The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book (2016) Summary and Synopsis

Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man), based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film, The Jungle Book is an all-new live-action epic adventure about Mowgli (newcomer Neel Sethi), a man-cub who’s been raised by a family of wolves. But Mowgli finds he’s no longer welcome in the jungle when fearsome tiger Shere Khan (voice of Idris Elba), who bears the scars of Man, promises to eliminate what he sees as a threat. Urged to abandon the only home he’s ever known, Mowgli embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery, guided by panther-turned-stern-mentor Bagheera (voice of Ben Kingsley) and the free-spirited bear Baloo (voice of Bill Murray). Along the way, Mowgli encounters jungle creatures who don’t exactly have his best interests at heart, including Kaa (voice of Scarlett Johansson), a python whose seductive voice and gaze hypnotizes the man-cub, and the smooth-talking King Louie (voice of Christopher Walken), who tries to coerce Mowgli into giving up the secret to the elusive and deadly red flower: fire. A man-cub named Mowgli fostered by wolves. After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan, Mowgli is forced to flee the jungle, by which he embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of the panther, Bagheera and the free-spirited bear, Baloo. The Jungle Book (2016) Wiki

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The legend will never be the same...

The Jungle Book (2016) (2016)

The Jungle Book (2016) Comments & Critics

The Jungle Book (2016) Movie Reviews

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- I’m not sure, but I’m giving it five stars, because........5 star

This is one of the best movies arguably Disney has ever made, it’s pure wrath, and jungle, not like those Tarzan movies where there is romance and stuff! 🤣

- OOH BE DOOH5 star

I really like this moo-o-vie

- Boring1 star

I watched 15 minutes of it and had to turn it off.

- Best Re Make Version/if liked the original5 star

A great re make worthy of a purchase. I haven’t watched the original in years. The only thing missing from this version is the snake song “Trust in me” otherwise this movie is perfect.

- Great!5 star

iTunes please upload the jungle book waterfall rescue back for me. Please respond. Thank you. And also howl at the moon. Please listen to this and please bring them back!

- A must buy, great for kids!5 star

Rented this a few times and finally purchased it as my 22 month old loves it!

- Isaiah5 star


- SO intense5 star

Love it

- Pretty good5 star

I'm very impressed with the CGI of the animals and the outstanding performances from the actors who played the animals. I didn't expect the film to be as short as it is but it was still pretty entertaining. I kinda fell off with the overuse of talking scenes and some characters we're introduced near the end and I felt most of the animals should've had more screen time. I'm going to give The Jungle Book a 9.2/10 A-

- Best Movie Ever.5 star

Hands down the best movie I've ever seen.

- Okay.........just okay.3 star

While I suppose it's unfair to judge the Disney remake of Jungle Book by it's 1967 predecessor, I cannot honestly say that the 2016 version was a great a joy to watch as the original. One of those films I walked away from saying "it was okay, I guess."

- Looks real.5 star

This is a beautiful and amazing movie. Some scenes, I actually want to be in the movie.

- Louie a Orangatang1 star

Really in this time the character is liken to an old racist fable of blacks are related or are like apes. This was not a compliment and yet Disney could not restrain itself from continuing the fable. If this attitude is like this at the top of Disney's company, how do the employees treat them. Very Sad!

- Beautiful movie5 star

Amazing, highly recommend. You HAVE to watch it.

- Amazing adventure5 star

A true remake, and even improvement, of a classic. Incredible special effects that bring the magic of the story to life in the most beautiful and "real" feeling of live action animation I've ever seen. The story was a hybrid between the original novel and movie, which was fine, as it stayed true to the plot and characters. Great for people of all ages where you can absorb the variety of themes.

- It was ok, not magical3 star

I'm an adult, so I wasn't really a fan of the writing, its very childish. I knew this was going to be a kids movie, but I was expecting it to be magical and soulful, but I found it was not. The CGI and animation, however, were incredible, simply amazing. No doubt, kids will fall in love with this movie. From the reviews, obviously there are adults that also love this movie. Personally, it wasn't anything I would watch again. Its worth watching at least one time just to get a look at the unbelievable CGI and animation.

- Entertaining5 star

Awesome a lot of action the jungle looks cool

- OH MY GODDESS!!!!!!!5 star

You want to talk about a live action Disney remake well this is one you won't forget!!!! This movie was fantastic but this may scare your kids a little bit. Like the scene with Kaa(the snake) is TERRIFYING!!!!!! Don't let them see it!!!! and there are a few jump scares here and there but that's pretty much it I can go on and on about this movie let's just say it was good!!!!

- Wow so good5 star

While watching this movie, I felt like I was reliving my childhood with the old animatd one. Great job!

- One of Disney's Greats5 star

A star-studded masterpiece, talented animation, and outrageously entertaining.

- Great movie5 star

Watch it with your kids! Loved the music and the story

- Excellent reboot5 star

I grew up with the original and this modern rendition did an excellent job of holding on to what made the original a classic. The special effects were believable and the casting spot on. Highly recommend it.

- eh mabye?4 star

my opinion? origanal was better! the only thing that saved this film from a three is bill murry's appearance in this film!

- Memories of childhood!5 star

Brought back memories of one of the first full length books I read as a young child. True it took liberties with Kipling's book, but, nevertheless, a thoroughly enjoyable film. Beautiful cinematography, touching plot and charming voices. Don't miss it!

- Best Movie Ever👍👍👍👍👍5 star

You Got To Watch It!!!!!!!

- Amazing5 star

Only Disney is capable of remaking Jungle Book to this supreme level of quality. I kept wondering throughout the whole movie how is it possible to make all the creatures so incredibly lifelike..... I am positive that they used REAL live animals..... but it is as if they were extremely advanced CGI..... because to have that much control over them is truly AMAZING.....The only thing I can think of is.... it must be both.....In my opinion Disney has once again pushed the quality of filmmaking up another couple notches. Thank you VERY much Disney for proving once again you are the undisputed masters of the highest quality family orientated movie makers in the whole universe. (SMILE).

- Absolutely Breathtaking5 star

This film far outreached my expectations. It was everything I could want for not just a reboot but a stand-alone film. Spectacular movie, really.

- For Everyone5 star

The movie has a few scary sceens but other than that it is an excellent movie for the entire family. This movie was so good that it was the first movie in a long time, that no one had to get up and leave the room.

- Hey4 star


- Bill Murray classic5 star

Fun filled jam packed adventure loved every minute of it

- Great movie. Well done5 star

We were worried it might be to scary for our 8 year old, but she enjoyed it. There are some scare tiger scenes and monkey scenes, but we watched her as they were happening and she was okay. I wouldn't recommend for younger kids or kids who hat scared easily, but I really liked the movie.

- Cool5 star

It's a good movie it's awesome 😀

- Amazing graphics5 star

This is one of the best dysney movies. The graphics are amazing and the story is great worth the money ☺️

- Bill Murray saves the day.3 star

The CG is actually tasteful. The kid does as much as can be exspected for an actor of his age as Moglee. the plot trods at a fair pace, but just as any adul would start to bore from the tedium when an obvious lack of humor seems to preside, Bill shows up as a lovable furry version of himself to lighten things up. It's not as 'fun' as the cartoon, but this rendition gives enough visuals, pinnache, and even a Christopher Walken furry friend as well, to justify an honest sit through.

- King Louie? Why invent characters??1 star

Why is it that directors and screen writers cannot honor stories as they are written? Do they think they can improve on a work of genius? Sad that their ego's are so thin and fragile they have to murder other's great work to make themselves feel adequate.


Loooved this movie so much. It's perfect in every way.

- A masterpiece!5 star

I'm not a Disney lover by any means, and I'm nearly 70, but this film is a masterpiece at every level, bringing a classic tale to life without sacrificing the gravitas of the original. Kudos to the creative geniuses who made this possIble!

- Best movie all year !5 star

Excellent movie. Perfect. My son age 12 as well as my family throughly enjoyed this movie. We watched it twice in the same night. We ended up buying it. Wish I could give it 10 stars!

- ❤️5 star

Absolutely loved it. I rented it, watched it 3 times within 34 hour mark and then bought it

- Really enjoyable5 star

I'm going to be honest, I do not like and have never liked the cartoon version of the Jungle Book. I really did enjoy this movie though. Ended up buying it for my step son and I watched it before him to make sure it wasn't too scary or anything. He's very young. He's also not a fan of the cartoon version so we will see what he thinks!

- Beware, rental has issues, won't play!1 star

I purchased the rental version of this movie, but after three attempts it just won't work. I've rarely had issues like this... Makes me think the download of this is flawed. Be wary. Apple is slipping.

- Disappointing2 star

Disappointing special effects , everything looked so fake . Definitely a movie mostly for kids that's why they didn't bother making it more realistic . The extra star goes to the photography .

- Amazing5 star

Great movie!!!!

- Tay iPhone5 star


- Jon Favreau 🔝5 star

The first time I saw Jon Favreau was on Friends where he played Courtney Cox's "unlikely" boyfriend. There was something about his mere presence that led me to think this guy is amazing. Fast forward a couple decades, and here he is on top of the world, and I coudn't be more thankful or happier for him.

- 🌳🐯🐻🐵🐍5 star


- Utterly spectacular movie!5 star

Another masterpiece by Disney

- Instant classic5 star

Far exceeded my expectations. Every character actor nailed it. Kahn, Kaa, King Louie, etc. See for yourself 5/5.

- The series needs to be continued!5 star

I loved the movie and really hope and pray they make the rest of the series into movies like this! The wolves are the best I've ever seen, instantly fell in love with them!

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👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Great4 star

There are pigs, giraffes, zebras, magpies, sharks etc, but the only downside is that this is related to 1. The lion king (2019) 2. Dolittle 3. Dr.Dolittle There are many films like this so not unique but good movie it’s effortful at least.

Mikreh - Better than the Original5 star

Kept my attention the whole time & found it entertaining. One minor thing I wish was that Kaa had more screen time.

LoveSailorMoon&Cardcaptors - Amazing5 star

I love it! It is simlier with the 1967 version, the vocie actors are just perfect for the character they play. I wish I was Mowgli, because he can communicate with animals (even though I know those are CGI characters)

JR weston - nurse5 star

absolutely wonderful, better then the original cartoon. truly worth the money, takes you on a great journey through the jungle, suspensful, funny and captivating.

Yoga app fan - Amazing animation but dreary movie1 star

Loved the first version of this movie and was excited to see this version for family movie night with our 11 year old. What a disappointment! There is barely anything uplifting about this movie. Dark scene after dark scene. Everything scary. Not a fun at all. A few weak renditions of musical numbers from the original. Give it a miss and rather seek out the original.

not-so-sure - Enjoyable4 star

Definitely enjoyed this movie. I watched this as a kid and wanted to again as an adult. Enjoyed the cartoon version better.

MyHuisie - Simply incredible5 star

What a magical experience watching this was for us adults. Granted that little children will have nightmares of the giganticus orangutan chasing them through ancient Indian ruins, but then so will us adults have exactly the same nightmares and sharing is caring. I loved everything about this film. Well done!!! Must watch for all ages, but young ones might need a little tlc during the watching. Xx

Triggerfish - Modern Classic5 star

A smooth flowing script , great cinematogrpahy this is a great family movie for all ages to enjoy. A solid performer.

Thoughtsandandanddebates - Surprised at how much I Loved It5 star

I never liked the Jungle Book story. But this movie just blew me away. Great acting, voicing and effects all around.

Queen Metalia - Amazing just brilliant5 star

The people who made this movie turned this movie into a masterpiece.

Stanhopepeter - Great movie!4 star

This movie is really good but it was one tiny bit bad,but it is still a great movie. And the most awesome part in it is when shere khan goes in fire.

Napoleon55535 - Best Movie of this Year5 star

My favourite movie of this year. Absolutely loved it.

CDeSouza - Great Remake5 star

They did a great job to remake the story without any racial stereotypes or colonial attitudes. Excellent visuals.

maryannej - Heartwarming and Entertaining!5 star

I love it! 👍🏼

Mowgli9999999999999999 - Awesome!!!5 star

Mowgli is the best!!!

Axillarypig8 - Good5 star

It was good I saw it on opening day and I didn't stop talking about it yet

SheldorMoonpie - 4 Stars - Rent It4 star

In my opinion, this is the way to do a remake. Enough is the same to keep the title and the new elements are fun and exciting. The casting was great, particularly Bill Murray as Baloo. The highlight of the film, however, are the visual effects. It's hard to imagine that Neel Sethi and his immediate surroundings are the only real things in the film. I prefer the original, but this one's insane. Great for everyone. Rent it for yourself or buy it for the kids.

moviemonkeys - Woeful1 star

A dated story that needed a new spin. Painful to watch.

OliveWahh - Great4 star

They kept this movie pretty similar to the original Disney cartoon movie.. Which is a good thing. I liked what they did and didn't manage to ruin the movie by changing any of the characters

hjkhiuh - childhood fav to life5 star

loved it ...sets and animals were brilliant , casting awesome thank you

Aimeso - The Jungle Book5 star

Sit back and enjoy - great fun.

Ageness - V.creative5 star

An excellent movie, nice cinematography, special effects and story.

Franin30 - Fantastic5 star

This film was awesome!! Never seen the animation version of it but really enjoyed it. Definitely worth 5 stars!!

Grimluppin - My family loved it5 star

My kids would not take their eyes off the screen. They asked questions and talked about what the themes in the movie meant to them. We think it is an excellent family movie.

JennyJ84 - Loved the movie5 star

5 stars. But to the reviewer complaining about the facts not being right: that's what you have a problem with? Not the fact that the animals are speaking English?

My reeves - Too violent4 star

This movie was very violent 4 children,it is hardly like the first movie.Still good movie👍

drukm - Beautiful5 star

Wow! Couldn't have made better than this.

BOOK GIRL [ - stella/#STELLY5 star

great movie but also pretty scary at times. from #STELLY

scully1994 - Fantastic4 star

Kipling and Disney Magic at it's best, loved it

Austin Waterfall - Amazing5 star

Its very good!

Darkslayer247 - Loved it !5 star

Great movie ! But it should be rated M not PG there is some jump-scares and some scary parts BUT I LOVED IT ! action Was epic 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 age ratting would be 11 +

Booway mongrol - Jungle book5 star

I think it was a really good if you like adventure but my personal favorite person is baloo the bear And that is why like the jungle book

Kennickie - Another Disney great5 star

Disney has remastered this classic beautifully. Amazing CGI effects. Beautiful movie.

Mattstorm118 - Stunning, breathtaking, perfect5 star

Went to watch this thinking it will just be an ok movie, but from the moment the opening started I was hooked. This is a masterpiece of movie magic and it will be a crime if it doesn't win oscars including best picture. It makes you feel like a little kid again and I even found myself teary eyed from joy and other emotions at several points in this movie, I can't remember the last time a movie did that. You leave the movie on a high that doesn't go away for a very long time and I would of loved to watch it again and again. It was simple perfect.

ShowandMovieReviewer - The Jungle Book Review5 star

Visually stunning a great film must watch.

FunnyGirlz - Disney Magic at its finest4 star

Bravo! Disney Bravo! What a magnificent way to reintroduce The Jungle Book to a new generation. The most fascinating aspect of the whole movie is except for the young boy "Neel Sethi" who plays Mowgley (who does an amazing job by the way) everything else is completely CGI. Young children may find some moments quite scary, but Disney have definitely knocked this one out of the park.

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¢$ - Blown Away5 star

This movie has extremely amazing CGI work that really looks real. The voice actors do phenomental performances and so does the child star, which I was worried about. The plot works very well and the story has some great messages. This is a great family film and a great film in general. I highly recommend.

manic audiophile - great fx5 star

movie had nice use of special fx. recommend.

Funny Damon - Extraordinary.5 star

I've seen many of Jon Favreau's movies. They are mostly very interesting and fun to watch. This one... is definitely my favorite. The acting is great (and you expect that from a great cast) and the movie has very amazing visuals and the rest is just extraordinary. This movie reminds me of the times of watching the original film, (which released back in 1967) it reminded me about the songs, and the great story. This movie is just excellent and amazing.

SkHebert - Stunning.5 star

This movie is not just a visual masterpiece. It takes everything you loved from the animated movie, yet leaves out everything you hated. The acting, the voice overs, the painstaking attention to detail. When I saw this in the theaters I left moved, with the hairs on the back of my neck standing. I love it so much I can't put it into words. I watch it over and over and over again, and I never grow tired. This is probably one of the greatest Disney movies to date, and I've seen them all—I LOVE them all. But this movie leaves you speechless and dying to watch it again.

20bwannab - Finally a decent movie4 star

i liked the orginal Jungle Book and went to see this movie to be a let down like Star Wars The Force Awakens and i was totally impressed

Powhitehorn - Buy it now5 star

Seems like 2016 has been one flop after another. This is truly the one diamond in the rough. Even if you didnt enjoy the earlier versions of this remake, you will love this one. My hat is off for everyone who made this masterpiece, and a true standing ovation to Jon Favreau. What a joy. This is truly Movie Making at its absolute finest.

Doctor Cheddar - Absolutely Amazing5 star

Considering all the former versions of the Jungle Book, this may be my favorite. The actors, the imagery, and the graphics were simply remarkable. I wish I were a more competent wordsmith to better compliment this film.

scottyscotto - Amazing storytelling with excellent CGI5 star

This movie totally gives the original movie more weight and depth with awesome performances by Hollywood’s best, with totally RULE animation and CGI effects. All of them blend seamlessly to give the viewer an amazing experience worthy of a family film collection on the level of E.T. Scott

Not The Biblical Story - Why did scarlet johanson have to be kaa4 star

I was so enjoying this movie and hoping kaa wouldn't disapoint ,but I am not a fan of scarlet johanson doing the voice for kaa ,favreau always has to put her in his movies for some reason ,oh well ,still the rest was good .

Jhva1988 - Great Movie!5 star

I’m really fighting the urge to buy this right now but I will force myself to wait one more week to own the hard copy with the digital copy. Really great movie. Can’t wait to watch it again next week.

HenrytheDisneyboy - Great remake.5 star

I've seen this two times in the theater and I loved it. It took me back to how much I loved the original 1967 animated Disney Classic. Plus Scarlett Johansson did a great job as Kaa and Christopher Walken is a great King Louie.

Berkeley Rooster - Kid's Movie4 star

This is a great kid's movie.

Poop or good - Disney5 star

Dear Disney movie creators this movie was super duper great my mind was blown away

Sifu Emir R. Furuhende - Nice but..!4 star

Don't get me wrong it is a great movie but for those of us who saw the original animation since we were little kids; and there is this special magical charm there that it is for sure unbeatable even with today's technology and with all the great actors behind the new one..! So if I haven't seen the first one probably this was a five start movie but after the first one there is no way for any Jungle Book movie to get five anyway...

artistrobertstewart - GOOD MOVIE5 star

I like what I saw.

Metal4life1 - BAD1 star

Not worth watching. Very boring, hard to follow.

emw1069 - Best Jungle Book movie ever5 star

Worth buying.. Not renting. Excitement and entertainment throughout the entire movie.

Film_Fan_4751 - Disney's Best Live-Action Adventure to Date!5 star

With mesmerizing CGI, fantastic vocal performances, a great performance from Neel Sethi, awesome direction, a stellar story with added plot points that only improve upon the original, one of the best villains in recent memory with Shere Khan, & really nice humor, The Jungle Book is an incredibly successful transition from animation to live action for Disney. Believe what you've heard about the CGI. It's beautiful!! I was a little disappointed that Neel Sethi wasn't a convincing Mowgli, but it's only a minor issue when the final result is something this great. WB might as well cancel their version now, as this is going to be a great franchise down the road.

Slomx - Awesome5 star

Graphics and story are amazing! True to the childhood story of jungle book

Vikingsrul - One of the best movies this year5 star

Awesome. Run don't walk to see it. You won't be disappointed.

[email protected] - Wonderful!!5 star

This a fantastic movie!

Qwertyiopasdgklzc m - The jungle book5 star

The jungle book is a great movie for the whole family loved it

Darius sins - Best movie5 star

Best movie out hands down. Going to see it again

AlphaWolfGamer - Disney, you did it again!5 star

This movie is AWESOME!!! When I saw this in theaters, my first thought was "this won't be as good as I thought." Boy, was I wrong! The characters have their own personality, and the plot is beautiful. There are some VERY sad parts and mild fighting scenes (like ending fight with Shere Khan) so anyone under 6 I would NOT recommend. Other than that, this movie gets 5 stars!

Jolovesgum - Jungle Story5 star

I saw this movie last night at the Ft Meade army movie theatre with my family and with my friends. It was really good.

The Red Flower - Best Movie in Years!!!!5 star

I have never seen a more beautiful, captivating, and good movie in my life. This is the true art of storytelling! It was exciting without overdoing it with too much action and had many relaxing and peaceful scenes that good stories need. It's family oriented, wholesome, and has good morals. Haven't seen a movie this good in years. Neel Sethi is adorable and act natural like real people do. Not over-polished or artificial like all these other celebrity actors. Just a real kid living in the jungle. He was perfect! The best acting job I have ever seen. You really connected with him and related. Animals were so real! They had real animal emotions and expressions, not human faces pushing through them which is fake. Outstanding movie! Wasn't a Disney fan before. I am now!!! Let's support good movies like this.

dan605047 - jungle5 star

how do i watch it? i pre ordered it

Fullhouselover2003 - Best Disney movie ever5 star

This is as good as it's gonna get with the CANT get any better than this! FANTASTIC👍🏻👌🏻🐍🐅🐒🐘👦🏾

Horseerin - Great for the whole family5 star

This movie is great for kids and adults. It is like the original jungle book, except it is not animated and it is full of awesome action. I would recommend seeing it!

Ishiro Honda would be proud. - I love this one5 star

This is the best movie I've seen so far this year and I've only seen 2 good movies this year. Amazing special effects, great characters and I felt like a kid again watching this movie. See it if you haven't already

Me!!!$$$ - Okay3 star

I watched that last week and at first I wanted that movie to be over with then it had an amazing ending!!!

anykine - Captivating.....awesome5 star

My 11 year old and my 7 year old were actually sitting quietly throughout the entire movie. This movie is awesome and the effects were spectacular. Not cartoonish at all like the hobbit prequels. Very real and life like. The kid actor was amazing.

Juan-R - The jungla boock5 star

Me gustaría ver la información de idiomas del audio

Dsytduyfkuguo - Amazing!!5 star

Me and a friend saw this movie in theatres two days after it came out. The cgi effects and animation is stunning and it was a great movie. The plot was true to the original tale and I absolutely adored the wolf pack. Everything about the movie was great. It made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie

Marlaschot - A Must See!5 star

Thumbs up for Disney! Definately a must see for young and old. Scary, exciting, affectionate. One of the best.

Book name - Awesome movie5 star

The people who made the Jungle book are awesome

Darth Vader's Secretary - Ok3 star

Ok movie. Visually impressive. A little boring. My kids were entertained but I wasn't. Spoiler alert, it was needlessly violent at the end. Bill Murray was the perfect Baloo and saved this movie.

JosiahMagnet - A visually stunning movie!4 star

The visuals, the voice acting, and the kid who played Mowgli were about the only great things about this movie. Sure, Jon Favreau is a great director, and it shows here, but I felt like the story could’ve been so much more. It just wasn’t interesting enough for me to give it five stars. That’s the only fault here.

Adilsuperman - Jungle book5 star

Best movie in the world beacause I love baloo

Katie157 - Loved it👍👍5 star

I saw this the other day and loved it, the only thing negative I would say is it's really not intended for little kids (9-) and the people next to me had their 5 year old and 3 year old and it didn't mesh well with them. Be aware that this is PG and has a bit of violence but other than that it was so good and was a great way to spend the evening! Also Bill Murray was amazing!

manooooodles - best movie this year5 star


Micachu Man - OH MY WORD!!5 star

I got shivers looking at the preview, and the movie didn't disappoint. Oh my word I don't think I have ever loved a movie so much as this. 👌🏽Amazing, just Amazing

Chrisg2003 - 10/10 IGN recommended5 star

Best movie ever

Gaboaldama - Awsome5 star

This movie is the best at bringing a classic to a modern day I love the movie so much that I watched it three times it brings back so many memories from my past and I have my favorite Disney movie back in action I can't stop singing the bare necessities and I wanna be like you. this will always have a special place in my heart.

Berti2003 - A must see!5 star

Watched it and it was amazing! It didn't disappoint. No seriously if you haven't seen this movie or the cartoon version, watch it!👏🏻👦🏻🐯🐻🐍🐵🐒

Natalie5310 - Awesome!5 star

I saw The Jungle Book today and it was awesome I loved every part of it. The animals looked so real too!

Splitting it - The Jungle Book (2016)5 star

The jungle book delivers with a great cast, and a great screenplay. AWESOME MOVIE

JVKING25 - Good5 star

I think that movie was just good anyone would enjoy this movie go watch it

Dhafer Albakri - أحب ذا الأفلام5 star

خمس نجوم

Bakshdj - Great!5 star

The Jungle Book by far is my favorite movie of the year!

5 star

the jungle book (2016)

5 star

The Jungle Book (2016) Esta era la película que todes decían que estaba buena cuando salió??? Por qué?

5 star

Picking just four favorite movies is mad but I also really like Blade Runner, 2001, Good Time, Jungle Book (2016),…

5 star

The Jungle Book (2016) - Read 1,197 Movie Reviews Link: #TheJungleBook

5 star

WATCH The Jungle Book (2016) Full Movie Streaming Online The Jungle Book (2016) Title : T…

5 star

WATCH The Jungle Book (2016) Full Movie The Jungle Book (2016) Title : The Jungle Book Re…

5 star

WATCH The Jungle Book (2016) Full Movie The Jungle Book (2016) Title : The Jungle Book Re…

5 star

The Jungle Book (2016) The Jungle Book (2016) Title : The Jungle Book Release : 2016-04-0…

5 star

@ED92Magic A static screenshot doesn't really do it justice, but I love the one from the 2016 Jungle Book, where af…

5 star

The jungle book (2016) ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

5 star

Here’s to #LPSThrowbackThursday!! 2016 center stage “The Jungle Book”, nye 2018 with my red/green cast, may 2019 wi…

5 star

king louis in the 2016 jungle book is RIDICULOUSLY big why is he so fucking huge

5 star

@factsonfiIm: In 'The Jungle Book' (2016) King Louie is a Gigantopithecus, a huge species of ape believed to have gone extinct 100,000+…

5 star

DAS DSCHUNGELBUCH Trailer (2016) The Jungle Book -

5 star

Są takie miejsca gdzie zwierzęta potrafią komunikować się z inną istotą Junge kiedy był w wieku od 1 do 3 lat. The…

The Jungle Book (2016) Images & Pictures

The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images
The Jungle Book (2016) images

The Jungle Book (2016) Posters

based on novel or booksnakewolfelephanttigerferal childpantherremakebearjungleanthropomorphismorphanapemonkeyanimaltalking to animalsclimbing a treelive action remake

The Jungle Book (2016) posters
The Jungle Book (2016) posters
The Jungle Book (2016) posters
The Jungle Book (2016) posters
The Jungle Book (2016) posters
The Jungle Book (2016) posters
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