The Revenant

The Revenant Summary and Synopsis

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this visceral, epic adventure inspired by true events from writer-director Alejandro G. Iñárritu. While on a hunting expedition in the uncharted American wilderness, Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is attacked by a bear and left for dead. Despite unimaginable grief and betrayal by his confidant (Tom Hardy), Glass must navigate a vicious winter in a relentless pursuit to live. In the 1820s, a frontiersman, Hugh Glass, sets out on a path of vengeance against those who left him for dead after a bear mauling. The Revenant Wiki

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(n. One who has returned, as if from the dead.)..

The Revenant Movie (2015)

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The Revenant Movie Reviews

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- Ganadora5 star

Simple y cencillamente buena película merecedora del Óscar real spirit and the Indian revolution

- Inspiring5 star

This movie is so visually captivating and it’s so well written and directed. One of my favorites. Great movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is amazing as usual.

- Perfect5 star


- The bear scene was brutal and shocking5 star

The fight between the bear and Leo was funny and shocking to watch ethier way this movie feels real and entertaining and violent. Alejandro can do good movies like Birdman that movie was funny and this one is brilliant.

- I’m speechless!5 star

Words can’t describe how amazing this movie is.. Leo and Tom killed it on this one.. this movie is beautifully brutal and very realistic and has one of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen yet! Totally worth a buy you won’t regret to watch this story. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Amazing story of survival5 star

Just filming this movie would have been brutal. Rated R lots of blood, some language, rape scene, etc ... just plan brutal. The circumstances were warfare and survival. But some how a really good movie! Kept my attention the whole way. Didn’t feel like a revenge movie per say. Never give up keep fighting for the next breath.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

This is a man against nature and against other man. Unbelievable work!

- Not much replay value because of length but still fantastic5 star

A movie that will be appreciated more for people who like photography and film. A long movie but the beautiful imagery and plot make up for it.

- Terrible lead actor1 star

Lover Leo is not at all convincing as someone who could survive in the wild. He’d fold after a few hours.

- Great Film5 star

I enjoyed the movie with it's classic "good guy gets revenge story" it was breathtaking and i was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

- Waste of time1 star

What a complete waste time if I was not with friends I would have walked out of the theater.

- 👍🏼5 star

This movie is so visually stunning. Great story line and great performance by Leonardo DiCaprio.

- Edemadr Jreeeeernew dd even cethough Ed Dre5 star

I r R

- Top 5 of 20155 star

Best film og 2015

- Really great action5 star

Interesting it tells a story bout it self and actually goes with a real life story really goood

- Awful!!!1 star

Could be the most boring movie I’ve ever wasted time watching !!

- Keep watching it5 star

And in 4K this movie is unreal. I love it. Highly recommend

- Great movie!!5 star

One of the best movies of all time

- GREAT5 star


- One of the finest films ever made!5 star

The cast, the sounds and the feeling will carry you to the end and beyond.

- Terrible1 star


- To much detail3 star

I think this movie was good, considering the fact it was so gory and had so much blood, probably had a little to much detail in the bear scene, but I will compliment on the fact that they made it seem so real so round of applause to that. But ya probably had a little to much detail so, if you not the kind of person who likes really gory movies, this is not the type of movie to watch then

- Gasping1 star

Groaning/gasping/etc.. what a waste of time.

- A Lot Of Work And Knowhow Went Into This3 star

I know little about Yellowstone but I've been there in winter and I kept asking myself: how do you swim and float on a log in snow and icewater for a half hour? Why are people's hands always bare? How does a tiny fire keep you warm? How does a musket turn into a semi-automatic? I liked the snow hut. Anyway, it took me a couple of days to watch because it dragged. Leo is a great actor-I guess he ate buffalo liver and whatever sineau to make the film seem real, and to get an Oscar.

- Very Good Film4 star

I first bought this cheap on Amazon but the don’t have iTunes extra and the film quality is so poor that jumped on the chance to own this at $5.

- The hypocrisy lol5 star

Its soo funny how i see the same people rate this movie lower then SW the last jedi. Which was trash by the way. This movie is visually stunning, a grand performance by Leo as usual, but the story was a bit lacking . Still a fantastic movie.

- Waste of money1 star

This movie sucked and was very boring to watch. I have no idea how it received such high ratings.

- I liked this film4 star

It’s a slow period film, sometimes characters were a little hard to understand. I didn’t see that bear rape him, but that bear did take out a life time of frustration. Amazing film.

- An awesome movie5 star

Incredible acting and epic scenery mixed with a great plot and storyline. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance that is of the highest caliber. Fav

- awesome beard. crap story2 star

the writer/director obviously has never seen a grizzley

- Work of Art5 star

Amazing cinematography. Love the dreams and visions. Boy does Tom Hardy do a good job of making you hate him.

- What a masterpiece !!5 star

Highly recommend this one for its visualization and amazing directions with great acting !!! Total treat !

- Wow5 star

Amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of the greatest actors of our lifetime. Not sure how they pulled this one off but they did.

- Amazing movie5 star

i was hesitant to watch this at first, but it turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

- Academy Award?1 star

I really don't see how this movie won an Academy Award. There's no dialogue that's worthy of the top film award, no acting, no good storyline to follow. Blood, revenge, and death. Not a very good movie in my opinion.

- Captivating. Long.5 star

Those who rate this movie below 3 stars cannot appreciate many aspects of cinema that made this movie a masterpiece. The low amount of dialogue was very appropriate for the setting and character development. I have never experienced anything of the likes of that bear attack

- Great acting4 star

This movie is one of a kind for its great acting and cinematography. The only down side is the amount of land scape shots that make the movie longer than it needs to be. On the other hand a good side about this movie is how they turn a boring story that is in a history text book and turn it into an action pact western.

- Amazing filmmaking, hard to watch4 star

This film is beautiful, powerful and tells its story in an incredibly effective manner, but I never want to see it again. It was too much for me. I was literally bawling for parts of it, and horrified for most of the film. Kudos for the talent involved but holy s*%t.

- Amazing!5 star

Where to begin?! This movie is amazing! I've heard people complain about the lack of dialogue; however, that makes this movie that much better IMO! The places where the movie is filmed are stunning! There are no strained or "phony" relationships here; each actor really played their parts well! You become immersed in this sweeping epic of revenge! This has become one of my all-time favorite movies! The soundtracks, the landscapes, the tale of survival and revenge, the unorthodox style of filming really are incredible! Amazing!

- Powerful5 star

A true testimony to the human spirit.

- Incredible5 star

If you loved Leviathan, you will love this movie. Intense and moving.

- Beautiful but dull and sadistic.1 star

One of the most boring movies I've ever seen. Beautifully filmed, and if they'd edited it down to a 45-minute nature video and added some music instead of Leo grunting it would have been fantastic. But there's no story to speak of, and the survival bits are totally unbelievable. One fight went on for so long, and was so bloody, I was reminded of the knight with no limbs in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." I really don't understand what all the fuss was about.

- This movie is great5 star

This movie is great, exciting, entertaining, action packed, adventure, and awesome. I like this movie a lot. I love Leonardo Dicaprio in this movie a lot. I love Leonardo Dicaprio as a actor. I love Leonardo Dicaprio in any movie he is in. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my all time favorite actors ever. It is one of my favorite movies.

- Loved it5 star

If you're looking for a die hard action movie with a good story this isn't for you, probably all the ones complaining it was terrible thought this way. This movie has beautiful cinematography as well as the acting and directing.

- The Wilderness does NOT mess around5 star

The trailer peaked my interest right away, I was expecting something dark and gritty and it was TOTALLY worth the ticket price, the revenant is a great survival themed western drama thriller full of great performances, great camera work (I stared at it quite a bit), BRUTAL fight scenes (the opening fight is the best part of the whole movie), grit, suspense, and EXTREME gore (this is a guy's flick all the way and one of the most gruesome films I've seen in a while.) I highly recommend the revenant to those who like dark and gritty material and to anyone who likes Leo dicaprio and tom hardy and has been wanting to see those two great actors in a movie together

- Garbage1 star

Great director, great cinematographer, but insanely bad performance by this Leonardo guy. Complete garbage; don't waste your time.

- Worst movie ever1 star

This was awful!👎👎👎

- Absolutely the best in years5 star

I was very skeptical about DiCaprio in this movie, but his performance was excellent. Don't read the negative reviews/critics. This is a masterpiece. Love every minute!

- The first movie written for the new language of 'mumble'1 star

It must just be me, but this seems to be the first movie where the screenplay was written requiring the cast to mumble their lines as if they had a mouthful of marbles. The script is incomprehensible. It just doesn't make sense. Nor does the movie. Another really bad example of Rotten Tomatoes telling us what we must watch. This is a horrible movie, even if it is very loosely based on a true event. It leaves the viewer wondering just which 'fact' portrayed in the movie resembles something that actually happened. A bunch of guys were mud-covered? Someone mumbled something (about something) unintelligible? Indian shot arrows into whites invading their lands? A group of men had some disagreement? Months later, having watched the video (gulp!) more than once, I still wonder what the movie is about: hours of my life wasted. I really like the arrows which completely defy the laws of gravity. Unless they were moving in excess of 3000 feet/second, they wouldn't have as flat a trajectory as they had in the movie.

- Disappointing1 star

2.5hrs of my life I will not get back...such a waste, too long, too gory, too depressing...beautiful locations though but altogether it's a complete waste...hopefully now Leo finally has his overdue Oscar he can go on to make good quality entertaining flicks (think The Departed, The Aviator etc.)

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elyse displayed - The revenant5 star

Bill He got an Oscar DS The winter wonderland movie old When he got in chips and 10 day meal 🥘 and movie 🍿 was about The to helping with animals and 🕳 Holes 🕳 And digestive system problems with slippery slope rock bricks 🧱 And he got wet today With his blood on his forehead And to export explorer 🧭 Explore the new world 🌎 Future The best actress Oscar winning leading role in performance he got in first place 🥇 in the island Oscars Congratulations love Adele

Fuel PI - Wow, what a movie5 star

It pulled me in at the beginning and never let go!

undertheraincoat - Nice visuals but ...2 star

Way overrated.

ScoutTrooperGaming - By far my favourite movie ever!5 star

I loved the revenant so much. I first bought the book, then a few months after finishing it, I watched the movie on Netflix... it was the greatest show if seen in my life! I rewatched it over and over the following days and it seemed like as if I’ve never got tired of watching it. I’m currently reading the book again and just watched the movie once more only that this time I bought off of iTunes due to Netflix removing it sadly... otherwise it’s a great movie and I strongly recommend it, and the music and it’s style used in this movie is just so.. nice and it really makes you feel the sadness from the movie... it’s by far my favourite movie and will most likely forever be.

Charlo27 - Great but extremely graphic5 star


RobbieCutz - Predictable2 star

Every once in a while a movie wins an Oscar that I just can’t stand. This was one of them. Allot of great acting and I guess special effects, but not no need to take a sleep aid, this long boring very predictable ending of a film will knock you right out.

Luciano_69 - A must see5 star

Like always, amazing performance from Leonardo DiCaprio : he is able to out in you in any emotion without even speaking. Tom Hardy is excellent also. Finally the shooting is wild and beautiful : the true Nature

Josleiko87 - Wow5 star

Excellent Film et Leonardo parfait dans son rôle !!!

Ymilaenen - Wow!!4 star

Un peu lent comme film mais la scène avec l'ours est vraiment réaliste.

Alexandre 77628253328 - The revenant5 star

Excellent film

syruse - worth watching3 star

DiCaprio and Hardy's commitment to a role is outstanding.The cinematography is immaculate with the opening scene of massacre at a fur trapper's campsite which resembles the Normandy Beach sequence in Saving Private Ryan. It's a harsh movie with some disturbing scenes (so make sure to either watch it before having a meal or when your meal is completely digested), also the film's runtime may be a factor to criticize but overall even though that it might be predictable (well it's a Hollywood production) but it's worth to watch.

Ann Onymous2 - Ponderous2 star

The photography was gripping. The story was ponderous, mono focal, and depressing.

The Movie Weasel - Less than mediocre.2 star

After all the hype and hoopla, and the Academy Awards, I was expecting A WHOLE LOT more than 153 close ups of Mr. DiCaprio in agonizing pain in a boring story line. Pretentious, certainly boring, in a very thin story line, with stilted dialogue, badly edited, that isn’t worth the price of a rental.

Montreal70 - Beautiful pictures but a biased historic adaptation2 star

We were very excited about actor's play (Dicaprio and Hardy) and the beauty of the images. But the traditionnal Hollywood majors clichés of the scenario with the good Americans and the bad "others" really spoiled our pleasure. Very disappointing on behalf of our favorite film-maker.

Kimmy9296 - nothing but grunts and groans1 star

I'm sorry but this movie was painflly boring to watch

talkin - Unbelievable!!1 star

Hugh Glass should have been dead even before he and the horse went over the cliff. The guy had more lives than a cat!! And some of the editing was all over the place. Hollywood really exagerated his life story. I'd read about his story first and you'll see all the inaccuracies. Definately wouldn't recommend or watch this movie again. The only good thing was some of the acting.

Laura-Lee Was Here - Does the Destination Overcome the Drag?3 star

When that many people refer to "cinematography" in their review you can guess the film isn't gripping. You'd be right. I love DiCaprio & Hardy but this film needs to lose about 20 minutes. It's like a long plane ride but to a nice place.: Too much baggage causes trouble lifting off, U R stuck in Economy but at least there are nice views. But near the end you get bumped into First Class & eventually land in Paris, so you can forgive the long, slow flight to get there. (A LOT of historical inaccuracies but I've lived in Alberta & BC my enitre life -50 years- and it does get so cold there were times I would have done the "horse-thing" if one had been available.)

PersonInCanada - NOOOOO!!!!!!1 star

don't get it don't watch it poor story and poor

Kovacs007 - Filmmaking At Its Finest!5 star

An experience more than a viewing, 'Revenant' is an instant classic. Every aspect of this film is awe worthy, from the gorgeous setting (Mostly filmed in Alberta, Canada), stunning cinematography filmed in natural light, to incredible performances by the cast, especially by Leonardo DiCaprio, who finally snagged a Best Actor Oscar, and deservedly so! A bit harsh and grim but well worth the journey this wonderful film literally carries you through!

Capeless Breton - One word: Glorious5 star

I can't believe I didn't see this film sooner. Leo DiCaprio absolutely deserved that Oscar win, as did director Alejandro G Iñáritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. As far as issues, the 2nd act is a little slow, but that's a very minor complaint and it didn't affect my enjoyment of the movie too much. If you think you can stomach the amount of brutality that the lead character faces, by all means check it out. If not, you may want to skip it.

email.isaac95 - Best cinematography3 star

Awesome cinematography, outstanding pictures of the scenery. However the story line and the dialogs are poor. A very poor and cliche story telling. They tried hard to adapt the movie to the novel and the result is not good. My best scene is when he jumps off the cliff with his horse !

antidote - A large screen movie 4sure5 star

Watched this last night. I am so upset at not seeing this on the big screen when it was in theatres. One of my fave movies of all time. In 30 years they will be looking at this and stating how important it is to the cinematic world! Watch it now!!!!

duke212121 - A Movie to be Remembered5 star

When you can say to yourself "I will remeber this movie for many reasons" when you finish watching then you know you have just seen a good one. I will remember this movie for its fine acting, superior action shots and worthwhile scenery. The plot was fresh and was a good break from the hum drum movies being grinded out weekly from Hollywood. You can't spend your money a better way if you are looking for 2 hours of solid entertainment that will keep you riveted to the screen.

Pariahdude: - Excellent film, but4 star

A few discrepancies must be voiced: the character does not wear any gloves. Frostbite would have been the result after the first night of sleeping outside. Consequently thrown in the Falls, drifting in the river dressed with a ton of thick animal skin clothes would have pulled him down to the bottom after a mere few minutes. He could certainly not have swam so easily. Drenched in freezing water, and seeing it all dried up, thick and perfectly clean in a few hours? thats impossible. Mounds of Ice would have formed and would have remained. Its a movie, I'm aware of it. but still... Now for the inaccuracy of the French Canadian portrayal. It is known that the 'Coureurs des bois' began families with the North American natives. So much so, that the society known as Quebecers today, are the fusion of both the French and the Natives. In fact, the raping of Native americans came more from South of the border. A well respected Quebec actor refused the part of Toussaint--who rapes a native girl. That actor has researched and worked arduously on a well-praised documentary about Quebecers gene pool a year before. Kudos to him for refusing the part. I could never have seen him play it. I would expect this faulty portrayal from an American director, i.e Argo. But not from a prolific Mexican director who's two wildly successful films--Birdman, The Revenant were partly financed by Quebec-Sodec. I understand the film is inspired from the journey of a person.That it is partly Fiction. Would explain why the relationship between the French and Natives were so gruesomely inaccurate. But purely as a film? Yes, it is the work of a master! Cinematography is nothing short of miraculous! Always a visual and emotional feast to see the wild Brady at work! and yes, Leo was very good.

Donnyduck51 - revenant2 star

What a completely boring junk movie. The only good thing was a 3 minute appearance of a bear. Totally disappointed!!!

dillusioned - Plodding and no story...3 star

I wanted to like this movie, and to some degree I did. But the reality is that it is a very long movie and unfortunately, very short on story. It is mostly about a long line of crappy things that happen to the protagonist. They tried to shoehorn in some story by pinning the misfortunes of DiCaprio on Tom Hardy’s character, but it just didn’t ring true to me. About halfway into the movie I wondered if I’d stumbled upon a Cormac McCarthy novel adaptation as it reminded me of The Road. All in all, it provides some entertainment, but it’s a pretty bland movie with nothing uplifting about it(not that it’s a requirement).

Mike from Canmore - Much ado over nothing1 star

A really bad high school acting job by high school drop out DiCaprio. I’ve seen documentaries and real action that were more dramatically motivated than this. Don’t waste your money on this garbage.

Taktakasaki - Too Bad Dicaprio1 star

Sorry that this film is where he finally wins an Oscar! It was bad scripted, too long, and just rotten Both my Wife and I couldn’t believe we watched it. Sorry, but DiCaprio needs to put this one behind him.

Platolives - Artsy and depressing1 star

A rather randomly put together cinematic piece that is all one flat, somber note throughout (quite literally a cello note I think) without much plot and no character development at all. I didn't much care what happened to the protagonist and ended up fast forwarding quite a bit. It made me realize that Dances with Wolves and the Last Samurai were pretty darn good.

STEE&VI - Très bon film5 star

Vraiment bien joué, paysages superbes, histoire qui se tiens. Bravo

AppleUser-83 - Dark, Gritty & Gripping5 star

Superbly crafted father/son revenge film! One of Leo's best to date.

Sarebone - The revenant5 star

Honestly, the best movie of this year. Tough to watch but when you watch the movie you are left with a sense of awe. Even better is the fact that it was all shot in natural light. It really feels like a movie that is not about all the special effect, but it focuses on telling a story, the acting and the unaltered natural beauty of the places the world has to offer. I personally think it is brilliant and a great piece of art in the sense that the use of CGI is minimal compared to any other movie today.

TAIMURSS - Painfully Slow2 star

This is the first negative review I have ever written but I do so now to spare others the slow and agonising torture associated with watching this movie. Phenomenal acting by everyone in it but just painfully slow and long. I'm the biggest DiCaprio fan ever by the way as ami one of Tom Hardy.

MooooNeeee - Only the clueless don't get it!!!5 star

Anyone not giving this movie 5 stars simply doesn't get great movie making P.E.R.I.O.D. You will always have the fools wanting to go against the grain. If you haven't seen this movie yet, then treat yourself. Leo finally got the statue he long deserves and Tom Hardy is as always on top of his game. Enjoy.

Trading paint - Damn Good5 star

enough said, just watch it!

Lordshinx - 5 stars for the Beautiful landscape2 star

Well I watch this movie in half the time, most of the time you only see beautiful nature, and for a second I though I was watching a zombie movie. come on, too much happen to him, even if it a true story, He need a superpower to survive all that. Maybe we will see him next time in a avenger movie.

Little coco. - Attrocious !1 star

Charged with hatred between peoples , if you love movies where everyones suffers you’ll be served . Huge lack of originality . It’s another war movie .

Wow la la la - Love it <35 star

Best film ever by Leo yet! Survival at its best! Beautiful scenery!

CaptainNanuq - No sugar coating5 star

A violent movie that does not sugarcoat the history of Europeans moving into the new world. Greedy people taking too much wildlife, stealing native ladies, killing. You get a good sense of what the indigenous people had to put up with. I recommend it only if you can stomach the violence.

subzero9999 - Seldom does a movie stick in my head after5 star

I found it very unique and quite moving. Wonderfully made and acted.

Bright Bright bright bright - "And the Oscar goes to..."5 star

LEO!! Not just for this movie! But for every movie he should have taken an Oscar home for in the past!! Including films he was overlooked for throughout the years!! By far the best Actor of my generation! So very deserving of recognition by the "Academy" (they've truly dropped the ball by not nominating him in the past for extremely obvious "Best Actor" & "Best Supporting Actor" parts!) Oh please, please let this finally be the year! (Allowing the Academy to re-right some wrongs!) May this Oscar be for his entire body of work!!

418keven - excellent film!4 star

Leonardo à son meilleur .

Ira141 - Phenomenal5 star

Got pumped when I seen the teaser trailer in theatres & now this is on my top 5 films of 2016 list. A great thriller to me. Amazing cinematography. Loved how this was shot in Canada (beauty nature) and not a green screen Hollywood film. Oscar for Leonardo Please! Enjoyed this film from beginning to end. Not everyone can agree with my opinion just I'm not one of those critics expecting a non stop action movie because to me this film is a suspenseful ride from start to end. 2 thumbs up and worth renting or buying. I definitely would of been down to watch this in IMAX. As for a downside review of this film only one scene I was disturbed from where a man cuts open a dead horse and sleeps inside. I couldn't handle that scene but then again 5 out of 5 stars!!!

SkyeScott - Epic Tale...5 star

Incredible film with outstanding cinematography, directing and acting. The authenticity of the amazing tracking shots have to be seen to be believed. Destined to be remembered as one of the great films of the decade.

Emily😂❤ - 😍 oh my wow!5 star

This is one of my favourite movies with Leo in it! He is so talented! The movie is phenomenal! And I'd recommend that ppl should watch it! It's a movie I could watch 10000x and never get sick of it! Words can't even describe how much I like this movie.. 😍❤️ Leo deserves an Oscar, no questions asked. 🙌🏻👌🏻

Namakota - 10/105 star

This movie was amazing.

senseijase - Amazing Movie!5 star

Fantastic movie that tells a compelling story that will steal your attention the entire time!

H20 123480 - BEST MOVIE5 star

Best movie I have seen in a long time, very immersive and very intense, I give the movie an 11/10, extremely enjoyable, great soundtrack too!

Kiwikeyisha - Love!!!5 star

I love this! And it's about Aboriginal peoples which I am proudly one of them. This definitely needs an Oscar.

MJay365 - Stunning - Words are not enough5 star

This movie is absolutely amazing. The acting is phenomenal, the soundtrack is perfect, and the cinematography was absolutely stunning. Any Canadian (especially those in Alberta and BC) should deeply appreciate the beauty of this film as we have all experienced the bitter cold shown. You can literally feel the cold and loneliness expressed in the film. I was on the edge on my seat the whole time; very intense. Be advised to not eat a large meal before you watch - coming from someone who has a tough stomach. One of the best films I’ve seen in my life (and I’ve seen a lot of movies).

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Taylor Marema - Amazing5 star

This is such a great movie the story is great and is touching at times which brings you closer to the story honestly I don't know what all these bad reviews are about.

Poetmanhouston - Best Movie Ever5 star

The Best movie I've ever seen. Everything seems so real. Cinematography. Story. Acting. Sound.

Biglongdingdong10 - Good5 star

Yeah it's boring, that's what makes it good. People saying it's too gory are a bunch of pussies. If I wanted to watch a dumb action movie I'd watch Transformers

mm_coop - Disapointed.1 star

Having read the book, I had high hopes for this. Now, obviously I understood going into it that it wouldn't stay true to the book, however there are many movie adaptations that are enjoyable and have their own merit. This did not. I was disapointed from the opening scene and only grew more unhappy with the narrative of the film up to the finale.

Bodestiny - Great Movie. Instant Classic5 star

This was such a great movie, for so many reasons. The quality, the script, the acting, the depth, the scenery, etc. Wonderful production.

Ninjanick65 - Brutal, haunting, and absolutely beautiful5 star

I loved this movie as soon as the first scene filled the screen. The cinematography was absolutely stunning and well shot! The music was great as well. And Leo finally got his Oscar!

Ggirl12 - Long movie but5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed it and the acting by Di Caprio was outstanding! My favorite in a long time!

Dan727 - Just ok2 star

Not as good as the critics make it out to be, I was expecting more.

DrLabgirl - Meh2 star

Lots of grunting

ScFo56 - Great scenery but no real point to it3 star

Not Leo's best. Great acting and beautiful scenery. But the story lacks any hint of greatness...or even "really good" -- ness. Not nearly on a level with, say, Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven," or even Michael Fassbender in "Slow West," two beautiful and great rustic films about the struggle to survive out West during the same era. "Revenant" is just a bucolic story about some ruthless folk during a brutal winter. It wouldn't have won any Oscars except for Leo's performance and the incredible scenery. The film left me feeling depressed. And it's at least 30 minutes too long.

TealABA - So disappointed1 star

Can't believe I paid for this. The errors in the movie are laughable. It would have been funny if I hadn't given my hard earned money for this joke. The 4 star rating deceived me!

Preacher25 - boring at best1 star

I cant begin to understand how it got suhc great reviews

Cristal000000 - Boring2 star

Not much happens throughout the movie i don't know how he won an Oscar for this

Frost1234567899888 - Surprised5 star

My YouTube reviewer said it wasn't for everyone. I totally fell in love with this movie. DiCaprio actually made me FEEL that he was in pain, that he was cold, that he just lost his son, that he was near death, that a bear was mauling him and he was DYING. The plot makes sense and maybe the best part of this movie is how little dialogue there is. When DiCaprio speaks his words mean something. Even without dialogue for about an hour we all know what he feels, what his intentions are and even sometimes what he's THINKING. I can't say enough about DiCaprios performance. Our villain is played by Tom Hardy. His acting and accent is so convincing that I didn't recognize him, which isn't saying much because he transforms himself so completely for each role he plays. Literally every actor is amazing. Now for the fighting scenes. They aren't flashy and full of constant fighting. The bear mauling is so violent and tense that I actually felt BAD that I was watching something so brutal for entertainment. The sound effects, his screaming and groaning as the bear rips into him, how tense and scared I was for him. Even throughout the movie I had no idea if he would live or die, if he would get his revenge, MAN this movie had me on the edge of my seat. Pure beauty don't listen to any haters in the customer section, it was all great and amazing.

Ushtacular - Outstanding performance5 star

This was great!

GOD IS GOOD! - Worthy of Leonardo's first Oscar!4 star

Great movie. Lots of beautiful scenery, natural lighting, thanks to back to back to back Oscar winning cinematographer from Gravity, great direction, and tense acting out of Tom Hardy and Leo make this a n intense experience. Leo nailed it, finally!

Colombian in NY - A MUST WATCH MOVIE5 star


Nickname of this review - A brutal and beautiful movie5 star

This movie is as gritty and brutal as it is beautiful

Jantzen1995 - Too gory. Too long2 star

Not a good movie. If you love revenge then you may like it

Benbenhawaii - Monotone1 star

Basic drama storyline. Leo spent most of the movie on the ground crawling around or getting hurt. I can't believe this was Oscar worthy?!

Film_Fan_4751 - Inarritu at his Best!5 star

With Oscar-worthy performances across the board, masterful direction, some of the most beautiful cinematography EVER, a poetic script, & amazing character development, The Revenant is an impactful & visionary western that blew me away. It's a powerhouse of a film that any fan of impactful movies will love. The ending sent adrenaline rushing through my body & the action is so realistic & had me on the edge of my seat. Even with its huge runtime & the pace starting to drag in the second act, this is a film that makes me believe that language arts classes in schools will study films later on. Absolutely incredible!!

josebetancourt18 - What a Great Movie5 star

The film is made with spectacular settings and the outfits are perfect for the film. Oh! and Leonardo what an actor!.

marymaryland - Leo is a great actor5 star

Great movie this is a must see!

Ian89its - My review3 star

Hugely overrated. Not much happens, the cinematography is so-so and the acting dosen't live up to the hype. Very glad I rented and didn't buy.

TropicMD - Slow and Unbelievable2 star

Slow moving; could have cut out an hour of film if just eliminated the scenes where you have to stare at a tree or stream for 30 seconds. You need captions just to understand the script - especially from DiCaprio and the actor who played Fitzgerald. Glass (DiCaprio) is on the brink of death, yet he manages to build fires, construct fish traps, crawl down a cliff, most of it with soaking wet clothing over snow - yet by some miracle he doesn't even catch a cold or get wound infection. Boring movie, waste of money.

8waxahachie - Washington1 star

I really thought the acting was subpar--- the dialogue was mostly grunting--- the scene were either vulgar-- a woman being raped to just plain stupid. The entire movie is so dark it's hard to see . Don't waste your money. Robert Redford this clown made a similar movie years ago --- spend your money on it --- a real action movie...

Non-usable - Too Long1 star

Other than for the awsome bear attack scene this movie drags on and on. The acting was very dry and subpar. I felt indifferent about all the characters. I felt the close father son relationship was not there. Lots of blood and gore not enough character building. I think this movie could have been great like "Ledgends of the Fall" but was instead very disappointing. This is a movie best rented from Red Box.

Brian432 - why all the hate?5 star

like I know not everyone is gonna like the movie, but people on hear saying "why did Leo get an Oscar?" um maybe because Leo is one of the most take net actors of our time? maybe because he's done many movies and didn't get the credit he deserved? I understand having opinions on the movie, but dissing on people hard work is just disrespectful. I'm happy for Leo. I really am. I liked the movie. Yeah it was long, and lacked some stuff but it wasn't worth a 1 star review! find ya chill people. let me know when you can act like Leo. You didn't like the movie? Great. But bringing Leo into it has nothing to do with the move huh? He deserved that freaking Oscar. And he got it so 😛

Shenanigans on this - Not bad3 star

Not bad, but dear god somebody needs to invent a bath or a shower for these people. Everybody is just filthy looking.

Zion Urquidi - An immersive experience5 star

All these reviews saying this movie is boring and drags but they don't understand how the story is extremely strong and the movie is trying to pull the audience in the movie with its immersive close up shots and beautiful vine native views. This movie was brilliant. Shows the effort of a father trying to revenge his sons death only to realize the journey showed him who he truly was and was not going to be like the man that killed his son. Well made and we'll deserved Oscar for Dicaprio.

SungLee$$ - do not waste your time and money1 star

This terrible movie really really was boring. I can make movie better than this.

mjkhoshnood - no good,no bad1 star

I do not like:(

Realblog - Horrible movie!!!1 star

This is a long drawn out movie about disgusting people who stole land, raped women, and behaved like animals! I kept waiting for a story to unfold, instead all I recevied was 2+ hours of nothing!!! How did this win an award is beyond me!

Sdpryde - One of the worst movies I've ever seen.1 star

I wish I could give it a zero. Now if this was a sci-fi, or a fictional actin/thriller I might have been able to tolerate this movie; but as a 'based on a true story'.... BULLSPIT!!! It starts off bad, it gets worse with what the main character survives, and then gets worse. It's way too far fetched. I don't feel empathy, excitement, or anything for any character.

Bugawugski - Spectacluar Film5 star

This movie so true heroic behavior that drives on person to fight for another. While this movie may not be okay for younger children it stand as one of my top favorite movies in the last five years. All those Oscars were well desrved.

Great acting - Good rental but don't buy to own it4 star

I rated it a 4 for the acting only. This movie has no doubt, great great acting. It's very depressing though. I will honestly say it's worth watching, but I would only plan on watching it once. Definitely not the kind of movie you HAVE to see every time you see it on tv. I left movie feeling like I needed to watch a comedy to lift my spirits haha.

TranceMist - Beautiful but long and slow4 star

Incredible cinematography. Fantastic to watch. Good story, but very slow.

KGBJS - Boring1 star

I kept waiting for this movie to kick in and get interesting, but it didn't for me.

Marvin Tha Martian - Wasn't sure at first...5 star

Have never been a really big DiCaprio fan, but I have to say, he did a really fantastic job in this film. The cinematography was also top notch.

o Mr P - Best of 20155 star

This was my favorite movie of 2015. Disclaimer, I'm giving this a 5 star rating as someone who loves the 19th century time period and also grew up on old westerns with slow moving plots. Be forwarned this is not a modern Hollywood blockbuster that has something flashy happening every 10 seconds. This is a beautiful representation of the 19th century and the brutality that our ancestors went through in order to make a stake in North America. There are many complaints about gore, language, and lack of dialogue but honestly I loved all of these things about the movie. The gore has me in awe of how much hell these men are living through and makes me appreciate how civilized we are now, the language is foul because fur traders were rough men, and the actors and videographers did such an amazing job with expressions and shot angles that I actually thought the lack of dialogue strengthened the film. Obviously this film isn't for everyone but I walked out of the theater with my heart racing and a huge smile on my face.

Francisco Zarate - Great movie5 star

This is one of the best movies that Leonardo DiCaprio has done . People who say they don't like it, don't know what Cinematic Art is.

slim jim BOB - HORRIBLE1 star


Darrenpm - Really?1 star

Yeah, this movie is visually pretty, if you are into frozen pain, but this is one of the most over-hyped movies I have ever experienced. No. Story. At. All. I want my money back.

nick66809 - so booooring2 star

I didn't expect more, but I turned it off after 40 minutes, so boring to see Di Caprio getting back to life, no real story, just dark annoyinb picture. Not for me

Vu-Du Review - Dark emotional and intense5 star

This movie wasn't quite what I expected, but it was fantastic. I was expecting more of an action packed gunslinging western, but mainly this was a dark, emotional, and suspenseful story of survival against incredible odds. It has a strong storyline with some subtle twists and turns and beautiful cinematography. Very well done.

strich56 - Nice scenery...1 star

The Oscar must have been for scenic views. As with most of Mr. DiCaprio's movies this one was 90 minutes too long!

TopekaHusker - Don't Waste Your Time1 star

I am glad I did not waste money seeing this in the theater. Yes I read the book and it was awesome so I had high hope. They totally dumped that story line and floated this t*** out for everyone to watch. It was disjointed with huge plot holes. Toss in the traditional Hollywood cliches and recylce away. Once again disappointed.

Pross6564 - Disappointed2 star

The movie never developed into any substantial plotline our story it was very simple. I think sometimes you can get away with a very simple story but not in this case and just didn't work However I will say that the cinematography and camerawork was bar none some of the best, very pleasing to the eye just lacked a good story

Millertime1414 - Beautiful but blah2 star

Gorgeous looking film but too much downtime between anything worth caring about. Felt Leo was better in Wolf of Wall St.

Mak Vane - Awesome movie5 star

Great story line, very realistic and just a great movie

5 star

For those who may be wondering: Albius is a revenant. His body is alive in the living world but rotting very slowly…

5 star

@fakemarigolds: POV: You're at "dinner" with Revenant watching him try to cling onto whatever echoes of the human experience he can stil…

5 star

@CosmoTabletop @sara_da_yo @CosmonautMarcus I think the best thing to do would be to actually have something in it…

5 star

they act like shes a top notch movie star and we just must know every detail about her engagement and wedding she g…

5 star

Meet Ghost, this mama just gave birth to these cuties. Since Atalie’s been watching #WynonnaEarp and the pups names…

5 star

my bf is making me watch the revenant and a bunch of animals keep dying and he knows i cant handle this even tho i…

5 star

@mxltidicaprihoe If tje revenant dude and the bear had seggs

5 star

@faisal_fzar: إياك ان تستسلم، لطالما لا يزال بإمكانك التنفس فيجب عليك أن تقاوم. - The Revenant

5 star

Movies 21-25 - Tenet (2020) - The Revenant (2015) - Palo Alto (2013) - Reservoir Dogs (2002) - Deadpool (2016)

5 star

#NowWatching 'The Revenant' Gosh I just want a new film by Alejandro so bad....

5 star

@tatixdiazx @Btrillaaa I didn’t do the same because I didn’t go off topic. I asked a question & How is it not revenant?

5 star

@fakemarigolds: POV: You're at "dinner" with Revenant watching him try to cling onto whatever echoes of the human experience he can stil…

5 star

Beats hit different in the mind of a Revenant

5 star

@ManWithNoGame45 @SanjaeD @BNojka @MK_KeySi_HK Yeah and u can't even kill him coz of the multiple bone shield and r…

5 star

I’m like that scene in the revenant where he sleeps in a dead horse. Disgusting yet necessary

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The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
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The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images
The Revenant movie images

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The Revenant movie posters
The Revenant movie posters
The Revenant movie posters
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The Revenant movie posters
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