Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor Strange (2016) Summary and Synopsis

From Marvel comes Doctor Strange, the story of world-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, whose life changes forever after a horrific car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he is forced to look for healing, and hope, in an unlikely place – a mysterious enclave known as Kamar-Taj. He quickly learns that this is not just a center for healing but also the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying our reality. Before long Strange – armed with newly acquired magical powers – is forced to choose whether to return to his old life or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence. After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under her wing and trains him to defend the world against evil. Doctor Strange (2016) Wiki

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Open your mind. Change your reality...

Doctor Strange (2016) (2016)

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Doctor Strange (2016) Movie Reviews

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- Dr Strange5 star

Favorite Marvel Character

- Good5 star

It was well worth my $4 or whatever, that makes it good in my book. Definitely recommend

- One of my all time favorites!5 star

Great movie that showcases Dr. Steven Stranges strengths as well as his vulnerabilities.

- Venom 10005 star

Doctor strange is was referenced in winter soldier and it is still one of the best mic movies of all time also in the New York sanctum they call the master master drum referring Daniel drum referencing the dead brother of doctor voodo in the comics

- Very good5 star

I love Doctor Strange is so good it is a must watch!!! Me being in to the mystic arts loved it!

- 4K needed5 star

Amazing movie... but when will this movie upgrade to 4K? This is really annoying to me when movies released on 4K Home Video don’t appear 4K on iTunes.

- Rite1 star

Over 3 years this movie been out . Yet Apple seems to be greedy cuz their stock is down to still sell this movie for $20 bucks. Where everywhere else it’s under $10. Yeah yeah to be greedy overrated empire.

- One of my favorites5 star

Okay, so many people give reviews but act like their opinion is fact and don’t give a halfway decent reason for not liking what they review. And the same goes for those who like what they’re reviewing, but it’s understandable because you would recommend something to someone. (Rather than just say it’s bad for no good reason.) So I’m going to fix one of those by giving an example of my of what I like so you can determine if you’ll like this movie to by giving my five favorite MCU films and five least favorite. Favorites 1. Avengers: Endgame 2. Black Panther 3. Captain America: Civil War 4. Doctor Strange 5. The Avengers Least favorites 5. Iron Man 3 4. Captain Marvel 3. Thor: the Dark World 2. Iron Man 2 1. The Incredible Hulk (Note: I don’t dislike any of these movies, these are just the ones I’m least interested in seeing again.)

- Benedict Cumberbatch can do anything5 star

He is a dragon, Sherlock and now a wizard! This is a touching and surprisingly religious/philosophical. It’s in my top 3 favorite marvel movies.

- I loved it5 star

No other thing besides that I loved it

- It’s mediocre4 star

The movie’s plot was moderate and the special effects are spot-on. It’s alright. I don’t really like how it ends, i would’ve preferred a fight scene but I know marvel sometimes sticks to the comic. It’s a good introduction to doctor strange.

- Dr. $+ephen [email protected]5 star

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This film has been modified from it original aspect ratio. Rent this and you will NOT be seeing the whole film - the widescreen edges have been cropped off to make the film more square.

- Super cool5 star

Man, the visual effects are so cool. Maybe the best fight scenes in a mcc movie ever. Good acting, Cumberbatch did a good job. Nice plot, it was interesting and unexpected. I have watched this many times and it never gets old. How do you make such a good movie? TEACH ME!

- Brennan C.4 star

A satisfying, mind-blowing Marvel film.

- Marvel has no wizards5 star

Doctor Strange is not a part of The Harry Potter and fantastic beast movies Doctor Strange is not a wizard marvel does that make wizards Doctor Strange is not a part of the Wizarding world of Harry Potter and fantastic Bast

- Excellent5 star

Good movie

- Saw it twice5 star

My mother who is 50, totally loves this movie. She is just watching all of them.

- Amazing Marvel Outtake on Dr. Strange!5 star

All around just another amazing Marvel movie - definitely among my Top 5 (Marvel movies) of all time. The cast is quite outstanding, so is the story line and special effects, etc. what more can you ask for??

- Strangely...5 star

love this movie. Sequel soon?

- 11/10 magical a**5 star

By far one of the greatest additions to the MCU. The visual and audio effects were astonishing, and the acting was beautiful.

- AWSOME4 star

It’s a really good marvel movie and I would DEFINITELY recommend it

- Dr strange5 star


- Love Doctor Strange!!!!5 star

Love the stunning visuals.

- I did like but I didn’t like as much as other marvel films3 star

I give it 3 stars

- Spec effect4 star

I kind of feel like they hit the special effects too hard. But great movie

- Good4 star

This was a good movie.

- Great Marvel movie that's different from rest5 star

I'm not a Marvel nerd, so I know little about all the characters in the Marvel Universe, but this is one of my favorite characters. Benedict is absolutely amazing, as usual, along with the rest of the cast. Some scenes might appear a bit weird...but I guess you'd expect that when dealing with a Marvel hero that dabbles in the mystic arts (i.e. sorcery). But that I think is what makes him so great, and powerful, is his special ability to tap into magic from other universes, to bend space and time among other abilities. Very cool! I hope more Dr. Strange movies will be made.

- Epic Movie!5 star

I highly recommend this movie. If you liked the Matrix you will love this. It's such a great combination of high-tech imagery and also a deep message and plot. Lately I've been really disappointed in a lot of Holywood movies. They're so shallow and lack and plot or message about life. This one is not that way, it's not just a hollow action movie. This movie actually has a deep and complex meaning and message and I recommend it for everyone.

- Hilarious!!!!!5 star

Guess Wong does like Beyoncè

- An Amazing Thrill Ride5 star

This movie is visually stunning Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job as well for Rachel Mcadams

- It was ok3 star

Less humor would have made this movie better.

- Loved This5 star

The first time I watched this I was at my house looking for an interesting film, and I came across this. The action scenes were fantastic, and it really feel the same way as when I first watched Harry Potter. Great CGI, acting is brilliant. Everything seems as if it were sketched out perfectly, loved it.


Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing AMAZING as Doctor Strange. He really brings the character to life. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this amazing Marvel Hero!!! This movie (next to Guardians of the Galaxy) made me a huge fan of the MCU. I’m now a huge huge fan!! Can’t wait for the next Doctor Strange movie, and he better be in Avengers 4!

- Forget Harry Potter, we NEED more Dr. Strange!5 star

Seriously, this was so good I have to watch it again. How come I don’t remember it coming out in the movies?!? Ya’ll need to get SEVERAL more movies about Dr. Strange done ASAP!!!

- Special Effects!5 star

The Special Effects in this movie were off the charts! I couldn't believe it! Plus any movie with Benedict Cumberbatch...I mean...duh! <3

- Visually stunning!5 star

Wow! I was not expecting much from this movie but I walked out of the theatre amazed. The cast is charming and the visuals are stunning.

- Marvel for life5 star

Dude this is an awesome movie if u have not watched it yet watch now!!!

- Bit confused4 star

This was a great movie, considering that is was a bit confusing. You see, it was a great but confusing story, it was jumping in to fast into the action, and it took you a while to actually understand what was going on.

- Incredible5 star

Marvel has done it again. They have taken a character almost no one knows about and made a fantastic film about him

- Great movie!5 star

I love this movie, must watch!

- A failed movie....🤬1 star

A really bad and slow movie. It’s nothing special. It was honestly the worst movie of 2016. 👎👎👎👎👎 A disappointment

- Great!5 star

The CGI alone makes it a great movie! The storyline and acting were good as well. It's worth a rent.

- Love it5 star

Best so far

- Nope1 star

This was my least favorite MCU film. Cumberbatch is a good actor but seemed awakward here. I was bored and confused. Oh, and I was about to puke from the medical scenes. My future does not involve being a neurosurgeon😉

- I was Suprised4 star

I honestly didn’t think I’d like this movie. I didn’t see it when it released in theaters nor on DVD/ digital release. It wasn’t till I was forced to watch it cuz someone else wanted to, that I discovered this was a decent film. Some parts of it did lack for me cuz I’m a die hard fan. And die hard fans tend to built the world in their heads and expect it to be something more than a film can produce. But this did good. There were some parts of it that reminded me of the special affects from the movie Inception with DiCaprio that made me kinda not want to give it 5 full stars. But again die hard fans always expect more. All in all it was good.

- Not good2 star

I didn’t like it at all.Adding to that l think this is the worst MARVEL movie ever 🤢🤮

- 😻😻😻5 star

It was great

- nope2 star

Impressive visuals with heesey, bad dialog and a thin plot. No thanks.

- Great movie but4 star

It’s a great movie but that’s not why I am righting this this is listed as a Limited time price movie which is 15$ but this movie along with a lot of the others on this Limited time price list have been $15 for a very long time I feel that this is some kind of false advertisement saying at the movies were not this price and trying to get people to buy them making them think that you’re giving them some kind of deal where in the movies were already at this price

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mnhcrtychvjbknp - Best movie ever5 star

If you rank it anywhere below 4/5 you have bad taste in movies

Shewolf🐺 - D❤️CT❤️R STR❤️NGE5 star


SupermanFan97 - Great Movie!!!5 star

Amazing special effects, this is a movie you should watch!

Bananamasher - Doctor strange is a awesome movie marvel has done it again5 star

We finally get to see dr Stephen strange on the big screen a very well done movie😀

ColEcho - High expectations were met5 star

Had hogh expectations for this movie and they were completely met. Recommend to any fan of the marvel universe.

bob0087 - Not What I expected2 star

ok movie if your 14 i guess special effect good but story lame. I think cumberbatch is great actor. Not my cup of tea. Movie has no dirty language or Sexual filth good for anone to watch but takes a back seat to John Wick movie

tjholowaychuk - It’s alright3 star

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Marvel Netflix shows where there’s plenty of time to develop characters, but this felt really rushed and the characters didn’t feel very believable or interesting personally. The effects were pretty good but there’s still that uncanny feeling when the characters swap to their digital counterparts. At some points I felt like I was watching casper the ghost. Not my favorite Marvel movie.

BWatcher - Doctor Strange2 star

I found this to be a terrible movie: noisy and fractured. It's not Cumberbatch's best work, that's for sure. This is just a typical Marvel movie: lots of CGI, lots of sound, lots of bashing and crashing; actors who yell a lot, lots of destruction, boringly long and same-old, same-old recycling of ideas-ostracized or cast-off hero who finds his way back through a dizzying display of supepowers that are contentless. Yawn!

Sam4327 - Dictor Strange5 star

It's the best movie i have ever seen. Paying 25 dollars is nothing comparing to what the movie deserves. I recommend watching it so bad. It's perfect in all what the word perfect means.

nialanorac - Absolument délirant5 star

Excellente interprétation. Effets spéciaux originaux. Scénario intelligent. Drôle. Déirant.

Charles || - Top Marvel Movie so Far5 star

Benedict Cumberbatch was a perfect fit for this Movie.

DamianHoffmann - Doctor Strange5 star

It's ever good eschia.

not-so-sure - Definitely a fun movie5 star

Couldn't wait for this movie to come out. It was slightly different than the cartoon, but we really enjoyed this movie.

of my own mind - talent overshadowed by special effects3 star

I have to wonder how actors respond to a script where special effects have the power to disconnect them from the characters they are supposed to be playing. In the first several minutes Dr. Strange (Cumberbatch) fails to make any connection with Dr. Palmer (McAdams). Even his lines sound like they were dubbed under water?! No emotion. While many viewers will be satisfied with the special effects, film greatness stems from what is beneath the effects. This movie lacks the necessary character development that allows the viewer 'inside', explains the roads raken and those not... compels the viewer to understand the whys and why nots... Cumberbatch did this beautifully in other films so we are left to consider the issue to be a lack of direction combined with an over-abundance of special effects which in the end overshadow the tremendous talents of these fine actors.

Un19u3 - On repeat5 star

Can't stop watching it. Weirdly addictive.

qmike3 - Excellent5 star

Moi qui déteste ce genre de film, celui-ci est vraiment réussi. Les effets visuels sont spectaculaires. A voir.

@cool_girl😋 - Nice movie5 star

It's a great movie!

Out for rent - When will it be out for rent4 star

I've been dying to watch this movie. So can anyone tell when it is coming out for rent!!!

a l r j f k w - Awesomeee5 star

Mifest - When can I watch this ?3 star

I have pre order it for weeks, when can I watch it ?

Slam Stocks - Dazzling & Mind Bending5 star

An extremely good film. Cumberbatch is spectacular with his acting and perfectly suited for this role. This might not be for everyone as the plot can be confusing and mind bending visuals can be dizzying. A difficult story to create since Dr Strange is not as popular Marvel hero. Inserting some silliness into the film it really helps to pace the movie for the audience. This is among the best of Marvel movies and a much watch.

SimonB001 - Dr Benedict5 star

Encore un fois Benedict Cumberbatch revien en force dans son nouveau rôle du Dr Steve Stange. Dr Strange est arrogant et prétencieux et devras apprendre la modestie. Il y a juste le bon dosage d'humour et de suspence pour être un grand film.

Gameboys1000000000 - Reality Bending5 star

I watched in theatres twice it was so good. The graphics were incredible and Cumberbatch played Stephen Strange perfectly. But you have to stay for the two post credits scenes they play a major role in explaining what happens next.

Undrgrndkng - Another one5 star

Great from start to finish.

anythingtomatoe - Worth it5 star

I paid 20 bucks to watch this movie and I don't regret a thing. Great actor and actress. It's a great movie. No dull moment. Kudos to the cast and crew!

Karamia54 - Dr. Strange5 star

Ok if you like Marvel movies, this one will not disappoint. Just make sure you stay for the 2 trailers. I have already preordered this movie. Enjoy it.

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Jbeaman - Amazing special effects and visuals5 star

This movie is amazing! For those that love folding our reality like “Inception” this is an exceptional action, story, and super hero movie. Weird that I missed it for this long.

This is a 🤖😼 - Pretty good4 star

Now this definitely wasn’t like Civil War or anything, but was it good? Yes! Was it great? Nah. My main problem with this is the plot. So Dr. Strange(played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who, I thought, was outstanding for the role) is a rich neurosurgeon ends up severely damaging himself in an accident and is trained to become a superhero/sorcerer and has to save the world. Sounds familiar? That’s because it’s the same thing as Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America:The First Avenger...alright, that’s all I could think of. But what about the effects? The effects were the best thing about this film, followed by the outstanding performances. Anyway, I think I’ll give this a 7.5/10. Predictable plot

Pokèstar J-man - Well....5 star


Edelika - Extremely good5 star

This movie is awesome. Best Marvel Movie Ever (in my opinion). Don't know why everyone says it's bad, it's really good. Highly recommend it. 10/10.

Rgtyhtruhjkhyb - Great5 star

It was awesome! I really enjoyed the cgi, the acting, and the story. It was very different from other marvel movies, in a good way.

CorpalHawk716 - Best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

When I first watched it I liked it then I kept watching it over and over again!

MsTBF - I was so bored I fell asleep1 star

BOTH times I tried to watch it. Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't charm his way out of a wet paper bag & I saw those effects the first time when it was called Inception. Also totally wasted the talent of the supporting cast. Good replacement for a sleep sound machine, and that's about it.

Down for the ads - It's good4 star

I am not a big magic movie type, but this was good.

Highway_61 - Horrible1 star

Terrible. I tried twice to watch this, but I had to surrender to sheer unwatchability of this mess. I suppose one could make a contest out of who is the worst actor in this debacle--my money would be on Cumberbatch, but he has a lot of competition, believe me--but it is a contest that would require much more masochism than I can muster.

NinjaPoopy💩 - One of Marvel's Best5 star

This movie had a whole lot to set up, but it does it all surprisingly well. It is paced very well, with plenty of mind-blowing action scenes and witty dialogue between characters. Stephan Strange starts out as a very douchey character but develops as a person and a sorcerer throughout the story to deliver an extremely satisfying final scene. Overall, the movie is a good watch that anyone who likes Marvel, fantasy, or action movies.

Covality - Too little action4 star

I love the way this movie made you think. The mind bending thoughts and hypocrisy. The only problem I have with the movie is the action. There definitely needed to be more fight scenes, including the spells and so much more. Fantastic movie, please make a sequel and have more fighting!

mytchnyny2013 - Did not disappoint!5 star

Loved this movie a lot and I cannot wait for part 2!!!!!

Sullyps23 - Doctor strange4 star

This movie is amazing. It is filled with great battle scenes, amazing visual effects, and a cool main character. It takes a little while to get started, but once it does it is pretty tough to beat. This is probably one of the best Marvel movies yet.

Rhythm Oriented - Casting and writing problems weigh down an otherwise decent film3 star

Cumberpatch is, for the most part, and excellent actor. However, he doesn't quite work as the contrarian in which he has been cast for the first half the movie. By the time he gets his act together, we already have lost considerable interest in the fairly predictable outcome. Marvel does not know how to make a bad film, but this one functions as a relatively weak link in their armamentarium.

DeminJanu - Very true to the comic5 star

I always loved the Dr. Strange comics because of the over-the-top mind-bending logic that would win battles and send characters into fantastical dimensions of the mind. This movie was definitely true to that sentiment, where the main struggles were not purely physical but also steeped in 'spells' and otherworldly logic about time, space, body/soul etc. The fights scenes were well choreographed with a fun combination of martial arts but, true to Strange fashion, centering on mental prowess more than just physical. Cumerbach fills that role very well (similar to Sherlock I guess). In addition, the visual effects were excellent (especially compared to the comics which are a few colors on a 2D page) - these impressive 3D graphics very much brought the old comics into the modern realm of action, and immersed one in the mystifying and kaleidoscopic reality of the "mystical arts". Lastly, the humor was great - it served well to take some of the seriousness out of the story, which is a welcome addition to the otherwise very serious comic-world Dr. Strange and his "mystical arts". I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see more of Cumerbach playing Strange again. Impressed at how the team captured the character and feeling of the Dr. Strange comics without making it totally cheesy (which a 1-to-1 rendition certainly would have been).

Kasra sina - Wooow5 star

Just it!!!

nocrickets - Pretty Good...3 star

…for a Marvel film. Cumberbatch, Swinton and Ejiofor give it a little gravitas, with a winking sense of humor at the right times. Like most Marvel product the story is simplistic. The CGI is quite impressive, if excessive and with ideas obviously borrowed from other films like Inception, Dark Knight and the Matrixes. It's absurd to give it 5 stars -- 5 stars should be reserved for real greatness on the order of Lawrence of Arabia or 2001 or The Godfather -- but it's okay comic book entertainment on a grand scale.

ncso911 - Definitely Not Trophy Material2 star

Slow and extremely boring. Couldn't stay to the end.

Andahawk - Expanding the MCU5 star

I really like how this movie really expands the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Plus I think they did a great job on casting.

iLosePhones - So good!5 star

This was great. Maybe my favorite super hero movie.

Nomorefinlandtalk - Psychedelic and fun!5 star

This is one of the best MCU movies to date. What a visual spectacle. I know some people hate on this movie but the way I see it, as a comic book fan, we should be happy we're even seeing films like this. I'm glad that it's no longer shameful to be a nerd!!!

Romanfrenkel - I want my 599 back1 star

It's bad

Duck Dynasty 15 - AMAZING!!5 star

I just watched this movie on my new 4K LG TV with my full Bose Soundtouch 300 system. Just awesome, I don't think that I can go to the movie theater anymore. With my new system this movie was awesome the graphics were amazing. Marvel keep it up with the movies!!

Girl on the Moon - More than action5 star

Finally a sci-fi with more than just action scenes. Special effects are fantastic - wish I'd seen on big screen. Fantastic actors and female /male leads. As an adult, I enjoyed the physics lessons and reminder to be open to what we don't know, but it also brought back the child in me for a couple of hours and that's a gift. PS. Don't text and drive...

ashg;ab - Dumb2 star

A good movie for a 12 year old. I made it 10 minutes in and got bored and stopped it. A waste of money but then again it is a superhero movies so what did I expect.

dlwickham - It was okay at best3 star

The supporting cast stole the movie. I had trouble caring about Strange.

HenryDavid13 - A Strange New Part of the MCU5 star

Doctor Strange, I’ve come to review you. After 13 other movies, the most recent of which had broken up The Avengers, and 142 hour-long TV episodes, some recent of which had hinted at the more mystical elements (such as the Hand in Daredevil season 2, the dark matter from Agent Carter season 2, or Ghost Rider from the then-current episodes of Agents of SHIELD), we finally see the mystic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re introduced to it when we see Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and his disciples steal a few pages from a forbidden book to perform a ritual that kicks the plot into gear. After a visually stunning fight with the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton, the Celtic woman, not the Asian guy) in the mirror dimension, they escape. Cut to Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon, who performs brain surgery while doing music trivia (fun fact, the first song we hear with him is the same one on the tape in Karen Page’s car from Daredevil season 2), which I’m not even sure is legal. Come to think of it, there are so many small issues with Doctor Strange, they pile up. After handing his patient off to another guy, he’s pulled out by Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) for a second opinion, and saves a man from brain death and being harvested like a corn field in fall. This sequence and his interactions with Christine and other personnel develop him as the snarky, arrogant jerk we know for the last few minutes before his car crash (also fun fact, at the end of the credits, they have a “don’t text-and-drive” PSA written in) that destroys his hands. After Western medicine fails him, it’s off to the East for holistic medicine, and after being saved by Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), he meets the Ancient One, and what follows is his ascension to earning the name Strange. However, the timing is never clear. My best guess is it could be a year, or several, ending in the release time’s present. A quick “time doesn’t pass in this place” line would have helped, but the placement of a modern tablet in Doctor Strange’s apartment makes it seem like that’s the case, but one does not simply learn so much in so little time, and Christine mentions an extended “I haven’t seen you” period. It’s really strange, and feels like Marvel let the ball drop in terms of continuity keeping. That aside, the characters were great, whether it was Doctor Strange and his brashness or Mordo and Wong’s more stoic natures in contrast to that, which provided great humor. The visuals are also brilliant, and do not need to be completely believable given the less-than-believable scenarios presented to us, but it all contributes. Michael Giacchino’s score also contributes to the weirdness with a sudden reversal tune used for Doctor Strange’s intro to the multiverse crash course, and Eastern instruments to reflect the setting and tone. The humor also contributes to not boring the audience, and mostly clean language makes it appropriate for all to engage in it. So unclear timing aside, it’ll just get stranger when he unite. An amazing spectacle with decent substance and perhaps a little too much humor. There is a whole multiverse of movies and TV shows over the last 110 years, and a small multiverse of high concept existance films like this (Does bending landscapes remind you of anything else?), with its inception going as far back as The Matrix. We open with this high concept world where Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) takes what he should not, and after a cool fight sequence where the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) bends reality in a way Inception didn’t (as much) and he gets away, establishing he is a villain. We meet our protagonist Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who is quickly established as an brilliant, albeit, arrogant, neurosurgeon who could give Doogie Howser a run for his money, and after being turned down by his coworker/ex Christine (Rachel McAdams), he heads off to show off, only to get into a serious car crash that sends him on a quest for restoring the stability of his hands (Quick fact, they actually have a “don’t text and drive” message towards the end of the credits, which you should always sit through in these Marvel Studios productions for a tease of the future. Just something to look for while you wait for your final dose of footage from the movie). After tracking down a paraplegic who recovered (Benjamin Bratt) from paralysis, and getting the info he wanted, Strange finds the place after Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) saves him from robbers, and he boldly goes where no Marvel movie has gone before: beyond the most basic concepts of time and space, while still keeping it grounded in some reality. This is the mystical part of the MCU coming out to the super science of Asgard and the mortal science of Earth. It all makes sense, and you really feel for Strange in his struggle, because we’ve all felt the struggle of relearning what we know, and if you haven’t had that struggle, you will. We also get various fun character moments from ones like the Ancient One, Mordo, and especially Wong (Benedict Wong). Wong’s humor isn’t the only humor throughout, but I feel like Marvel may have finally crossed the line in terms of how much humor comes out. Didn’t feel like a comedy, but maybe some humor was misplaced (but still a good laugh somehow). I will penalize it for it being too prevalent, but not for doing its job. Someone who obviously did their job was Michael Giacchino with his soundtrack, whether it’s Marvel’s new fanfare (their second one meant to be the forerunner of the movie itself) or the great use of Eastern style music without overdoing it. Another would be the VFX people, because the visuals were out of this world (literally), from Strange learning about the multiverse to the Inception style world-bending. Overall, Doctor Strange has a strange use of humor, even for an MCU installment, but is still another gem in Marvel’s infinitely vast universe (multiverse now?)

Ooh noo - Yawn2 star

Complete yawn fest with too much computer graphics attempting to fascinate! Thankfully I rented the movie. I'm not into comic books...I just like to be entertained.

sonnenschein531 - No real wow2 star

Not really sure how this got such great reviews. Acting was okay, cgi phenomenal, movie boring. No real climax.

nfjdigkgjsbdicbfk - Amazed5 star

I was blown away by this movie. Very well put together. Not your average MCU movie. Yes, A LOT of special effects (almost overwhelming at times), but not too much to take away from the rest of the movie. Outstanding job.

16 HORSES - WHAT'S UP DOC!!!!!!!!!5 star

And the Marvel Universe just keeps on coming. And now we have our beloved Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch truly amazing at this Character. The visual effects were above reproach and you have definitely have the sense of we'll be seeing him again. You may need a doctor after seeing it. Watch Doctor Strange without a prescription.

sureshot327 - Over rated1 star


Jojo rain puppy - Dr. Strange1 star

NO NO NO NO NO.......Poor CGI, terrible acting, preposterous script, ridiculous movie! I rented this movie with NO expectations and was still left wanting. I love Marvel but this was just........uggggh. Money back please plus $6.00 for waste of time.

Lybbert_Family - Amazing5 star

This movie was so visually beautiful and mind blowing. To see one of my favorite superheroes come to life is a dream and Marvel portrayed it so well.

Potlover - Doctor strange5 star

Super good movie! i loved it . totally recommend

1azurebird - My new favorite Marvel character5 star

Guess I'm one of the few who really enjoyed Dr Strange. I live a spiritual life and the theme of the movie drew me in because I recognized the spiritual theme. However, not to the extent the movie played out, just the basic teachings. The movie reminded me of Inception: Super hero style. I cant wait to see him again in Infinity War!

MrBunkBunk - Great!5 star

High quality film with great moments. Really trippy too

Sean402 - Awesome movie!!5 star

Awesome movie all around!

CRZYREGGIE - So confused!5 star

What I'm confused about is that people who have it 1 or 2 stars said the acting was great, great casting, but the special effects were too amazing? So special effects are now too amazing? I really loved the special effects and I was debating if I should get it, but those comments just proved to me I should.

D Noble - Good movie, BUT it helps to know the character4 star

"Dr. Strange" is a good movie. It's well acted (talented cast), with an interesting story. The one thing that may plague it in individual viewers' eyes is being unfamiliar with the character of Dr. Strange, and the world in which he lives. It's difficult to state whether other Marvel films like the Iron Man and Captain America movies would be considered very entertaining, even without character familiarity, because most of us knew those superheroes ahead of the movie releases. There is probably a well written world of Dr. Strange, much of which is in the film, but if that world is unknown to you, you may have a difficult time with this movie. "Dr. Strange" is very different than previous stand alone Marvel films, but this character's story was likely written that way deliberately, because those other superheroes already existed! This is a good movie -- but it is unique and different from the other Marvel movies.

Sherlocking101 - ASDFGHJKL5 star

Benedict Cumberbatch

Ariauna - Loved it!!5 star

A great movie! Entertaining and just as I would expect Dr Strange to be portrayed!!

Berkeley Rooster - Disappointed!1 star

Shallow script; and, the story is "all over the place." It borrows too much from other science fiction & action movies; and, it's kind of boring. This movie might put you to sleep.

Echo7 - Let Down2 star

I have to state that this is the second Marvel movie to let me down (the first being "The Incredible Hulk")! While the visuals were amazing, I found the movie dull, lacking in plot and nothing more that a filler movie between other great Marvel movies! The only good thing for me was the post credit scene with Thor. I am a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, but this was NOT his best work. The character of Doctor Strange will be a nice addition to the Avengers...but this stand alone movie was clearly missing something.

Jackson012 - My Favorite film of 20165 star

Watch it. It's great!

Mr. Cadwallader - Mediocrity Supreme2 star

CONS: 1. One liners (despise them) 2. Cliche Premise 3. Unlistenable score 4. Cliche humor PROS 1. Benedict Cumberbatch 2. Great Visual Concept (Did someone say... inception!)

Skidude13727 - This movie should've won an Oscar5 star

This was the best movie I've ever seen!!

Trump girl - Not what I expected2 star

It was okay, just too much of the futuristic.. If you were on something, this movie would make you think you were losing it. Too much of the bending and lights and sorcery..Not horrible, but wasn't as good as I would have hoped..

Kris_goku - Great movie5 star

I was not very excited to watch this initially, but was amazed at how good it actually was. It was a great movie.

Onunonounuonuono - Dr strange4 star

An action packed blockbuster with a great plot. Good direction and production. This movie sees the title character go from egocentric surgeon to superhero

5 star

ABC Film Challenge – Action – D – Doctor Strange (2016) Revisited

5 star

@EnzoAlcamo: TOP 3 - Films 2016 : (Je rappelle que c'est SUBJECTIF) : 3) Rogue One (Gareth Edwards) 2) Premier Contact (Denis Villeneuve…

5 star

TOP 3 - Films 2016 : (Je rappelle que c'est SUBJECTIF) : 3) Rogue One (Gareth Edwards) 2) Premier Contact (Denis Vi…

5 star

@MooseTheGreatt: 21. Doctor Strange (2016)

5 star

*Ant-Man* *Captain America: Civil War* *Doctor Strange*…

5 star

• doctor strange [2016]

5 star

@MooseTheGreatt: 21. Doctor Strange (2016)

5 star

Doctor Strange (2016)

5 star

@EashanVad Won’t it be less than the wait in between Doctor Strange and its sequel? (November 2016 - November 2021)

5 star

y si seguimos con los años de diferencia doctor strange se estrenó en 2016 y su secuela recién se estrenará en 2021…

5 star

@RadioactiveJawa @JMadridD

5 star

@MarveIFacts: Jessica Chastain turned down playing Christine Palmer in 'Doctor Strange' (2016) because the character was not a superhero…

5 star

Doctor Strange (Doctor Extraño) (2016) #IMDb

5 star

@hopelessrdj i didn't realize it was american dates. at least doctor strange will be around my birthday, like in 20…

5 star

//Also, just to say the pushed Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness to November 5th!! LITERALLY A DAY AFTER T…

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