the final six Contenders compete for over three hundred thousand dollars, and a place amongst the most esteemed competitors in Challenge History.

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