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Gerard Butler returns as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning in London Has Fallen, the high-octane sequel to the box office smash Olympus Has Fallen. In London for the funeral of the British prime minister, the world’s most powerful leaders find themselves being picked off one by one by a sinister terrorist group who are now planning to take out United States President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) next. It is up to Banning to protect the President, and secure his safe return home. Also starring Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett, London Has Fallen is an action-packed, thrill-a-minute experience. In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders. London Has Fallen Wiki

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The world's leaders have assembled. So have their enemies...

London Has Fallen Movie (2016)

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London Has Fallen Movie Reviews

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- Steve2 star

Lot's of CGI action but no real story. There are much better movies to watch.

- London has Fallen5 star

I Frankenstein makes a good president, and 300 makes a good SS agent.

- Jerkoff3 star

Good except for the CNN jerk off pervert featured in news clips who’s London britches have fallen to show he soiled himself.

- Great Movie5 star

This is Great Entertaining Movie! Gerald Butler is Great!

- 1 scene near the end makes the whole movie worth it.5 star

And, that’s the scene that all the haters are hating on. hahaha!

- The worst movie I have seen in recent past1 star

If you take your movies with a bit of realism, please don't waste time watching this movie. It's probably one of the worst in the history of movie making. I essentially was left brain frozen watching this movie to the point I was just wanting to see it through. I gave up midway and felt numbed to the core with the stupidities that kept coming back to back. This is not about any serious movie making effort, but more about trying to keep the audience distracted by passing from one stupidify to another.

- 4K needed5 star

Great movie, but when will the movie upgrade to 4K?

- Awesome Sequel!5 star

5/5 from me

- One of the best we are America and we’ll kick your a..5 star

Really enjoyed it. Think they made SAS look little weaker then they probably are and they should have dropped more than one bomb at the beginning. Outside of that it was filled with the truth on how to handle evil when it comes to you ... destroy it.

- Great American movie5 star

Love it

- Fun, forgettable action thriller3 star

I enjoyed this sequel better than the original set in the US

- Cheesy and Uninteresting1 star

CGI explosions looked awful, destruction of buildings looked completely unrealistic, and plot makes no sense. There really isn’t even a story here unless you like mindless action, in which case this movie caters perfectly to you. If you come here looking for anything unique or mildly unpredictable, look elsewhere.

- BUNDLE please!5 star

Please give us a bundle of both movies! I would buy.

- What a HUGE disappointment1 star

The first one was great! This movie sucked. It was like watching a 14 yr old play a stupid video game - the dialogue was horrible - childish and ridiculous. The action scenes were overdone and completely unbelievable. What a waste of time and money.

- Critics are always wrong5 star

Great movie that wasn't clearly rated correctly it is a great action movie if not the best I've watched all year...

- Here's how to watch this movie1 star

Get high, drunk, drugged, kicked in the head real hard or just ensure you have no taste or brains. Then you can possibly tolerate this stupid, poorly written, nonsensical, over the top action movie that puts Buttler's god like role in perspective.

- Critics are wrong again!5 star

Ok so critics rated this movie all wrong. It plays well the action is great and entertains through out the entire movie. I almost didn’t purchase this based on the critics score. I read everyones reviews and saw that some really enjoyed the movie. So I took a chance and I enjoyed the movie. We don't always need the best effects remember the old classics. The action stays with the movie and will entertain all the way through. So don't be discouraged by the critics. This score from the critics makes me wonder sometimes did they even watch the movie? For me like others I see here I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Better than most movies that critics score higher. Its an action movie that plays well.

- Formalistic & Predictable2 star

Formalistic & predictable; it could have been a lot better. Lots of action. 2.5 stars.

- Bad on so many levels.1 star

The plot, the dialog, the cheesy cliches on every turn, the unbelievable details inside unbelivable details, and everything you learned to hate about movies that substitute quality film-making with waving flag, macho bravado and justification of violent sequences. What a garbage.

- Well made, and a good sequel4 star

A fun film

- Didn't think I would like it. It was awesome5 star

Enjoyed it a lot more than I thought. Love butlers character. It's the attitude we SHOULD. Have regarding terrorism

- Awesome5 star

If you like smart action movies that are close to reality, this is the move for you. Wonderful. Entertaining, fun, and too close to what can happen in the real world.

- I don't know3 star

Not much of a story line. Generous in giving it three stars.

- Awesome5 star

Awesome action packed movie!!

- Don't believe the bad reviews... good popcorn action flick.5 star

I can only imagine that those that are making all the false claims about this movie must have a pretty serious agenda. The special effects are good, the script is above average compared to other movies in the same genre, the cast does a good job and the movie overall is entertaining and worth seeing. So, here's an unbiased review and recommendation. It's fun and has many edge of your seat moments. Definitely worth renting.

- Good Action Flick5 star

If you're having trouble sorting through the reviews, always remember - when the professional reviewers say a movie is bad, but the average viewer gives it a favorable rating, the movie is pretty good. Anytime there is that gap between professionals and the actual viewing public, there was some political agenda or some such thing driving the professionals. It was a great action movie. I saw it in the theatres and the audience ate it up; good action, good acting for what it is and even funny in some places

- Not Well Written ...3 star

... but not badly acted. Too much unbelievable swearing when wittier dialog could have sufficed, and the first 15 minutes could've been the attack without the boring setup material. The rest of the film could then be about figuring it all out AND saving the President. Otherwise, it's fairly enjoyable.

- Don't believe the liberal critics!4 star

This was a great movie. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. There were a few minor tweaks that could be made, which is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. Overall though, I found it very entertaining and a feel good win for America on the war on terror. Unfortunately, the rotten tomatoes movie critics are a bunch of brain washed liberals that will say anything to bring down a good patriotic film.

- Loved It5 star

Love this movie because this embodies exactly what we need to do to terrorists in the real world. Also, great plot and non-stop action really keeps you interested.

- Boring and full of cliche's1 star

As with it's predecessor, Olympus has Fallen, this moving was unmotivating, boring, and chock full of cliche', with a mix of flying bullets (in video game fashion) and tacky 'serious' scenes. Spending $6 for an iTunes rental was a complete waste of money - this movie would be better suited in a Netflix queue when it can be watched it as part of the subscription. Sure, this movie was all about action, and there is plenty of it, but the predictability, the dialogues, and the acting was quite disappointing. 1 star is all it deserves.

- Rotten Tomatoes Is ROTTEN4 star

I guess any terrorist movie is xenophobic by Rotten Tomatoes. And increasingly I think if Rotten Tomatoes hates a movie, it's likely to be good. I won't lie & say this is "the best," or anything like that, but it's a good movie & better than the original. If you're looking for a good action movie (new), this is an entertaining film. If you're a person that looks so hard to find anything "to read between the lines" in, you're not only likely to be a Rotten Tomatoes fan, but also not like this, or most any other movies. Definitely worth renting if not buying, esp if it's on sale on iTunes.

- Horrible2 star

Exagerada historia, llena de cliches, situaciones que nadie puede creer por mas que sea ciencia ficción y lo peor, efectos de los años 80

- Overdose of Explosions and Stereotypes1 star

If you like explosions every 5 minutes, smart-alecky macho dialogue, with unlimited supply of stereotypes, playing towards a predictable outcome of an implausible plot, then this movie is for you. Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't. And I wasted $10 and 98 minutes of my time.☹️

- Action5 star

So good one

- Dull, lazy action film1 star

I would dismiss this film as a poorly executed yet harmless action fantasy, but apparently straight-faced comments like "shows a lot about what's going on in our world today and how we can stop it" shows that these types of films can actually be somewhat dangerous when you have grown, deluded men actually BELIEVING in these reactionary fantasies.

- Love5 star


- EMW10695 star

Great movie!! Better than the original and worth buying. If you rent this movie you'll just see for yourself that it was worth the extra money just buying it. I'm not sure why the ratings were bad and whoever wrote the bad reviews were wrong!!

- Loved it!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

Had not heard of this movie when it was in theaters. Rented it. Loved it. Non stop action. After it was over I wanted more so I then rented Olympus Has Fallen which is the first movie in this series. Same cast. Both movies were great!!

- Rotten Tomatoes Critics are IDIOTS5 star

Don't believe ANYTHING the Rotten Tomatoes critics say about this film. They all have a political agenda to fill. If you are an American at heart, then you will LOVE this movie!

- The truth: boring1 star

Holy cow, is this movie dull. Sorta grabs you at the start and then fades away. This is a scout's guide on how to make government gone wrong movie. Brings nothing to the table and whatever is does bring, it serves mundanely.

- Don't Listen to the Critics5 star

Critics are basically entertainment "industry" folks who couldn't make it into the business. It's meant to be fun. There's too much crap going on in the world so just go on the journey, follow the story and have fun.

- Good action movie5 star

It is pretty good action packed movie. And it has good ending.

- Great movie5 star

Screw the critics, great movie the entire way

- Meh...2 star

I know it's just an action movie... but so is 007... by those standards this falls deeply short. I didn't like Olympus Has Fallen, we had mixed company over and it was a unanimous vote to watch this movie and surprise! I didn't really like this movie either. All the expert critics nail this films problems on the head. Ultimately, its a rather silly movie; even if someone likes conspiracy theory movies. It's a rather, 'unthinking' movie, not that it has to be but again, without much else going for it, it certainly doesn't help. "unthinking consipiracy movie" really doesn't sound good does it? Sounds rather bland and confusing, well my friends that is what this movie is. One would think the special effects would help but really it falls short as well. Perhaps it would be a good drinking movie but if you're looking for something a little more elevated in the action genre I'd suggest looking elsewhere, or just watch the Sci Fi cabel channel.

- The Movie Has Fallen2 star

All the security in London has fallen...take your pick. Somehow the terrorists bypassed every inch of security that a country would normally have in place and placed bad guys in overwhelming numbers in security details or positions of trust. It was so ludicrous that it was hard to watch and I stopped by about half way through because if your country is that pourous, you deserve to fall.

- Best movie I have seen in awhile5 star

The critics are wrong! This movie is great ... It keeps you on the edge of your seat and is everything you could ask for in an action movie ! Bravo well done ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Not a good moive1 star

The theme of this movie is simply Nationalistic. Of course, no Nations can stop bad people only a lonely American warrior can do the work. That showing of England’s security services as keystone cops displaying all levels of incompetence was disgraceful too.

- Great movie, fair effects5 star

Overall this is a great movie, anyone who says otherwise is either delusional or has other motives for not wanting you to see this movie. The visual effects are the only thing I didn't care much for but that's such a small part of this movie it is forgivable. If you like action movies, you'll like this.

- It's an action movie for crying out loud.4 star

This is not a film you watch for the acting, or the politics, or the freaking drama. It's not a film with an abundance of dialogue. It's not realistic in even the slightest way. But it is a fun shoot 'em up that is a nice way to waste a few hours. Just shut up and enjoy it already.

- what alternate reality do the critics live in?5 star

This movie is incredibly fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I absolutely loved it... watched it 3 times already lol. I am extremely surprised the critics gave this such a low rating. The only thing I can figure is it must be a "politically correct" issue because the villain is Pakistani and since he's Pakistani they are assuming he is Muslim (or whatever). As the director is Persian, umm... yeah.

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Shenanigans on this - See below3 star

Not bad, poor Aaron Eckhart...he does try his best I guess.

Hosein 64G - Fake movie2 star

I rent this movie from App Store, it's not cool all actions it stupid fake.

grilledsardine - Insanely Bad1 star

This movie was insanely bad. Horrible writing and dialogue, a plot that made no sense and extremely bad acting. The editing was so bad Gerard Butler looked like he was shooting himself. This movie was one big excuse to blow things up and mow down humans like in a video game.

sis2sis - This movie was AWESOME! LOVED IT!5 star

I am so bummed we waited so long to watch this - The critics have an entirely different agenda than rating a movie DO NOT TRUST CRITICS! As another reveiwer wrote, "WE are the public and are not necessarily looking for political correctness..." So glad we listened to that - this movie is filled with awesome action and excellent acting!!!

bravochico - Wait for it on Netflix1 star

What else to say.

Rtstic - Not the best sequel3 star

The first movie was done well, but the flavor was not the same in this one. Still it does entertain - worthy of renting not really so much for owning.

TonyMA5 - London has Fallen but now Risen5 star

Great follow up to the original, lots of action and appreciate keeping the actors from the first movie. It could have been written a little better but overall it was worth watching & enjoying.

RYNSB - Absurd1 star

Complete garbage. Don't waste your money on this unless you're into mindless action movies.

MichelleGoBlue - Awful1 star

Wow. So boring, such bad special effects. And did I mention boring?

miatasrule - Awful1 star

Don’t do it. Its ridiculous and filled with predictable, unrealistic scenes and phrases.

Joobtone - crap1 star

a huge pile of crap !

AtownDown - Great Action Movie5 star

Plenty of action and highly motivating! The plot is goo but the visuals really impress.

DaijDjan - Just.. stupid1 star

I wanted to write a lot negative adjectives but I think just saying 'stupid' describes this movie perfectly. what really irks me are two things: 1. (and I am not a very political person) is how stupid the director makes all the security services and governments look. Say what you want but incompetence on that scale is not an attribute id assign any 'agency' 2. the way the agents (especially the butler guy) are portrayed. They are shown as sardistic, mindless killers who can do nothing but swear and kill (even unnecessarily violent and slow) Also: No plot and shallow characters. Everthing is totally foreseeable (BUT that's expectable of an action movie and not a minus point per se. I like many movies without that stuff - nothing beats good old popcorn movies ;)) --- Again: I like action movies, but this one is just stupid and a total waste of time. Not even worth the bandwidth to download it :D

dfg.dfg - It's sure an entertaining action movie4 star

I got exactly what I was expecting: a good, entertaining action movie. With that kind of movie I don't expect anything deep, world shattering or overly realistic - just good old entertainment. And that the movie delivered :-) If you are expecting anything else, you are going to rent the wrong movie ...

77Rand - Total garbage.1 star

Watching this was a waste of time and money.

Bagpuss goes to sleep - Oh dear oh dear1 star

Utter tripe, please save your money

North-Light - Awesome5 star


Bionicsurfer - Very Satisfying!!!5 star

There is nothing like a good action movie to make you feel better!!!


Bad blot, special effects looked very bad, poor acting.

DEATHMED1K - Good Action Flick4 star

Butler does a great job reprising his role here. I like how he seems to take the attacks personally in both films - like it's his house they burnt down. He conveys that well with his character. His cynical sense of humor is remniscence of John McClane in Die Hard. While this movie is basically just another Die Hard - lest we forget, Die Hard is legend man. I still found it pretty entertaining.

Big40 - Critics are WRONG! Great movie!5 star

I expected this movie to be horrible based on the reviews. I thought the movie was great. Really enjoyed it! Don't believe the critics!

dongdong78 - Rent it if possible1 star

I should listen to those reviews, worst movie ever.

ScubaDyer - NO!1 star

Has to be one of the worst movies ever made.

Travelwithme247 - Don't Take it Serious2 star

I watched this movie on an international flight. It's what you would expect, so don't go into it thinking it'll be Die Hard. The movie has a lot of action and scenery. The plot and chemistry doesn't necessarily grab you in the first ten minutes. You know what's going to happen and they often throw cheesy remarks into the movie. The first movie was much better and had a better storyline. If you want some action, without having to do much thinking, give it a try, if not then skip it.

sp1640 - This was a fun movie4 star

Just like most sequals, it was not as good as the first, but this was a fun movie to watch. If you liked the original, you will enjoy this one. I have downloaded and watched the original many times. I have also dowloaded this one and plan to watch it again. Yes, it was predictable, but the bad guys are much more violent and the response was great.

William C Raustler - Butler & Eckhart Have Risen5 star

First of all, let me say that I'm a fan of Gerard Butler films but that's not what makes me love London Has Fallen so much. Simply put, it's an awesome adrenaline rush filled with honorable actions of valor. Our Secret Servicemen are willing to put their lives on the line to protect our leaders, and that takes heart. Though Olympus and London Has Fallen are fictional stories, they are still every bit as impressive as Hurt Locker or 13 Hours. The trusting relationship between Butler and Ackhart's characters are just as powerful as their performances. Don't listen to the critics, they are wrong more often than right. The fight choreography and explosive action, the camera movements and the challenge of fighting off a real threat of terrorism is inspirational for film lovers, writers and anyone that needs to remember there are real threats out there. The bad guys must be defeated, and even though this film is fictional, it's a great heroic example of survival and duty to ones nation to protect and serve with honor. Besides, when Morgan Freeman is the voice of reason and justice, you can't go wrong. Each scene was carefully thought out and the attack that throws us into the thrilling on-the-run spiral was well planned out. I give many props to the writers, director, talent and film crews that make films this interesting happen. In my opinion they should continue making more "_______ Has Fallen" films, the characters are on the brink of being just as entertaining as the Die Hard franchise. What's next? Maybe Ackhart's character hires Butler to watch over him after the presidency and a forgotten foe tries to take him while traveling to countries to talk about global warming or some special cause? Whatever idea they go with, I'm sure it will be just as elaborate and action packed as the last two. Good job!

Boobeebear - 5 stars😀5 star

Very entertaining!!!

991tts - Classic action movie a la Die Hard...5 star

I don't understand why some people don't seem to like this movie. Yes, lots of things were exaggerated and are not very likely to happen but do you watch such movies for realism? It is very well made, the acting is good and I had a lot of fun enjoying the heartpounding action. This is not supposed to be a movie for an Oscar nomination, this is supposed to be a fun action movie to entertain. Well made, not feeling cheap or low budget at all, I don't have a clue what the critics are talking about. I rather think that now with the current presidential election, anything related to the US president and patriotism is not very popular with critics. LOL If you liked Olympus Has Fallen, you will like this movie as well. If you liked the Die Hard movies with Burce Willis, you will like this movie as well. If you are more into semi-intellectual dramas with Oscar worthy performance, this is the wrong movie for you. Even my wife liked this movie and she isn't really into action stuff but she likes Gerald Butler and the action. This is a real popcorn movie where you can sit back after a stressful day, relax, eat some popcorn or pizza and enjoy the entertainment.

sanson322 - Terrible1 star

Terrible dialogue and acting throughout. CGI was amaturish. Kept watching because it was entertaining to see how much worse it could get. Surprised some notable actors put their name to this movie. You've been warned :)

Stiv Bators - Let me save u $102 star

Wait for rental. Better yet, wait for Netflix.

kimbow15 - Deadpool better in everyway3 star

Good movie, not great, and obvi not as good as the first. Very predictable, but fun as hell.

SteveThePT - Enjoyed it a lot!4 star

I watch a lot of movies from most genres. I've bought a ton from iTunes. I've read the reviews, by private parties and the so called pro's. Since I've given the pro's more respect, I've been steered wrong plenty of times. I've been told it's a rotten movie when actually it was really enjoyed. And, when told it's a Sweet movie, it actually was terrible or near so. Had they really seen the movie or did they just phone it in. I've had enough, the last straw. I've never written a review before, but here goes. My wife and I just watched "London Has Fallen." We almost didn't, due to Rotten advice. It was exactly what we needed. I'm very glad I bought it, because we'll certainly watch it again, probably more than once. Can it be taken apart? Sure! Can it be enjoyed? Definitely! The story and acting are fine. The action is over the top and unrealistic. So what? Loved it. I rate the "Rotten Folks" an 8 on the BS meter (1-10), where 1 is not too smelly and 10 will reek acres away. This is only the beginning. "I will be back."

Trixie, Pixie, Mellie, and Fred - Remember to Breathe5 star

Anything Aaron Eckhart is in is worth watching, and this movie is no exception. I was surprised that iTunes left out Eckhart's moving "Battle: Los Angeles" from its list of related movies. If you have not seen "Battle: Los Angeles," watch it next. The sets in this movie are wonderful! They recreated downtown London in Bulgaria for some of the filming, and, to my eyes (as someone who has been to London three times), it looked convincing. To see the great landmarks of London destroyed and burning was appalling! If you admire and respect London and the UK as I do, this is hard to watch. This movie features a long list of distinguised actors, and they do not disappoint. I was glad to see so many actors from the first movie in this one. I thorougly enjoyed watching this movie. If you want an action film that will leave you stunned again and again, this is it. Maybe watch it with a friend so you can remind each other to breathe.

JamesJosephNFL - Entertaining?3 star

It was if two stoners wrote the action scenes. They're progressively over the top and never seem to end. I found myself laughing during them they were so overwhelming

Ggeek - Great Action Movie5 star

This is a great action movie - better than the first with a lot of surprised. Highly recommended !!

Karin_2 - Thoroughly enjoyed!5 star

This movie held all the elements of a action movie. Great storyline. Acting was awesome. In all very entertaining. Especially loved Butler's ninja moves.

Trustworthy 55 - fun fun fun5 star

Ok, so it ain't Shakespeare.

bonrepas - Loved it5 star

What can I say!!! Absolutely loved it! Just as good as the first one if not better ....I am waiting for number three!

Lari3366 - Critics are wrong!5 star

Don't listen to the critics, they've been drinking the kool-aid. This was a great movie, Gerard Butler kicks some terrorist behind in this movie!

rulcobi - Very entertaining5 star

Movie was good in all the action was good the special affects were good the story was good thrilling the end did seem rush but it was a good ending

imranmed - Worst Movie Ever1 star

This movie looked low budget and had bad acting aside from a short appearance from a famous actor. The movie was a joke. Boring as heck and the plot was so bad that I wanted to walk out of the theater after the first 5 minutes. Then i suffered for another hour thinking it would get better. I about fell asleep, but then some action started and kept me awake but definitely not entertained throughout the rest. I wouldn’t watch this movie again if they gave it away for free. BAD ACTING! LOW BUDGET! Avoid it! Thats my 2 cents. But again, everyone has different standards.

Duong70159 - Ehh too predictable1 star

Not to exciting and they had bad acting - Excellent!!!!5 star

Keep fending off those goons Gerard Butler!!!

Castro94 - AWESOME!!5 star

GREAT MOVIE!! Prefer the first one! But this sequel is good too! :)

Fedordapirate - Fun and Cheesy2 star

This movie is a dumb 80s spy movie wich sometimes worked but sometimes didn't. The acting was okay. But the story was bad. The action wasn't terrible but it's a guilty pleasure. It was okay.

Izzy1d1 - Best5 star

#1 favorite movie the effects are dope af and Gerard butler is the best actor because of this movie i love it

Lunalove2011 - AMAZING!!!!5 star

This was such a great movie absolutely fantastic! Loved every bit of it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Jaden!00 - One of the Best Movies I've watched in a while5 star

Great acting, great plot. Shows a lot about what's going on in our world today and how we can stop it. I highly recommend this film.

Huskerkeeg - Amazing5 star

This movie was just amazing! Even better than the first one! Had many great scenes that gave me chills and even some humorous parts. Highly recommended. People need to stop complaining it was great.

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London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images
London Has Fallen movie images

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London Has Fallen movie posters
London Has Fallen movie posters
London Has Fallen movie posters
London Has Fallen movie posters
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