The Arrest recap & spoilers

The Arrest (Pretty Wild - S1E1) recap & spoilers

4.8 star

Hoping to emerge as Hollywood's newest stars, sisters Tess, Alexis and Gabby are ready to take the City of Angels by storm. In the series premiere of "Pretty Wild," Tess and Alexis land a huge modeling gig for a lingerie line to walk the runway at L.A. Fashion Week and to be the new faces of the company. But the family must come together when Alexis is arrested and taken to jail for allegedly robbing a celebrity home and being a part of the "Hollywood Burglar Bunch." Alexis' life slowly starts to crumble as the arrest affects not only her personal life, but also threatens to ruin her rising career. Gabby, the youngest, tries to pull everyone together, while mom Andrea starts to see the negative repercussions of raising her daughters without any boundaries..

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Great Show!This show is hilarious and shows the bright sides of family and the not so bright sides. The show is honest and 100% real! A must see!.Score: 5/5

Loveeeee!All i can say is WHEN IS THE NEW EPISODE COMING OUT!?.Score: 5/5

Ew OMGFirst of all who are they? Second of all it is SO obvious that this is acting/staged. The mom sounds so much like she's acting when she talks. Plus these girls cry over every little thing. There is really no point to this show. It's not fun to watch..Score: 1/5

It's got potentialOkay. E! created this new show that is pretty much KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS except the girls are ten years younger. I mean 15-19 year old girls swining around on stipper poles in L.A? OKAY.... And they do the same thing the Kardashians did except the Kardashians are in their thirtys. But like I said. They have potential. This show has potential. I just hope it doesn't become the copy of KK except with the brothers. I mean STEP DAD? MOM who wants the attention for herself? I swear that woman is Kris Jenner except with brown hair and who was a Playboy Model. BUT! Watch it! I hope its good. I mean the 1st pilot episode is pretty interesting..Score: 3/5

I L O V E I TAlthough many say that they are fake kardashian's... who cares? Alexis, Gaby, and Tess have a life that is full of drama and honestly it's truly entertaining! I can't wait so the newest episode, E! is where it's at yoo!.Score: 5/5

And so it is...great!This show has become a new favorite for me. I think the girls are beautiful, and actually relate to a lot of the young generation. the situations are intense, the clothes are to die for, and their attitudes are an A+ perfect for anyone who enjoyed Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Hills, or The City..Score: 5/5

Worst reality tv, the life of a little Thief !!!!This little home invastion thief gets a tv show just because she's a pretty teen! What a wonderful contry this is..!!!.Score: 1/5

Great for party loving peopleIf you like bad girls club, rock of love, jersey shore, simple life, or girls next door. You'll love this. This show is more for party people..Score: 5/5

I got the SD season passThis show has rapidly become a guilty pleasure for me. I love it, but I'd never tell anyone else that I actually watch it. It is shallow, but gripping stuff..Score: 4/5

You have to be into this kinda stuff....Personally, I LOVE THIS SHOW, but I'm also the kinda person who loves Keeping Up With The Kardashians. If you you enjoy watching girls who are way to self obsessed, extremely over dramatic, and flat out stupid, you'll love this show!.Score: 5/5

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Pretty Wild, Season 1 Other Episodes
2The Hearing - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Hearing21 Mar 2010$2.99

Alexis has to cope with the aftermath of her arrest, including paparazzi tracking her every move and seeing how her whole family has to pay the price. Also, her freedom is on the line at a preliminary hearing where she faces charges for allegedly committing burglary targeting celebrity homes as part of the so-called "Bling Ring." Meanwhile, Tess is ecstatic when she is invited on a bowling date with singer Ryan Cabrera, but her dreams are dashed when the date doesn't exactly turn out as she had hoped. Andrea can't cope with the stress when her neighbors keep filing complains about the constant police and paparazzi presence around their home, and she makes a bold decision to leave their current community and move the family closer to Hollywood.

3The Move - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Move28 Mar 2010$2.99

Hoping for a fresh start, the family moves into their new home and adjusts to living in the heart of Hollywood. Gabby is concerned she won't be able to find friends her own age, so she convinces her parents to enroll her in public school, while Alexis attempts to jumpstart her stalled modeling career by booking a photo shoot with pro football player Vernon Davis. Meanwhile, Tess is thrown for a loop when her biological mother attempts to make contact with her.

4The Party - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Party11 Apr 2010$2.99

Gabby is turning 16 and enlists the help of her older sisters to plan her big day. But when Tess and Alexis take control, they start making decisions based on what they want instead of what Gabby wants. Will their sweet little sister feel left out at her own Sweet 16 party? Meanwhile, things heat up when Tess falls hard for a rocker, and Alexis' lawyer advises her to tone down the party girl image. And as her court case continues, Alexis is confronted at Gabby's party by one of the victims of the "bling ring."

5What Happens In Cabo, Stays In Cabo - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
What Happens In Cabo, Stays In Cabo18 Apr 2010$2.99

When the girls get an offer to host a charity event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Alexis goes against her attorney's advice by leaving the country. Hoping to get away from the media scrutiny surrounding her court case, Alexis lets loose and even lands a date with a hot guy she just met. But when her sister Tess accidentally spills to TMZ where they are, Alexis lands in hot water when she gets snapped by the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Tess is frustrated when rocker Max won't return any of her text messages and Gabby is not thrilled when she has to spend time with her parents while her sisters are away.

6Vanity Unfair - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Vanity Unfair25 Apr 2010$2.99

Alexis is thrilled when she's offered the opportunity to finally tell her side of the story in an interview with "Vanity Fair," but she and her family become infuriated when the article doesn't quite turn out the way they expected. Fearing the article may sway the case against her, Alexis tries to do damage control to repair her public image by telling her story to at-risk kids. Meanwhile, Andrea tries to teach Gabby the value of money and encourages her to find a job, and Tess finally confronts Max about the status of their relationship.

7Mommy Dearest - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Mommy Dearest02 May 2010$2.99

With her daughter Alexis facing criminal charges that could land her in jail for up to six years, Andrea begins to unravel due to all of the stress. After receiving an email from her biological mother, Tess is torn between responding or cutting off communication from her completely. Can she find it in her heart to give her mom a second chance? Meanwhile, Tess and Alexis are mortified by their little sister Gabby's boring wardrobe, so they take it upon themselves to give her a "sexy" makeover--but will Andrea approve of Gabby's new look?

8Birds and Bees - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Birds and Bees16 May 2010$2.99

When sexy Javier arrives from Cabo to visit Alexis, she struggles over whether or not to tell him about her alleged involvement with the notorious Hollywood "Bling Ring." But when he ends up confronting her about her dishonesty, Alexis has a hard time handling the heat. Meanwhile, while Max is away with his band on tour, Tess is torn about dating other guys, especially when Alexis wants her to go out with Javier's handsome and successful friend Tosh. Will she choose to stay with Max--or keep her dating options open? Now that Gabby is 16, Andrea decides to bond with her by taking her bra shopping and try to talk to her about sex.

9The Trial - Pretty Wild, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Trial23 May 2010$2.99

In the season finale of "Pretty Wild," the family's bonds are tested when Alexis gets news from her lawyer that she will be going to trial and turns to pills in order to cope. Can the family pull together and stage an intervention before it's too late? Meanwhile, Tess is torn when she gets offered a job modeling sexy swimwear in Miami and turns to her boyfriend Max for advice. Will she leave her sister just when she needs her the most? Also, can Alexis pull herself together before she heads to trial?

Pretty Wild All TV Seasons
Pretty Wild, Season 1 watch, hd download
Pretty Wild, Season 114 Mar 20109 Episodes

There's a new family ready to raise hell in the City of Angels. In the premiere season of Pretty Wild, meet three beautiful, and somewhat unconventional, sisters whose family is rocked by scandal and the lure of instant fame and fortune in Hollywood. Nineteen-year-old Tess, the oldest, works as a model and is the true party girl of the family who frequents the hottest celebrity hangouts. Her younger sister, Lexi, 18, longs for the attention Tess gets — but her life is suddenly turned upside down after she is arrested as part of an alleged Hollywood burglary ring. And although she's the youngest at 15, Gabby tends to act the most mature and is often seen as the family's moral compass. Their eccentric mom Andrea (a former wild child turned self-help enthusiast) is now realizing the consequences of letting her daughters enjoy too much freedom growing up. After years of letting her girls run wild, is it too little too late?

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