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When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) The Big Short stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt.

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This is a true story.. The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown.. The Big Short Wiki

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Interesting Story  BSerracin  4 star

History most don't know well, but most suffered the results of the capitalist crisis. One guy understood the oncoming disaster and beat it big, the Big Short.

We are living the dream  lpvp  5 star

This is almost too good to be true but it is

Great flick!!!!  Boogereater23654  5 star

Great flick! You will love this movie, and hate it at the same time.

Thanks  cxxhecxrvdc  4 star

Drop vxxvc

Awe Heal
We need more of this...  Awe Heal  5 star

This movie had a lot of sub parts and b/c I'm self diagnosed A.D.D., I had to watch this a couple of times in order to connect dots & justify my anger over big banks & republican politics. Jeesh ! Very well casted. Very well acted. Very well written. Scary it is based on multiple TRUE stories & experiences.

Really enjoyed this film  Orion3903  5 star

Its frustrating to watch however. I have read that many economists equate what the banks were doing back before the crash to a world wide ponzi scheme... and it doesn't look like we have fixed anyhing. People will always resort to the easy buck, easy scam... I just hope the next crash isn't as drastic.

smart and brutal  Cinefilio123  5 star

Excellent portrayal of recession and what led to it. Terrific ensemble cast.

Amazing  Shunsjinehugghuv  5 star

Truly great movie

Love the Theory  baquiano  5 star

This is a movie that doesn’t shy away from putting out all the theory that is needed. It’s like a documentary with A-list actors.

Sweet  Arianagrandeooooxxx  5 star

Greatest movie of all time.

The Movie Weasel
Boring  The Movie Weasel  2 star

To me it’s just more food for indignation and there’s nothing in the film that I (or we) haven’t heard 487 times before. Four guys make millions off of the greed and corruption of others, when in fact the original four were part of the greed and corruption in the first place. These four even want to keep the corruption a secret so they’ll make their millions of dollars off of the failure of the millions of people who are being gouged by the thousands of corrupt bankers. Nothing new here, folks. Acting: mediocre. Editing: poor. Story line: common. Interesting that Americans, and in fact most of the “free world” love to spotlight our corruption and then revel in doing nothing about it.

Quite interesting  not-so-sure  4 star

A friend recommended I watch this movie. It certainly was interesting. I have always wondered about the interaction between the banks and the government. I had a few friends in the states who lost just about everything. They were heavily leveraged in real estate.

BEST MOVIE OF 2014-2015-2016!!  REBECCASTONE  5 star

Every second was so captivating!! Great acting, great producer - great premiss!! 2 full fat thumbs up!!!

The next bubble?  Dantheman01  5 star

I recommend that everyone watch this movie, it will help you understand what the banks or other financial company are actually taking advantage of the uneducated people who doesn't want to know or learn where their money is going? I for one don't like banks, and truly believe that the next financial bubble is coming? there's too much corruption and greed in the world. Canada and the US hasn't seen any real growth since the Mid 90's there's also another documentary movie called the inside job which relates to movie and the crash of 2008, will it happen again?

Critical path is missing  Brenda3d2  4 star

Well done, but, if the intention is to educate, the paper trail is lost. For example, it's not clear what impact the garage band hedge fund managers had once they had the information and what really contributed to the stabilized bond prices, and so on. Would have liked more details on all that. The character development story was not needed about the brother and the wife or whoever these people were.

Comme des ombres soyons!!
Passable  Comme des ombres soyons!!  2 star

Pour public intéressé à l'argent et placement.....sinon véritable moment de platitudes...

snoop dawgy dawg
BORING  snoop dawgy dawg  1 star

I watched this in theatres and I was bored as hell. I do not get how this has good ratings. Movies are supposed to be entertainment not bull.

Perfect  KEV.J.  5 star of those rare films that holds your attention every single minute.Excellent acting and writing and scary ,as its true.And not one explosion or gunshot.

The Big Yawner  vbsunset  2 star

I wish there was a derivative that I could use to short this movie. CDO’s for Dummies. It serves an educational purpose, but is an absurd use of high budget stars. An attempt at combining education and entertainment but falling short in latter. A big short.

Different  Karamia54  3 star

This is a very different movie and depicts what actually took place in the USA. Good thing that did not happen in Canada. That being said the movie was slow at the begining and I almost turned it off. You get into it half way through. 100% did not like Christian Bales performance it was very off putting. I also did not think is was an Oscar movie either. Would I watch it again. NO

Really clever and well made Film  SpankyMK  5 star

I have sat down and watched this film on a number of occasions, surprisingly humorous, well directed, great script and superb casting, and I have been surprised of the little bits I pick up in subsequent viewings. Even if you have no interest in Wall street, you should see this to see the level of corruption and dodgy dealing going on everyday and just how many people were in on it, and it's happening again, Wall street didn't learn and they are now bundling up even more lines of credit and selling them off as CDO's It has happened before, and it will happen again!

5 Stars  RUCKS REVIEWS  5 star

If you don't like this movie, or can't understand it, natural selection will take care of you soon.

Awesome movie  KateK101  4 star

Great acting , great story, well put together, finally someone talking about the giant elephant in the room

Well made and worth the watch  jimyjams  5 star

This is a well made movie. Someone who has little interest in finance may find this movie a bit long, though for the rest, this is a fascinating insight into what happened in the US markets before 2007/8. The amount of money these guys made on the banks shortsightedness was ridiculous.

Dolly 82
A movie to watch when you're firing on all cylinders  Dolly 82  5 star

While it took quite a bit of mental energy to get through this movie, the film attempted to make it as easy as possible to understand the financial world by explaining the jargon that dumbfounds many. If you get the message, you will be infuriated. Try and take the time to get through this one - it's worth it.

Educational Film  Mashton  5 star

Great movie, but more importantly pulls back the veil of the merrygoround we all live on.

The Big Short  Turnup123  4 star

Do yourself a favour, look, listen and pay attention. Great movie - Margot Robbie has good things to say in the tub as do all the others!

Fresh and insightful.
brilliant movie!  Fresh and insightful.  5 star

So well crafted and acted, compelling as the story unfolds. A step-by-step guide through the lunacy of the GFC.

Jimmy_Page fender bender123
Clever screenplay  Jimmy_Page fender bender123  4 star

I dont have a mortgage, yet I enjoyed this movie

S easy
Glenn186  S easy  5 star

Don’t listen to Glen. You just need a standard IQ to follow along, and it’s a great film!

Vampire Squid
A must see  Vampire Squid  5 star

Having worked in the U.S. as a hedge fund portfolio manager in 2005-06 and then having a front-row seat for the crisis as an economist in a bulge-bracket firm, I was initially reluctant to see this film (God the second Wall St. was terrible) especially as many of these people are only one degree of seperation from me. But this is the real deal. The script-writers, actors, and director, do a wonderful job of walking the audience through the biggest trade idea in financial history from its inception to the terrible realisation of what it means, to the total lack of meaning once its over. I personally loved the banter between Steve Carell's character and his wife about his job; had that one with my wife several times and it's exactly the same ("you hate your job, leave" ... "no I love my job" ... "really, you're so unhappy"...

Mad Max' bro
Up there with the best of them  Mad Max' bro  4 star

Great story telling, and shining the light on just how corrupt the system was and still is.

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