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Adonis Johnson never knew his famous father, world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who died before he was born. Still, there's no denying that boxing is in his blood; so Adonis heads to Philadelphia, the site of Apollo Creed's legendary match with a tough upstart named Rocky Balboa. Once in the City of Brotherly Love, Adonis tracks Rocky down and asks him to be his trainer. Despite his insistence that he is out of the fight game for good, Rocky sees in Adonis the strength and determination he had known in Apollo - the fierce rival who became his closet friend. Agreeing to take him on, Rocky trains the young fighter, even as the former champ is battling an opponent more deadly than any he faced in the ring. With Rocky in his corner, it isn't long before Adonis gets his own shot at the title. But can he develop not only the drive but also the heart of a true fighter in time to get into the ring?

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Your legacy is more than a name. The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed.. Creed Wiki

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Shelton the best singer
Best boxing movie I’ve seen yet  Shelton the best singer  5 star

This was amazing, great performance, great meaning, loved it from minute one

10/10  djejdujdrn  5 star

Best movie ever

RENT IT !!! (ARCHY 13)  Archy13  3 star

I don't want to spoil the movie. The Movie story is, well, if you have seen Rocky; you have seen this movie. But it has a bit of Rocky IV in it as well. The ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN CHANGED. ROCKY- is the old trainer (MICK) / & hism wife, CREED is rocky (only Micheal Jackson's acting is weak). BUT, there are a few twists that make the movie. It's not a movie you will watch over and over. In fact, they (STALLONE) are trying so hard to rewrite the original movies; that there is already a CREED II, about to become available. So, whateveer you do - RENT THIS. DON'T BUY IT. You will see what I am talking about, around 20-30min. into the movie.

Great movie!  UrBoiAnthony  5 star

Wonderful taste of nostalgia to anyone who is a fan of the original Rocky movies. Amazing story, amazing fight scenes, amazing characters and an amazing ending.

95% Rotten Tomatoes?  PatrickTheConquerer  4 star

Wow... it was a good movie, but it was obviously a big pharma propaganda film for Chemo-therapy which uses drugs like Anthracyclines that damage the dna of cancer cells, and regular cells. The prostetic eye at the end was so over the top it was ridiculous. As far as rocky movies go, it was much better fighting. Cool to see Andre Ward, a great fighter, in the movie.

Swade Gaming
Incredible movie  Swade Gaming  5 star

Very inspiring to see and get boxing back on the movie screen. One of my favorite movies of all time.

Seanie Blue Moon
Unwatchable garbage!  Seanie Blue Moon  1 star

Even trapped on an airplane for hours, I could not make it to the finish of this pathetic movie. The director is a ham-handed story-teller, plodding, unnatural, overly dramatic. The well-intentioned ambitions for this movie suggested something like the remarkable "The Rider," and instead they stumbled into Rocky XIV. Everything is bad: the acting, the writing, the mood, the pace, the light and look. You'll have to dumb yourself way down to think even a minute of this film could be representative of real life. Good luck with this junk!

Miiiiiiiike L
Best sports movie ever  Miiiiiiiike L  5 star

I had never seen the rocky films but this movie made me want to. 9/10

Stallone's best movie since First Blood / Rambo I and Rocky I, II  DJ88in2003  5 star

this movie blends perfectly the past, present and the characters are unique and true. Great story line and the score is amazing. Highly recommended. Stallone's acting is worth an award, really.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  DuranArtistMGT®  5 star

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 💯💯💯💯💯 -CEOBDuran

A good reboot of the Rocky series  SouthOntario  4 star

A must watch for Rocky fans. A good reboot of the series for today's audience.

Creed  Horrorisforme  5 star

A fitting final instalment of the Rocky saga. Each of these movies has been very inspiring in its own way. This one is also a successful modernization to add to a set of true classics. Loved it.

DOPE  six.feet.under  5 star

I didnt see any if the Rocky movies, but heard the main guidelines. This movie was dope, literally, gave me adrenaline, and jordan was really good im sure he worked super hard for that role, hes soo incarnated. Definitely buying cause ill watch it again once in a while.

Cool son 123
So slow  Cool son 123  1 star

The movie was all talking and no action don't be fooled by the good reviews it was the worst of the series

A native
Most intense movie you would watch  A native  5 star

The whole movie is amazing specially the last fight if you ask me if its good I'll say "it's the best movie I seen so far this year"

Watch something else!  GeeCBee  2 star

Not sure why we decided to watch this movie last night to be honest, and if proved to be a big disappoint indeed. Now particularly well acted, and the ending is so predictable and so Hollywood, and it was just uninteresting all round. The fight scenes were not at all realistic, nor were the fight scenes in the Rocky movies, so I guess we should have expected that. A complete waste of 2 hours that I could have spent listening to music or something - LOL. The best movies we have rented in recent months are Sicario (Benicio Del Toro is amazing in this one) and Room. Carol wan't bad, but it was very slow.

Boring  Holiday32  1 star

I was hoping this was going to be better then the old ones but it was just as boring as them please don't buy it it's so boring you'll be sorry if u do

Creed  Irishlass66  5 star

I really enjoyed watching this film. I was hesitant but it was a very pleasant surprise. All 3 of the main characters were really well acted. Both Stallone and Jordan deserved an Oscar for their work. It was action packed with the fight scenes but there was a wonderful storyline that made you feel all kinds of emotion. I laughed and cried and cringed at the boxing scenes. I was even cheering for "Doni" in the big fight scene and I HATE watching boxing! Well done everyone involved!!

under 10 dollars  edbignbad  2 star

Creed was in the under $10 category. I was charged full price. What gives? I haven,t watched the movie yet so no comment there.

Jamal Foster
A love letter to the original Rocky  Jamal Foster  5 star

When I heard they were making a movie about Apollo’s son, starring Michael B Jordan, I was skeptical. This film exceeded my expectations on a huge scale. Everything from the score down to the locations and the fights felt like a Rocky movie. The score was incredible, the acting was very well done (especially on Stallone’s part), the story was engaging, and the fights were really intense and realistic. There was enough drama in the movie to even out the action as well, evenly centred around an old Rocky with health issues, and a troubled young man trying to find his way in the world . I would gladly watch this movie again, and I would highly recommend it.

MR  JackReacker  5 star

awesome, must see

A masterpiece  THE X-RAY DOCTOR  5 star

A masterpiece for true Rocky believers. Don't listen to the negative reviews, they are from uninformed viewers.

Just doesn't cut it  Heather231  2 star

If you are a fan of the Rocky movies, like I am, this just doesn't make it. The start is ridiculous with the Mom suddenly coming to get her son and she's wealthy? What her money couldn't afford to help her son but now it can? Watch it, but don't get your hopes up.

Creed is the bomb
Good as movie  Creed is the bomb  5 star

This movie is the best movie I highly recommend it to anyone it is that good

Punching Well Above It's Weight  Blue_Mojo  5 star

When hearing of the latest Rocky instalment (Creed) I was concerned with cautious optimism it would be a hyped and manipulated film riding on the previous success and storyline of all preceding Rocky instalments, with the Hollywood twisted and far removed plot of a complete irrelevant directive. I was pleasantly surprised and overjoyed nothing could be further from such perception. For anyone who has followed the Rocky franchise since its inception, they would appreciate the continued plot and involvement, and for those who commence here will begin the renewed structure with heartfelt emotion and a relevant experience. For anyone who outside of boxing has trained and endured the hard knocks of life, or is involved within its framework will develop a feel and connection to the realism of struggles with failure, loss and sweet success of personal victory this film presents. An ageing Stallone is at his iconic best in a stellar performance and together with Johnson deliver passion, emotion and spirit with a charged rewarding movie which continues the Rocky feature with captured motivation and reflects real life circumstances with parallel stellar viewing. Well worth the purchase to add in any library. Motivational and inspiring whatever your Creed or chosen passion in life. Simply awesome! I anticipate the next instalment with continued enthusiasm. *****

Creed  Swizz_beatz83  5 star

Really good movie... Enjoyed it tried to compare it with South Paw found this movie better...

slicey greenburg
A awesome movie  slicey greenburg  5 star

After blubbing the movies rocky babble this is a definite 10 out of 10 movie

Goes the distance  Xylus64  5 star

This film in its own style completely lives up to the legacy of the Rocky films. Special mention: Sylvester Stallone knocks it out of the park in this and is at the top of his game in this movie.

Creed Review  ShowandMovieReviewer  5 star

Creed is a fantastic movie, it holds up as its own movie with a few references to rocky. it is a great movie and a must watch, with great characters and a great story.

Creed is a knock out! Hehe.  wolfpacsnakepit  5 star

Creed (aka Rocky VII) is just amazing. If you loved the previous Rocky films you will adore this. Almost makes you want to jump out of your seat and start shadow boxing, just as the first two Rocky films did. You won't be disappointed.










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