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After moving to a small town, Zach Cooper finds a silver lining when he meets next door neighbor Hannah, the daughter of bestselling Goosebumps series author R.L. Stine. Stine is very strange and mysterious and it turns out for good reason. He is a prisoner of his own imagination – the monsters that his books made famous are real, and Stine protects his readers by keeping them locked up in their books. When Zach unintentionally unleashes the monsters from their manuscripts and they begin to terrorize the town, it’s suddenly up to Stine, Zach and Hannah to get all of them back in the books where they belong. After moving to a small town, Zach Cooper finds a silver lining when he meets next door neighbor Hannah, the daughter of bestselling Goosebumps series author R.L. Stine. When Zach unintentionally unleashes real monsters from their manuscripts and they begin to terrorize the town, it’s suddenly up to Stine, Zach and Hannah to get all of them back in the books where they belong. Goosebumps Wiki

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Goosebumps (2015)

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- Goosebumps Rules!5 star

If you like the books and Slappy, then this is the movie for you!



- Fun to watch4 star

Good movie for teens and adults. Kids may love it.

- This movie is awesome5 star

I love these goosebumps movies so much and the girl plays Hannah in the movie she is babe

- Goosebumps 15 star

I loved this movie it’s so good!

- +he W!ld +h0rnberry$5 star

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- Casey reynolds5 star

I love the old monsters how many old goosebumps monsters scare me monsters

- Offers a great time and a great tribute to the original series.4 star

Unlike it’s insanely boring sequel.

- 🎉🎉🎉5 star

I LOVE GOOSEBUMPS! This is great way of paying homage to the books! If you loved the books you will love this movie! Dylan is also so cute!

- Meh3 star

Didn’t hold my interest

- Love it so much my 1 movie 🎥5 star

This is won of my favorite movies not a disappoint!!! Love! love!

- OMG!!!!!5 star

I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH ONE OF MY TOP 3 FAVORITE MOVIES: 1.Black Panther 2.Goosebumps 3.Tomorrowland

- 35 star

Come on it has jack black in it

- Good movie4 star

This one is good. Jack Black plays his part really well. The movie is good family movie. It’s not really scary at all. It R.L. kind of scary. It has a nice ending but then it takes a turn the only way R. L. does. It is a good movie. Check it out.

- Goosebumps5 star

This is a great movie and I loved it!! It has to be one of my favorites! I can watch it all day long without getting board. It’s a great movie for kids above 8.

- Goosebumps5 star

And I think It was funny

- Way to scary for little kids1 star

This movie is not a kid movie I let my 10 daughter watch this movie and she said that it gave her nightmares for like 5 days and she would not sleep at all so I had to stay up all night and wait for her to go to sleep. And she love horror movies like Annabelle and stuff like that so yay!!!!!

- AWESOME5 star

I love this movie very funny , good job Jack Black

- AMAZING5 star

I love this movie it will be a good movie for Halloween!!#so awesome

- Awsome5 star


- Perfect For A Sleepover And Family Movie Night5 star

Good movie. Better than the books(my opinion). Probobly not good for kids under the age of 5 of 6. I would sugest to rent it and then buy that way you can see if you like it. Overall realy good movie!

- AMAZING!!!!😄5 star

This movie was awesome! I love how I could literally feel the characters emotions! I recommend it for all ages!😄

- This star is for iTunes1 star

iTunes stole my money..... I was downloading Goosebumps the first time and they stole my $3......they are such thieves But I give goosebumps 4stars it's a good movie

- Cold was the night....1 star

Having read a lot of the reviews I had expected this would be a decent if not good movie. It started off well enough, even if it was a typical cliché opening, but it progressively got more and more stupid. Jack Black being in the movie didn't help either. You'd have to be a brain dead die hard fan to enjoy this one...or maybe a five year old.

- Love it5 star

It's a great movie but I screamed at one part because I dislike clowns I wouldn't recommend it for small children or under the age of 7 but a overall good movie

- Great5 star

They better make another. I wanna know what happens with Zack and Hannah

- Just ok3 star

This was kind of a let down in comparison to how great the books are. However, it is the only movie based off these books so it is what we have. Also the ending had a slight hint of a possible sequel which if that happens hopefully it is better. Just ok.

- AMAZING!5 star

Before I watched it I was expecting it to be good and it turned out it was better than good. It was amazing! Definitely one of my favorite movies of all time.

- Great5 star

Good movie!!!🙂

- Goos bumps is awesome!!!5 star

I love this movie so much! 😈😜😎

- Oh my gosh ! Loved it 😱😱😱5 star

This was an amazing movie. I loved it ! BUY IT NOW!

- Goosebumps was awesome5 star

Goose bumps is a good mix between comedy and scariness I would of made it a little more scary but I am looking forward to the next one the cliff hanger at the end was one of the best cliff hangers I have ever seen in conclusion I think it deserves a five star rating

- Reliving being a kid5 star

Childhood memories for this 29 year old returned for just a moment when watching Goosebumps. Sure there are some cheesy moments, but great nonetheless. The romance was not what I had expected, and Jack as R.L. was nicely portrayed (I dressed in all black as a kid for a class Halloween day and everyone knew who I was! Can't say the same would apply these days) On a side note, Halston Sage--what a gorgeous girl!

- Goosebumps5 star

This movie was amazing! I loved it!

- Great Movie Watch5 star

I thought this move was going to be scary. It was a little and i found this movie to be very interesting. I would defiantly buy it or rent it. Its festinating and amazing to see this movie.

- It’s aight3 star

This is a great movie for kids but honestly that’s the only kind of human that could ever enjoy this...

- Amazing5 star

This movie was great!! I loved it so much. My little brother, age 6, loved it. He was little scared at some parts but laughed a lot. Really good kids movie.

- love it!5 star

wish it was a series were jack black searches and captures the monsters one by one!

- Very enjoyable for RL Stine fans4 star

A great way to pay homage to a book series that took the world by storm in my childhood. Jack Black does a great job of brining RL onto the big screen.

- PERFECT for a sleepover! 😍😃5 star

Not too scary, it's jusssst right.. I love it!! It's spooky-funny! Best movie ever!😂😉😍

- LOVE5 star

This movie is just so awesome. Jack Blacks face just makes me laugh!!!!


This was an amazing movie it mentions or shows every single book or character from the books and shows and I loved it because it brought back old monsters and classics that we all forgot about

- Awsome movie5 star

Good movie

- Very Good5 star

I laugh and enjoy a lot. It was very creative. I totally recommend.

- Great Movie5 star

It was a very good movie, and I loved seeing all the Goosebumps monsters. However, I just wished that they had added the classic Horror. Hm, maybe the Horror will show up in the sequel?

- Just fabulous!5 star

Conjures up some of the best elements of 1980's comedy-horrors, with a great performance by all the cast. Fun for parents and kids alike - our twin 8 year olds loved it!

- It was fun, just enjoy it5 star

I rented this on a whim, I loved the books when I was younger and Jack Black is great. “Goosebumps” is a nice take on a fictitious version of RL Stine and his would be daughter in the town they live in and the events that take place are quite entertaining. Its a family movie, it’s scary but not too scary. Its funny and has some adult humor mixed in, and I can’t wait for the sequel. I hope you enjoy!

- Very Disappointing2 star

Apart from a very poor performance by Jack Black and his incredibly distracting attempt at an accent I couldn't pick it was so bad, overall it was dull and predictable. I love kids movies but I didn't love this one. My 7 yr old son didn't love it either. It could have been such a good movie. Very disappointed 😟

- Goosebumps5 star

It was a little scary😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳Chloe Lear

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oh no squad - Good4 star

Good movie

Inabambina - Okay3 star

Not a bad movie, but I was expecting more from Jack Black.

Lol!!!?!?!! - LOVE LOVE ❤️5 star

I absolutely love this movie it's one of my favourites because as a kid I read all the books.❤️

Johnstons007 - Great Movie!5 star

My 7 year old daughter was scared the first time she watched it. She is now loving it for the second, third, fourth... time Great movie for all ages. Love Jack Black!!!!

Pool rabbit - Nice5 star

Always good times with jack black

Nucks10 - Fun family film5 star

Saw this with my 7yr old son in the theatres, we both loved it! Great fun for the family, and one the parents can enjoy as well.

RMNichols - Never get tired1 star

I loved I never get tired of this movie

Maland2015 - Loved it!5 star

I saw this in the theatres and I loved it! Jack Black was amazing as always, great movie!

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Church going - Goosebumps5 star

Goosebumps was my favorite tv show when was little , still is & I love the move .

Scotty Marcelo - Lots of fun, gets the humor right3 star

I wasn't expecting the movie to be that great. I thought it might be like Scooby Doo or like older movies Hocus Pocus but this movie hits everything the right way. The whole movie is fun, and the humor is cheesy when it needs to be but the actors take the situations their in seriously so it never feels like a corny film. Definitely a great family film, and Jack Black is hilarious. I would suggest buying it.

SpudDude - AWESOME MOVIE5 star

I was never a Jack Black fan, but this movie changed my mind. If Black was in more movies like this I would watch every one. Must have this movie in your collection!

grizzach - Worth a watch4 star

I was a big fan of the Goosebumps books growing up and was satisfied with this adaptation

Bradlongnose - Goosebumps is amazing5 star

I like the movie it really good plus Jack Black is in it.

Don't rent, buy - Fun for all ages5 star

The kids will love it, and you might too, or at the very least tolerate it.

Mackenzie Konold - Awesome5 star

I loved the books, the tv show, and the movie😍😍

uuuuuuuuuuudu - really good movie5 star

1 happy goosebumps fan

Slugthing - I hate this movie2 star

I went to this movie with my friend because we couldn't do what we were going to. This movie has terrible animation and stupid jokes. I do admit I laughed at a few jokes, but most of them I didn't. Within the first five minutes, I predicted most of the movie. One thing was a twist, but I couldn't care less about it mostly because I was just making fun of it the whole time. Don't buy this movie. If you really want to watch this, just rent it. Other then that, save your money.

Berkeley Rooster - Boring!2 star

It didn't work for me...kind of boring. Good kid's movie.

dorfhombre - Meh….It’s OK3 star

I know the books weren’t that scary, but this is SO PG it’s almost G. What happened to kids movies that had a sense of danger? It’s not garbage because the characters are likable, but it’s not very engaging and the monsters are kind of just stupid. Seriously, Babe (1995) was scarier than this.

Sidragon Cutie - BEST! MOVIE! EVER!!!!!!😍😍😍5 star

So, from what I know, Goosebumps is a "90's kid" thing ( I wasn't a 90's kid ). But (no spoilers), this movie is the reason I started to read more📖! It's staring Jack Black, so of course it has humor😂! And it's not "terrifying", but it's "thrilling"😯! And the script, actors, soundtrack, directing, and plot is amazing😆! I'm definitely getting it on DVD💿! Love this movie😍😍😍😍😍😍😍!

FireRockerZZ - GOOSEBUMPS!5 star


Mangle x foxy 😎😍😘 - BEST MOVIE EVER5 star

Its has action,suspense,hiliarious,adventure, it is the best movie ever created i give it 100000000000000000000000000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️🌟🌟⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️🌟if i could

Mysterious Mustache Master - Flippin' Awesome5 star

First of all, this is probably one of my favorite movies of all time because by the look of it, you can probably tell that this movie looks awesome, and the fact that this movie is awesomely jam packed with many different things. I just got goosebumps watching it! So buy this movie if you haven't already because you won't regret it. Peace Out!✌

Gyamnsyosnnsnsbhs - Amazing!5 star

I love this movie! But I wish they would lower the price!!

Fatina puppy - Awesome!5 star

I really loved how they made fun of a bunch of horror movie cliches and they actually got the love story right

Xboxfan24 - Love the freaking movie5 star

It is great if you know and love the original goosebumps series

VomitingUnicorn123 - Perfect movie 👍👍👍5 star

The best movie ever the special effects are awesome and if you want to buy it you should cuz it's worth every penny

Loved fun - AMAZING5 star

I loved this movie so much it is a great movie for everyone

Htvfehju - Amazing5 star

This movie is really good and funny and it does have action in it. I extremely do recommend it to everyone out there. You don’t even have to be a Goosebumps fan or you don’t even have to read the books as long as you know that Goosebumps books are books of monsters then you technically know everything.

nikchardin - Good Job!5 star

They did a great job. We really enjoyed this movie. Totally worth it.

junior8089 - school5 star

how do u download this it said it already been pre order but i dont see it on my phone

emnms1124 - Favorite movie5 star

Love this movie. I love Odeya Rush and Dylan minnette.

Berti2003 - A fun movie5 star

This was a good movie. Goosebumps books were chilling. The ending was funny.


Goosebumps was my childhood growing up so when I heard about this new movie I was really excited, but worried at the same time that they were going to f it up, but it was absolutely perfect. It was funny, sincere, & had it's little scares. I love how they brought back all the monsters from the original books and I really loved how this didn't feel as dumbed down as a lot of kids entertainment is these days. I would highly recommend seeing this movie it's the perfect family film for all ages.

Annoymous12Rosebird12 - Amazing5 star

I literally loved the movie. There wasn't only adventure and humor, but it was also romantic. I loved how Zach and Hannah connected and they made the perfect couple as they battled monsters together. I really recommend it.

blesshudspeth - Surprisingly Funny!5 star

With lighthearted humor, impressive animation, and even some emotional moments, Goosebumps brings R.L. Stine's characters to life.

5 star

@SpursOfficial: "I got goosebumps after the first goal, I was so happy to score." Sonny on becoming the first scorer at Tottenham Hotsp…

5 star

@CaGee21 Still get goosebumps thinking about him. He had such a commanding presence literally everywhere on the pit…

5 star

@JazzCarlin Gave me goosebumps watching it- can’t imagine how special it must have been to be carrying the flag for…

5 star

@PrinceSobayeni: February 1996 Goosebumps every time 🙌🙌😭😭👌👌👌❤❤❤ South Africa 2- 0 Tunisia

5 star

@Albumtalks_: [email protected]'s "Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps" has accumulated over 200 million streams across all streaming platforms si…

5 star

@__haripra_arsni: finished #MoneyHeist4 in half a day what a Fucking series made us cry🥺 & goosebumps too💥..This war... we’re going to…

5 star

@Oddschanger: Today marks two years since the footballing world lost Ray Wilkins. This story from a former solider on how Wilkins helpe…

5 star

@__haripra_arsni: finished #MoneyHeist4 in half a day what a Fucking series made us cry🥺 & goosebumps too💥..This war... we’re going to…

5 star

@ETimsNet @YouTube My 3 faves. Still get goosebumps when I hear streets live.

5 star

@meldflwr_: you guys still remember the epic part of 'i'll be your man' at This Is Us Concert? it still gives me goosebumps. missing our…

5 star

@GolfDigest: "I'm getting goosebumps." Check out "Return of the Roar" airing live on Twitter at 7 p.m. ET.

5 star

@TFC_mass: Whenever THALA AJITH Says " #Citizen " On That Hard Voice It's Giving GOOSEBUMPS 🔥🔥🔥 Pure VILLANISM Brand Acting 🔥🤙 #Vali…

5 star

@Oddschanger: Today marks two years since the footballing world lost Ray Wilkins. This story from a former solider on how Wilkins helpe…

5 star

@naveenkumar_96: #Citizen movie our #ThalaAjith ....... Each nd Every scenes SCREEN PRESENCE Goosebumps... we want #Citizen2 #Valimai #V…

5 star

Endeavor with the goosebumps 😍😍😍😍

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