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Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2016

From Director Justin Lin (FAST AND FURIOUS) and Producer J.J. Abrams comes the third action-packed adventure of the USS Enterprise, following STAR TREK and STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Dispatched on a rescue mission to the farthest reaches of space, a ruthless enemy named Krall has attacked. Crash-landing on an uncharted hostile world, Captain Kirk, Spock and the crew are separated with no means of escape. Only Jaylah, a rebellious alien warrior, can help them reunite and find a way off the planet in a race against time to stop Krall’s deadly army from triggering all-out galactic war.

Star Trek Beyond Film Synopsis

The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.

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Star Trek Beyond Movie Reviews

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The Worst Star Trek EverAs someone who has been a big fan of Star Trek for many years, from the original series and movies, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and such. It's so disappointing that such an awful movie can be made under the Star Trek name. This film is truly awful, terrible unimaginative storyline, wooden acting. It's just a disgrace to the whole franchise. I can't understand how such bad movies are ever made. Maybe they are done just to stream on video and gather clicks on iTunes in the hopes that they'll turn out money that way. It's just inconceivable that a studio and actors and director put work into something so bad..Score: 1/5

Star Trek Dirt BikesA decent Star Trek movie. Not as good as the first, but entertaining. My primary issue is with the be specific, the camera. Why does Justin Lin spin the camera around? And, much of the action uses "shaky cam" which means that they're hiding something (usually actors who can't fight convincingly). The action is extremely frenetic at times, but comes to a dead stop at others. Much of the acting is over the top (Bones is far too grumpy and rageful most of the time). But overall, its worth watching..Score: 3/5

Not worth the effort.This movie is a great disappointment. Terrible writing and editing, and even the actors, many of whom are excellent given decent material to work with, couldn't get excited about the script. The attempt at social engineering is obvious, but backfires. What it really relates to the viewer is that to force one's idea of the perfect social system onto people who don't share those beliefs serves only to disenfranchise people. I quit watching about 3/4 of the way through the movie because I really didn't care how it ended. Even an astute 12-year-old will find this to be an uninteresting and very weak movie. I had read the reviews, but wanted to make my own judgment. As I stated, not worth renting much less paying full price at the theater. My suggestion? Let Pegg do some acting, but find a writer who knows how to write a good Star Trek movie. Update: I watched again with the goal to see it to the end. It didn't get any better the second time around, and the ending was so completely sophomoric that causes one to make major eye-rolls. The first two movies, especially the first, were great. This one is an embarrassment..Score: 2/5

Beyond AwesomeStar Trek Beyond is one of the best movies of 2016! This movie was so awesome because of the Sci-Fi and Action because what is Star Trek without Sci-Fi and Action? Scotty was so funny in this! The characters were great. Jaylah was a great character. I loved this better than Into Darkness but the first one is still the best! Don't listen to bad critics or audiences saying Beyond is terrible. Because, NO IT ISN'T, IT'S GREAT! I can't wait for Star Trek 4. In Loving Memory of Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin......Score: 5/5

On autopilotGeneric villain, generic plot, forgettable and a disappointment after "Into Darkness". This should have been a Netflix movie..Score: 3/5

OUTSTANDING!!Just as incredibly fast paced and intensely action packed as it's two predecessors. Don't listen to the geeks whining about plot and in depth character delving. The plot is evident from the beginning and if you don't know these characters yet, you shouldn't judge them in the third installment of this sci-fi, cinematic excellence. You should see this movie. Whether you rent or purchase it, it IS worth the $$. Not to mention that Jaylah is awesome and Uhura rocks a skirt. Yea, I said that..Score: 5/5

JarJar - Terrible AgainLike so many JJ Abram movies, I get lost in all the action and forget the story - ACTION, there is way too much action again. Even an Original Star Trek episode is more compelling then these end-to-end action films..Score: 1/5

Rock N' Roll FunReally Fun entertaining Star Trek Film i enjoyed it so much it wouldn't let me leave the theater. But i didn't see the first or second Star Trek movie because of not a fan of Star Trek but Star Trek Beyond is good and action packed and the style of it is pretty suprising..Score: 5/5

They kill the bad guys with a Beastie Boys song, its that Bad.This movie was awful, with the ending making zero sense at all. Star Trek Mish Mash..Score: 1/5

I felt sorry for the actorsThe whole movie I felt two emotions, sadness for how degraded Star Trek has fallen and even more sorrow for the talented actors who were smeared with a bad director and writers. I regret having purchased and not rented this horrible movie..Score: 1/5

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Best one yetAll I can say after watching Star Trek For 50 years is OUT FLIPPING STANDING A must see & buy movie..Score: 5/5

WEAK AT BESTMan why do they just get worse??? This last edition was the weakest.Had nothing special to it...and should not be part of such a franchise .Cant believe some viewers giving it 4 stars...while at it why not give it 5?? Who in the right mind can compare this production to the previous ones and consider it even average??? What makes it more painfuli the most..i bought it.Would have not hurt so deep if it was a rental :(.Score: 2/5

AMAZING MOVIE!!!I love all the movies, I can't get enough and I can't wait for the next one!!.Score: 5/5

Makes Bay look tameThere is nothing in tis movie that is even slightly entertaining. The chaotic story line and over the top CGI is just a wast of good potentials. This movie makes Bay's Transformers look tame..Score: 2/5

Star Trek BeyondThese movies are increasingly based on special effects and action rather than good writing and good acting. The plot of this one is very thin. If you think about it at all it falls apart quickly. Too bad..Score: 3/5

Star Trek is Beyond belief...If you're a Star Trek fan, then rent or buy it, but trust me, you need to be a hardcore fan to enjoy this melodramatic romp. The plot makes so little sense and is unbelievable to the point you can't help but talk out loud about it as it drones on. I think Simon Peg must have had a roulette wheel with plot devices marked on it that he spun each time he needed some way to up the tension. Sudden noises that distract the characters and allow the adversary to gain the upper hand and so on and on. If the starships had keys to start them, they would have had a character drop them just to ramp up the tension. Then when reaching for them, they'd accidentally knock them further, or the bad guy would pull them away at the last second, or the ship would tilt, and the keys would slide away, or they'd trip, etc. Quite literally every possible silly device is used in this movie. Then, what's with all the crossover with Star Wars? Funny looking aliens that serve no purpose other than to be funny looking aliens, similar sound effects of weapons to Star Wars, and even giving the evil dude the familiar sounding Darth Vader voice? Seriously? There's even a tunnel race leading to a structure that looks identical to the Death Star. There's a bit of typical Simon Peggish humor, but the story is so bad and cliched it's almost unwatchable. Even the acting was lackluster; the actors just seemed to be going through the motions, which I guess is all I could say for my experience watching it..Score: 2/5

EnjoyableWe really enjoyed this movie. My better half didn't fall to sleep during the movie so that says something. :) However, I do wish the would stop destroying the Enterprise in every movie..Score: 5/5

Star Trek ExcitementThis fantasy sci-fi movie is a typical Trekkie adventure with a little twist. The action is exciting but I get this deja-vu feeling. I believe there's only so many ways you can create good vs bad. Still being a little bias, I enjoyed the pace, humour, action, & the new characters..Score: 4/5

DisappointingFirst 2 were great. This was just the same old same old. Boring as hell..Score: 3/5

It's not the film I have an issue withThis might be the best Star Trek ever written - but as long as Simon Pegg and Roberto Orci are involved with Trek chances are I won't be watching it. I feel like these stories aren't actually Trek either - like some alternate evil universe where everyone is eternally twenty five years old (or younger). That being written - I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and this movie is still in my que - but I hate myself for putting it there....Score: 1/5

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Star Trek Beyond (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Star Trek Beyond (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Chris Pine (James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Leonard 'Bones' McCoy), Zoe Saldaña (Nyota Uhura), Simon Pegg (Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott), John Cho (Hikaru Sulu), Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov), Idris Elba (Krall), Sofia Boutella (Jaylah), Joe Taslim (Manas), Lydia Wilson (Kalara), Deep Roy (Keenser), Melissa Roxburgh (Ensign Syl), Anita Brown (Tyvanna), Doug Jung (Ben), Danny Pudi (Fi'Ja), Kim Kold (Zavanko), Fraser Aitcheson (Hider), Matthew MacCaull (Blue Shirt), Emy Aneke (Blue Shirt), all returned for star trek beyond movie.

Chris Pine (James T. Kirk)
Chris PineJames T. KirkScore: 37.9
Zachary Quinto (Spock)
Zachary QuintoSpockScore: 12.6
Karl Urban (Leonard 'Bones' McCoy)
Karl UrbanLeonard 'Bones' McCoyScore: 30.4
Zoe Saldaña (Nyota Uhura)
Zoe SaldañaNyota UhuraScore: 49.3
Simon Pegg (Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott)
Simon PeggMontgomery 'Scotty' ScottScore: 20.1
John Cho (Hikaru Sulu)
John ChoHikaru SuluScore: 14.5
Anton Yelchin (Pavel Chekov)
Anton YelchinPavel ChekovScore: 14.8
Idris Elba (Krall)
Idris ElbaKrallScore: 32.9
Sofia Boutella (Jaylah)
Sofia BoutellaJaylahScore: 26.4
Joe Taslim (Manas)
Joe TaslimManasScore: 8.5
Lydia Wilson (Kalara)
Lydia WilsonKalaraScore: 6.7
Deep Roy (Keenser)
Deep RoyKeenserScore: 6.7

Gene Roddenberry (Characters), Leonard Nimoy (In Memory Of), Thomas E. Sanders (Production Design), Sanja Milković Hays (Costume Design), Peter Brown (Sound Designer), Peter Brown (Supervising Sound Editor), April Webster (Casting), Anton Yelchin (In Memory Of), Helen Pollak (Associate Producer), Simon Pegg (Screenplay), Lin MacDonald (Set Decoration), Richard Alonzo (Makeup Effects Designer), Robert Woodruff (Set Designer), J.J. Abrams (Producer), Roberto Orci (Producer), Michael Giacchino (Original Music Composer), Stephen M. Davis (Music Editor), Sandy Walker (Set Decoration Buyer), Dana Goldberg (Executive Producer), Jeremy Stanbridge (Art Direction),

Gene Roddenberry (Characters)
Gene RoddenberryCharactersScore: 5.1
Leonard Nimoy (In Memory Of)
Leonard NimoyIn Memory OfScore: 8.3
Anton Yelchin (In Memory Of)
Anton YelchinIn Memory OfScore: 14.8
Simon Pegg (Screenplay)
Simon PeggScreenplayScore: 20.1
J.J. Abrams (Producer)
J.J. AbramsProducerScore: 7.7
Roberto Orci (Producer)
Roberto OrciProducerScore: 4.2
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'Star Trek Beyond' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of star trek beyond, the Justin Lin's popular movie. Watch the star trek beyond teaser trailer. Justin Lin’s #star-trek-beyond is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Krall Featurette - Paramount Pictures▶ Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Krall Featurette - Paramount Pictures
Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3 (2016) - Featuring ▶ Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3 (2016) - Featuring "Sledgehammer" by Rihanna - Paramount Pictures
Star Trek Beyond (2016) - ▶ Star Trek Beyond (2016) - "Captain Kirk" Featurette - Paramount Pictures

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All released movie posters so far for the movie star trek beyond - 2016. A poster for Justin Lin sci-fi & fantasy movie, Star Trek Beyond! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for star trek beyond (2016). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Star Trek Beyond Movie Languages & Subtitles

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يدور الفيلم عن فريق مشروع (USS Enterprise) بقيادة كابتن (جايمس تي كريك)، الذي يتعرض لهجوم عنيف غير قابل للردع بواسطة موجة كبيرة من فضائيين غير معلومين، يدمرون لهم مشروعهم ليتركوهم بمفردهم على كوكب جديد بمواجهة عدو جديد لا يرحم.

български език
На борда на "Ентърпрайз" за едно епично пътешествие с неговия смел екипаж. Те проучват най-далечните неизследвани кътчета на Космоса, където се натъква на мистериозен нов враг, който поставя тях и Федерацията на изпитание.

Posadu svemirskog broda Enterprajz napada roj nepoznatih, moćnih i nezaustavljivih vanzemaljaca koji uspjevaju da unište brod, a posadu primore da ga napusti, i tako se nađu na napoznatoj planeti gde će se boriti za svoje živote sa nepoznatim neprijateljom.

Posádka hvězdné lodi U.S.S. Enterprise zkoumá nejvzdálenější kouty a nezmapovaná místa vesmíru. A zde se setkávají s novým, záhadným nepřítelem, který je i celou Federaci vystaví těžké zkoušce.

Besætningen på USS Enterprise er tilbage for at deltage i en ny mission. Selvom mandskabet er kendt for at udforske universets afkroge, er deres nuværende opgave alligevel anderledes. Ingen af dem har nemlig været så fjernt som nu.Rejsen bringer dem ikke kun til fremmede verdener, men byder på opdagelsen af en ny fjende, Krall, der er drevet af et personligt hævntogt mod Enterprise og selveste Føderationen.

Auf ihrer Forschungsmission gerät die Enterprise in einen gnadenlosen Hinterhalt. Unter Dauerbeschuss kann die Crew um Captain Kirk nur in letzter Sekunde auf fremdem Terrain notlanden. Doch statt in Sicherheit befindet sie sich plötzlich zwischen den Fronten eines scheinbar ausweglosen Konflikts. Getrennt voneinander und ohne Kontakt zur Außenwelt ziehen Kirk und sein Team in den Kampf gegen einen mysteriösen und übermächtigen Feind.

Το πλήρωμα του Εντερπράιζ εξερευνά τις πιο απόμακρες περιοχές του αχαρτογράφητου διαστήματος, όπου έρχεται αντιμέτωπο με ένα νέο, μυστηριώδη εχθρό που απειλεί να αφανίσει το πλήρωμα την ίδια στιγμή που τους κάνει να αμφισβητήσουν όλα όσα γνωρίζουν για την Ομοσπονδία.

El USS Enterprise, la nave insignia de la Flota Estelar, liderada por el capitán James T. Kirk, vuelve a surcar el universo, para proteger la Tierra y el resto de planetas aliados. Pero la tranquilidad durará poco y el peligro acecha. La primera etapa de su misión les llevará a un territorio desconocido, y su travesía pronto se convertirá en una carrera por la supervivencia, cuando se enfrenten a un nuevo y fiero enemigo, Krall, de una especie alienígena avanzada. A la vez que intentan encontrar el modo de volver a la Tierra, su objetivo será proteger el futuro de la raza humana y preservar la armonía entre especies...

La tripulación de la USS Enterprise explora los confines del espacio inexplorado, donde se encuentran con un nuevo enemigo despiadado, que los pone a prueba a ellos y a todo lo que representa la Federación.

هنگامی که در سیاره ی دشمن گیر می افتند ، کاپیتان کِرک ، اسپاک و بقیه خدمه سفینه ی فضایی درمی یابند با یک تهدید بیگانه به نام کِرال مواجه هستند که …

Enterprisen viiden vuoden tutkimusmatkasta on ehtinyt kulua jo kolme. Alus vierailee Yorktown-tukikohdassa, keinotekoisella planeetalla, josta he päätyvät tuntemattoman, Tähtiliittoon kuulumattoman lajin edustajan kanssa kartoittamattomaan avaruuteen. Avaruusolio kertoo oman miehistönsä olevan vankeina ja kapteeni James T. Kirk miehistöineen rientää tietysti tuttuun tyyliin apuun. Planeetta, jolla muita lajin edustajia kohdellaan kaltoin sijaitsee niin tiheän tähtisumun takana, etteivät kommunikaatioyhteydet Tähtiliittoon toimi. Enterprise joutuu diktaattori Krall:in virittämään ansaan ja Entrprise joutuu tekemään pakkolaskun planeetalle. Krall haluaa jostain syystä itselleen Enterprisen esinekokoelmaan päätyneen artefaktin. Ympäri planeettaa pakkolaskun tehneet miehistön jäsenet päätyvät taistelemaan altavastaajina Krall:ia vastaan, joka uskoo täysin päinvastaisiin asioihin kuin Tähtiliitto. Hänen mukaansa sota on ratkaisu, ei rauhallinen yhteiselo.

Quand une inconnue se présente à la Fédération et mentionne que son équipage est en danger, le capitaine Kirk se lance dans une mission de sauvetage à bord de l'Enterprise. Arrivé sur place avec son équipe, il constate qu'il s'agissait d'un guet-apens. Rapidement, tous les membres de l'équipage sont faits prisonniers par un mécréant du nom de Krall, qui envisage détruire la station spatiale Yorktown et éliminer tous ceux qui y vivent. Kirk, Spock, Bones et Scotty, aidés par une nouvelle alliée, Jaylah, s'évertueront de retrouver leurs confrères et d'empêcher que Krall mettre son plan diabolique à exécution.

Alors que l'USS Enterprise doit se rendre aux confins de l'espace inexploré en mission de sauvetage, il subit une attaque de Krall, un ennemi impitoyable de la Fédération. Le vaisseau s'écrase dans un endroit hostile inconnu et le capitaine Kirk, Spock et leur équipage se perdent de vue. Ils sont tous coincés, sans possibilité de s'échapper.

לאחר שהם חונים בבסיס הכוכבים ארהרארט, במאחז בשולי מרחב הפדרציה, האנטרפרייז יוצאת למשימתה בת 5 השנים, אך היא מותקפת קשות בגל בלתי עציר של חוצנים זרים שמאלצים את הצוות לנטוש את הספינה. כשהצוות מגיע לכוכב לכת בלתי מוכר ללא אמצעי חילוץ, הם מוצאים את עצמם במרכזו של סכסוך מול אויב חסר רחמים המאיים על הפדרציה והעקרונות המנחים אותה.

U ovom je nastavku posadu USS Enterprise-a, predvođenu kapetanom Jamesom T. Kirkom, napao nezaustavljiv val izvanzemaljaca koji uništavaju Enterprise, ostavljajući ih nasukane na novoj planeti, gdje se sukobljavaju s novim nemilosrdnim neprijateljima. Posada je ostala bez broda te je zatočena na nepoznatom planetu, no tamo nisu sami, a misteriozna ratnica koju susretnu zna zašto se i nalaze baš tamo.

Az Enterprise az űr felfedezetlen zugaiba merészkedik, ahol egy új, titokzatos ellenséggel találkoznak, és ez a találkozás komoly próbára teszi a legénységet, és mindazt, amit a Föderáció jelent.

L'equipaggio della Enterprise esplora gli angoli più remoti dello spazio sconosciuto, dove lo attende un nuovo nemico misterioso, che metterà a rischio loro e tutto ciò che la Federazione rappresenta. La perdita dell'Enterprise costringerà tutti quanti a tentare di sopravvivere ai pericoli del pianeta alieno Altamid.


우주를 항해하던 거대함선 엔터프라이즈호는 정체를 알 수 없는 우주선으로부터 공격을 받게 되고, 커크 함장을 비롯한 대원들은 낯선 행성에 불시착하고 만다. 하지만 외계 종족의 공격은 계속되고, 커크 함장과 대원들은 절체절명의 위기에 빠지게 되는데...

Įpusėjus penkerių metų ekspediciją visatos gelmėse, kapitono Kirko (aktorius Chris‘as Pine‘as) vadovaujama erdvėlaivio „USS Enterprise“ įgula patenka į bėdą. Sustojimas vienoje labiausiai nuo Federacijos centro nutolusių bazių iš pradžių nieko blogo nežada. Tačiau vos spėjus išskristi iš jos, erdvėlaivį sunaikina netikėta ir itin galinga nežinomų ateivių ataka. Įgulai pavyksta išsigelbėti, tačiau tai – menka paguoda.

Kapteiņa Džeimsa Kērka vadītais zvaigžņu kuģis "Enterprise" iekļūst ienaidnieku flotes uzbrukuma vilnī, kā rezultātā kuģis tiek iznīcināts un komanda nonāk uz jaunas, viņiem nepazīstamas planētas. Šeit viņi nav gaidīti un drīz iemanto jaunu – nežēlīgu ienaidnieku.

In het derde jaar van een vijfjarige missie arriveert de USS Enterprise op Starbase Yorktown voor bevoorrading en verlof voor haar vermoeide bemanning. Kapitein Kirk heeft moeite met de motivatie en dient een aanvraag in voor een promotie tot vice-admiraal en de commandant van Yorktown.

U.S.S. Enterprise er tilbake på et nytt spennende eventyr gjennom tid og rom. På vei gjennom sitt utforskningstokt gjennom verdensrommet, ankommer Enterprise rombasen Yorktown. Her får de i oppgave å redde et skip som har forsvunnet sporløst i en nærliggende galakse. Under redningsoppdraget angripes Enterprise av en fiendtlig overmakt, og Kaptein James T. Kirk og resten av mannskapet hans blir strandet på en fremmed planet hvor en farlig fiende venter.

Kolejna odsłona kultowej serii, która wrosła w popkulturę, co więcej - współtworzyła ją. Twórcy ponownie zabiorą nas w emocjonującą międzygalaktyczną podróż. Wspólnie z bohaterami filmu znów będziemy „śmiało kroczyć tam, gdzie nie dotarł jeszcze żaden człowiek".

Desta vez, Kirk, Spock e a tripulação da Enterprise encontram-se no terceiro ano da missão de exploração do espaço prevista para durar cinco anos. Eles recebem um pedido de socorro que acaba os ligando ao maléfico vilão Krall, um insurgente Anti-Frota Estelar interessado em um objeto de posse do líder da nave. A Enterprise é atacada, e eles acabam em um planeta desconhecido, onde o grupo acaba sendo dividido em duplas.

A USS Enterprise explora os lugares mais distantes do espaço, onde encontram um novo inimigo que irá colocar a Federação à prova.

De data aceasta echipajul navei Enterprise are de înfruntat inamici noi în vastul spațiu cosmic încă neexplorat. În această nouă aventură echipajul va ajunge "acolo unde nu a mai ajuns nimeni, în căutarea lumilor noi și a noilor civilizații", dincolo de orice Univers cunoscut, în binecunoscutul spirit al francizei Star Trek.

События развиваются спустя 2 года после начала пятилетней миссии. Экипаж звездного корабля «Энтерпрайз», во главе с капитаном Джеймсом Т. Кирком, были атакованы могущественной и опасной волной неизвестных пришельцев, которые уничтожают корабль, оставляя их без всего на новой неизведанной планете, где они оказываются в конфликте с новым безжалостным врагом.

Enterprise bola zničená, jej posádka rozprášená do všetkých kútov vesmíru a časť z nej dokonca uvrhnutá do zajatia. Tento veľmi depresívny vývoj príbehu je dôsledkom ambicióznej misie, na ktorú vyslala Federácia Enerprise s cieľom rozšíriť hranice doteraz známeho vesmíru. Hneď za nimi totiž číha hrozba väčšia a mocnejšia než všetky protivenstvá, na ktoré doteraz Kirk a jeho posádka narazili. Aj keď ich prvé stretnutie s Khanom a jeho vyspelými technológiami úplne zdecimuje, budú sa musieť rýchlo spamätať. Ich premožiteľ má totiž zálusk na celú Federáciu, ktorá nemá bez Kirka na prežitie žiadnu šancu.

Posadka kultne vesoljske ladje Enterprise se sredi njene 5-letne misije raziskovanja skrajnih kotičkov vesolja znajde pred eno najhujših preizkušenj. Na povsem nepoznanem koncu vesolja jih napade neustavljiv sovražnik, ki drznega kapitana Kirka in njegovo posadko prisili, da zapustijo ladjo in poiščejo zatočišče na bližnjem planetu. Brez možnosti, da bi oddali signal v sili, morajo poskusiti navezati stik z Nezemljani, ki so že na planetu in se skupaj upreti skrivnostnim sovražnikom. Ob pomanjkanju modernih pripomočkov lahko računajo zgolj na lastno iznajdljivost in neustavljiv pustolovski duh. »Vesolje ... Poslednja meja. To so potovanja vesoljske ladje Enterprise. Njena pet let trajajoča misija, na kateri odkriva nenavadne nove svetove, spoznava nove oblike življenja in civilizacije ter pogumno pluje tja, kamor ni šel še nihče.« – ZVEZDNE STEZE

Наставак чувене франшизе, са већ познатом екипом и новим ликовима, који ће у новој авантури отићи изван свих познатих граница.

USS Enterprise attackeras av Krall, en skoningslös fiende till Federationen. Kapten Kirk och besättningen störtar och blir strandsatta på en okänd planet. Endast en rebellkrigare kan hjälpa dem förhindra att Kralls armé utlöser ett fullskaligt galaktiskt krig.

ยานเอ็นเตอร์ไพรซ์กลับสู่ดาวโลกอีกครั้ง แต่แล้วเมื่อโลกถูกรุกรานโดยกลุ่มเอเลี่ยนนิรนาม ฝูงบินสตาร์ฟลีทถูกโจมตีจากภายใน จนก่อเกิดเป็นความเสียหายที่ทำให้โลกถึงคราววิกฤต การเบนเข็มภารกิจจึงเกิดขึ้นอีกครั้ง และนำมาสู่มิตรภาพครั้งใหม่ที่ทำให้กัปตันเคิร์ก (คริส ไพน์) ต้องชั่งใจ เมื่อมันอยู่บนความก้ำกึ่งระหว่างมิตรและศัตรู อนาคตของดาวโลกจะเป็นอย่างไร กัปตันและสมาชิกลูกเรือจะหาทางออกของปัญหาที่พวกเขาต้องเผชิญได้หรือไม่

Bir kurtarma görevi için uzayın derinliklerine gönderilen Atılgan uzay gemisi, Federasyon'a savaş açmış gaddar diktatör Krall tarafından pusuya düşürülür. Bilinmedik düşmancıl bir dünyaya zorunlu iniş yapan Kaptan Kirk, Spock ve gemi mürettebatı kaçma şansları olmadan birbirlerinden ayrı düşerler. Krall'ın ölümcül ordusunun galaksi çapında bir savaş başlatmasını önlemek için verilen zamana karşı yarışta, yalnızca isyancı bir uzaylı savaşçı olan Jaylah onların bir araya gelmelerine ve gezegenden bir çıkış yolu bulmalarına yardım edebilir.

Події розвиваються через 2 роки після початку п'ятирічної місії. Екіпаж зоряного корабля «Ентерпрайз», на чолі з капітаном Джеймсом Т. Кірком, були атаковані могутньою і небезпечною хвилею невідомих прибульців, які знищують корабель, залишаючи їх без всього на новій незвіданій планеті, де вони потрапляють в конфлікт з новим безжальним ворогом.

Tiếng Việt
Khởi đầu là một series phim truyền hình ăn khách tại Mỹ, Star Trek nhanh chóng trở thành một thương hiệu riêng được mọi người biết đến, đồng thời là bộ phim khoa học viễn tưởng "tiên đoán" trước những thiết bị khoa học kĩ thuật sẽ xuất hiện trong thế kỉ 20-21. Star Trek Beyond vẫn tiếp tục câu chuyện về con tàu huyền thoại mang tên U.S.S Enterprise của thuyền trưởng James. T. Kirk. Phi hành đoàn của U.S.S Enterprise bị một nhóm người ngoài hành tinh tấn công và phá hủy hoàn toàn con tàu. Cả đoàn bị đẩy lên một hành tinh mới xa lạ với nhiều cạm bẫy.

柯克船长和企业号的船员们来到了银河系中未知的一个区域,开始他们未来 5 年的任务——探索新世界,寻找新物种。途中因为意外而滞留异星,并且遭遇了当地种族的追杀,他们必须找到方法离开这个星球。

睽違3年,荷里活皇牌製作人J.J.艾布斯(J.J. Abrams)將帶同「卻克隊長」基斯派恩(Chris Pine)及「冼樸」沙查昆圖(Zachary Quinto)等強勢回歸,繼續以「企業號」在未知的太空探索冒險。《星空奇遇記》(Star Trek)經典科幻系列第13部電影《星空奇遇記:超域時空》(Star Trek Beyond)將由《職業特工隊:叛逆帝國》(Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation)及《星球大戰:原力覺醒》(Star Wars: The Force Awakens)的導演J.J.艾布斯監製,《狂野時速》(Fast and Furious)系列華裔導演林詣彬(Justin Lin)執導,幕後班底無懈可擊!未知鬼主意多多的艾布斯會為影迷帶來什麼驚喜?


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