House of Drama & House of Codes recap & spoilers

House of Drama & House of Codes (House of Anubis - S2E6) recap & spoilers

7 star

The gang works out they could be searching for the Cup of Ankh and plot to steal the puzzle piece from Victor’s safe. Then, during the school play, Patricia spots Joy… / Patricia receives a secret message from Joy arranging to meet after the play..

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House of Drama & House of Codes - House of Anubis S2E6 Reviews

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MsI don't even want the dumb 3 series of house of stupid Anubis..Score: 1/5

I love this show and all the seasons r free!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Love it but watched it over and now i don'tI LOVE House of Anubis!! But I watched it over and over and stilled think I would like it. Because HOA is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! But it's not that big of a deal!.Score: 4/5

OmgOmg it's free!!!!!!!!!! :).Score: 5/5

SO HACKIN' FALASH!!Dude, I am addicted to this show... Awesome that it's free!.Score: 5/5


Love this show!The acting isn't great and the budget is small, but this is still a wonderful show! A guilty pleasure really :) the storylines and the characters make this show worth it. And with a free price tag, it just doesn't get much better than this!.Score: 5/5

Kinda upsetI LOVE the tv series and watch it every night @ 7. But i'm mad because during the holidays it was free. I waited too long but whatever its a small price to pay for my favorite show..Score: 3/5

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House of Anubis, Vol. 2 Other Episodes
1House of Kidnap & House of Cat-Nap - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 1 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Kidnap & House of Cat-Nap18 Jan 2011$2.99

Amber takes the day off school to look after it but it disappears when she’s asleep./The gang lets Patricia in on the secret, and debates the possibility that Victor might be drinking an elixir of life.

2House of Cameras & House of Numbers - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Cameras & House of Numbers19 Jan 2011$2.99

With Trudy gone, Victor installs security cameras to spy on the kids. / After pressure from Mick’s Dad, Victor is forced to remove the cameras and re-instate Trudy.

3House of Scares & House of Fakers - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Scares & House of Fakers20 Jan 2011$2.99

The security cameras are removed and Trudy returns to the house. The gang goes back down to the cellar to find proof of the elixir, and comes face to face with something terrifying… / Alfie and Jerome admit that they were the “zombies” down in the cellar.

4House of Identity & House of Emergency - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Identity & House of Emergency21 Jan 2011$2.99

Alfie gets trapped in the cellar whilst going back to retrieve his zombie mask./Jerome enlists Fabian’s help to rescue a shaken and traumatized Alfie from the cellar.

5House of Reunion & House of Memories - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Reunion & House of Memories24 Jan 2011$2.99

Nina is trying to distance herself from the gang but still can’t help solving the latest riddle leading them to an old dictionary which can only be opened with her locket. / Patricia rescues Rufus from the hospital and hides him in the woods.

7House of Risk & House of Thieves - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Risk & House of Thieves26 Jan 2011$2.99

Patricia warns Joy to flee but Victor and the teachers manage to catch her. / When Joy doesn’t show for her meeting with Patricia, Rufus becomes angry and kidnaps her…

8House of Hazard & House of Charades - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Hazard & House of Charades27 Jan 2011$2.99

Having kidnapped Patricia, Rufus attempts to blackmail Mr Sweet and the Society. / Nina and Amber follow the clue on Joy’s good luck card, spot Rufus’s van in the clearing and follow its oil leak to the warehouse where Patricia is being kept prisoner...

9House of Rendezvous & House of Rescue - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Rendezvous & House of Rescue31 Jan 2011$2.99

Fabian manages to track Nina and Amber to the warehouse and rescue them. / The gang manages to rescue Patricia but Rufus drives off and escapes. They give Mrs Andrews an ultimatum to give them some answers within the next twenty four hours.

10House of Arrest & House of Hoax - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Arrest & House of Hoax01 Feb 2011$2.99

The toxicology report arrives from the hospital – Nina and Fabian sneak into Victor’s office to read it. / Fabian confides to Nina that he lost one of the puzzle pieces, luckily Patricia finds out that Alfie has it and manages to rescue it.

11House of Time & House of Aliens - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Time & House of Aliens02 Feb 2011$2.99

The latest riddle leads them to the grandfather clock, but when they open it it’s empty. Alfie is still fishing around so the gang tells him he was right all along about aliens./Alfie attacks Mrs Andrews, believing her to be an alien.

12House of Masks & House of Pursuit - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Masks & House of Pursuit03 Feb 2011$2.99

The gang decide to return to the cellar to collect a sample of the elixir, with Alfie insisting that he should go alone to prove himself./Victor is suspicious when he discovers the gang were helped in their school play research by a woman called Sarah.

13House of Yesterday & House of Victory - House of Anubis, Vol. 2 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
House of Yesterday & House of Victory04 Feb 2011$2.99

Victor arranges for Sarah to visit the house where we find out about their childhood together./Trudy brings the news that Sarah has died. Nina is devastated and goes to the care home where Mrs Mulligan gives her a box of Sarah’s belongings.

House of Anubis All TV Seasons
House of Anubis, Vol. 1 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 101 Jan 20118 Episodes

Welcome to Anubis House. It’s at this boarding school that students begin settling in for the academic year only to find one student missing, a secret panel in the house’s attic, codes leading to backroom staircases, clandestine rituals, and more!

House of Anubis, Vol. 4 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 409 Jan 201210 Episodes

It's a new term at Anubis House and Nina is glad to be back. But soon, a major new mystery unfolds - one that is infinitely more dangerous than anything they have encountered before.

House of Anubis, Vol. 5 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 523 Jan 201215 Episodes

Amber, Nina, and Fabian all have the same dream, Nina catches someone kissing Fabian, Victor becomes blinded by the beacon flash, and the Sibunas encounter new danger like never before!

House of Anubis, Vol. 6 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 614 Feb 201210 Episodes

In this volume of Anubis adventures, Victor obtains his own amulet, a member of Sibuna loses his memory, someone begins aging at an alarming speed, Trudy goes missing, and the gang begin their search for six mysterious reflectors!

Touchstone of Ra watch, hd download
Touchstone of Ra17 Jun 20131 Episodes

Nickelodeon’s BAFTA-nominated live-action mystery series, House of Anubis, returns with a thrilling 90-minute special, “The Touchstone of Ra.” Following the much-anticipated third season finale of House of Anubis, “The Touchstone of Ra” catches up with the students of Anubis house on the eve of their graduation as they encounter a new group of underclassmen and a mysterious stone that leads them on a quest to save the world from evil. The Sibunas are confronted with their greatest challenge yet as they set out to decipher the secrets behind the touchstone of the ancient Egyptian god, Ra. As the power of the stone begins to cause chaos, it’s up to leader Eddie Miller (Burkely Duffield) and the Sibunas to solve the mystery before it’s too late. As the mystery unfolds, the Sibunas learn that not everyone is as they seem, and there’s only one among them who can save them from the powers of the stone.

House of Anubis, Vol. 8 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 804 Jan 201310 Episodes

The Sibuna gang returns to Anubis House with some fresh new faces, including a new leader, Eddie Miller. And it’s not long before their mystery radars begin to tick. Eddie starts having mysterious visions and when new girl KT arrives, he can’t shake the fact that he’s seen her somewhere before. Where is KT from and will she come clean on why she’s been sent to Anubis House? Then, a strange package with a secret code is delivered to the house and Victor becomes furious when it goes missing. Why is Victor after the package, and what does the coded message mean? Also this season, Jerome’s double-life catches up with him, Fabian makes a shocking discovery about his dad, and a new teacher arrives who is definitely holding some dark secrets in the school’s gatehouse. It’s up to the Sibunas to untangle all the mysteries and stop the adults from unleashing an evil so great it will destroy the world and everyone in it.

House of Anubis, Vol. 9 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 907 Feb 201310 Episodes

Secrets are soon revealed when the Sibunas discover who is in the tank, and head to an antechamber to find out more. Then, Eddie spots Miss Denby’s bag and knows there’s evidence of her true identity inside. When the Sibunas discover Denby’s big secret, they are lead to a hospital where someone has a few shocking revelations for them. Later, the gang is tasked with performing an important ceremony, and thinking they are fully armed with everything they will need, someone suddenly goes missing. Meanwhile, Jerome’s love life is in a tangle as he tries to win back Mara, and also sets his sights on Willow. What will happen when his double-life catches up with him? Then, things take a turn for the worse when the Sibunas make their way into the Crypt. As the eclipse approaches, the Sibunas realize that the adults have a special plan that must be stopped!

House of Anubis, Vol. 10 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 1011 Mar 201310 Episodes

Welcome to Anubis House Boarding School in Britain, where everything is not as it seems. Beneath the faade of classrooms and residences exists a quest amongst students, faculty and interlopers to find a hidden treasure that can grant full immortality to its discoverer! Can the new American student, Nina, be the chosen one?

House of Anubis, Vol. 11 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 1127 Mar 201310 Episodes

There’s a traitor amongst the Sibunas but who could it be? And what will Eddie do when he comes face to face with her...or him? Then, someone gets kidnapped, two friends share a kiss, and Fabian will learn the truth about Patricia.

House of Anubis, Vol. 2 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 218 Jan 201113 Episodes

Victor installs spy cameras, two students become “zombies,” Alfie sees something traumatic, and so much more, as the housemates continue finding clues to the hidden mystery at Anubis House!

House of Anubis, Vol. 3 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 314 Feb 20116 Episodes

School elections cause some major rifts between friends at the House of Anubis. Meanwhile, Victor comes face to face with Sarah, and the pieces of the mysterious Anubis House slowly align to reveal that only the Chosen One can put the Cup of Ankh together.

House of Anubis, Vol. 7 watch, hd download
House of Anubis, Vol. 728 Feb 201210 Episodes

The race to find the reflectors continues as Sibuna members decipher who can and cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, old enemies resurface, horrific discoveries are made, and backstabbing is at its worst. Will the curse be lifted?

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