Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored recap & spoilers

Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored (Comedy Central Roasts - SedE1) recap & spoilers

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The aggravatingly amiable star of "Full House," "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "1 vs. 100," finally gets what he deserves when Comedy Central roasts Bob Saget. Roastmaster John Stamos and a hit squad of comics (including Greg Giraldo, Jon Lovitz, and Jeff Ross) rake Saget over the coals to reveal what lurks beneath his "Nice Guy" image. Part tongue-in-cheek tribute, part uncensored intervention, the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget is the rowdiest, raunchiest party on TV..

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Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored - Comedy Central Roasts SedE1 Reviews

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Guys, C'mon, it's Bob Saget!!If you actually decided to be patient, you would have waited an extra few hours to find that Bob Saget's Roast (where he actually gets Roasted) was posted soon after. It's a collection, or a season or whatever you want to call it, eventually all the roasts will probably be on here. Anyways, the Roast was hilarious, and my only complaint is that the episode is $3.99 but i could probably deal with that..Score: 5/5

GreatThis is hilarious. So is the Flavor Flav Roast. But when is iTunes going to put some more up??.Score: 5/5

More RoastsThese roasts are insane. How come the rest of them are not available for purchase??? Please do so..Score: 5/5

Put all the roast on iTunes.This roast of bob saget was brutal because they ripped him up. Before this roast I never knew that saget had such a filthy mouth. By the way iTunes, can u please put up all the other roast that comedy central did, especially the ones of drew Carey, Hugh Hefner, Jerry stiller, and even Pam Anderson. Why are these roasts not available? Put them up so all the fans including ne can buy them.Score: 5/5

The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: UncensoredOn Sunday evening, August 17, itunes advertised larger than life the “Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget: Uncensored” with Saget’s picture and the fiery graphic pictured to the right of him. With only one video listed below to purchase, naturally my fellow shoppers and myself hit the “buy episode” button. What was actually purchased, however, was the following:”Great Moments from Comedy Central Roasts, Vol. 1” with the description, “You’ve got a ringside seat for a knock-out comedy compilation that combines all the best jabs and biggest hits from the star-studded, hard-partying Comedy Central Roasts of Pam Anderson, William Shatner, Bob Saget, Flavor Flav, and Denis Leary.” Sometime on Monday, August 18, itunes finally posted Saget’s roast. Obviously this was a serious oversight on itunes part. I’m asking for my purchase price back. We’ll see if they’ll do the right thing..Score: 1/5

Very funnyVery funny and it is worth buying.Score: 5/5

Bob Saget walks into a bar...And gets his chops burned by every funny person in the room!! This was one heck of a roast, not a dull moment to be had. From John Stamos' chuckle inducing introductions and Cloris Leachman's antics all the way down to Gilbert Gottfried's side-splitting jokes and Bob's INSTANTLY CLASSIC closing line, the whole diais was great. My favorite part (besides Cloris') was Greg Giraldo, he's always funny. Coming Soon to an iTunes store near you(hopefully) THE COMEDY CENTRAL ROAST OF LARRY THE CABLE GUY!!.Score: 5/5

Peolpe are dumb.Any one who was dumb enough to buy the wrong one thats ur fault not itunes. LOOK AT THE TIME OF THE VIDEO. 17 min obviously NOT the roast. 1 hr proll the roast. You cant blaim itunes for your own stupidity..Score: 5/5

HahaHahahhaha u idiots bought the highlights. you couldnt even wait a day. sad. But all in all atleast i bought the right one. : p.Score: 4/5

HorribleNot funny at all....If it wasn't for Chloris Leachman there would not be one set worth watching. But hey, I guess the redundant old full house jokes are at least worth the 4 bucks.Score: 1/5

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Super Funny!I saw this on TV and it was unbelievably funny. The comics they had for the roast were amazing. Cloris Leachman was rolling in the isles funny. The show was a bit tounge-in-check but worth it if you have a great sense of humour..Score: 5/5

Norm's bit was geniusHis bit went way way over the heads of most of the people watching. Where most comedians up there just tried to out-do each other with vulgarity, Norm spent the whole night, reading a newspaper, writing on cue cards, and generally being inattentive. Followed by going up to a podium in front of hundreds of people, and bombing badly. His whole night was a roast of Bob Saget. Instead of making the "Why should I care about Bob Saget?" joke, he acted it, and if you look at the faces of the roasters, most of them got it. And they loved it. Except was a little above his head too unfortunately..Score: 4/5

Hilarious!Very funny show and well worth the $4. Norm McDonald's bit was terrible and not funny at all! Other than Norm McDonald, you'll get a lot of laughs!.Score: 5/5

Outragiously, disgustingly, out of your Mind Hilarious!You just gotta have that sick twisted kinda humor in order to enjoy this show. If you are Uptight, Prim and Proper well you're in the wrong area to begin with! But this show will blow your mind. I never laughed this hard since Jason Rouse's Stand up on Comedy now! Hey where's that guy at anyways, he was f**ken hilarious!.Score: 5/5

YEAAAAHH BOIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a great roast very funny but how come only bob saget and flavor flav's roasts are here what about pamela anderson, denis leary and all the others? but aside from that its very funny.Score: 5/5

In on the jokeThis show was an exhibition of pure filth, and it was spectacular. For a long time now Saget has been riding the popularity he made as Danny. That is the only reason why the egregious debauchery that was put on display here works, you just have to hide the show from your grandmother. You keep thinking “how can Danny be involved with this?”. They don’t just push the envelope, they shove it. At first I really thought that Norm’s performance was horrible. Then I realized that he was parodying Saget’s clean humour, which is (as anybody who has ever seen America’s Funniest knows) absolutely talentless. The fact that Norm would put his reputation on the line for this is quite funny in-itself..Score: 4/5

One of the better roastsThe Comedy Central roasts are hit-and-miss with me, but this one was mostly pretty funny. The one weak part was Norm McDonald, and boy, you could tell everyone was trying their best to laugh, but his bit wasn't funny. Everything else actually made me laugh out loud, especially Gilbert Gottfried's Olson Twins joke..Score: 4/5

Who is being roasted?Before I buy who gets roasted?.Score: 1/5

SaggetHave to agree with wayne norm was unusually boring but yeh worth evry penny.Score: 5/5

Profane does't equal funnyI've seen these roasts now, and the comedians substitute pure filth for actual wit. Waste of time, unless you really really need to know how dry Cloris Leachman's reproductive crevasse is. The suggestion that Bob Saget drugged and sodomized the Olson twins(who were mere children for the entire run of full house) was utterly disgusting. Unfunny. Then again, that's why all of these comedians disappeared from TV and the circuit years ago..Score: 1/5

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