Show Stopper recap & spoilers

Show Stopper (American Horror Story - S4E12) recap & spoilers

8.1 star

Dandy gives the Twins troubling information about Chester. Maggie vows to prove her loyalty to Jimmy. The Freaks enforce their harsh code of justice..

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Show Stopper - American Horror Story S4E12 Reviews

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AHS👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.Score: 5/5

One of my favorite SeasonsI think the finale especially pulled the entire season together after a series of events that the brilliant Ryan Murphy had created and I think this was a very very intriguing season and it wasn't just a huge plot and then cut off in the finale. Well done Ryan, I applaud you..Score: 5/5

GDFRI swear, every season gets better and better!!!!!!!… #FREAKSHOW.Score: 5/5

Sorry, not sorry.Some of you might think of me as too religious, but this show is pure evil. I'm 14 btw. I feel that this show is unnecessary because it shows a lot of blood and killing. Why do teens my age like this? Seriously it's disgusting, and a bad influence. Maybe the people who shot the children in Sandy Hook was inspired by this show. Who knows? I would sue this show if that's the case. Pointless. Awful. Disturbing..Score: 1/5

IdkI liked freak show I thought it was really interesting and I also like hearing the characters background story’s.Score: 5/5

Naaaa!Unfortunatly, I went through a whole season of uselessness. It started good, but got worse as time went on. I was hoping to see freaks get crazy and twisted as the intro portrays, however it portrays weakness, neediness, and too much dependence on one character. I honestly cant take another lead by Jessica Lange. The finale was absolutley rediculous. It was Dreadful, I got nothing from it while they got ratings..Score: 2/5

BrilliantJessica Lange! Oh my, and all of the other actors are just as amazingly brilliant...every single one of them. I have never been let down by an AHS season. LOVE IT..Score: 5/5

Jaw dropping!I absolutely love this season! The acting is amazing! It's very well thought out and beautifully displayed!.Score: 5/5

The BestLoved this season..Score: 5/5

Nothing close to previous seasonsI really loved the first and third season of AHS but the second and now fourth seasons are far inferior to the others. I haven't been very interested in this season, although I have watched every episode. With season one and season three I couldn't wait for the next episode, this season I completely forgot about the show for 4 weeks and only recently caught up. What is up with the inconsitent accents by Lange and Bates?! The spoiled rich is kid so intolerable that I skip his scenes. This season had such a great premise and seemed to be destined for greatness but, at least for me personally, it is my least favorite season thus far. Hopefully next season will be better....Score: 2/5

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 12 (Show Stopper) Images & Pictures
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