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Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return with Director Paul Feig's unique and hilarious take on the classic, supernatural comedy, led by the freshest minds in comedy today, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. Together they team-up to save Manhattan from a sudden invasion of spirits, spooks and slime that engulfs the city. Robert Abele of TheWrap says, "This new A-team of ghostbusters are fresh and funny."

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Glad that I didn’t spend $16 at the theater.  1SunshineBear  2 star

This was one of the worst sci-fi movies ever, until Chris broke out the dance moves in the last few minutes of the movie, then it was kind of worth the $3.99.

Free is still there too much for the movie  ARP2169  1 star

I got this piece of garbage for free when I opened my Movies Anywhere account. I am actually embarrassed it is in my movie collection.

For me the Ghostbusters ended in the 1980's. I'm glad they did.  Denise555000  1 star

Just don't. Bad movie. Third movie botched the whole series and killed it. I'm just glad I refused to watch this one and for ever will.

Terrible  bruisekarma  1 star

Cash grab reboot. Absolutely terrible, stick with the originals.

transformers rule
Terrible  transformers rule  1 star

It’s nothing like the original

Trash  Hezakai  1 star

This is an affront to the franchise.

Movie is Awful!!!  RespectTheRooster  1 star

They had to have paid the rotten tomatoes critics awful movie one the worst of all time!

Really bad  FireDabo  1 star

Really really bad. I’m glad the world is acting like this never happened

Horrible  hotrod743  1 star

Don’t waste your time!!!

Gay  Wiseone74  1 star


A new take on the original - funny and very entertaining!  Steve2240  5 star

Wasn’t sure what to think when I first saw the preview for this movie but I have to say I really enjoyed it. It’s super funny and the special effects are great! A must have if you’re a Ghostbuster’s fan! I hope they make a sequel - Jenny McCarty and the rest of the team work excellent together.

Seriously?  Angry_movie_review  1 star

I am the first person to write a review about how terrible this movie is? Ok, here goes. This is a terrible movie. I would rather unclog a toilet with me bare hands, than to ever watch it again.

smiley and me
AWSOME!!!!!!  smiley and me  5 star

That was a amazing movie I want ANOTHER

Buh?  M|<  1 star

Even watching this on International Women's Day did nothing. It still sucks.

worse movie ever  OmegaPrimal  1 star

It have nothing to do with the fact they are all girls. In fac, i have no problems with that... but they make man pass as object and stupid morrons and the story is probably one of the worse I eversaw. In every scene i was asking myslef only one qwuestion..... "WHY???????? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME????" IT,s so bad the amazing spider-man looks good compare it it. TMNT is a masterpiece compare to this. I can't even believe that somebody might think this is a good movie.

I'm lovin' it  Neva649  5 star

I seen this movie almost a year ago now and I still cannot forget it. I was totally cracking up and the animated parts are unbelievable. I also really like the main characters are average everyday woman, not some dramatic teenage girl or whatever.

Childhood memory, ruined  MrSunday  1 star

Unoriginal and not funny. As a kid I watched the original Ghost busters over and over. 2016 I struggled to get more than 2 thirds the way through. What a load of slime. I think the franchise went down the tubes. Thanks political correctness for f-ing up something amazing. I hate you

Hilarious!!!  ......outta....  5 star

These actresses worked great together. It sucks how people are rating it bad!! It made me laugh so hard and the story line was great too.

This movie is Garbage! deal with it!  Manning2072  1 star

This movie is pure crap! Total waste of time crap!

Way better then the reputation it got in theatres  LuluGirl15  5 star

Way funnier than I was lead to believe by critics when it was first released in theatres. SO Hilarious! I laughed through the entire movie. Very glad I purchased it and it is definitely worth watching. The strong female cast was a huge reason for this, the actresses were so comedic and great in their roles.

50/50  Gk2000  4 star

50% funny, 50% not.

Mr Imat
Not good.  Mr Imat  1 star

Kate Mackinon’s odd facial expressions, blank stares, and hammy laugh-desperate gesticulations are so awful they are an intriguing new acting artform. The others are better, but they cannot rescue this stinkbomb.

Nowhere near as good as the originals...  Conbarge  1 star

While the new Ghostbusters movie may have one or two “laughs”, it holds a dismal light to the original Ghostbusters movie. This iteration in the franchise feels like it just can’t deliver, with a weak script, a cast that doesn’t gel, and comedy that just don’t seem to land. While Wigg and McKinnon are definitely the stand-outs, McCarthy just seems be playing the same character she always does. There are some cringeworthy cameos in the film (which feel disingenuous), and way too many “special” effects. In my opinion, this would have worked better if they left the original franchise alone, and just made this into a unique horror-comedy, without trying to tie it back to the phenomenon that was and is the original Ghostbusters.

Holtzmann  Wormstaches!!  5 star


Not a whole lot of fun..  undiesinc  1 star

Not a whole lot of fun....

LOVE  DSGirl_  5 star

i have never seen the first but just seeing this i just LOVE IT i have watched it 3 times in a row i just love the humour and girl power!

Wildstrike Prime
As Melissa McCarthy once said...  Wildstrike Prime  1 star

“Oh hell no!” Only saving grace is the Thunder from Down Under, Chris Hemsworth. I dig the concept of female ghostbusters but the delivery was worse than fragile being delivered by amazon drones to the Himalayas! Look on YouTube, Marshmallow man had his own critique of it.

Pointless  Salv28GT  1 star

This movie should not have been made at ALL!!!!!!!!! The Original Ghostbuster was way better then this pointless remake, like seriousley!! They should have just left the first 2 alone

Best Ghostbusters Ever!  MILLE 35  5 star

So funny! This is my favourite Ghostbusters movie!

Evan Rex
Clearly we have a shill issue...  Evan Rex  1 star

I wouldn't recomend this to anyone I like, so all the gender warriors out there...fill your boot. Can't come up with an original idea, so use someone else’s. Horrible movie, the only joke I liked was the one at the very end....

Paul from New Zealand
As good as the original  Paul from New Zealand  5 star

This movie is every bit as good as the original movie. It's writing, casting and directing is excellent. I suspect the haters of this movie have a problem was there being a dumb blond male cast as the receptionist. When I look at the IMDB ratings which is broken down by age and gender, it's clear to me that it's a sexism issue. Why else would so many woman like it and so many men hate it so passionately. If you're not sexist you should love this movie. if you hate this movie then you probably need to look a little deeper into way you really hate it.

Good fun  Generaldv8  4 star

Don't listen yo the haters, a good silly movie and a lots of fun.

#  jenntl  3 star

Chris played dumb well..he was funny Not a patch on original movies Slow to get going

Feels like it was written while listening to a 4 year old tell a story.  orcdoc  2 star

I love the original Ghostbusters, I even find the sequel entertaining, but this is just not a good film. The writing is so poor (see my title) and the direction is even worse. Stick with the original classic, this just made me feel sad.

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