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6.8 star

Hidden (2016) Movie Summary

  • R
  • 2016

Ray, Claire and their seven-year-old daughter, Zoe, are an average American family in Kingsville, North Carolina - except they have existed in a bomb shelter escaping a day of devastation that changed everything. For 301 days, they have transformed their cement prison into a home, holding on to memories of the past and hope for a normal life someday. And for 301 days, the family has eluded what looms above the surface - the heavy breathing and booming footsteps that punctuate the night, threatening their fragile existence. All the while, the family has managed to stay hidden, until now. Now their safe haven has been breached... and something is coming for them.

Hidden Film Synopsis

A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.

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It's a cookbook!The bunker gimmick with "the old switcheroo" at the end may have worked as a Twilight Zone episode but here it just comes off as dated. There's no real character story to justify a movie. The family banter scenes are repetitive and take us nowhere. We get it - there's something outside and you're not going to let us know until the very end because that's your big surprise. Also, some weird direction. The mom and daughter open a can of peaches but when the lid is pried off, they realize it's empty and there's a big hole in the side. How could they not realize it was an empty can?.Score: 2/5

They could have named thisDumbest family in America. Without a spoiler, the annoying little girl is everyone’s downfall. And it didn’t have to happen. I’ve never been so irritated with characters before. 3 stars because the premise and ending is solid..Score: 3/5

Dumb movie waste of moneyVery plain annoying characters and not much happens.Score: 1/5

Horrid - Please ReadI enjoy watching the horror genre, it is something my wife and I love to do dearly. When we stared this movie I had high hopes. Then I saw the acting, the horrid acting. The daughter, as you will find, is without a doubt, the worst person in existence and is beyond irritating. The parents? They are utterly clueless and have the intelligence level of the rat they end up killing. Please , so yourself a favor, pick a different movie. You are doing yourself and the world an injustice by viewing this. It is, beyond no doubt, the worst movie I have ever not finished..Score: 1/5

TypicalSave your money, you’ve seen this movie before. I wish I could get a refund..Score: 1/5

Great twistI was skeptical the first 30 plus minutes of the movie, very slow and dull. It fit the script perfectly! Hold out until the story unravels, you won’t be disappointed. For a short hour and twenty three minutes, they stuff you with a solid year timeline of a movie. This might be the first horror movie that actually chocked me up. A family that truly sticks together for the love of each other. A great twist that no one will ever see coming..Score: 5/5

The ending was a REALl let-down.The ending was a REAL let-down! I couldn't believe it. They also could've really done better on the family's interactions including the mother who's really annoying in that she keeps calling her daughter by her baby name after she keeps asking her not to. Even tho they didn't show but a few seconds in the stupid make-out scene, those type "intimate displays" are extremely annoying and unnecessary, not adding, but taking away from a film..Score: 1/5

Great MovieThe plot and acting is great! A nice end of the world thriller! (the little girl is annoying in the film, haha).Score: 5/5

Original Twist!I was looking to kill time with a little zombie movie and ended up adding this to my top 10 list. Very well written with a main storyline being fed with flashbacks. Must see for apocalypse movie lovers!.Score: 5/5

Awesome!!!!!Where did this movie come from and why havent i heard about it earlier? This movie was actually really good! I loved the twist at the end!! At first i was like ok thats it now but then i was like OMG ( without spoiling anything) ..Score: 5/5

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Hidden (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Hidden (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Alexander Skarsgård (Ray), Andrea Riseborough (Claire), Emily Alyn Lind (Zoe), Heather Doerksen (Jillian), William Ainscough (Joey Neary), David Lewis (Breather Lieutenant), all returned for hidden movie.

Alexander Skarsgård (Ray)
Alexander SkarsgårdRayScore: 20.1
Andrea Riseborough (Claire)
Andrea RiseboroughClaireScore: 21.7
Emily Alyn Lind (Zoe)
Emily Alyn LindZoeScore: 12.7
Heather Doerksen (Jillian)
Heather DoerksenJillianScore: 4.9
David Lewis (Breather Lieutenant)
David LewisBreather LieutenantScore: 6.7

Colleen Atwood (Costume Design), David Julyan (Original Music Composer), Richard D. Zanuck (Producer), Katterli Frauenfelder (Executive Producer), Katterli Frauenfelder (First Assistant Director), James D. Bissell (Production Design), Ezra Dweck (Foley Editor), Roland N. Thai (Sound Effects Editor), Roy Lee (Producer), Carmen Cuba (Casting), Mason Novick (Producer), Christopher Mark Pinhey (Makeup Artist), Chris Farmer (Transportation Captain), Richard Mirisch (Post Production Supervisor), Jeffrey M. Werner (Editor), Mike Church (Set Dresser), Thomas Townend (Director of Photography), Matt Duffer (Director), Matt Duffer (Writer), Ross Duffer (Director),

Colleen Atwood (Costume Design)
Colleen AtwoodCostume DesignScore: 1.4
Richard D. Zanuck (Producer)
Richard D. ZanuckProducerScore: 1.4
Katterli Frauenfelder (Executive Producer)
Katterli FrauenfelderExecutive ProducerScore: 1.7
Katterli Frauenfelder (First Assistant Director)
Katterli FrauenfelderFirst Assistant DirectorScore: 1.7
James D. Bissell (Production Design)
James D. BissellProduction DesignScore: 2.8
Roy Lee (Producer)
Roy LeeProducerScore: 0.8
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Hidden Trailers & Teasers

'Hidden' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of hidden, the Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer's popular movie. Watch the hidden teaser trailer. Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer’s #hidden is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer

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Check out photos from hidden movie. Hidden (2016) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome hidden wallpapers to download for free.

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Fear will find you...

Hidden — 2016

Hidden Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie hidden - 2016. A poster for Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer horror movie, Hidden! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for hidden (2016). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Hidden Movie Posters
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Hidden Movie Languages & Subtitles

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تقرر عائلة الاختباء في مأوى تحت الأرض، وذلك من أجل الهرب من مصير مأساوي في الخارج، ولكن تكتشف العائلة بعد فترة أن البقاء تحت الأرض هو أمر من قبيل المستحيل.

български език
Във филма се разказва за Рей, Клер и седем годишната им дъщеря Зоуи, средно американско семейство в Кингсвил, които са се скрили в бомбоубежище от опустошение, което ще промени всичко. За 301 дена те са заобиколени от циментови стени с единствена мечта да могат да живеят нормален живот някой ден.

Postapokalyptický film o manželech s malou roztomilou dcerkou. Po náhlém vypuknutí nákazy se rodině na útěku podaří nalézt nepoužívaný protiatomový kryt. Tento úkryt jim poskytuje veškeré nutné vybavení pro přežití, ale jak dlouho jsou schopni vydržet a co na ně vlastně číhá venku?

Der er gået 301 dage, siden Ray (Alexander Skarsgård), Claire (Andrea Riseborough) og deres datter Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind) søgte tilflugt under jorden. Hvad lurer oven over det cementfængsel, de kalder deres hjem? En ting ved de med sikkerhed, og det er, at det er noget rædselsvækkende og fremmedartet, der truer deres skrøbelige eksistens, og det kommer efter dem.

Ray (Alexander Skarsgård) und Claire (Andrea Riseborough) haben sich gemeinsam mit ihrer siebenjährigen Tochter Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind) vor 301 Tagen unter die Erde zurückgezogen, nachdem eine verheerende Katastrophe die Welt für immer veränderte. In den langen Monaten haben...

Ο Ρέι, η Κλερ και η 7χρονη κόρη τους, Ζόι, αποτελούν μια μέση οικογένεια στο Κίνγκσβιλ της Βόρειας Καρολίνας, με τη μόνη διαφορά πως ζουν μέσα σε καταφύγιο από την ημέρα που μια ανείπωτη καταστροφή άλλαξε τα πάντα. Επί 301 ημέρες, έχουν μετατρέψει την τσιμεντένια αυτή φυλακή σε σπίτι, διατηρώντας τις μνήμες του παρελθόντος, κι ελπίζοντας για ένα φυσιολογικό μέλλον. Χωρίς να έχουν άμεση γνώση του τι συμβαίνει από πάνω τους, ακούνε ανάσες και βήματα που απειλούν την ύπαρξη τους. Όλο αυτό τον καιρό, παραμένουν κρυμμένοι. Αλλά το κρησφύγετο τους πλέον δεν είναι τόσο ασφαλές και κάτι έρχεται να τους συναντήσει…

301 días han pasado desde que Ray, Claire y su hija, Zoe encontrasen un refugio bajo tierra. Con nada que les distraiga de su propio miedo, se aferran a la esperanza de poder vivir algún día sobre la superficie como una familia normal. ¿Qué es lo que se cierne sobre la prisión de cemento a la que llaman hogar? Lo único que tienen seguro es que hay algo terrorífico y extraño que amenaza su frágil existencia, y va a por ellos.

301 días han pasado desde que Ray, Claire y su hija, Zoe encontrasen un refugio bajo tierra. Con nada que les distraiga de su propio miedo, se aferran a la esperanza de poder vivir algún día sobre la superficie como una familia normal. ¿Qué es lo que se cierne sobre la prisión de cemento a la que llaman hogar? Lo único que tienen seguro es que hay algo terrorífico y extraño que amenaza su frágil existencia, y va a por ellos.

خانواده ای برای جلوگیری از همه‌گیری خطرناک به یک پناهگاه اتمی پناه می‌برند.

Ray, Claire ja heidän seitsemänvuotias tyttärensä Zoe ovat tavallinen perhe, joka asuu Kingsvillessä, Pohjois-Carolinassa. He ovat asuneet väestönsuojassa tuhon päivästä asti. 301 päivän ajan he ovat yrittäneet tehdä sementtivankilasta kotia, pitäen kiinni muistoista ja toivoen, että jonain päivänä he saisivat elää normaalia elämää. 301 päivän ajan he ovat piileskelleet ulkopuoliselta uhalta, joka vaanii maanpinnalla. Raskaan hengityksen ja askeleiden äänet korostuvat öisin ja uhkaavat heidän haurasta elämäänsä. Perhe on pysynyt piilossa tähän asti, mutta nyt heidän turvapaikkansa on paljastunut, ja he ovat vaarassa.

Une famille se cache dans un abri anti-bombes après avoir échappé à une épidémie.

משפחה תופסת מסתור במקלט אטומי כדי להימנע מהתפרצות מסוכנת.

Ray, Claire i njihova sedmogodišnja kći Zoe već 301 dan žive u svojem skloništu nakon što su izbjegli katastrofu koja je sve promijenila. Svoje su podzemno sklonište pretvorili u dom, no svejedno se nadaju da će jednom vratiti svoj stari život. Tristo dana uspjeli su izbjegavati opasnost koja vreba s površine, no tome je došao kraj - njihovo sigurno utočište više nije toliko sigurno i nepoznata opasnost dolazi po njih.

Egy család menedékre lel egy rejtett óvóhelyen, miközben megpróbálják elkerülni a veszélyes fertőzést.

Da 301 giorni, ovvero da quando una terribile epidemia ha iniziato a diffondersi, Ray, Clare e loro figlia Zoe sono nascosti in un rifugio antiatomico. Qualcuno o qualcosa, là fuori, gli sta dando la caccia.

지상에 퍼진 정체모를 바이러스 때문에 지하에 피신해서 생활하는 가족이야기

Ray, Claire en hun zevenjarige dochter Zoe zijn een doorsnee gezin in Kingsville, North Carolina. Behalve dan het feit dat ze in een schuilkelder hebben geleefd sinds ze aan een dag vol verwoesting ontsnapten.

Ray Hewitt (Alexander Skarsgard), jego siedmioletnia córka Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind) i żona Claire (Andrea Riseborough) od ponad 300 dni przebywają w starym, atomowym bunkrze. W retrospekcjach wychodzi na jaw, do jakiej tragedii doszło tu przed 10 miesiącami. Ukrywająca się rodzina żyje w ciągłym napięciu, żeby nie zwabić żarłocznych bestii, w które zamienia ludzi straszny wirus. Kiedy jednak Hewittom zaczynają kończyć się zapasy żywności, dociera do nich, że będą musieli w końcu zmierzyć się ze światem zewnętrznym

Uma família se esconde em um abrigo contra bombas depois de escapar de uma misteriosa epidemia pós apocalyptica, agora eles terão que lutar para sobreviver nessa misteriosa e angustiante história.

Uma família se esconde em um abrigo contra bombas depois de escapar de uma misteriosa epidemia.

Рэй, Клэр и их семилетняя дочь Зои — обычная американская семья, живущая в Кингсвилле, Северная Каролина, — вот только живут они в бомбоубежище с тех самых пор, как наступил конец света, который изменил все. За 301 день они превратили свою бетонную темницу в дом, держась за воспоминания о прошлом и надеясь когда-нибудь вернуться к нормальной жизни. 301 день им удавалось избегать того, что обитает на поверхности, — тяжелое дыхание, грохочущие шаги, раздающиеся в ночи, внушают страх находящимся в хрупком убежище. Все это время семье удавалось оставаться незамеченной. До сих пор. Сейчас их безопасность под угрозой… и нечто идет за ними.

Ray, Claire och deras sjuåriga dotter, Zoe, är en vanlig amerikansk familj i Kingsville, North Carolina - förutom att de har levt i ett skyddsrum där de undkom en dags förödelse som förändrade allt. Under 301 dagar har de förvandlat sitt cementfängelse till ett hem, där de håller fast vid minnen från det förflutna och hoppas på ett normalt liv en dag. I 301 dagar har familjen gäckats av det som smyger ovanför ytan - den tunga andningen och de klampande fotstegen som hörs i natten och nu hotar deras bräckliga existens. Familjen har hittills lyckats hålla sig gömd, men nu är friden slut...något är ute efter dem.

HBO yapımı ve ülkemizde de bilinen True Blood isimli vampir dizisi ile yıldızı parlayan Aleksander Skarsgard'ın başrolünde oynadığı yapım, mutlu bir hayat süren orta sınıf bir ailenin ortaya çıkan tehlikeli bir salgından savunmak üzere sığınağa kapanmaları üzerine kurgulanmış bir korku-gerilim filmi.

Tiếng Việt
Một gia đình tìm chỗ ẩn nấp sau khi vùng họ ở nhiễm chất phóng xạ.

不知曾几何时,世界上发生了前所未有的灾难。雷(亚历山大·斯卡斯加德 Alexander Skarsgård 饰)带着妻子克莱尔(安德丽亚·瑞斯波罗格 Andrea Riseborough 饰)以及年仅七岁的女儿佐伊(艾米丽·阿琳·林德 Emily Alyn Lind 饰)千辛万苦找到一个避难场所,那里有着充足的食物和能源,简直是可遇不可求的福地。三口人从此躲在地下,时间长达301天,正如雷所说,他们可能是地球上唯一的幸存者。“呼吸怪”是被禁止提及的词汇,它仿佛随时可能出现的恶魔,将一家人的避难所崔毁于一旦。   然而不稳定的情绪时刻在三口人之间蔓延,意外状况接二连三出现。在这个隔绝的窒息场所,他们有着永世无法回避的可怕宿命

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