A House Divided recap & spoilers

A House Divided (Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis - S1E3) recap & spoilers

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Alex and Tiffany are battling over Alex’s refusal to update the home he inherited from his aunt. When Jeff and Jenni intervene they uncover deeper issues in the relationship..

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A House Divided - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis S1E3 Reviews

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LOVE this program!After years of watching Flipping Out and certainly enjoying that, I have to say I love this new program. Old hard-hearted Jeff shows over and over again his ability to hone in on emotions and human conflicts in this program. I like it better than Flipping Out because he is focused on other people and truly shows that he can find a happy medium when he designs. Keeping true to his design insticts, he manages to marry elements of many design styles and make the occupants happy with the results! He also manages to do a little 'therapy' with the homeowners, and I believe he truly makes a difference in these people's lives. I have to say that there is emotion in this program and most of them touch me in a way that Flipping Out never did. Way to go Jeff and Jennie!.Score: 5/5

Jeff LewisHe is amazingly witty, talented and completely insane! What is not to love?! I look forward to every episode!.Score: 5/5

LOVEA new side of Jeff. I love it!!.Score: 5/5

Jeff LewisLove this series! Can't wait for season 2!.Score: 5/5

The best show everThis is the show that makes me laugh so much and that is important in this crazy world we live in. i believe after all the stuff jeff gives out he brings them to a better place by giving them a wonderful home . hey, we all have our issues and jeff's are all out there, i really love the show and it's helped me in my own home . keep the show and i will continue to buy it. i only wish jeff would come east and redesign my little cabin..Score: 5/5

His Clients are CRAZY!The new format is not as good as Flipping Out, but it's still a fun show. Who would believe they could find clients who make Jeff look like the level-headed normal one? These people are crazy! What the program misses is really showing the planning, the cost of the project (this was never even mentioned in the first two shows), and the full design. It seems all too rushed. You don't get the in depth interaction between Jeff, Jenny, the work crew, and the clients. The 5 day project limit is artificially short, and the shows are too superficial to give you the full Jeff experience. Still the show is worth watching, and it will tide you over until they bring back Flipping Out in the fall..Score: 3/5

BRING BACK FLIPPING OUT!!!!I miss the old show with the old format! I love the Jeff and I have never missed an episode. Where is Zoila and Gage?? Interior Therapy missed the mark. Put the cameras back in Jeff's home so we can watch him eat lunch with his peeps and laugh our heads off once again!! I miss you Gage and Zoila!.Score: 1/5

DullI'm a huge fan of design shows…but not this one. If you like watching elitist sociopaths go through oh-so-awful "stress" while coming down on immigrant workers, go for it. I didn't even watch the ending. Yawn..Score: 1/5

Not impressedI'm not even through the whole episode yet but I don't really like it. I love home and design shows but this one isn't that good. They seem to be acting sort of immature and swear a lot and make a lot of mistakes. I don't know. It's not awful, but I wouldn't watch it again..Score: 3/5

Flipping Out for Interior TherapyLove the formula and essence for Interior Therapy...much needed therapy for Jeff & yes for the rest of us....this new chapter = viewing enjoyment..Score: 5/5

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WeskittunBergermeister23 It's an initialism that gives the impression of unity of purpose, but in reality it's a house divided..WeskittunScore: 4/5

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Eman_AlongeA house divided cannot stand 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ .Eman_AlongeScore: 3/5

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HouseDividedBotA HOUSE DIVIDED Dunedin Blue Jays / Atlanta Hawks .HouseDividedBotScore: 3/5

EPeeps_BotAlexisvvmijares A house divided itself cannot stand..EPeeps_BotScore: 1/5

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When Jeff renovates a master suite for perfectionist Felice Steinbeck and her husband Michael, his attempts to live up to his clients' expectations are thwarted by a series of construction mishaps.

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Charity Begins At Home21 Mar 2012$2.99

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Lorsch has cluttered his home with millions of dollars of artwork and it's driving his wife to distraction. Jeff and Jenni must create a design that allows Bob to part with his art.

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6All That Glitters - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
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When Terri Golden moved into her husband’s bachelor pad, she took over his design with disastrous results. Jeff and Jenni do their best to bring harmony back into the home.

7Mama's House - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Jeff and Jenni find themselves in the middle of a tempestuous mother-daughter relationship when they move in with a couple whose mother-in-law has hijacked the design of their home.

8Mismatched - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 episode 8 spoilers, recap and reviews
Mismatched02 May 2012$2.99

Adam’s girlfriend, Yvonne, wants to move into his Bel-Air home, but isn’t comfortable with the design. As Jeff and Jenni begin to remodel the space, they discover that it may not be the design that’s making Yvonne uncomfortable.

9Design Bully - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 episode 9 spoilers, recap and reviews
Design Bully09 May 2012$2.99

When Jeff butts heads with a homeowner it leads to an explosive argument that could cause Jeff to walk off the job.

10Comedy Is Not Pretty - Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
Comedy Is Not Pretty16 May 2012$2.99

When Jeff and Jenni meet with comedian Mark Decarlo and his live-in girlfriend, Yeni, they discover that Mark’s great sense of humor has not translated into a great sense of design.

Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis All TV Seasons
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 1 watch, hd download
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 114 Mar 201210 Episodes

Everyone's favorite obsessive-compulsive house-flipper is moving in with his clients. Bravo's Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis follows Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos as they move into someone else's home and Jeff does what he does best -- judge their flaws and redesign their space. He'll observe the homeowners, diagnose their problems, and then take over their house for five days -- with the goal of improving them inside and out. Of course he does this by using a combination of brutal honesty, impeccable design, and a few unique solutions that only Lewis could come up with. His trusted assistant Pulos, and his loyal housekeeper, Zoila Chavez, are along for the ride to make sure he doesn't go too far over the line. This time, Lewis is not just redesigning a space; he's redesigning people's lives.

Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 2 watch, hd download
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis, Season 209 Jul 201310 Episodes

Season 2 of the hit home make-over series, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, will once again feature Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and Zoila Chavez as they work together to redesign a homeowner's space with the end goal of redesigning their lives. Jeff and his crew will observe the owners, diagnose their problems, and then take over their house for five days in the hopes of improving them from the inside out. He does this by using a combination of brutal honesty, impeccable design, and a few unique solutions that only Jeff can create. This season with his trusted assistant Jenni and loyal housekeeper, Zoila at his side, Jeff helps rework a room in a castle, visits a home run by a crazy cat lady, and faces his biggest challenge yet... working with a younger version of himself.

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