Family Funny Business recap & spoilers

Family Funny Business (Duck Dynasty - S1E1) recap & spoilers

6.1 star

Phil, Willie and Miss Kay attempt to produce a cooking video for their fans. Meanwhile, back at the office, the crew gets distracted when Jase comes up with a plan to build a "testing facility" so they can experiment with some new duck calls..

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Family Funny Business - Duck Dynasty S1E1 Reviews

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Duck DynastyThis show makes me Happy! Happy! Happy!.Score: 5/5

😃😃😀😀😄😄Haha! Awesome.Score: 5/5

Perfect family tvWe don't watch tv, well until duck dynasty came on. now we buy the seasons from iTunes. our family really enjoys it!.Score: 5/5

Great Show!!I was recently turned on to this show and now I can't get enough of it. The show portrays strong family values and I have no problem letting my 9 year old daughter watch it (which she is also a big fan)..Score: 5/5

CANT TOP DA SHOWI am a huge fan of duck dynasty!!!:) I got posters,bobble heads, and hats, and even a plate. The show is awesome and hilarious!!!:)not even swamp people can top duck dynasty!!!!!!!!!!!!:).Score: 5/5

SiYour tv show is awesome my favorite charter is si si will u call me so I can buy 62 duck calls Iv got 2000 dollars to spent on them call at 200-67-45 or200-67-76.Score: 5/5

GREAT SHOWAWESOME i love it. but can someone please get the intro to this season? its not sharp dressed man, its something else...??.Score: 5/5

Oh yhaThis is a ason show.Score: 5/5

Duck DynastyI got the first season downloading on my iPhone . Have to be away from my family for a couple of weeks. I couldn't think of a better way to deal with being where I have to be, then with a season of my guilty pleasure :). Oh and by the way I got me a crush on Jase <3.Score: 5/5

Finally, something for the whole family!Our whole family can watch this. Thanks, Robertsons! Makes me want to buy some duck-calls!.Score: 5/5

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Duck Dynasty - the greatest show on TVI love this show - as a matter of fact I woke my husband last night talking about Jase, Si and Phil - - they make me laugh non-stop and it's not just tv watching it's an EXPERIENCE!! Love it!.Score: 5/5

SSMBest television i have ever seen. Absolutely amazing- cracks me up and instills some of the basics that I love about life..Score: 5/5

Best show everI watch this show all the time I definitely recommend it get it now.Score: 5/5

The only true Red Neck show!The best and only red neck show out their!.Score: 5/5

AwesomeThis show is awesome!.Score: 5/5

GreatYou know you've stumbled upon a great show when you spend your entire day with you and your family quoting characters and laughing like idiots. Its a great show..Score: 5/5

Entertainment galoreSuch a good time watching those goofs!.Score: 5/5

Duck commander<3 I love this show! I watch it everyday! I <3 si.Score: 5/5

You guys rockI love your episodes especially Samurai Si You guys make amazing Samurais.Score: 5/5

Love itSi for President! Welcome to the restaurant business Jack!!.Score: 5/5

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Duck commanderNothing will ever beat this.uncle si is a legend.Score: 5/5

JamesentySo funny I love this tv show.Score: 5/5

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Duck Dynasty Season 1 Episode 1 (Family Funny Business) Images & Pictures

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Duck Dynasty Season 1 Episode 1 (Family Funny Business) Images & Pictures
Duck Dynasty, Season 1 Other Episodes
2CEO for a Day - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 2 spoilers, recap and reviews
CEO for a Day21 Mar 2012$2.99

Phil decides to teach his grandkids the value of a hard day's work by building a football field and culminating in a family football game. But Robertson vs. Robertson competition is further sparked between brothers when Willie and Jase make a side bet that Jase can't handle the responsibility of being CEO of a day.

3High Tech Redneck - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 3 spoilers, recap and reviews
High Tech Redneck28 Mar 2012$2.99

After a big order comes in Willie pushes the Duck Commander team to meet the tight deadline, so Jase and the warehouse guys come up with a plan to build a conveyer belt. Elsewhere, Phil and Si declare war on the beavers whose dams are disrupting the water supply.

4Frog in One - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 4 spoilers, recap and reviews
Frog in One28 Mar 2012$2.99

Brotherly competition gets the best of Willie when he ditches his kids' career day to go play golf with Jase. Stepping in for Willie, Phil and Si show up at the school and become the teachers' worst nightmare. Later that night, Jase returns to the golf course to hunt the prized bullfrogs he'd seen earlier. Unfortunately for him, country club security is also there.

5Redneck Logic - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 5 spoilers, recap and reviews
Redneck Logic04 Apr 2012$2.99

After blowing up one of Phil's dangerously antiquated duck blinds, the Robertson boys hatch a wild plan to build a luxury duck blind in the sky. Meanwhile, Miss Kay and the Robertson women hold a yard sale and sell some of the boys' most prized possessions, which the boys don't exactly appreciate when they find out.

6Too Close for Comfort - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
Too Close for Comfort04 Apr 2012$2.99

Jase feels being COO of Duck Commander entitles him to a new office. But when Willie refuses, Jase hatches a plan to build one anyhow. Willie drives Miss Kay and the grandkids to the petting zoo where Miss Kay decides she needs Willie to buy her goats, just like she had growing up on a farm. After Willie has to fill his spotless SUV with farm animals, his patience is put to the test once again when he returns to the warehouse to find that Jase built a new office.

7Leave It to Beavers - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
Leave It to Beavers11 Apr 2012$2.99

It's duck blind maintenance time again and the boys have discovered the waterline is low. At the levee, they realize this is the work of Phil's bucktoothed arch nemesis...THE BEAVER. Phil enlists the help of the Robertson men to go on a mission to destroy the pesky vermin. Problem is, they keep coming up beaver-less. Miss Kay decides she wants to open her own restaurant. As a test run she takes over a local restaurant for one night and recruits the family to help. With her experience feeding a huge family, she figures it will be piece of cake.

8A Big Duck-ing Call - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
A Big Duck-ing Call11 Apr 2012$2.99

It's the 40-year anniversary of Duck Commander and this celebration is a redneck Robertson style shindig. To top off the event, Willie decides to construct the world's largest duck call to be revealed at the party. On the home-front, Miss Kay is tired of the constant upkeep of their house and decides it's high time they spend some of their hard earned money on a brand new home, but house hunting is not Phil's kind of hunting.

9Sauvignon Beard - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Sauvignon Beard18 Apr 2012$2.99

Willie decides to expand the Duck Commander brand into the winemaking industry and buys a vineyard...sight unseen. While the family is off helping at the vineyard, Phil and Si take over babysitting duties for the granddaughters. Who will prevail?

10Plan Bee - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Plan Bee25 Apr 2012$2.99

While out duck hunting, Willie, Jase, and Uncle Si stumble across what redneck's consider nature's most prized succulent treasure--a beehive dripping with wild honey. Knowing the possibilities are endless for this redneck decadence the men decide to capture the hive. Back at the office, its Martin and Godwin to the rescue when Korie and Jessica get themselves in to some trouble while trying to find duck decoys to use in the Duck Commander carnival game at the West Monroe Harvest Fest.

11Daddy's Got a Gun - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
Daddy's Got a Gun02 May 2012$2.99

When Willie finds out that his daughter Sadie has a new boyfriend, he wants to get to know him, while instilling some fatherly fear--Robertson style. To keep Sadie preoccupied, Grandpa Phil and Uncle Si take her on their own outing.

12Fishin' for Business - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
Fishin' for Business09 May 2012$2.99

To prove once and for all who rules the river AND the boardroom, Willie and Jase revive their childhood rivalry and go head-to-head in a fishing competition with the added challenge of having to sell their catch. They bring their sons, John Luke and Cole, for a little lesson in business...and defeating kin. Three generations of Robertson men battle for victory when Phil and Si tag along offering their sage advice...or annoyance. To expand the women's line at Duck Commander, Korie suggests Miss Kay to launch her own apron line. While she excels in most domestic duties, Miss Kay cannot sew, nor can any of the Robertson women. But that doesn't stop them from trying and failing...repeatedly.

13Redneck Roadtrip - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 13 spoilers, recap and reviews
Redneck Roadtrip16 May 2012$2.99

Jase volunteers to take the Duck Commander RV out on pick up, but neglects to mention to Willie, he's taking Si, Martin and Jep along for a road trip. Back home, Phil and Willie have to use some redneck logic when Miss Kay calls them to get rid of a gator she found in the yard.

14Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 14 spoilers, recap and reviews
Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner23 May 2012$2.99

Jase and Si embark on a turkey hunt for the annual Robertson men vs. Robertson women cook-off to create a feast of fresh wild game. With Phil's discerning palate as judge, the teams pull out all of the stops with their best country cookin' secrets. Phil decides to visit the Duck Commander office after he hurts his ankle while working on the land. To keep himself occupied, he decides to go work in the office. But it's been a while since Phil has stepped foot in the warehouse and things have changed quite a bit.

15Willie Stay or Willie Go - Duck Dynasty, Season 1 episode 15 spoilers, recap and reviews
Willie Stay or Willie Go23 May 2012$2.99

When a big business decision must be made affecting Duck Commander, Willie plans an employee retreat. But trust falls and rope courses are not the type of team building that for this group. Phil steps in with the true Robertson way and gets everyone back to nature. The camping trip gets derailed when Si stumbles upon some giant snapping turtles!

Duck Dynasty All TV Seasons
Duck Dynasty, Season 1 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 121 Mar 201215 Episodes

Ask anyone in Louisiana and they’ll tell you that the bayou state’s favorite first family doesn’t live in the governor’s mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons’ rags-to-riches story is still unfolding. A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood. This newly minted multi-millionaire family is kept in line by business-savvy Willie, who runs Duck Commander with the help of his brother Jase, their respective wives Korie and Missy, patriarch and founder of the company, Phil, and Uncle Si. Together they run a booming business that employs half their neighborhood, but at the end of the day, you can find the whole family around matriarch Miss Kay’s dinner table. Each episode brings a new set of challenges, met with a special brand of Southern know-how and a down-home sense of humor. In the premiere episode Willie, CEO of Duck Commander, catches his crew constructing a testing facility to experiment with new duck calls at the warehouse. Only problem is, their makeshift pond is a flooded loading dock filled with ducks.

Duck Dynasty, Season 2 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 210 Oct 201213 Episodes

In Season 2 of the hit series Duck Dynasty™ on A&E®, Louisiana’s bearded, camouflage-clad millionaires continue to live out the American dream while staying true to their rugged outdoorsman lifestyle and Southern roots. The Robertsons may have built an empire out of a backyard duck call business, but for Willie, running a family operation is tough when all your employees would rather be anywhere than the production warehouse. Life goes on in the bayou, but nothing is average when you’re a Robertson.

Duck Dynasty, Season 3 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 327 Feb 201318 Episodes

Duck Dynasty® returns to A&E® with a brand new season following Louisiana’s First Family: the Robertsons; who’ve turned a backyard duck call business into a million-dollar sporting empire. But for Willie Robertson, the company’s CEO, running a family operation is tough when all your employees live one distraction at a time and find any excuse to leave the warehouse. They may be living the rags-to-riches American dream, but they’re just as busy staying true to their rugged outdoorsman lifestyle and southern roots. Of course, in this household, even the most ordinary family affair is met with a special Robertson twist of downhome practicality and witty sense of humor. Day to day life in the bayou may be mundane for some, but for the Robertsons, every day brings a new adventure.

Duck Dynasty, Season 4 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 414 Aug 201314 Episodes

Clean off your camo! Everyone’s favorite duck moguls are back for a fourth season of Duck Dynasty® on A&E®. The bearded, bayou-dwelling Robertsons are again ready to entertain with their Southern charm and sharp sense of humor from Monroe, Louisiana, where they’ve built a multi-million-dollar sporting empire. From Willie’s growing business ideas, to Phil’s fatherly advice and Miss Kay’s cooking ventures, to Uncle Si’s oddball philosophies and Jase’s endless need to hunt, fish and rib his brothers, the whole family joins in for more fun, adventure, and, of course, hijinks.

Duck Dynasty, Season 5 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 515 Jan 201415 Episodes

Clean off your camo! Everyone’s favorite duck moguls are back for a fifth season of Duck Dynasty®. The bearded, bayou-dwelling Robertsons are again ready to entertain with their Southern charm and sharp sense of humor from Monroe, Louisiana, where they’ve built a multi-million-dollar sporting empire. From Willie’s growing business ideas, to Phil’s fatherly advice and Miss Kay’s cooking ventures, to Uncle Si’s oddball philosophies and Jase’s endless need to hunt, fish and rib his brothers, the whole family joins in for more fun, adventure, and, of course, hijinks.

Duck Dynasty, Season 6 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 611 Jun 201410 Episodes

Duck Dynasty® Season 6 on A&E® brings more family funny business from the camo-clad Robertson clan. When the governor of Louisiana announces he’s coming to give Willie a commerce award, John Luke volunteers to give the introduction speech – but Willie and Si insist on providing unwanted help. With Reed’s graduation day approaching, Jase decides to take him frog hunting the night before, like he did on the day of his own graduation. Meanwhile, Korie, Jep, Jessica and Kay pull a senior prank by toilet papering Missy and Jase’s house. And when Willie agrees to sponsor a radio contest, he somehow finds himself competing against Si for a wood chipper.

Duck Dynasty, Season 7 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 719 Nov 201411 Episodes

Season 7 of Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family as they approach business and life as only they can. The family embarks on a trip to Scotland to reconnect with their Scottish roots, but when Willie organizes a bus tour to trace his family heritage, he discovers much more than he expected. Willie becomes assistant coach on Lil’ Will’s football team, Sadie’s Dancing with the Stars partner, Mark Ballas, visits Monroe and tries to teach Willie and Kay some dance moves, and the whole family takes over a local TV show for a holiday special. Jep and Jessica move into a new house a few doors down from Willie and Jase, and the family helps out a longtime Duck Commander employee whose mom has fallen on hard times by buying her a house for Christmas.

Duck Dynasty, Season 8 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 824 Jun 201510 Episodes

Duck Dynasty Season 8 follows the Robertson family as they face new challenges with their unique, down home charm. This season, the Robertson clan is growing. John Luke prepares to marry Mary Kate and his family is there to help with the important events leading up to the big day. The family throws a July 4th BBQ that ends with Jase’s homemade fireworks display and Uncle Si is honored by the veterans association and given his own exhibit at a local military museum. In the first episode, the family throws a fun spirited engagement party for John Luke and Mary Kate and invites her parents to bring the two families together.

Duck Dynasty, Season 9 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 906 Jan 201611 Episodes

In Duck Dynasty Season 9, the Robertson family faces new challenges with their unique take on Southern living. Willie and Alan agree to help Miss Kay open up her own bakery, Jase gets up close and personal with his in-laws, Willie recruits family members to settle an old dodge ball score, professional wrestler Kurt Angle helps Jep with his wrestling and the ladies challenge the men to a high stakes frogging competition. Additionally, the Duck Commander team surprises two wounded veterans with a trip to Monroe. To show their support, the family stages a color run to help bring awareness to wounded veterans with the help of retired United States Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell.

Duck Dynasty, Season 10 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 1006 Jul 201614 Episodes

Season 10 of Duck Dynasty® follows the Robertson family as they conquer new family milestones. Willie and Korie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and introduce fans to Rowdy, their newly adopted son. Jase’s son Reed surprises his girlfriend with a marriage proposal in New York City, and Si goes to court to fight a parking ticket.

Duck Dynasty, Season 11 watch, hd download
Duck Dynasty, Season 1116 Nov 201616 Episodes

The colorful cast of characters of the duck-hunting Robertson family are back for another season of down-home humor and homespun Southern charm. Get ready for more antics and no-nonsense know-how from patriarch Phil and Miss Kay, son Willie and wife Korie, Jase, Uncle Si, Missy, Jep and the rest of their close-knit extended Louisiana bayou brood as they face new challenges and family milestones.

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