One Froggy Evening / The Dover Boys recap & spoilers

One Froggy Evening / The Dover Boys (Looney Tunes All Stars - S1E5) recap & spoilers

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A poor man finds a singing frog in his building and takes him to a talent agent so he can try to make money off him. The frog doesn't sing in front of an audience so eventually the man puts the frog in another building. Years later another man finds a singing frog who he thinks will make him a lot of money, but he has found the same frog. Directed by: Charles M. Jones / The Dover Boys are the most popular fellows at Pimento University. They are playing hide and seek with Dainty Dora Standpipe, when she gets kidnapped. It's up to the Dover Boys to rescue her. A classic Looney Tunes caper. Directed by: Charles M. Jones.

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One Froggy Evening / The Dover Boys - Looney Tunes All Stars S1E5 Reviews

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FINALLYEverybody buy these. These rock so much. Seriously, get all of these. You won't be disapointed.Score: 5/5

REAL CARTOONSThank you for bringing in some real cartoons to iTunes. Especially The Road-Runner, my favorite Looney Tunes. I would also like to see old Tex Avery cartoons like Droopy and Barney Bear. Those characters had me all over the floor laughing. Today's cartoons like Ren & Stimpy and Spongebob Squarepants, will never stack up to Bugs Bunny and others..Score: 5/5

An almost great ideaIt would be a great idea to make the classic Looney Tunes cartoons available for individual purchase (at $0.99 apiece). But what point is there in bundling two cartoons together for the price of $1.99, other than to "force" some people to pay for cartoons they don't want? Disappointing..Score: 2/5

LooneyAlways loved the Looney Tunes and always will... buy this and also buy Bugs Bunny.Score: 5/5

Great deal!Just make sure that when you play this you do using the right ratio (4:3). Otherwise the screen will be cropped to fit the widescreen..Score: 5/5

Missing Frog Tongue"One Froggy Evening" may be my all-time favorite Warner Bros. cartoon. However, I was sorely disappointed when I bought this version on iTunes and found that somebody had enhanced the color of the video in a way that causes the frog's highly animated tongue to become virtually invisible. The entire interior of the frog's mouth is a solid red area with no visible features. In many shots it almost doesn't look like the frog's actually singing. If it wasn't for this issue, I actually wouldn't mind the enhanced color -- but it seems that someone just ran the whole cartoon through a color popping algorithm and didn't bother to see what it did to the animation. Another classic artwork ruined by thoughtless post-processing..Score: 2/5

Looney Tunes is way better than these "new" cartoonsLooney Tunes is way better than these "new", or so saying, cartoons. These are the classics, you can't get anything better than these! The cartoons on TV now are about dumb, dimwitted, stupid subjects like girls, boys nuclear violence, and and other brain-melting things. The slight violence in these shows are funny, small, and all the characters don't steal, or lie. And why the heck are they talking about new cartoons? These are the exact same things just taken up a couple of notches..Score: 5/5

=DThese are all great but what about "The Bear That Wasn't"???? iTunes NEEDS to get that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 4/5

I hate to date myself, but, I was raised on these cartoons......Well I am sure they were re-re runs, since many of the political messages in some were related to world war two, the depression, prohibition, ect. But I was essentially a "latchkey" kid, Meaning, I was put in front of the television for a good part of my younger years and the television was my babysitter. I was experiencing this phenomenon at a time when warner brother cartoons were on very heavy rotation. I somehow missed out on a majority of the disney cartoons, and I have to admit, I still feel like the warner brother cartoons at the time were much smarter and witty. I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for sylvester, daffy, pepe, bugs, porky, elmer.... you get the Idea! Thanks ITUNES for putting so many classics on! Love this stuff....Score: 5/5

Yea iTunes!"Cheese Chasers" is my absolute favorite Warner Bros. cartoon. These are funny slapstick without the potty humor so in vogue today..Score: 4/5

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FatimaIt's nice for kids and cool.Score: 5/5

Odorable kitty/for scent-imential reasonsBuy.Score: 4/5

Buy a classic, but have to pay for a clunker too.Remember 45 RPM records, where when you went out to buy a great song, but in order to get it you had to buy a junky song on side B that you didn't really want? Well, Warner Brothers still haven't caught on to this whole "internet" thing---they're still marketing like it's 1958. I've downloaded many of the great '50s-era Looney Tune episodes from iTunes like "One Froggy Evening" and in almost every case I've been forced to buy 40s-era junk like "The Dover Boys". "Robin Hood Daffy" was paired with the horrible "Book Review". Almost every time I try to buy a classic episode I'm stuck buying garbage I don't want..Score: 3/5

YES!!!THE DOVER BOYS AT PIMENTO UNIVERSITY! One of the all-time greats in the world of Looney Tunes! It is definitely "of its time", but hilarious none the less. If you only end up sampling one of these Looney Tunes pairings, make it that one..Score: 5/5

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I wish ...There was more pepe le pew episodes. but im glad you get two for £1.89. more pepe please :) * * * *.Score: 4/5

Love thisThese episodes are the classics, so great! However, I agree with the other comment. Pepe Le Pew is my favourite Looney Tunes character and I think there should be more episodes on here, I would definitely buy them. More of my Pepe cherie si'l vous plait!.Score: 5/5

Excellent but!Is there anymore marvin the martian toons coming up!.Score: 5/5

Marvin the MartianI would like more marvin the Martian episodes, then I would buy them all..Score: 4/5

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