Bad Moms

Bad Moms

By Jon Lucas & Scott Moore

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2016-07-29
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 53 Ratings

Bad Moms Description

In this outrageous comedy from the writers of The Hangover, Amy (Mila Kunis) has a seemingly perfect life - a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However she's over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she's about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities – going on a wild, un-mom-like binge of long overdue freedom, fun and self-indulgence – putting them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) and her clique of devoted perfect moms (Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo). See the movie that critics are cheering as "…a funny, giddy, sentimental laugh-in…" - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times.

With the help of TV's beloved loud-mouth mom and infamous comedienne, Roseanne Barr, "MOMSTERS: WHEN MOMS GO BAD" uncovers a bizarre world where mothers will do anything for their children's happiness. From the little league mama who stalks and threatens her son's coach to the pageant parent who will stop at nothing to get her daughter the crown, these mothers are not afraid to cross boundaries and get their hands dirty.

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Bad Moms Movie Reviews

  • average

    natalie brooke b
    definitely thought it was going to be way better, but it was still funny at some parts. i'm also biased towards mila so if you don't enjoy her acting, i wouldn’t recommend.
  • Unrealistic and then poorly implemented

    My girlfriend apologized for suggesting we rent this movie after about 30 minutes. I get it’s not meant to be realistic, but it’s full of stereotypes and cliche plots. Also full of sexual harassment left and right, but done in such a way, and so often, than it’s just annoying. I don’t understand why this movie was made.
  • Loved It

    Mission Accomplished
    It is sad to think these women all had to touch Harvey Weinstein just to make this movie.
  • Absolutey horrible

    Not funny. Horrible acting. No story.
  • I laughed so hard

    ...And cried.. And called my mom to thank her for everything
  • Fun times

    Ghadeer Amutairi
    Moms jokes were awesome ... worth watching again
  • Loves it

    Christal Doll
    Funny and so realistic
  • Hilarious!!!

    Watched like 10 times and I've recommended it to all of my friends and customers! LOVE this movie! so hilarious and good for all ages!!
  • Hilarious Movie😂😂😂Ignore the bad reviews

    Okay this movie is very funny. It's on tv all the time. Idky people gave it bad reviews. Maybe they were watching a different movie. Kathryn Hahn was hilarious! She stole the movie!
  • Awesome

    I always read the reviews and honestly the review made it seem it's a whatever movie, Until the other day I decided to rent it and see what it's all about. This movie is awesome! Kept me entertained, laughing and enjoying my time.
  • So funny

    Belinda NH
    Omg this movie is a must see for any mom, so funny!!!!!!
  • Loved this

    This is a great movie I laughed a lot in this
  • Buy it

    Movie Critical
    My wife and I loved it. Couldn’t stop laughing
  • Terrible

    Mr. Flyg
    Not funny at all. No script. And i'm so tired of movies sending a message about switched roles.
  • Gets Better in the Second Half. Watch the final credits.

    Tom S2
    It seems like this movie was directed by two different directors. The begginning seems like pure comedy and is not very engaging because it seems so implausible. But as it goes along, the story line becomes more dramatic and therefore more believable. Perhaps the best part of the movie is after the movie ends and the final credits are rolling, where the actresses and their mothers are being interviewed.
  • Not worth one penny

    This movie is terrible, maybe you'll chuckle once or twice, but don't waist your time or money on this dribble. The characters are annoying and cliche, the plot has been done to death, just don't do it. Don't even pirate this movie out of curiosity, it's not wortht he potential jail time.
  • Waste of money

    It started off okay, but then declined fast. Wasn't even funny, was just annoying. I started playing on my cellphone halfway through the movie and then was forced to shut it off because it was too obnoxious to listen to.
  • Best comedy we've seen a while.

    Had us laughing the whole time.
  • Raunchy

    This movie had some good points to make, but they were all lost behind the smuttiness and nasty language. I don't know if I've ever heard the F word more time in one hour before in my life.
  • Great movie!

    Great roleplay, great movie - not the most experienced story, but its a veeeery good and funny watch. So go get it!

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