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The Girl on the Train is based on Paula Hawkins’ bestselling thriller that shocked the world. Rachel (Emily Blunt), devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day. Everything changes when she sees something shocking happen there, and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.

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Rhythm Oriented
Flat  Rhythm Oriented  1 star

Given the cast, the trailor and the source material one would have surmised this to be exciting. Sorry...just flat, almost devoid of suspense. Out of three dozen movies seen in 2016 (most in theaters, including this disappointment), this was ranked 30 on my list. DECENT (not great) performances spared the all-too-easy-to-give "1 star" rating.

One star is one too many  Truthnotinlending  1 star

Emily Blount, what were you thinking? Ugh, too much like real life with insecure looser men.

I Read The Book  brslc  5 star

I actually liked this movie better than the book. Go figure. Extremely well acted and well cast. Emily Blunt is off the charts good.

Very intriguing  osifhdqod  5 star

Very well done. I did not read the book so I didn't know what to expect. This was a great rental.

Not worth the time or money  Sunsnyne  1 star

I read this book, and absolutely loved it! This movie took me two days to watch in its entirety because it was such a dud. *DISAPPOINTED*

Mohammed Al-Tari
Slow at times but manages to maintain suspense ...  Mohammed Al-Tari  4 star

Slow at times, but the ending is worth the wait. Versatile, convincing Emily Blunt is a persuasive actress as usual; seems like a bit of a different role for her but she plays it very well. It does skip around in time, so you do have to pay attention.

Full of suspense  Dugie11  5 star

Loved it all. Saw it twice and the suspense is gripping!

Gamer holdem
🙄  Gamer holdem  1 star

1 word for this 🎥..?Sucked 😜

Great Movie, But I've Never Read the Book  374260  4 star

I was entertained from beginning to end. Never read the book and I'm okay with that.

Horrible movie, Horrible book  medinama  1 star

I couldn't get through the first 30 pgs of the book but decided to still give the movie a shot. Horrible mistake. I deserve a refund. The movie is so slow. The plot just doesn't follow. Unnecssary information given, plot details missing. Slow as heck. Random sex shots throughout that make no sense.

Mr Safety
Skip this one  Mr Safety  2 star

While I am normally a big fan of Emily Blunt's work, this is not a movie I would recommend you watch. The acting is unbelievable and the script half-baked, and while I was able to watch the entire film, it was from a sense of morbid curiosity rather than enjoyment. Not recommended. 2/5

Slam Stocks
Boring & Confusing Mess  Slam Stocks  2 star

Blunt is exceptional, but the movie build-up was painfully slow. Trying to follow the script is confusing, not really understanding sitting on a train moving at high-speed could she catch the lives of passing residents thorugh the window. Sadder still is the lack of empathy to any of the desicable characters, you'll want this movie to end.

Horribly made  Galaxypuppy299  1 star

To me I thought it would have been better like it's confusing and just flat out boring

Not good  hgvak  1 star

So many loose ends and all the characters are despicable. Pacing issues and a lacklustre finale.

Wish it was better  jazzlover1333  1 star

I couldn't finish the movie because it was so boring. Emily Blunt's performance is usually spot on, so that was the redemption. The movie was made up of passive characters that were easily forgotten. I truly believe the book is amazing (never read it), but the translation to movie was overshadowed by weak characterization.

A Cluttered Mess!  TwinPines85  2 star

There are some great scenes but this does not rescue a mess of movie. Not read the book but I bet it is far better than the movie. Great performances get lost due to poor direction and editing. The ending...what a let down. Give it a miss!

The Movie Weasel
Boring - Ho-Hum  The Movie Weasel  2 star

It's interesting to me that this type of hum-drum, superficial plot is still made into films. The motivation of obsession is thin. The bad guy being a mysognyist, lying, abusive, manipulating man is tired and worn. The supporting characters are plastic and monumentally mediocre. The editing was particularly bad, intended I think as a way to show the chaos in the main character and her recovery of memory, but still bad. Ms. Blunt's portrayal of an alcoholic was reasonably well done, but other than that, the emotional chaos of upper-middle class fat-cats and their screwed up mariages is quite uninteresting. I not sure if this film was inteneded as some sort of feminist statement. If it was thusly intended, again worn out and poorly done. If it was to be a character study, it was weak. If it was supposed to be a crime drama it never came close to accomplishing that. This film doesn't know what it is supposed to do, and I am left with a monumental sense of mediocre.

désastre  dragon11111  1 star

dont wacht this movie, you will regret it

Brilliant Movie.  Hockeyolly  5 star

Emily Blunt should be nominated for an Oscar.Shame it was not filmed in England.

Most excellent!  Silverstang777  5 star

Great physiological thriller! A real whodunnit. Emily Blunt is unbelievable!!

Ugggg  1265dwe  1 star

Want to be "Gone Girl" with a 6th rate plot, and two more psycho women with terrible characterization no one can identify with.

Wow... I couldn't stop watching!  ReeseMc  5 star

Such a good movie. Been awhile since I've seen an suspense film like that. Totally worth the watch.

Amazing!!  adelbti  5 star

Are u serious?! Jesus Christ! This is absolutely amazing story! Thank you so much

Girl on the train  Jkarene  5 star

amazing suspense thriller.

Awful with an annoying speak.  K.L.J.I.  1 star

It is dreadful and totally boring. Then there is this annoying voiceover which sounds like a mentally challenged idiot: Rachel is looking out the window. Rachel is looking at a stone on the ground. Rachel is looking at another stone on the ground. Jeez - who cares? The trailer looks intriguing and I was very exited to watch it but was extremely disappointed. It is a waste of time and I can only encourage you not to rent it!

Melanie Falsepercy
Emily Blunt is compelling  Melanie Falsepercy  4 star

Yes, it's not a major film, or even great. But it has a tight, intimate sort of logic that works perfectly with the performances. Emily Blunt is quite vulnerable in this role and her performance leaps off the screen and into your heart in a way that is notable. She's usually a "strong" personality in her films, but not here. I can only applaud what looks like a lot of hard acting work. While this isn't quite like Charlize Theron in "Monster" there are some parallels and it makes me think Emily Blunt's best work has yet to come.

Eddie D011
Girl on the train  Eddie D011  3 star

Would have been a much better movie if the continuity wasn't such a disaster. The constant string of unnecessary flashbacks added more confusion than the intrigue the screenwriter thought he was creating.

Good movie  Steveshreve2  4 star

A bit sketchy at times but I finally caught on.

More like a made-for-TV movie.  WickedChicklette  3 star

It was okay. Jumbled a bit, but then highly predictable.

Best Thriller  doggiegirl  5 star

This was one of best thrillers I've seen in a while. can't wait to see it again.

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