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Small-town girl Jerrica (Aubrey Peeples, TV's Nashville) lives an unexceptional life…until she takes on a secret identity inspired by her music. She becomes Jem: the bold, stunning and absolutely fearless global superstar! But when it seems that she may lose touch with the things that really matter, Jerrica and her band of sisters begin a one-in-a-million journey, discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. Directed by Jon M. Chu (Step Up franchise) and starring Juliette Lewis (TV's Secrets and Lies) and Molly Ringwald (TV's The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Jem and the Holograms is a fun, music-filled, inspirational adventure about finding your own voice.

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Every generation needs a voice. As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin a one-in-a-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. Four aspiring musicians will take the world by storm when they see that the key to creating your own destiny lies in finding your own voice.. Jem and the Holograms Wiki

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Yes, it is different from the cartoon...  Iggy81206  4 star

However, that doesn't make it a BAD movie(as many of the reviewers would lead you to believe). I was in my late teens when the cartoon originally aired, and despite not being it's target audience(I am a straight male) I found it quite enjoyable. Enjoyable to the point where I bought as many of the dolls as I could afford at the time, and used the original audio tapes packed with them to create my own "Jem Mix Tape". I loved the music, even if some of the episodes were a bit "campy"(for the record, I love campy things). I currently own both this movie on iTunes, and the original series on DVD. Okay, with that said, the movie isn't the steaming pile of crap many people will lead you to believe, just because it's "updated" and "reimagined". I should also state that I typically don't like "reboots", "re-imaginings", etc. In this case, I was pleasently surprised. I do have one sticking point where the movie differs from the source material... Rio should have been left as a "stand alone" character, and NOT related to Erica Raymond. That bit should have been kept as original. I don't even mind that Eric Raymond was changed to Erica. While it wasn't necessary to switch the gender, I'm fine with it. A minor critique relating to Rio is that he shouldn't have known Jerrica's double identity. That was actually a major point of "drama" in the cartoon... him NOT knowing. I was surprised that the music had a psuedo 80s vibe to it, as well. Current enough for todays youth to enjoy, but also had a kinda 80s feel to them. It's a bit of a shame that this movie was received as poorly as it was, since there was a set-up for a sequel that likely will never happen. If they DO decide to go ahead with a sequel, I only hope that Stormer is recast. She didn't seem anything like her cartoon counterpart. Also, there was no reference to Jackie Benton, Jerrica and Kimber's mother. Fans of the cartoon will remember that she was the source of the sister's musical talent. If you're a fan of the cartoon, give this movie more than just one watch. Realize that there WILL be a lot of references and callbacks to the cartoon, and there will also be some big differences. Upon watching it a few more times, I was able to move passed the differences(though the one I plot varience I mentioned above is the only part of the movie I don't like) and see the movie for what it is: A fairly well done adaption from 1985 to 2015. Also, there is a cameo from the original Jem/Jerrica voice actor, Samantha Newark(hint: She's the hair stylist who tells Jerrica that pink is her favorite colour).

This movie is Garbage!  Fenyrey  1 star

What a disrespect to Jem and the Holograms. This movie was pure garbage.

KR  Mariogeek  1 star

Nope it successfully sucked

AJ 1337
Love it!  AJ 1337  5 star

I really hate rotten tomatoes sometimes, because this is a movie that isn’t reflected accurately in their rating. It’s a low budget movie with low budget limitations, but sends a fun and loving message about family, friends, and self-worth. Highly recommend!! Also the sound track is phenomenal!

Garbage.  DanielFrankenstein  1 star

Has nothing to do with Jem and the Holograms. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

A complete mess  Steven815  1 star

Do not watch this unless you enjoy watching really bad movies.

Truly Outrageous!  JasonHatesAds  5 star

I grew up on reruns of Jem and the Holograms. This movie spoke to the true soul of the show, to be yourself and stand up for what you believe. I was delighted with the original songs and the casting was on point. Definitely worth five stars from me!

Good message  Sindakhelekwen  5 star

I love the carton by the same name and while this is different and people seem to judge it harshly based on that I think they did a wonderful job on this movie. It's updated for current times and it's not getting the credit or recognition it deserves. Hating this movie because it's not exactly like the cartoon is awful it's the same as hating a movie because it's not like the book. Shame on those judging this movie because it's not an exact replica of the cartoon from the 80s.

Ummmm No  uunique58  1 star

this is not Jem redo please

Worst  AAAAtwood  1 star

I had a feeling this was going to be horrible especially with growing up watching the cartoon. This movie isn't a movie I would want me daughter to watch because it doesn't give a good image of how a strong woman is. I am glad I waited until is was on TV because I didn't waste my money to watch it. The people who gave this more than one star are idiots and most likely just children and shouldn't be allowed to review anything because they don't know what is a good movie/shows are

Fun Fashion Girl
Omg I love this  Fun Fashion Girl  5 star

I don't know why this did badly in theatres the sequel would have been so good because of the last bit with the misfits. I rented in SD I don't think you really need HD and it was a lot cheaper. Overall

Excellent  A.shamaru  5 star

I'm in love with this movie.. And I love the old cartoon. It's different for sure, but most of the old Jem cartoon isn't all that relevant to the way life is now. This was probably the best way to try to introduce Jem to a new audience.. I'm just sad the movie flopped because it was actually really good, and deserves a sequel. The actors and actresses were perfect. And Aubrey Peeples is an amazing singer.

Can't wait  Lhzdyhhfde  5 star

I now I now I haven't downloaded it but it looks awsome my friend says it's a great movie so I'm renting it

Not Jem I agree  Warpass  1 star

This movie needs a reboot along with Transformers and GI-JOE. They ignored all the source material except for the character names. This could have been great. Nothing to do with the talent involved they look like they could have been right for the parts. Hey big movie studios. Please put a reboot where it belongs. We don't need more spider man.

Jem and the Holograms  _dueck  5 star

It was a FANTASTIC movie. The soundtrack was stuck on my head for days and my friend and I screamed it walking out of the theatre. I would never get tired of this movie.

Abby says yay!!!
awesome;]  Abby says yay!!!  5 star

i love this movie soooooo much!!!! Great

Great movie!  Sdagmdsvngd  5 star

Loved this movie. Great music and good choice of actors defiantly one of my favourites. 10/10

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