Turkeys Away recap & spoilers

Turkeys Away (WKRP In Cincinnati - S1E7) recap & spoilers

7.8 star

Station manager Arthur Carlson comes up with a big idea for a unique holiday promotion involving live turkeys and a helicopter..

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Turkeys Away - WKRP In Cincinnati S1E7 Reviews

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If you ever wonderedIf you ever wondered whatever became of 'KRP... the real episodes are collectin dust somewhere as the lawyers are worried 'bout their licensing beans! Seriously, I downloaded a few episodes, but the music seems fake. They did this with Buffalo Bill...they took out the best episode (hit the road, jack!) Happy to have the Turkeys again, and can't wait for the phone cops!.Score: 3/5

If Anyone In Charge is Listening. . .Look. . .if you pay attention to most of these posts you'd see that this is one of the most revered shows in the history of television and true fans would pay more for the original content so restore the music and put a fair "royalteed" price on it and it will still sell. Sell more. But do you really expect anything else from FOX???.Score: 1/5

Probably NOT Itunes FAult..but still just not the same... :(I was so excited when I heard this was on DVD, and then found it on itunes, only to be let down lower than having never seen it re-released to begin with. Probably 1/2 of the jokes (which you really have to be watching close to catch, or have that sort of mantality to appreciate dual meaning things) are WITH the MUSIC! Are we going to start re-writing the hisotry books and replacing names or places now for our kids because they aren't politically correct? The show will NEVER be the same w/o the original music. That being said, the reason some places do have the original music and other places do not, is not under control of itunes, but from the creators and owners to the rights of the music. WKRP used hundreds of songs, and some of those will not, at any cost, give rights to their music being used. The ones that will give permission, are the ones you see now. So, we really need to go after the ones holding the rights to the songs, not poor itunes, to get things changed. I am very greatful I read here first about the lack of the proper music and deleted scenes. Until then, I was going to purchase the whole season. Now, well...think i'll try to figure out which episodes do have original stuff, and which don't..and only purchase the ones which have not been hacked away. BTW, this is /THE/ ***GREATEST*** SHOW EVER MADE!!!! Sooner or later, we'll get to have our uncut, untampered with original versions. The public won't stand for anything less!.Score: 4/5

Agreed!!! I won't buy without the music and original cast dialogue.The original series was fantastic!!!! This is just sad! Shame on you fox for ruining this show..Score: 1/5

Where to find the entire show runSHOUT FACTORY! has the entire show for sale. 20th Fox didn't want to produce the the DVDs because of the music rights. That's why you won't see any more seasons offered. SHOUT FACTORY! also got the cast and crew honored at the TV Hall of Fame. Go to YouTube and type in Hugh Wilson (the show runner) and you can get the scoop on the show and how it became the "gold standard" for today's situational comedy nrearly forty years later..Score: 5/5

Thanks for the warningI was going to purchase this season, but now because of the music being removed, I think I will pass. I really enjoyed the show in the 70's and have been waiting for the first season to be published. What a disappointment..Score: 3/5

Love it.Just got a ipod touch and the first thing I thought about was WKRP. Thank god you had it . Turkeys Away gets played on it everyday. How about more seasons of this great show..Score: 5/5

Thanks for the heads-up about the music...Hitting the post on James Taylor's Smiling Face as a DJ was one of my life's minor ambitions because I saw Johnny Fever do it on WKRP when I was about 10 years old. This was one of the best sitcoms ever made and to release an edited version without the original music means you are releasing something that I would never purchase. I am dissappointed because I would have downloaded every episode the minute they were released. Release them unedited and you've got another happy customer..Score: 1/5

HubbamanEven though I am a child of the 80's, i remember watching what were fairly new reruns at the time of there premiere on tv, this was humor at it's best, shows like these don't exist anymore, the clothes i thought looked better then the "saggy-baggy" look that should have gone out with the 90's, at least they had style and originality in there humor and attire. 4 stars out of 5 minus -1 for not retaining original musical soundtracks to episodes..Score: 4/5

Would Pay Twice the Asking Price if it Had the MusicI'm one of the lucky who have original VHS tapes of the show, that said, I'd like to have them in glorious digital quality... but NOT without the original music. Dear Fox, you MORONS, this is a show, about a radio station, and radio stations play MUSIC!!! Get a clue, it's what made the show. You could make back the royalties you'd have to pay if you grew a set, instead, you're taking one of the most highly regarded and revered shows on TV and you're basically mocking it, and it's fans, and suckering those who maybe didn't read these reviews. Release this properly and I'll pay twice the asking price, and I bet many else would too. As it stands, you're not really offering the show, you're offering a joke..Score: 1/5

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Classic show, but missing the classic rockThis release of one of the funniest sitcoms of all time is let down by the fact that they couldn't get the rights to the classic rock tunes used in each episode when the show first aired. Those classic tunes were integral to the shows comedy and timing and unfortunately the generic music that has replaced them just doesn't cut it..Score: 3/5

Where are the rest of the seasonsAwesome show. Loved it as a kid love it now..Score: 5/5

WKRP in Cincinnati: "Commercial Break"I was very disappointed with the quality of the video; not remastered at all as one would've expected. Addtionally, there are portions of the original episode which have been edited. I remember wll the original series well, and was quite annoyed to see that the episode I purchased was not provided in its entirety..Score: 1/5

FantasticI remember watching this show as a kid, I loved it then and I love it now. I just finished watching 4 episodes back to back. Itunes please bring back more old shows!!.Score: 5/5

As god as my witness.....I thought turkeys could fly! What a great series. Looking forward to more WKRP on itunes!!.Score: 5/5

A travesty to a great sitcomThis show was about raw rock & roll. Music was central to making this a brilliant sitcom. The music industry wanted to renegotiate their contract for digital rights and thus greed destroys a classic. The great cast still shines but what's the point when generic alt rock is playing in the background? I only bought the pilot (thank god) but I do wonder what they will do for the John Lennon Imagine episode. This is worse than Lucas inserting crappy digital dinosaurs into star wars claiming he wanted them there originally! Please please redo with original music. Screw the greed and come to an agreement to restore the original wonderful, if dated, classic I love..Score: 1/5

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WKRP In Cincinnati Season 1 Episode 7 (Turkeys Away) Images & Pictures

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9Momma's Review - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Mr. Carlson's tyrannical mother -- and WKRP's owner -- arrives to review the station's recent changes.

10A Date With Jennifer - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
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After winning the coveted Silver Sow Award for farm news reporting, Les asks Jennifer to be his date for the banquet...and she says yes!

11The Contest Nobody Could Win - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
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An on-air slip of the tongue could cost the station $5,000 and cost Johnny and Andy their jobs.

12Tornado - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
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A tornado unexpectedly hits Cincinnati, allowing Mr. Carlson to demonstrate his leadership abilities and allowing Jennifer to reveal a hidden talent.

13Goodbye, Johnny - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
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14Johnny Comes Back - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Johnny's return to Cincinnati is far from triumphant as he soon discovers that he has no job and no place to live.

15Never Leave Me, Lucille - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 15 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Herb's separation from his wife, Lucille, has him anticipating a new, swinging lifestyle, but everyone else is bent on getting the couple back together.

16I Want to Keep My Baby - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 16 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Johnny gets a chance to play daddy when a desperate young mother abandons her baby in a basket on the doorstep of WKRP.

17A Commerical Break - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Commerical Break26 Mar 1979$1.99

An advertising campaign for funeral packages clashes with the station's rock and roll aesthetic.

18Who Is Gordon Sims - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
Who Is Gordon Sims02 Apr 1979$1.99

Venus's past comes back to haunt him after he refuses to allow a photo of himself to be printed in the newspaper.

19I Do, I Do... for Now - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 19 spoilers, recap and reviews
I Do, I Do... for Now23 Apr 1979$1.99

When her childhood sweetheart arrives, determined to marry her, Jennifer makes matters worse by pretending that she's already married to Johnny.

20Young Master Carlson - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 20 spoilers, recap and reviews
Young Master Carlson30 Apr 1979$1.99

Arthur reluctantly agrees to let his eleven-year-old son hang around the station, but it soon turns out that the boy and Mama Carlson are cut from the same abrasive mold.

21Fish Story - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 21 spoilers, recap and reviews
Fish Story28 May 1979$1.99

Andy's interview with a magazine writer goes horribly awry when Johnny and Venus conduct an on-air drinking experiment with disastrous -- and hilarious -- results.

22The Preacher - WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 episode 22 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Preacher04 Jun 1979$1.99

When a former wrestler turned reverend uses his evangelical show to rip-off the public, Andy finds out the hard way that the 300 pound shyster is not one to be trifled with.

WKRP In Cincinnati All TV Seasons
WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 watch, hd download
WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 128 Oct 200722 Episodes

We're on the air! WKRP In Cincinnati, classic TV's wildest, funniest, rock 'n' roll sitcom is here at last. Join WKRP's hilarious staff — program director Andy Travis, DJs Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, neurotic newsman Les Nessman, sultry receptionist Jennifer Marlowe and the rest — both on and off the air, as they take their floundering station from hard times to hard rock. Starring Howard Hesseman and Loni Anderson, this is the one show that has it all. So, set that dial for WKRP In Cincinnati . . . and turn it up, man! PLEASE NOTE: We are using the raw, original broadcast material to deliver the most authentic experience we could provide. As a result, you may notice occasional glitches in video quality. Also: Some of the original music content has been edited for this release.

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