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When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. Based on the true story and best-selling book by Michael Lewis (The Blind Side, Moneyball), and directed by Adam McKay (Anchorman, Step Brothers) The Big Short stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt. The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown. The Big Short Wiki

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The Big Short Movie (2015)

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- Good Movie4 star

The Big Short is a dramatization of real life events surrounding the financial collapse of 2008, that touches upon what happens when major institutions are careless with the rules, as well as the lunacy of supposed wealth creation that is actually backed by nothing. You get a solid script, very good performances, but a presentation that doesn’t quite deliver as well as it could have. The pacing is fine, but some key points aren’t emphasized enough, including one scene that has its dialogue competing with the background music. Overall though it takes a relatively dry and sometimes confusing subject, and artfully injects humor and drama into it, with the end result being both informative and entertaining.

- Filmmaking at its best~5 star

Great story, informative, creative, superlative acting, what is not to like. Takes a difficult subject and weaves a great movie.

- An almost accurate synopsis4 star

Many of the main bullet points that led to the crisis were accurate in the telling of the story, if not a little short sided. One of the conclusions that they came to in the end was that the crisis was completely fueled by the banking and lending institutions, and that when the dust settled, immigrants and poor people would get the blame for the melt down. One idiot reviewer on this thread even bemoaned it as a failure of capitalism. First of all, yes, the banking and lending institutions were at fault, but they weren’t the only ones. It should be considered bad policy for governments to allow regulators to create regulations that force banks to issue toxic mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. In truth, there was plenty of blame to go around. Also, when that many monolithic institutions, with the aid of the Fed no less, rig the system to insulate themselves from problems and make the public pay for it, that IS NOT capitalism. It is antithetical to capitalism and free markets. A truly free market should look like what we have just seen with the retail investors on Reddit. One where average people can play the game better and become billionaires in the process. THAT’S what truly free markets should be, and that what every knowledgeable true economist can get behind. All in all, while some of its ultimate conclusions didn’t entirely hit the mark, it made for good viewing. The acting was great, and it was interesting to remember what it felt like to remember that moment in history.

- Revealing5 star

The whole thing is totally fascinating. A lot to be learned about human nature here.

- One of the Best Movies5 star

This is a glorious masterpiece. Actually makes you understand Wall Street and what happened in an absolutely accessible way. Loved everyone in it.

- One of the best movies of all time!5 star

Pure classic!

- do not watch it unless you understand Stockexchange! Really disappointed!!!1 star

Do not watch it unless you understand bankers and stuff!!!

- Rare movie that is more like a book than a movie!5 star

Writers learn we generally do not tell things in the first person. That's something that directors do and not because they want to, but because they have to; you're sitting right there listening to them and watching their story. But, this movie is told in more than one style. It is like reading Hemmingway, but watching it on the screen. Add to this factors like amazing, well known actors. A true (although adapted) story which affected everyone with a 401(k). A talented writer / director who is able to make one of the most complex industries in the world understandable to the public. Wow. This thing is real and if you miss it you will be missing something that could have provided a better understanding of the world you live in, not to mention an amazing and entertaining adventure into the human failing of avarice.

- funny, informative, and entertaining5 star

The cast is dazzling. Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, and Brad Pitt are the heavy hitters. There are also some delightful cameos. The Big Short deals with an odd and complicated subject with style. Director Adam Mckay is more popular for making comedies like Anchor Man and Step Brothers. He takes this dramatic subject and injects it with humor and flare. A real joy and a must-see.

- Great flick5 star


- VERY Educational5 star

If 1/4 of this movie is factual... we need regulations. And a LOT of it!

- Not with it2 star

I looked forward to this because another reviewer said it was better than Vice, but 1/3 into the movie I realize it’s only good for someone who’s familiar with: the terms, the slang, and most of all: the stock market. I love good acting and writing but it’s clear I’m out of my depth. Disappointed.

- Such a complicated movie5 star

After watching it for the 5th time still don't get some parts of it. Very complicated movie! My fav👌🏻

- It’s ok4 star

The storyline could have flowed better. I lived through this turmoil and lost money on bank stocks I owned. This greed will happen again.

- Interesting Story4 star

History most don't know well, but most suffered the results of the capitalist crisis. One guy understood the oncoming disaster and beat it big, the Big Short.

- We are living the dream5 star

This is almost too good to be true but it is

- Great flick!!!!5 star

Great flick! You will love this movie, and hate it at the same time.

- Thanks4 star

Drop vxxvc

- We need more of this...5 star

This movie had a lot of sub parts and b/c I'm self diagnosed A.D.D., I had to watch this a couple of times in order to connect dots & justify my anger over big banks & republican politics. Jeesh ! Very well casted. Very well acted. Very well written. Scary it is based on multiple TRUE stories & experiences.

- Really enjoyed this film5 star

Its frustrating to watch however. I have read that many economists equate what the banks were doing back before the crash to a world wide ponzi scheme... and it doesn't look like we have fixed anyhing. People will always resort to the easy buck, easy scam... I just hope the next crash isn't as drastic.

- smart and brutal5 star

Excellent portrayal of recession and what led to it. Terrific ensemble cast.

- Love the Theory5 star

This is a movie that doesn’t shy away from putting out all the theory that is needed. It’s like a documentary with A-list actors.

- Sweet5 star

Greatest movie of all time.

- Really fantastic movie5 star

Very well done and very interesting. They had me wrapped around their little finger the whole movie with anticipation of what was next. What a ride.

- Helplessy Depressing3 star

Plot of the 2007 housing bubble, told through the investors who saw it coming, bet that it would happen, and made billons of dollars when it did. Not what you would call an uplifting film. All the characters are all slimey. It is base level infotainment attemting to be a work of art.

- Powerful5 star

I'm sure that there were some people that did not want this movie to be released. I thouroughly enjoyed this film and will be watching it again and again.

- Well done!5 star

Great directing, acting, and screenwriting. A great movie to explain a serious topic, commonly portrayed as being "too complicated for the average person to understand". Having lived through this and rebounded from it, this explains so much of the 10+ years of greed in our financial and legislative systems. Too bad this will happen again ... and again ... and again.

- scammers5 star

the scammers got richer grr

- Waste of money2 star

I rented movie because I wanted to see how producer was going to make this plot something people could understand. It was not bad but for most folks I think subject matter is boring and over their head. Try explaining selling something short to your mom. If you read any of the books about this time frame you have already seen the movie. Rent something else.

- Amazing5 star

Makes you think… it will educate, entertain and empower you

- Horrible, just horrible!1 star

We made it through 30-40 minutes and turned it off. Silly characters and story. Wall Street guys think a security is overpriced so they short it. Stop the presses! Oh wait, isn't that what every short seller does every day? Total waste of time and incredibly inaccurate.

- Wow. Over the top. A must see.5 star

I am a stock market and economics expert but this movie still proved enlightening as to all that transpired and continues even now.

- 10/105 star

Great movie

- Terrifyingly brilliant5 star

The ominous final seconds of the movie made this the scariest film I've ever seen in my entire life.

- Intolerably condescending1 star

This movie was so bad. avoid.

- Absolutely fantastic5 star

Absolutely great movie. I have watched multiple times and every time I watch it I love it more and more

- Wow5 star

Wow. This is a must see.

- Unwatchable1 star

If you know the history of the 2008 housing crash this film is insulting to watch. Hollywood propaganda rewriting history. Yeah sure, a guy with a glass eye, and a 40 year old virgin crashed the housing market.

- Excellent5 star

One of the best movies I've seen

- Boring despite the great cast2 star

I wish these actors were in a different movie, this movie is predictable and boring. Of course we all know the ending having recent history as a subject. The angle is mildly thought provoking but not enough to justify an hour of time watching the events unfold. Its not hip or funny. Steve Carell gives a valiant effort to be funny but the scenes just don’t work.

- GREAT Movie !!!5 star

I think you have to understand all the terminology and be in the financial business to understand what’s really going on here… They had some spots where they stopped the movie and had people explain things because I think for most people the financial world is difficult to understand unless you work in it.

- Amazing.5 star

After watching this movie I will be supporting & voting for Bernie Sanders for president.

- Break Up The TBTF Banks5 star

Vote Sanders, Vote Progressive.

- amazing movir5 star

perfect movie. funny, dramatic, interesting, intelligent

- Amazing!!!5 star

Amazingly brilliant movie! Highly recommended!

- A Great Insider view of the 2007-2008 financial collapse4 star

Very well made movie depicting the financial collapse of 2007-2008.

- Enjoyed it4 star

Great point to draw from.

- I did not want it to end5 star

Great movie with wild-eyed presentation. Wild-eyed like the times that the movie examines. I enjoyed learning about some of the background behind the big 2008 crash. Just today (April 2016) in the paper, it was announced Goldman Sachs settled for $5B for their part in the wrong doing. Art imitates life.

- One of my new favorites.5 star

I really liked how this movie shed light on how corrupt everything really was and at the end it stated how there is a new term for CDOs so that people on Wall Street can try and do the same thing again just naming it something different.

- Great movie, frustrating situation5 star

I really liked this movie, very entertaining and informative. It also is extremely frustrating.

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Charles || - Good Depiction of the Corrupt Activities4 star

Poor depiction of the Heros of this story as it portrays the profiteers as Heros. Instead of reporting illegal activities to the authorities, the Heros bet on the economy to crash so that they will profit. This movie looks and smells like lies wrapped in truths (propoganda)

The Movie Weasel - Boring2 star

To me it’s just more food for indignation and there’s nothing in the film that I (or we) haven’t heard 487 times before. Four guys make millions off of the greed and corruption of others, when in fact the original four were part of the greed and corruption in the first place. These four even want to keep the corruption a secret so they’ll make their millions of dollars off of the failure of the millions of people who are being gouged by the thousands of corrupt bankers. Nothing new here, folks. Acting: mediocre. Editing: poor. Story line: common. Interesting that Americans, and in fact most of the “free world” love to spotlight our corruption and then revel in doing nothing about it.

not-so-sure - Quite interesting4 star

A friend recommended I watch this movie. It certainly was interesting. I have always wondered about the interaction between the banks and the government. I had a few friends in the states who lost just about everything. They were heavily leveraged in real estate.

REBECCASTONE - BEST MOVIE OF 2014-2015-2016!!5 star

Every second was so captivating!! Great acting, great producer - great premiss!! 2 full fat thumbs up!!!

Dantheman01 - The next bubble?5 star

I recommend that everyone watch this movie, it will help you understand what the banks or other financial company are actually taking advantage of the uneducated people who doesn't want to know or learn where their money is going? I for one don't like banks, and truly believe that the next financial bubble is coming? there's too much corruption and greed in the world. Canada and the US hasn't seen any real growth since the Mid 90's there's also another documentary movie called the inside job which relates to movie and the crash of 2008, will it happen again?

Brenda3d2 - Critical path is missing4 star

Well done, but, if the intention is to educate, the paper trail is lost. For example, it's not clear what impact the garage band hedge fund managers had once they had the information and what really contributed to the stabilized bond prices, and so on. Would have liked more details on all that. The character development story was not needed about the brother and the wife or whoever these people were.

Comme des ombres soyons!! - Passable2 star

Pour public intéressé à l'argent et placement.....sinon véritable moment de platitudes...

snoop dawgy dawg - BORING1 star

I watched this in theatres and I was bored as hell. I do not get how this has good ratings. Movies are supposed to be entertainment not bull.

KEV.J. - Perfect5 star of those rare films that holds your attention every single minute.Excellent acting and writing and scary ,as its true.And not one explosion or gunshot.

vbsunset - The Big Yawner2 star

I wish there was a derivative that I could use to short this movie. CDO’s for Dummies. It serves an educational purpose, but is an absurd use of high budget stars. An attempt at combining education and entertainment but falling short in latter. A big short.

Karamia54 - Different3 star

This is a very different movie and depicts what actually took place in the USA. Good thing that did not happen in Canada. That being said the movie was slow at the begining and I almost turned it off. You get into it half way through. 100% did not like Christian Bales performance it was very off putting. I also did not think is was an Oscar movie either. Would I watch it again. NO

EmGaud - Awesome Movie!5 star

I loved every second of this movie. As boring as the topic is, it was really fun to watch!

jonesca1970 - Cautionary tale and still nothing gets done about it...5 star

A good lot of us are still feeling the pangs of the 2008 economic meltdown, when laws designed to protect us from bankers’ and hedge fund managers were finally dismantled in 1999 by the Clinton administration. The “patient” (i.e. the world economy) almost died because of human greed, hubris and outright stupidity. This film captures all of the above and predicts more of the same in the years to come. Why, because the scum of humanity that runs our governments and financial system have rigged the game to work that way. Watch the movie it’s awesome.

Suncheonboy - Educational and funny :)5 star

Hats off to Adam McKay. To make a film about something so arcane and boring as CDOs, etc. fun to watch is quite an achievement. The acting is superb too. Along with Spotlight a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed but also made me reflect on an important issue. Hope some of the banksters end up behind bars one day.

Jaymo89AU - Good insight into the 2007 crash.4 star

Highly informative on the events of the GFC.

Mon_N - Great insight into the banking industry5 star

Provides great insight into the banking industry. Delivers a stern warning not to overextend yourself, as we never know when the level of debt we live with will become unmanageable.

SpankyMK - Really clever and well made Film5 star

I have sat down and watched this film on a number of occasions, surprisingly humorous, well directed, great script and superb casting, and I have been surprised of the little bits I pick up in subsequent viewings. Even if you have no interest in Wall street, you should see this to see the level of corruption and dodgy dealing going on everyday and just how many people were in on it, and it's happening again, Wall street didn't learn and they are now bundling up even more lines of credit and selling them off as CDO's It has happened before, and it will happen again!

RUCKS REVIEWS - 5 Stars5 star

If you don't like this movie, or can't understand it, natural selection will take care of you soon.

KateK101 - Awesome movie4 star

Great acting , great story, well put together, finally someone talking about the giant elephant in the room

jimyjams - Well made and worth the watch5 star

This is a well made movie. Someone who has little interest in finance may find this movie a bit long, though for the rest, this is a fascinating insight into what happened in the US markets before 2007/8. The amount of money these guys made on the banks shortsightedness was ridiculous.

Dolly 82 - A movie to watch when you're firing on all cylinders5 star

While it took quite a bit of mental energy to get through this movie, the film attempted to make it as easy as possible to understand the financial world by explaining the jargon that dumbfounds many. If you get the message, you will be infuriated. Try and take the time to get through this one - it's worth it.

Mashton - Educational Film5 star

Great movie, but more importantly pulls back the veil of the merrygoround we all live on.

Turnup123 - The Big Short4 star

Do yourself a favour, look, listen and pay attention. Great movie - Margot Robbie has good things to say in the tub as do all the others!

Fresh and insightful. - brilliant movie!5 star

So well crafted and acted, compelling as the story unfolds. A step-by-step guide through the lunacy of the GFC.

Jimmy_Page fender bender123 - Clever screenplay4 star

I dont have a mortgage, yet I enjoyed this movie

S easy - Glenn1865 star

Don’t listen to Glen. You just need a standard IQ to follow along, and it’s a great film!

lukejohnpearce - 5/55 star

Entertaining, funny, thought provoking.

AnnieCYa - Brilliant!4 star

A brilliant movie! Very entertaining, easy to follow. Still waiting for the criminal bankers to be jailed & the financial system regulated!

impy20541 - An excellent summary of a heartbreaking story5 star

Excellent writing, acting and soundtrack. This film does a fabulous job of explaining the background to the World financial crisis.

Moguinho cerezo - Amazing movie5 star

This is one of the best movies in the last few years. Well written, great cast, and a real story.

Nomadman2k - Not Short Enough1 star

A long film, very dull and quite tedious really. Lots of back story that doesn’t really add benefit to the movie. Couldn’t recommend

SweetSweety123 - Great movie!!!5 star

This blew my mind. Great cast, great direction, great story!

Just_Me_222 - Fantastic5 star

Entertaining, great acting and informative.

Supadupa1000 - Funny and real!5 star

I enjoyed it a lot and found it quite funny!

Colephotographic - Great Film5 star

Disappointed because I bought it and it was then on Netflix a week later however, this is a great film giving background to what really happened (artistic license aside) and I certainly don't regret buying it. It's an informative film about a relatively boring subject (to most people) so not a fair comparison to wolf of Wall Street. I really like the way they break character to explain the financial jargon. Great cast and great acting and I didn't even realise it was Brad Pitt till right at the end. Also, quite a good companion film to Margin Call.

TheMidnightStalker - Entertaining & Educational - Excellent Film!5 star

Featuring Margot Robbie drinking champagne in a bubble bath ... nuff said! Enjoy 👍

Spursspurs - Awesome4 star

Stellar cast and great acting. This film had me hooked from start to finish. A*

Scuseherbfusrfb - Brilliant5 star

Pleasantly surprised how good this film is! Recommend watching this to anyone👍🏻

Blamb60 - Excellent film5 star

Great film, great cast, script and direction. Fascinating insight into the American financial system and the crash of 2008. Great performances and pacy direction, very absorbing.

Jazzy in Kyushu - Amazing adaptation5 star

Would never have thought anybody could transcribe a book like that into a decent film. Amazing adaptation/screenwirting. + brilliant acting all round.

jennifer91 - Loved this film5 star

This is highly entertaining: fast-paced, genuinely funny, educational, well acted and gives you that 'I'm superior 'cos I'll know next time' feeling. Of course we have no idea what really goes on, but this film certainly makes you feel like you do. Very productive use of 2 hours.

Jin Jo 55 - Ok3 star

This film is Baldist! And not a scratch on the wolf of Wall Street!

andre998 - Good fun5 star

One thing I would recommend before watching this movie is to google 'short selling' and familiarise yourself with the term, or you may find half the movie wondering what is going on! This is a brilliant film with great acting and moves especially from Steve Correll. Highly recommended.

manzdj - Amazing! Stop reading, Start watching5 star

Informative, what lead to the 2007 crash, and probably what is to come in London.

Injnghfghjkkkk - Interesting4 star

A very interesting film. Enjoyed

jamiembrown - Entertaining, engaging, and fascinating5 star

While I'm no financial wizz, I've watched every documentary and drama about the financial crisis, so kind of had an idea of how it went down. This provided a really entertaining, genuinely fascinating refresher that covered it from the angle of the people who profited from it by predicting it. Sometimes the leaps out into celebrity cameos explaining stuff felt a little patronising - I liked it more when they did it in the storiy - and sometimes the "bad guys" felt a bit like cardboard cutouts of what we expect the "bad guys" to look like, but they're minor issues in what was overall a really fun while also unexpectedly powerful look at the 2008 collapse. The cast were great, but Christian Bale and Steve Carell really stole any scene they were in.

ChrisChapman - Great Cast and great acting!5 star

I really enjoyed this film. What more can you ask for in a film: great cast great acting - awesome! recommended!

Slippers'npipe - The Big Short4 star

Could have been so much better but it seemed to flit from one situation to the next far to quickly and lost the chance to develop the characters although Steve Carell proves once again what a brilliant actor he is five stars just to watch him

Biscuit_101 - Synthetic CDOs...?5 star

The best finance film made to date. Wonderful use of crossing the fourth wall to speak straight to you the viewer, to bring you along with the jargon. Great performances and characters from Christian Bale and Steve Carell.

iCrispy - Makes mortgages fun5 star

Stand out performances by Christian Bale and Steve Carrell (perfect casting) and brave style choices (breaking the fourth wall) help make this a hugely entertaining film about the US mortgage market that led to the financial crash in 2008. The decision to make this a comedy helps make the heavy content matter more digestible and actually helps aid understanding. Not just an entertaining film, but an important one that gives real insight into the causes of the financial crash and doesn't shy away from telling us who is at fault. Highly recommended, though be warned that the language and terminology have not been dumbed down, not your usual Steve Carrell flick.

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tcox100 - Wow, insightful5 star

Wow, insightful..unlike my review

mookie917 - The big short5 star

EXCELLENT!! This is what its all about. GREAT FILM!! Do yourself a favor and watch the big short its a great story (sad about the reality of it all) great pace, great cast everything bravo!!

Kwasi_pee - 🤔3 star

You have to understand the way the economic works before you'll understand this movie

trexmiller - Best movie I’ve seen in years, but is it true?4 star

The movie is eye- opening entertainment that should be a documentary but isn’t. It is incredibly entertaining and probably (likely?) based on true events. And that is the catch. If everything in this movie actually happened then it is the greatest news story about the 2nd great depression/recession in the U.S. I have ever seen. It might have been more interesting if they had provided footnotes. That would be new and novel for Hollywood.

Cwgal - Witty and Truthful5 star

I love historical fiction and this comes pretty close to a documentary which made it more intriguing. It was really difficult to follow all the financial jargon but they do a good job simplifying in lay men's terms every 30mins in a humorous way that still keeps the flow of the movie going. Really job well done! It is really crazy how blinded by money the lenders got and acted on pure stupidity. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

Traction - Couldn't get into it.1 star

I was looking forward to this because of the subject matter but didn't get more than 10 minutes into it when I had to turn it off. I felt like I was being talked down to, the filmmaking / editing was clearly trying to make up for what could easily be very dry subject matter and Christian Bale's performance was distracting….although it probably wouldn't have been if delivered by an unknown actor. Very few films really make me angry but I couldn't bring myself to spend one more minute watching this. I feel like it could have engaged me right away if done well.

Taster11 - Snooze Fest!1 star

This movie is so boring I could not even finish watching it. Unreal!

Gallitin - Wow5 star

I don't normally take the time to leave a review, but this movie is incredible and a must see!

Taldren - Greatly over simplified.2 star

Everyone knows by now that this all stems back to the Clinton administration's 1994 National Homeownership Strategy in which Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were under pressure to increase lending to minorities and low-income home buyers--a policy that necessarily entailed higher risks. The bubble continued to balloon under the Bush administration which either failed to realise the danger or ignored it until it burst just as the Obama administration took over. This description already more information that the movie provides. It takes a very simplistic view of the overall issues and focuses on predictable curruption that came about from bad policy.

Airwaves23 - They did what I did..5 star

..just so happens my Mom was in Florida real estate just before she retired. I was down there on vacation in '05 and she took me around the developments being built. No one was living in them. She retired in '06 with her entire 401k tied up in the real estate company she had worked for. I told her to move the money she had out of it as fast as she could. She didn't entirely get it, but she moved 75% out on faith. It saved her retirement. Living through the Tech Bubble of the late 90's made it easy to see this one. Good film. Great work by all the actors. Breaking the fourth wall was a genius move. The Big Short is a hard movie to take because the truth of the massive fraud perpetrated by Wall Street was even harder.

appleHC - I love this movie5 star

Saw it on a plane. Had to see it again. CDO, CDS, subprime for dummies ...

ShellyStevens - Awesome & Terrifying5 star

Greed, deception, power, the ultimate turning the other cheek scam pulled on the American people….wait until you see the write up at the end of the movie. Thank you to those who made sure this movie (real life truth) was seen!

Podlistener321 - Great movie5 star

Great movie

Sullyboy - The Big Let Down1 star

Not a very good film. It's hard to follow and the performances are weak. Christian Bale is the only one that does not disappoint. Brad Pitt is horrific and Steve Carell's acting seems to be getting worse.

paiserton - Mediocre3 star

Pretty mediocre. Nothing about this movie was really that good.

quickjosh - Engaging and fun!4 star

All actors in this were fantastic. Steve Carell stood out with his outrage. It was also nice to see Brad Pitt in a supporting, mellow role.

Semper liberi - Better than expected4 star

Solid film. Never gets boring.

Mammothboarder33 - Thought provoking5 star

Fascinating movie.

Redmond Original - Simply boring1 star

Not sure what I was expecting, but all I got was a boring tale that was more depressing than it was entertaining. What a waste of a lot of great actors.

ramsackle - Holywood is now expert in financial markets?4 star

No, Holywood is not expert in financial markets. It is still just expert in appealing to people’s existing bias’s and telling them what they want to hear. Funny how the script gave simplistic definitions to a variety of financial derivatives, then threw those terms around willy nilly. Not once was there any mention of the government’s role in all of this, which was substantial. The government essentially required subprime lending, then guaranteed large blocks of them. (Remember that Freddie and Fannie were massively bailed out). I’m no fan of Wall Street, but when the government is in on the deal, it’s not surprising the banks were as well. And for those that shorted the mortgage market derivatives (and banks, and home builders, and in fact one could have just shorted the S&P 500) most were overjoyed. For them, it was not really a story of all these conflicting feelings and deep depression. Finally, the note at the end of the movie that $X Trillion of pension, 401K, etc. money just disappeared is totally false. Anyone that did not sell recovered as the markets recovered, albeit slowly. And slow is good because it was about time American’s learned the lesson that there is no free lunch, even in financial markets. Make a respectable return and be thankful for it. Those that suffered were the people that lost their jobs. Many are still unemployed and underemployed. That’s the tragedy.

bobo4u - Still time to short bank stocks again...5 star

…before the sequel to this comes out. Excellent movie. Thanks to the writer and producer for not dumbing the movie down. Exceptional performances by Steve Carell and Christian Bale. Glad that America can still produce a good movie.

PCheezy - Its OK2 star

The Inside Job documentary offers a much better insight on exactly what happened. The marquee actors don’t really add much to the characters and almost distracting.

Wee Willy Hickup - Just the way it is5 star

Anyone honest with themselves, who has ever worked in/with "Wall St/DC” knows the movie is spot on. DC is there to bail Wall St out and Wall ST is there to ‘buy’ DC’s support.

Edub1985 - Proof why a republican can't be elected as President5 star

Entertaining and informative...A true story showing exactly what Bernie is saying about Big Banks and their destruction of our economy #feelthebern

Luvsbulldogs - Super informative5 star

Very informative! Great movie and their should be more of these. Made me mad but not because the movie was bad. Everyone should watch. Especially now during election time. Feel the Bern!

Deivid07 - Amazing5 star

Best movie I've watch in a long time, love the style, n how educational it is

Dk95321 - Great movie5 star

You don't have to be interested in finance to like this movie. Disclosure: I'm very interested in finance.

NickBSLC - Calling it like it is5 star

Exceptional cast. Real events. A powerful story told well. Yes it’s a polemic, but it’s a polemic that happens to make for a highly entertaining and thought-provoking film.

VinceAlbanese - Not what I was expecting5 star

Easily one of the best films of 2015, The Big Short follows the journey of several people in the field of economics who understood the errors made by Wallstreet and the Big Banks who allowed for the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 to occur. Sounds boring right? Well, the writers new that most audiences wouldn't have the slightest clue as to what the characters were discussing, so with a taste of comedy and some clever editing, they do their best to inform and also entertain. The ensemble was mesmerizing, and well rounded. Highly recommended.

GMAC75! - Awesome, Educational, & Scary…...5 star

I just have watched this 4 times already. Being I am in the Home Financing Industry and watching competitors pull some of these loans off, we often got blamed for the crash. Even the “bad lenders” that did these loans, did so because the big banks let them. Well, for most of the public that doesn’t research or read, this shows where the “crash” came from. Government and Big Banks. The greed, the deception, and all the time, the middle class foot the bill, and future generations will, as we always do. If anything, this helps everyone see how this happened, and hopefully, we won’t again. From this , you’d think an investigation would open, something again…. but if anything, use this as a what not to do, and just hope your not in the web of it, for they are doing it again… awesome film, funny at times, but seriously a great movie based off of truth.

Kcw0214 - Good3 star


Jloveman - Best Picture5 star

Best movie made in several years!

Betbull8 - What a great film, funny AND informative?!? Wow!5 star

I knew this movie had a ton of great actors in it, but I wasn't expecting the entire cast to be so incredible. I don't know how they turned a boring yet horribly tragic event into something that genuinely made me laugh at loud!! This is a must watch!

Alex64225689942158994 - Big Disappointment2 star

Movies like this make you appreciate the magic of well produced films that draw you in and make you care about the characters, even if not much happens. This movie manages to have none of that, despite a fantastic true story, interesting back-drop, and star cast. They fail to explain the concepts well… in fact they missed the AIG insurance scam aspect of it entirely. Instead of watching this, watch “Inside Job”. It’s more educational and more interesting than this.

Asheth - Enjoyed5 star

Very good movie

Ooobyrdie - Good watch4 star

Accidentally picked this movie in theaters and is was good. Best performance hands down goes to Steve Carell. Not sure how true it is but it definitely entertaining.

steven_k61 - Well put together5 star

Movie was put together well to explain the collapse in layman’s terms. Well done.

Willza U - Meh1 star

Too simplistic, not very engaging from people that are already familiar with the subject matter. Stars were overshadowed by the supporting actors, eg Vinnie. Bad wigs.

artistcaper - A Tad More Than Average2 star

This movie is one tad above average. If the BIG SHORT wins an oscar; then the Oscar's value has plummeted.....

no1filmakr - Great film - very creative4 star

Hard to watch the subject matter but very good film and very creative!

vvroom71 - bad hair can’t get past it1 star

am i missing something , or is there 4 out of the FIVE principles running a ‘great film’ with bad hair pieces, dyes and or otherwise? meh

jlseattle74 - Individual, Banking and Political Corruption5 star

This movie is like lifting a rock or log up and watching the bugs scurry away. The characters were awesome but the whole thing just makes you sick to your stomach. People are getting smarter and learning more about our society and how it functions. I’m happy about that. Everyone needs to see this movie.

i'Chris - A MUST SEE !!!4 star

I'm not sure I quite understood it all, but it made me think and started to ask myself questions. Very well acted and occasionally funny, although a little messy. I would recommend watching this movie it gives you a lot of important information that homeowners should know.

Jfkfjgjfjfv - Try Harder1 star

Four try hards who love themselves but can't act. Try harder next time. Next! ryan gosling loves himself silly, Brad Pitt can't act to save himself but at least isn't up himself like the others.

notmdnp - One of the best films ever made.5 star

Smart dialogue and brilliant innovation conspire to revolutionize filmed storytelling. Don't miss it.

Lolo200712346 - Awesome5 star

This movie was simultaneously awesome and terrifying. It's a great complement to the book (by Michael Lewis)--you should definitely still read the book if you haven't read it because it's amazing, and the movie has picked a lot of the great scenes and characters from the book to showcase.

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The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images
The Big Short movie images

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The Big Short movie posters
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The Big Short movie posters
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