Damned If You Duel... recap & spoilers

Damned If You Duel... (Real World Road Rules Challenge - S2E1) recap & spoilers

7.4 star

In the most intense challanges ever, everyone must stand on their own in a quest to win a share of the $300,000 prize. A night of partying leads to a scandalous hookup and old tensions erupt into a massive brawl..

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Damned If You Duel... - Real World Road Rules Challenge S2E1 Reviews

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Best Season YetThis maybe will be the best season yet. I never buy tv shows unless they are really good. I ssaw the first episode online then i got me an iTunes card and downloaded the first episode cause it was that good..Score: 5/5

You've Got to be KiddingThis season is off to an awesome start. But iTunes needs to pick it up and bring episodes out quicker. Why is SD out before HD? Shouldn't it come out at the same time. The episode has been out for a week, come on iTunes, pick it up. I accidentally bought HD and now I'm stuck with it. I gave it a one star for the service. Other than that the show is awesome..Score: 1/5

Definintly worth the money!I love most reality shows and this one happens to be one of my favorites so far. I know it's a little expensive but it's definintly worth it in my opinion. If you're not sure just buy the first episode and try it out. I know you will end up buying it though. :).Score: 5/5

These challenges are awesome.This challenge is one of the most exciting yet, plus it's in high definition (if you want it to be). iTunes should really put on more of the challenges such as The Inferno or Battle of the Sexes. I'm sure everyone who watches this would buy them too..Score: 5/5

Excited to see this for $9.90!This season is really entertaining. I hope that iTunes gets some of the older Real World and Real World Challenge shows. I'd love to see some of the ones from the 90s, even if the music is different than it was on the original airings..Score: 5/5

The duel 2CT is a beast. enough said.Score: 5/5

Good Season! Totally buying the pass when I get paid :[ lolThis season is gonna be hotter! totally love ryan and davis ;D.Score: 5/5

Reunion? $h*t They Should Have Shown?This season was pretty awesome! (Especially after the dramafest of the "The Island"!) But I HATE it when they don't post the Reunion Specials. And this one even had the return of "The $h*t They Should Have Shown! With the Seasons being dramatically shorter, why cut out the reunions?.Score: 5/5

Show's Great, iTunes though... Not So Much.ITunes, what the heck is going on? What is the delay with posting these episodes, especially the HD ones? How is it that ep #4 is available in SD but not HD? So thrilled (except not) that I bought a season pass and STILL CAN'T GET THIS EPISODE. ??.Score: 1/5

Bring on the dalliesItunes is there anyway you can get the dallies on here? loved this season. rachel rocks!.Score: 5/5

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DisappointingWhy is there no reunion episode? disappointing, so would have bought!.Score: 1/5

OHH SNAPThis episide was crazy yet predictable. Almost every season of these challenges that envolve CT he gets kicked off within the first week. But obvisly a new record has been set since he was kicked off before the first challenge even started. Though it really held my attention im not impressed with the behaivor of CT he acctuallt could have killed that guy he seriously needs to watch his temper..Score: 5/5

Other seasonsIt would be way better if you got all the other seasons. i love this show. it my favourite but i want to see all of the others!.Score: 4/5

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Real World Road Rules Challenge Season 2 Episode 1 (Damned If You Duel...) Images & Pictures

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Real World Road Rules Challenge Season 2 Episode 1 (Damned If You Duel...) Images & Pictures
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TJ shocks the competitors with a twist that no one sees coming. With only six spots available in the final challenge, the remaining eight players battle for survival. The final six participate in a grueling race for the $300,000.

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Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Duel watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Duel23 Feb 200717 Episodes

We're heading to tropical Brazil, where this time it's every man and woman for themselves. Twenty ruthless Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat alumni face off to win their share of a half million dollars in cash and prizes. But only two competitors — one guy and one girl — will walk away with the grand prize of $150,000 each in the final mission. New rules, new games, new battles . . . let The Duel begin!

Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Island watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Island22 Sep 20088 Episodes

This season on The Challenge, 20 competitors are abandoned on a deserted island near the coast of Panama, where their living conditions are rustic and there's only a limited amount of food and sparse accommodations. Just surviving will be a challenge unto itself. Those who can handle life on The Island will be rewarded with a chance at claiming a $300,000 treasure, which is buried on a smaller island in the distance. The goal for the players this season is to build seaworthy crafts that will transport them to this island to find the loot. Every few days, there will be air drops which deliver vital supplies as well as the materials needed to construct two boats, which the competitors will be building over the course of The Challenge to get them to the treasure.

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Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals II10 Jul 201319 Episodes

“Rivals II” takes our cast of 16 men and 16 women to Thailand for a return to one of The Challenge’s most exciting recent formats. Like every challenge, “Rivals II” requires strength, stamina, and perseverance. But more than ever, it’s going to require mental toughness as each two-person team will be made up of a pair of bitter rivals. The first time around, some rivals were able to overcome their difficulties while other pairs’ animosity deepened amidst the intense competition. And this time, with $350,000 at stake, the pressure is even greater.

Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins30 Sep 200910 Episodes

Twenty-eight competitors have been tapped to compete in an exciting new Real World Road Rules Challenge. They will meet in exotic Thailand to see who can face the rigors of "The Ruins" — a head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated. As with any Challenge, the competitor who plays their cards right and forms the best alliances will find they have the power. Those who do not may just find themselves in The Ruins. However, in Thailand, going into the elimination round is a risk that could pay off, as the winner ends up acquiring their opponent's bank account. Only the players that make it to the end will walk away with the cash they've banked and compete in the finale. Ultimately, friendships will be put to the test, hearts will be broken, and battles will rage — both on and off the playing field — as players do whatever it takes to be crowned the winners of The Ruins!

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: Rivals22 Jun 201110 Episodes

Can you trust your worst enemy? That is the question that twenty-eight vicious competitors will be asking themselves this season as they travel to the lush jungles of Costa Rica to compete in a thrilling new Challenge: Rivals. These fan favorites will receive the shock of their lives when they learn that their one and only teammate will be their biggest rival! In order to win, these arch-enemies must figure out how to overcome their rocky pasts and compete together for a jaw-dropping grand prize. Over $300,000 is at stake, and these bitter rivals will fight tooth and nail in order to get their hands on a cut of the cash!

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2 watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 207 Apr 201010 Episodes

Fresh Meat II pairs 13 brand new challengers with 13 veterans in one of the most dramatic Challenges to date. Strategy is key in Fresh Meat II, and alliances hold more value than friendships. But it's the old rivalry between Kenny and Wes that drives the competition . . . on an off the playing field . . . and only the most cunning will survive.

Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2 watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 225 Jan 200617 Episodes

The tropical island of Tobago is the setting for the latest showdown between Real World and Road Rules alumni. This time around, it's "Rookies" versus "Veterans," as ambitious Challenge newcomers fce off against seasoned pros for a total of over $300,000 in cash and prizes. Host — and pro BMX dirt jumper — TJ Lavin leads the teams through ever-more-difficult challenges, including the dreaded Gauntlet, where teammate battles teammate to avoid elimination.

The Challenge: Free Agents watch, hd download
The Challenge: Free Agents10 Apr 201423 Episodes

Twenty-eight money-hungry competitors arrive in Punta del Este, Uruguay, expecting to be teamed up with an ex, an enemy, or even a weak rookie. Little do they know, this is an individual game, and they’ll be answering to no one but themselves in the most unpredictable Challenge ever. The 25th season, Free Agents, forces players to compete on their own in a battle of perseverance and luck. The players will have no idea if they’ll be competing in teams, pairs or as individuals until moments before each challenge begins. Winners are not only safe from elimination, but also have the power to choose one guy and one girl to send in. The losers from that day’s challenge must take part in the game’s biggest elimination twist yet, “The Draw”, where one guy and one girl are selected by pure chance to face the two nominated players in the elimination round. With competitors’ fates being determined by a flip of a card, no amount of strategy can protect them. A grand total of $350,000 is up for grabs, and with so much money on the line, these already blood-thirsty competitors turn vicious. Heated rivalries will take shape, bitter enemies will clash, and heart-tugging relationships will form. Only the lucky few will face the epic final challenge that starts in dangerous rapids and ends at the top of an active volcano. In the end, this season will find the most worthy challenger yet, the ultimate FREE AGENT.

Real World Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Seasons watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Seasons17 Sep 201213 Episodes

We paired up enemies in “Rivals” and old flames in “Battle of the Exes,” now we’re going old school. “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” reunites cast members from some of the Real World’s most memorable seasons. Within each team, there are exes, rivalries, current romances, best friendships and everything in between that could either help or hurt them in their goal to become the last season standing. And to make matters more intense, in competing for $350,000 in grand prizes, the former roommates may have to turn on each other to secure their own safety in the game. The usual struggles of strength and stamina will remain, but this time, they’ll have to sort out their issues from their original season if they want to win it all.

Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 2 watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Duel 208 Apr 200910 Episodes

Twenty-six competitors head to New Zealand to compete in one of the most intense Challenges ever: The Duel 2, where everyone must stand on their own. There will be no teams — it is every man, and every woman, for themselves. This time around, players will be pushed past their limits as they compete in nine extreme challenges and an epic finale. With the ultimate winners splitting a purse of $300,000, the Challengers will plot, scheme, and backstab one another as they put everything on the line to win! However, not everyone will make it to the end to claim a cut of the wealth. After each challenge, the ranks will be thinned as players are sent into "The Duel" — a no-holds-barred, head-to-head battle between two competitors, where one man and one woman will be eliminated in each episode. The rules of "The Duel" are simple — win at all costs and send your opponent packing. The winner stays and continues to fight for the money. The loser goes home empty-handed . . . end of story.

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat06 Oct 201010 Episodes

This season, thirty fan favorites will head to the mysterious city of Prague in the Czech Republic to compete in a bold new Challenge: Cutthroat, where players will discover an exciting new game, filled with twists and surprises. For the first time ever, there will be three teams, chosen by the players themselves. These three teams will battle each other in nine extreme challenges, leading up to a massive and grueling finale. With over $500,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, the Challengers will need to stay true to the name of the game and get cutthroat to secure their share of the prize!

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II watch, hd download
The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II06 Jan 201521 Episodes

Battle of the Exes II takes twenty six of the most infamous former flames, recent splits, and fresh faces from other MTV reality series, to Panama for one of the most explosive Challenge formats yet. Once paired up with their exes, these competitors must overcome their past in order to face the present, if they want a shot at claiming their share of the $350,000 grand prize. Will romances be rekindled or will unresolved issues ruin these pairs? Between the bitter rivalries, jealous lovers, and demanding challenges, it’ll take the ultimate couple to withstand the pressures of the game. And with a brand new, mid-season twist that will shock the cast like never before, the stakes have never been higher for these exes to work as teams.

Real World Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Exes watch, hd download
Real World Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Exes25 Jan 201213 Episodes

Hot off the heels of the success of “Rivals,” MTV takes the concept to the next level pairing up exes in “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes.” Reuniting in the Dominican Republic, 13 pairs of former lovers will have to get beyond their past issues and work together to compete against other teams for $300,000 in cash prizes. The usual struggles of strength and stamina will remain, only this time there will be the added emotional pressure that comes with being paired with your ex. Will old flames reignite or will the demands of working with an ex be too much for some of the couples?

Sexy Leggings

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