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  • WAR
  • R
  • 2016

From the director of Forrest Gump and Cast Away comes the year’s most seductive thriller. When Intelligence Officer Max Vatan (Academy Award® nominee Brad Pitt) learns his wife (Academy Award® winner Marion Cotillard) may be conspiring with the enemy, he has only 72 hours to prove her innocence and save his family before he must do the unthinkable.

Allied Film Synopsis

In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.

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MisunderstoodThis is a phenomenal movie! First you need to know your history, second you need to put yourself in the place of the actors. It's a emotional love story and roller coaster!.Score: 5/5

Horrible movieVery far fetched, all of the characters would have to be complete fools to end up in the pickle that they did. if you made it to the end shame on you. you have lost two hours you will never get back. you could have changed the oil in your truck, boat, and have them both washed. but now you have to sacrifice time in the future to do those things that you could have done instead of watching this STUPID MOVIE!!!!!!!.Score: 1/5

Don't BuyI rented this movie thinking I couldn't go wrong with such a great cast. I really really really did not like this movie at all, and it's rare that I watch something that I dislike so much. I felt like the characters' relationships felt forced and lacking chemistry. Brad Pitt's acting, and I hate myself for saying this, felt monotone, stale, and lacking any kind of energy and effort..Score: 1/5

GREAT AS HELLI loved it. made me cry. :(.Score: 5/5

BoringQuit watching after 20 minutes, zapped through to check if it was becoming better, did not look like. Very disappointing and unexciting..Score: 1/5

Serviceable WWII Spy ThrillerSatisfying plot, script, and performances, making all the grades for adventure, danger, and charismatic leads, in a well framed and familiar territory of clandestine Nazi resistance. Marion Cotillard is always a pleasure to watch, such an intelligent performer, and in this role very smart and beautiful, with an air of danger. And Pitt very ably handles his leading man duty, easily believable, and strong. Together they’re an appealing WWII hero duo. The overall production delivers well made entertainment to its audience throughout, maintaining suspense all the way to the final revelation..Score: 4/5

Good but...If you're not a history buff of WWII you will be bored to death. If you are a history buff of WWII it is a beautiful story set against beautiful scenery. At first I didn't feel any chemistry between the leads. Mostly from the woman who played the lead then they got married and... if I was Brad's wife I would've been on set daily, good lawd❤️😳😂..Score: 3/5

Wake up, Brad!I feel bad for Brad Pitt, he is going through some personal stuff. It's too bad he couldn't show up for this movie- it might have been OK. As-is, it is just awful. Cotillard was great, and did not deserve to be stuck with such a stiff, utterly unbelievable performance from her counterpart. Go watch anything else Brad Pitt has done, and skip this one..Score: 1/5

DescentNot great, not terrible. It got a little better the second time I watched it..Score: 3/5

Enjoyed it.I liked this movie. It's a spy movie and not filled with lots of action. I loved the WWII background and some of the air raid scenes. Some people said it was slow, but I felt as if the story itself was good. The chemistry between Pitt and Cotillard was stiff at first, but it progressed as the charachters grew close to each other and I felt that the love between them was genuine, even as the movie progressed to the cat-and-mouse last hour of the film. As far as the lesbian 'agenda' I don't understand why that was such a big deal for some viewers. You only saw the girl who played Pitt's sister in two scenes with her partner and it wasn't anything sexual just a kiss scene. If anything, her charachter could have been written out of the script, she didn't really fit into any part of the plot or they should have made her charachter more central to the plot. In summary, the film is slow, I didn't enjoy the ending, but it was a great love story..Score: 4/5

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All the action's in the trailer.I thought it would be a thriller. It was for about 10 minutes. The film is lit and shot well. The actors look great. Performances are good. The pacing is not right. It's dull. The film sold itself as more of an epic hollywood film, a mix between indiana Jones, James Bond and perhaps Soldierm Tailor, Tinker, Spy. It had some nice ideas and craft—but for me, it didn't deliver overall. I would actually even say I feel distressed as a result of watching it..Score: 3/5

Beau filmBeau suspense et bien joué par les acteurs..Score: 4/5

2 thumbs downWatch Cassablanca instead.Score: 2/5

REALLY REALLY BoringThat should have been the title of the movie. The first 30 minutes were trite and not interesting. Then it got close to interesting with many moments of ho-hum and who cares... . Then I was surprised when it got worse -- I didn't thik it could get worse, but it did. What was consistent for me were the monumentally bad acting, plot and script. From opening credits to the end, consistently dull. It is listed as a 2 hr and 4 minute film and that is exactly 2 hr and 4 minutes too long. I could think of more bad things to say, but alas poor Yorik, I repeat myself..Score: 2/5

Just Meh.Here's my first problem: I don't care about any of the characters, which means there is no character development. Secondly, the plot plods along. Ya, okay, a bit of action here and there, but between, banality. Bits and pieces of interest, but over all, gets to the end and you just don't care..Score: 2/5

Engaging storyGood movie. Critics should have been more positive..Score: 4/5

Great movie!You could think it is an other remake of a story of spies but the scenario deliver the true story a chapter at a time and at a rhythm or pace that make it a great movie. Really credible....Score: 5/5

A little flat...Liked the premise and overall story line... however execution was not so good, seemed a bit compressed. A few glaring improbable/unlikely scenes which hampered the suspense and believability. Licence with the moral norms and laws of the time took away from story which is unfortunate as they added nothing to the movie...most likely added to appeal to our times. However, having said all that was able to still enjoy for the most part and not regret having rented it..Score: 3/5

Meh?Good idea, just poor execution. The plot seems a bit slow and really didnt have any suspense as to if his wife is a enemy spy or not. (No thats not a spoiler. The trailer gives away 90% of the movie) Also Brad Pitts acting is a bit stale. Over all though worth a watch if you like period pieces or war films..Score: 3/5

AlliéExcellent.Score: 5/5

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Allied (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Allied (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Brad Pitt (Max Vatan), Marion Cotillard (Marianne Beauséjour), Jared Harris (Frank Heslop), Simon McBurney (S.O.E. Official), Lizzy Caplan (Bridget Vatan), Daniel Betts (George Kavanagh), Matthew Goode (Guy Sangster), Camille Cottin (Monique), August Diehl (Hobar), Thierry Frémont (Paul Delamare), Vincent Ebrahim (Driver in Desert), Michael McKell (German Officer Anfe Cafe), Vincent Latorre (Vincent), Fleur Poad (Hobar's Secretary), Miryam Hayward (Moroccan Girl), Iselle Rifat (Moroccan Girl), Aysha Kaneyo (Moroccan Girl), Sally Messham (Margaret), Anton Blake (The German Ambassador), Charlotte Hope (Louise), all returned for allied movie.

Brad Pitt (Max Vatan)
Brad PittMax VatanScore: 57.3
Marion Cotillard (Marianne Beauséjour)
Marion CotillardMarianne BeauséjourScore: 18.6
Jared Harris (Frank Heslop)
Jared HarrisFrank HeslopScore: 17.0
Simon McBurney (S.O.E. Official)
Simon McBurneyS.O.E. OfficialScore: 10.8
Lizzy Caplan (Bridget Vatan)
Lizzy CaplanBridget VatanScore: 28.6
Daniel Betts (George Kavanagh)
Daniel BettsGeorge KavanaghScore: 7.7
Matthew Goode (Guy Sangster)
Matthew GoodeGuy SangsterScore: 19.5
Camille Cottin (Monique)
Camille CottinMoniqueScore: 11.3
August Diehl (Hobar)
August DiehlHobarScore: 8.5
Thierry Frémont (Paul Delamare)
Thierry FrémontPaul DelamareScore: 4.6
Vincent Ebrahim (Driver in Desert)
Vincent EbrahimDriver in DesertScore: 1.2
Michael McKell (German Officer Anfe Cafe)
Michael McKellGerman Officer Anfe CafeScore: 4.1

Alan Silvestri (Original Music Composer), Robert Zemeckis (Director), Robert Zemeckis (Producer), Steve Starkey (Producer), Don Burgess (Director of Photography), Mick Audsley (Editor), Joanna Johnston (Costume Design), Jeff Carson (Music Editor), Nina Gold (Casting), Graham King (Producer), José Vico (Costumer), Steven Knight (Executive Producer), Steven Knight (Writer), Jack Rapke (Executive Producer), Jeremiah O'Driscoll (Editor), Randy Thom (Supervising Sound Editor), Randy Thom (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Stéphane Foenkinos (Casting), Scott Curtis (Foley Mixer), David Lucarelli (ADR Recordist),

Alan Silvestri (Original Music Composer)
Alan SilvestriOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.1
Robert Zemeckis (Director)
Robert ZemeckisDirectorScore: 13.9
Robert Zemeckis (Producer)
Robert ZemeckisProducerScore: 13.9
Steve Starkey (Producer)
Steve StarkeyProducerScore: 1.6
Don Burgess (Director of Photography)
Don BurgessDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.1
Joanna Johnston (Costume Design)
Joanna JohnstonCostume DesignScore: 2.0
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'Allied' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of allied, the Robert Zemeckis's popular movie. Watch the allied teaser trailer. Robert Zemeckis’s #allied is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Allied Teaser Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures▶ Allied Teaser Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures
Allied (2016) - ▶ Allied (2016) - "Powerful" - Paramount Pictures
Allied Official Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures▶ Allied Official Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures

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The enemy is listening...

Allied — 2016

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في عام 1942 ، واجه ضابط مخابرات في شمال إفريقيا مقاتلة من المقاومة الفرنسية في مهمة مميتة خلف خطوط العدو. عندما يجتمعون في لندن ، تختبر علاقتهم ضغوط الحرب.

български език
Филмът разказва историята на шпионина Макс Ватан, който през 1942 г. среща Мариан Бесежу от Френската съпротива по време на смъртоносна мисия в тила на врага в Северна Африка. Двамата отново се срещат в Лондон, а връзката, която започват, виси на косъм, подложена на изпитанията на размирното време и на ролите, които заемат в него - и двамата са шпиони.

Píše se rok 1942 a Max Vatan seskakuje padákem do dun marocké pouště s cílem zabít v Casablance německého velvyslance. V městě se setkává s Francouzkou Marianne, která má hrát roli jeho manželky a pomoci mu se splněním jeho mise. Předstírání manželské intimity a zamilovanosti postupně přeroste v opravdovou vášeň, a proto po ukončení operace společně odjedou do Londýna, kde se vezmou, válce navzdory. Jejich rodinné štěstí trvá jen do chvíle, kdy se Max dozví, že i tohle může být jen důmyslná hra, která by ve finále mohla výrazně ovlivnit výsledek Druhé světové války. V tu chvíli začíná jeho zoufalý hon za pravdou a za nadějí, že to, co o jeho ženě tvrdí jeho nadřízení, není pravda.

I 1942 er efterretningsofficeren Max på dødsensfarlig mission i Casablanca sammen med den franske modstandskvinde Marianne. Max og Marianne forelsker sig, gifter sig og slår sig ned i London.

Liebe im Krieg: 1942 verliebt sich der Geheimdienstoffizier Max Vatan in die französische Widerstands-Kämpferin Marianne Beausejour. Beide hatten von ihren Regierungen den Auftrag erhalten, den deutschen Botschafter zu töten. Nach der gefährlichen Mission finden die zwei in London wieder zusammen, doch ihr Glück hält nicht lange an. Vom Krieg gebeutelt, hängt der Haussegen bald schief und spätestens als Max erfährt, dass seine Frau in Wahrheit eine Doppelagentin der Deutschen ist, bricht alles in sich zusammen. Nun erhält Max den Auftrag, seine Frau aus dem Weg zu räumen…

Κατά τη διάρκεια του Β` Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου, το 1942, στην Καζαμπλάνκα, ο Μαξ Βάταν, ένας βρετανός πληροφοριοδότης, γνωρίζεται με τη Μαριάν Μποσεζούρ, μια γαλλίδα αντιστασιακή. Οι δυο τους θα ερωτευτούν κατά τη διάρκεια μιας αποστολής δολοφονίας και όταν ξανασυναντηθούν έπειτα από καιρό στο Λονδίνο, ο έρωτάς τους θα αναζωπυρωθεί. Οι αμφιβολίες όμως του Μαξ για την Μαριάν θα τον οδηγήσουν στο να προχωρήσει σε έρευνα για να μάθει ποια ακριβώς είναι.

Año 1942 durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Max es un espía del bando aliado que se enamora de Marianne, una compañera francesa, tras una peligrosa misión en el norte de África. La pareja comienza una relación amorosa hasta que a él le notifican que Marianne puede que sea una agente doble que trabaja para los nazis.

Año 1942 en el protectorado francés de Marruecos, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Max (Brad Pitt) es un espía canadiense del bando aliado que llega a Casablanca y se hace pasar por marido de Marianne (Marion Cotillard), una francesa miembro de la resistencia con buenas relaciones con el régimen de Vichy. Ambos deberán cumplir una peligrosa misión en el norte de África por órdenes de Londres

در سال ۱۹۴۲، یک افسر اطلاعاتی در شمال آفریقا با یک جنگنده زن مقاومت فرانسه در یک ماموریت مرگبار در پشت خطوط دشمن مواجه می شود . آنها رابطه ی صمیمانه ای را با هم آغاز میکند اما فشار جنگ این رابطه را تهدید میکند…...

Vuosi 1942, Pohjois-Afrikka. Tiedustelu-upseeri Max Vatan on lähetetty Ranskan Marokkoon suorittamaan vaarallista tehtävää. Saapuessaan Casablancaan Max saa kulissipuolisokseen hänelle entuudestaan tuntemattoman, hurmaavan ranskalaisen vastarintataistelijan, Marianne Beauséjourin. Heidän tehtävänään on esittää ranskalaista pariskuntaa ja salamurhata Saksan suurlähettiläs. Maxin ja Mariannen kulissiliitto kantautuu tehtävän läpi, muuttuen oikeaksi liitoksi parin päästessä Lontooseen. Sota ei kuitenkaan ole ohi, ja vaikka Max ja Marianne pääsevät pois vihollisten luota, ei sodan armottomuus kuitenkaan jätä heitä rauhaan. Maxin saadessa V-osastolta vaikean tehtävän, alkaa pariskunnan liitto rakoilla. Kysymys kuuluu: voiko koulutettuun valehtelijaan luottaa edes silloin, kun on naimisissa tämän kanssa?

Au Maroc, pendant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, Max, membre des services secrets canadiens, rencontre Marianne, une résistante française, bien intégrée à Casablanca. Leur collaboration comme militants pour la même cause donne lieu à une attraction mutuelle qui ne tarde pas à devenir un sentiment amoureux. Après le succès de leur opération et l’élimination d’un diplomate nazi, les deux se retrouvent à Londres. Leur mariage dans la capitale britannique est suivi par la naissance de leur fille. Malgré les bombardements et le conflit militaire dévastateur, le couple nage dans le bonheur. Une enquête interne sort Max de son existence idyllique : Marianne est accusée de fournir de l’information à l’ennemi.

L’agent secret Max Vatan rencontre la résistante française Marianne Beausejour lors d’une périlleuse mission derrière les lignes ennemies en Afrique du Nord en 1942. Réunis à Londres, leur relation se verra menacée à cause des tensions liées à la Guerre.

בצפון אפריקה של ימי מלחמת העולם השנייה, סוכן ביון קנדי בשם מקס וטאן יוצא למשימה מסוכנת מעבר לקווי האויב, שמטרתה להתנקש בחיי השגריר הגרמני בקזבלנקה. דווקא שם הוא מתאהב במריאן בוסז'ור, בחורה יפה וחכמה שהיא חברה במחתרת הצרפתית. בתום המבצע השניים מתאחדים בלונדון ומתכננים להינשא ולהקים יחד משפחה. אולם אז הלחצים של המלחמה משפיעים על חייהם והזוגיות שלהם עומדת במבחן, במיוחד לאחר שמקס מקבל שיחת טלפון מפתיעה מסוכנות הביון בקשר לאהובתו.

Casablanca 1942. godine, saveznički obavještajni agent Max Vatan, preuzima identitet supruga špijunke francuskog pokreta otpora, Marianne Beausejour, koja radi na tajnom zadatku unutar zgrade Francuske vlade. Max se polako zaljubljuje u Marianne te oboje odlučuju prestati sa špijunskim poslom nakon opasne misije u Sjevernoj Africi. Nakon misije se vjenčaju i vode miran život u Engleskoj. Idila traje sve dok Max ne bude upozoren da žena za koju se oženio skriva svoju mračnu tajnu.

Max Vatant, a hírszerzőtisztet 1942-ben Észak-Afrikában összehozza a sors a francia ellenálló Marianne Beausejourral egy veszélyes küldetés során, az ellenséges vonalak mögött. Amikor Londonban újra találkoznak, kapcsolatukra baljós árnyékként vetül a háború emberfeletti nyomása...

Nel Marocco del 1942, la spia canadese Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) e la spia francese Marianne Beauséjour (Marion Cottilard) sono complici in una missione: loro malgrado s'innamorano e Marianne accetta di sposare Max e andare a vivere con lui a Londra. Qualche tempo dopo, quando hanno dato luce a una bambina, il trauma: il comando avvisa Max che Marianne potrebbe essere una spia tedesca. Il cuore non accetta. Dove sarà la verità?

「フォレスト・ガンプ 一期一会」「バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー」の名匠ロバート・ゼメキス監督のもと、ブラッド・ピットとマリオン・コティヤールが豪華共演を果たし、過酷な時代に翻弄されながら究極の愛を試される男女の運命を描いたラブストーリー。 1942年、カサブランカ。秘密諜報員のマックスとフランス軍レジスタンスのマリアンヌは、ある重大なミッションを通して運命の出会いを果たす。それは、夫婦を装って敵の裏をかき、ドイツ大使を狙うというものだった。その後、ロンドンで再会した2人は恋に落ちるが、マリアンヌは誰にも言えない秘密を抱えていた。 「イースタン・プロミス」「オン・ザ・ハイウェイ その夜、86分」のスティーブン・ナイトが脚本を手がけた。

1942 წელს ფრანგ-კანადელ ჯაშუშ მაქსს შეუყვარდა და ცოლად მოიყვანა ფრანგი აგენტი მერიანი, კასაბლანკაში მისიის შემდეგ. მაქსი გაიგებს რომ მერიანი ნაცისტების ჯაშუშია და იწყებს მის თვალთვალს.

1942년 모로코 카사블랑카, 영국의 정보국 장교 맥스 바탄(브래드 피트)과 프랑스 비밀요원 마리안 부세주르(마리옹 꼬띠아르)는 독일 대사를 암살해야 하는 임무를 맡게 된다. 작전을 수행하던 맥스는 치명적인 매력의 마리안과 운명적인 사랑에 빠지게 되고, 임무를 마친 두 사람은 런던으로 돌아와 결혼해 딸과 함께 행복한 나날을 보낸다. 하지만 어느날 맥스는 상부로부터 아내에 관한 충격적인 말을 듣게 된다. 마리안이 스파이라는 정황이 포착됐다는 이야기를 듣게 된 맥스는 72시간 내에 아내의 무고함을 밝히지 못하면 자신의 손으로 아내를 죽여야 하는 상황에 처하게 된다.

1942 m., Antrojo pasaulinio karo įkarštyje, Šiaurės Afrikoje susikerta amerikiečio Makso ir prancūzės Marijanos keliai. Maksas – amerikiečių šnipas, užduotis vykdantis bet kokiomis priemonėmis. Marijana – prancūzų pasipriešinimo kovotoja ir slaptoji agentė. Prireikus abu nedvejodami atima gyvybę ir nepailsdami kovoja už laisvę, idealus ir teisybę. Juos suveda tarptautinė operacija, nukreipta prieš aukštą nacių pareigūną. Vykdydami užduotį, Maksas ir Marijana vis daugiau bendrauja tarpusavyje, įsimyli ir sukuria šeimą. Tačiau ne visose operacijose padedamas taškas tada, kai jos baigiasi. Kai gyvenimas jau atrodė ramus, Maksui įskiepyjama dvejonė, kad jo žmona iki šiol neapleidus šnipinėjimo ir tiesiog naudojasi Maksu.

'Allied' volgt een Britse geheimagent, Max Vatan genaamd, die in 1942 op een gevaarlijke missie wordt gestuurd in Noord-Afrika. Daar ontmoet hij vervolgens een Franse verzetsstrijdster op vijandelijk gebied.

Når etteretningsoffiseren Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) finner ut at kona hans (Marion Cotillard) kanskje arbeider for fienden, har han bare 72 timer på seg for å bevise at hun er uskyldig.

1942 rok, Afryka Północna. Max Vatan (Brad Pitt), oficer wywiadu, spotyka na swej drodze działaczkę francuskiego Ruchu Oporu Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard), zaangażowaną w śmiertelnie niebezpieczną misję na tyłach wroga. Ich związek torpeduje ekstremalna presja związana z trwającą wojną. [opis dystrybutora dvd]

Em uma missão para eliminar um embaixador nazista em Casablanca, no Marrocos, os espiões Max Vatan e Marianne Beausejour se apaixonam perdidamente e decidem se casar. Os problemas começam anos depois, com suspeitas sobre uma conexão entre Marianne e os alemães. Intrigado, Max decide investigar o passado da companheira e os dias de felicidade do casal vão por água abaixo.

A história do oficial Max Vatan que, em 1942, no Norte de África, encontra Marianne Beausejour, da Resistência Francesa, numa missão mortal atrás das linhas inimigas. De novo juntos, em Londres, a sua relação é ameaçada por pressões extremas da Guerra.

Povestea filmului aduce alături un agent al serviciului britanic de spionaj, Max Vatan (Pitt) şi o spioană franceză Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard). Cei doi se îndrăgostesc în timpul unei misiuni de asasinare a unui oficial german, însă la scurtă vreme Max află că partenera sa, acum mama copilului său, lucrează de fapt pentru nazişti, şi incepe să o investigheze. Povestea este una adevărată, adaptată de scenaristul Steven Knight.

1942 год. После страстного романа с француженкой во время опасной миссии в Северной Африке, американскому агенту контрразведки сообщают, что женщина, на которой он женат и с которой у него есть ребенок, скорее всего, нацистский шпион.

Píše sa rok 1942 a Max Vatan zoskakuje padákom do dún marockej púšte s cieľom zabiť v Casablanke nemeckého veľvyslanca. V meste sa stretáva s Francúzkou Marianne, ktorá má hrať rolu jeho manželky a pomôcť mu so splnením jeho misie. Predstieranie manželskej intimity a zamilovanosti postupne prerastie v skutočnú vášeň, a preto po ukončení operácie párik spoločne odíde do Londýna, kde sa navzdory vojne zoberie. Ich rodinné šťastie trvá len do chvíle, kedy sa Max dozvie, že aj toto môže byť len dômyselná hra, ktorá by vo finále mohla výrazne ovplyvniť výsledok Druhej svetovej vojny. V tú chvíľu začína jeho zúfalý hon za pravdou a za nádejou, že to, čo o jeho žene tvrdia jeho nadriadení, nie je pravda.

Režiser filmov Stik, Brodolom in Pot do slave nas z zgodbo o nevarnem vohunskem svetu zarot, prevar in ljubezni popelje v čas 2. svetovne vojne. Vohun Max v severni Afriki spozna privlačno francosko upornico Marianne. Njuni skrivni nalogi se prepleteta v nevarni pajčevini spletk, kjer ni več jasnih meja med resničnim življenjem in krinko. Čeprav le za las uideta vsem nevarnostim, ne razkrijeta vseh skrivnosti, njuna pogubna igra pa se nadaljuje v Londonu, kjer se njuni poti znova prekrižata in zapleteta.

Ово је прича о обавештајном официру Максу Вејтану који 1942. у Северној Африци упознаје борца француског покрета отпора Маријен Босејжур на смртоносној мисији иза непријатељских линија. Кад се поново нађу у Лондону, њиховој вези ће претити екстремни притисак рата.

Max, en brittisk underrättelseofficer, och Marianne, en fransk motståndskämpe möts för första gången under ett uppdrag i Casablanca, 1942, vilket resulterar i giftermål. Då de, efter en period på olika håll, återförenas i London, nås Max av ryktet att Marianne sannolikt är spion för Nazityskland.

สำหรับสายลับในช่วงสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2 อย่าง แม็กซ์ วาแทน (แบรด พิตต์) และมาริแอนน์ โบเซจัวร์ โบเซฌูร์ (มาริยง โกติยาร์) กุญแจสำคัญในการเอาชีวิตรอดได้ก็คือ การเป็นคนที่ไม่มีใครรู้จักตัวตนจริงๆ พวกเขาเชี่ยวชาญเรื่องการหลอกลวง เล่นละคร เดาใจคนเก่ง และการลอบสังหาร เมื่อพวกเขาเกิดตกหลุมรักกันโดยไม่ตั้งใจท่ามกลางภารกิจเสี่ยงตายงานหนึ่ง ความหวังเดียวของพวกเขาคือการทิ้งงานสายลับไว้เบื้องหลัง แต่ความสงสัยและอันตรายกลับกลายเป็นหัวใจสำคัญของชีวิตแต่งงานในช่วงสงครามของพวกเขา เมื่อคู่สามีภรรยาต้องแข่งขันกันเองในบททดสอบสุดอันตรายที่ตัดสินความภักดี ตัวตน และความรัก ที่มาพร้อมผลพวงระดับโลก

İkinci Dünya Savaşı sırasında kendi ülkeleri hesabına tetikçilik yapan Amerikalı Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) ile Fransız Marianne Beausejour'un (Marion Cotillard) 1942'deki bir görevleri sırasında yolları kesişir. İkisi de Casablanca'daki Nazi Alman elçiyi öldürmek üzere görevlendirilmiştir. Ancak bu görev sırasında birbirlerine aşık olurlar ve sonrasında evlenirler. Ancak evlenmiş olmalarına rağmen birbirlerinden sakladıkları birçok sır vardır ve bu aralarındaki sevgiyle birlikte hissedilir bir gerilimin de ortaya çıkmasına neden olacaktır.

1942 рік, Марокко. В тилу нацистів офіцер британської розвідки зустрічає чарівну Маріанн, пристрасний роман з якою змінює його життя назавжди. Несподівано зі штабу надходить інформація про те, що його дружина і матір його дитини – шпигунка ворога…

Tiếng Việt
Bộ phim ly kỳ hấp dẫn nhất năm đến từ đạo diễn của Forrest Gump và Cast Away. Khi sĩ quan tình báo Max Vatan nghe tin có thể vợ mình tiếp tay cho kẻ thù, anh chỉ có 72 giờ để chứng minh cô vô tội và cứu gia đình mình trước khi anh bị buộc phải làm một việc khủng khiếp.


1942年二戰期間,情報官Max Vatan(畢彼特 飾)在北非深入敵陣執行危險任務時,邂逅「法國抵抗運動」特工Marianne Beausejour(瑪莉安歌迪娜 飾)。兩人瞬即墮入愛河並結成夫妻,其後在倫敦團聚,卻有人發現Marianne極可能是納粹間諜,於是Max開始暗中調查為他誕下女兒的枕邊人,一段浪漫關係在亂世之中面臨嚴峻考驗…

1942年期間,二次大戰的軍情諜報員麥斯瓦唐(Brad Pitt 飾)以及瑪麗安波塞魯爾(Marion Cotillard 飾)而言,存活的關鍵是永遠不要讓任何人摸透自己的底細,他們擅於弄虛作假、玩心理遊戲、東猜西揣以及刺殺行動。他們在執行一項極度危險的任務時意外地愛上對方,隨後他們一心只想脫離這種爾虞我詐的間諜生活,但是這對在戰時共結連理、鶼鰈情深的夫妻卻仍然必須面對種種疑慮與危險,不得不互相臆猜,不斷考驗著他們的忠誠度、身份與愛情,其後果極可能足以致命,並影響這場大戰的局勢。

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