Comedy of Errors recap & spoilers

Comedy of Errors (The Golden Girls - S5E9) recap & spoilers

7.5 star

Dorothy finds a list of things that she wanted to accomplish before a certain age and finds that she hasn't accomplished many of them. So she decides to go after one of them, entertaining people. This leads her to sign up to do a stand up routine at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Blanche finds herself battling the IRS..

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Comedy of Errors - The Golden Girls S5E9 Reviews

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The Golden Girls Season 5 Episode 9 (Comedy of Errors) Images & Pictures

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The Golden Girls Season 5 Episode 9 (Comedy of Errors) Images & Pictures
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6Dancing in the Dark - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 6 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Rose has been dating, Miles Webber, a college professor, but the only thing they seem to have in common is the dance floor. But when Miles invites her to a party, Rose feels like a fish out of water being surrounded by all his intelligent friends. Meanwhile, Blanche battles a dating slump.

7Not Another Monday - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 7 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Sophia's friend has come up with an idea that will change her life. She wants to commit suicide and she wants Sophia there to hold her hand. Meanwhile, Blanche, Rose and Dorothy become singing nursemaids to a sick baby that they are taking care of for the weekend.

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Blanche is visited by her brother in-law and is taken back by his resemblance to her deceased husband. She quickly finds herself falling in love with hopes of marriage.

10All That Jazz - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 10 spoilers, recap and reviews
All That Jazz02 Dec 1989$1.99

Dorothy's son, Michael, shows up on her doorstep with news that he's separated with his wife and needs a place to stay. However, Dorothy quickly gets tired of his freeloading and dumps him on Stan. Meanwhile, Rose's stress is getting terrible and is reluctant to talk to her boss about cutting back on her "things-to-do" list.

11Ebbtide - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 11 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Blanche is shattered after her father, Big Daddy, passes away. However, when she goes back to her childhood home, she gets into a big argument with her sister, Virginia and decides not to attend the funeral.

12Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 12 spoilers, recap and reviews
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It's the Christmas season and the girls are fed up with Christmas shopping in a heat wave. So they decide to buy gifts for the one person they pick from a hat. Later, the girls decide to serve Christmas dinner for the homeless, including a recently homeless Stan.

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Blanche tries to lure men by placing a fake ad in the paper trying to sell a Mercedes. Meanwhile, Rose has to deal with meeting Miles' daughter who makes it clear she wants their relationship to be no more and Dorothy discovers Sophia is hoarding Social Security money, thanks to a computer error.

16Clinton Avenue Memoirs - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 16 spoilers, recap and reviews
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Dorothy becomes alarmed when Sophia forgets the date of her wedding anniversary. This leads Dorothy to face the fact that Sophia is becoming more and more forgetful with age. After visiting a doctor, Sophia decides to regain some of the memories she has lost and decides to take a trip to Brooklyn and their old apartment.

17Like the Beep Beep Beep of the Tom-Tom - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 17 spoilers, recap and reviews
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After visiting the doctor, Blanche learns that he wants to put a pacemaker in her. However, after the operation, Blanche is so scared of intimacy that she decides to give up sex.

18An Illegitimate Concern - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 18 spoilers, recap and reviews
An Illegitimate Concern12 Feb 1990$1.99

Blanche is stunned when a man comes to the front door and claims to be the illegitimate son of her late husband. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia enter a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines.

1972 Hours - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 19 spoilers, recap and reviews
72 Hours17 Feb 1990$1.99

Rose discovers that she may be carrying the HIV virus after learning the blood they used in her gallbladder operation may have contained HIV antibodies. What really gets to her though is the 72 hours she must wait before hearing the test results. Meanwhile, Dorothy organizes a Save the Swamplands charity.

20Twice in a Lifetime - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 20 spoilers, recap and reviews
Twice in a Lifetime24 Feb 1990$1.99

Rose must decide between her boyfriend, Miles or an old boyfriend who has just come to town and asks her to go to Europe with him. Meanwhile, fed up with Dorothy's rules, Sophia decides to move out.

21Sisters and Other Strangers - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 21 spoilers, recap and reviews
Sisters and Other Strangers03 Mar 1990$1.99

Blanche and her sister, Charmaine, reconcile after a life-long rivalry. However, the reconciliation does not last long after Blanche reads her recently published book and realizes the heroine is based on her. Meanwhile, Dorothy becomes fed up with Stan's visiting cousin.

22Cheaters - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 22 spoilers, recap and reviews
Cheaters24 Mar 1990$1.99

The married man whom Dorothy once dated re-enters her life and has news that he's now divorced and would like to reconcile with Dorothy. Meanwhile, Blanche and Sophia become the victims of a con game.

23The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 23 spoilers, recap and reviews
The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present31 Mar 1990$1.99

The girls attend the wedding of Dorothy's goddaughter who's father was once engaged to Sophia. Sophia thinks that the wedding reception is the perfect spot for revenge after supposedly putting a curse on him years ago.

24All Bets Off - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 24 spoilers, recap and reviews
All Bets Off28 Apr 1990$1.99

Dorothy's gambling problem re-surfaces after a visit to the race track and quickly begins falling in to debt and gaining an apathy to her job. Meanwhile, Rose takes up painting and Blanche is insulted after a man she works with rejects her advances.

25The President's Coming!, Pt. 1 - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 25 spoilers, recap and reviews
The President's Coming!, Pt. 105 May 1990$1.99

An FBI agent investigates the girls' lives for a possible visit from President Bush. This leads the girls to reminisce about times they have spent together.

26The President's Coming!, Pt. 2 - The Golden Girls, Season 5 episode 26 spoilers, recap and reviews
The President's Coming!, Pt. 205 May 1990$1.99

When the FBI agent announces that George Bush will make a visit to their home, the girls continue to reminisce and Dorothy quickly readies a list of points she wants to make to the president.

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The Golden Girls, Season 114 Sep 198525 Episodes

An Emmy award winner for outstanding comedy series in its very first year, the Golden Girls has become a landmark in television history and an all-time fan favorite. Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty star as four seniors spending their golden years together in Miami, Florida and sharing a house, their dreams, and a whole lot of cheesecake. Bright, promiscuous, clueless, and hilarious, these lovely mismatched ladies form the perfect circle of friends.

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The Golden Girls, Season 227 Sep 198626 Episodes

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The Golden Girls, Season 523 Sep 198926 Episodes

Travel to Miami for a visit with the original girls gone wild, The Golden Girls! Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty are back for season five of this multiple Emmy and Golden globe award-winning comedy. These four young-at-heart ladies couldn't be more different, but they stick together through thick and thin. The hilarious adventures include Sophia going on a bulk-buying binge, Rose and Blanche joining a protest to save some dolphins and Dorothy dating a real clown. It’s off-the-wall entertainment at its finest from the gals who wrote the recipe for great comedy.

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The Golden Girls, Season 721 Sep 199126 Episodes

It’s the seventh and final season of the award-winning series The Golden Girls. Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty are back for more laughter, friendship and fun, along with one last helping of cheesecake. The girls travel to Atlanta to save Blanche's family estate, Dorothy tries out to be a contestant on "Jeopardy!" Rose's investigative journalism gets her friends in hot water with the police and Sophia has a run-in with the Pope. From the hilarious season opener to the tearful farewell, it is a fitting conclusion to one of the most beloved series of all time.

The Golden Girls, Season 6 watch, hd download
The Golden Girls, Season 622 Sep 199026 Episodes

Join Florida's favorite housemates for season six of the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning comedy, The Golden Girls! Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty are back for some of their funniest adventures yet. Rose takes to the skies to spice up her relationship, Dorothy's dating woes continue even after Sophia hires a matchmaker, Blanche has a surprise secret admirer, and Sophia becomes Florida's funniest fugitive from justice. Great guest stars like Jeffrey Tambor and Debbie Reynolds pay a visit, making season six a must for any Golden Girls fan.

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