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After the murder of a child by a stray bullet, a group of women organize against the on-going violence in Chicago's Southside.

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No peace. No piece.. A modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago.. Chi-Raq Wiki

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Gave up  Eschenbach2017  1 star

After the 10th or 20th "n-----" word and the 2nd preaching from Samuel L. Jackson in 15 minutes, I just couldn't watch this movie anymore. Just wow, no, I think not.

Not Good.  Bandit_Graphics  1 star

The intro was way too long. And the rhyming was annoying as hell. I stopped watching the movie after like the first 30mins.

Nunchucka No Time 2 Ducka
Knock-off  Nunchucka No Time 2 Ducka  1 star

The movie is a knock-off of Trina's low budget A Miami Tail. Ladies refusing to give guys sex. The idea for this movie is plagiarized.

Regular diner/bad planner
Low raters don't understand it  Regular diner/bad planner  5 star

This is a re-imagining of the Greek tragicomedy, Lysistrata. It is operatic in its movement between comedy and tragedy, and Spike Lee has mastered this medium as he alternately makes you laugh and cry. The silly scenes are intentionally silly, but they are juxtaposed with some of the most powerfully acted and emotionally charged scenes of any movie of the year. The low raters missed the point and the linkage to classic Greek theatre. Read up on Lysistrata, and then watch this. It's a brilliant work. Spike Lee's best so far...

Justice C. Hinton
#TeamJHUD  Justice C. Hinton  5 star

Of course I only watched this b/c Jennifer Hudson was in it, but never really been a fan of Spike Lee's work I have questions & I need answers.

Windsor Smith III
Bold. Failure.  Windsor Smith III  2 star

This weird mixture of tragedy and farce made me queasy, and I got a headache trying to keep up with all the rhyming verse in an unfamiliar idiom. Maybe the film's message wasn't directed at me, but I don't see how it could work for anyone else either.

You have to pay for the condo somehow  ITBrian43  1 star

I have nothing against "working actors". Actors that work and take many a bad roles to pay their bills. Plenty of A-list actors have pinched out some real turds, even DeNiro and Hoffman. This takes the cake. Mainly because no one made enough money off this movie to pay for a candy bar, let alone a bill. The semi-requirement for most, but not all of the script to rhyme breaks the point of even doing it in the first place. Lee takes a serious and universal urban issue and seems to poke fun at it!?! I don't understand the point of this approach. Is Spike running out of creative juices? Seemingly so, after watching this terrible movie. This is two hours, six minutes and fifty seconds I'll never get back. Don't help them finance that candy bar. Just. Don't.

Two thumbs down!  smit.dam  1 star

Spike Lees movies have definitely fallen off! Not only was the acting horrible but the script was like listening to a nursery rhyme. Having Nick Cannon as leader of a gang??? Lol...are u serious!!!

Dave jerome h
AWFUL JUNK  Dave jerome h  1 star

This movie is awful junk. I would not pay $1.00 to watch this movie again. It wasted my time and brainwaves. Spike Lee, this is junk. Nothing really to follow, just stupid rhyming and short clips. I cannot support this. Rent it for .99 cents, smoke some weed and laugh at this stupid film.

Too much raunchy sex, not enough content relating to Chicago’s ongoing violence  PhyllinThisWay  2 star

I wish this movie made the point about the violence in Chicago a bit more clear. This is not, however, something that I would find easy to share with any young adult simply because it is filled with explosive sex scenes that really have no valid use. Sure the thought of withholding sex, as a means of controlling a man surfaces and in some ways makes sense, but an entire movie about that, seems to be a bit much. This movie should have been called “Withholding Sex, and Guns”. I’m disappointed. I’m still waiting on a movie, perhaps a documentary about ending the violence in Chicago. I love the city, but I do not love the craziness and violence that now comprises most of it. I’m disappointed that Spike made this movie into a near porno, but now I see why it didn’t go as far as I would have liked to have seen it go.

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