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From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes Moana, an epic adventure about a spirited teen who sets sail on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and fulfill her ancestors’ unfinished quest. During her journey, Moana (Auli‘i Cravalho) meets the once mighty demigod Maui (Dwayne Johnson), and together they cross the ocean on a fun-filled, action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity.

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moana (2016) - john musker & ron clements synopsis will be updates..

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Fresh story  MauTrevino  5 star

Nice Disney story with a new fresh take

Captain Marvel M
Awesome!  Captain Marvel M  5 star


YASS  sailormars⭐️⭐️⭐️  5 star

Frozen take that

Best Disney Movie Ever  Whatevvvvsssss  5 star

It is the best Disney movie yet! It is so empowering, and it has a huge woman impact! I love the culture of it.

Half and half  FryBanchee39  3 star

Cute movie. A little boring at some parts though. I don’t hate it, it’s not my favorite, but I like it. Sorry I’m writing this like 3 years after the movie came out

Yay 😁😁😁  Kayla4599  5 star

I love the movie 🎥 because it’s the best movie ever and it’s good 👍👍.

i love it  Soteata  5 star

I is so cool

Sorry..  catloverandrobloxlover  1 star

I don’t like this movie because it’s so predictable and Moana is way to determine for getting that heart My kids were so bored the whole time I wish that is was somewhat like the movies I love

it’s lame 😒!!!!!!!!!  Apspiderman09  1 star

no it’s so not good to move

I have no words amazing  madisomp  5 star

This is the best movie ever amazing

Awesome  Izadian  5 star

It’s an awesome movie I watched it twice in the theatres and then I bought it

#Semidemiminigod great movie 👍🏻👏😎🎬 great job Disney you put together an awesome movie  NANYA BUSINESS12345  5 star

Awesome movie 🍿 loved it highly recommended 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

Moana  Alanarocks7  5 star

Moana is my favourite movie, I am a 13 year old but it’s my favourite movie ever! Definitely recommend😂

Angelina Buyse
Absolutely loved  Angelina Buyse  4 star

It's awesome and especiallywith Dwayne Johnson and Ally crab volts and Alessia Cara it's beautiful and wonderful and I just think it's awesome and a little s⁂⁂t Cara I'm doing Johnson and Ollie Krav only make it

Colin Ng
Totally love this movie  Colin Ng  5 star

What a great story, rendered in such a stunningly beautiful way. Love the songs too. The island is so sunny I think watching this can fight off the winter blues.

Terrible  Iyrfhzvxj,hudgcmbirjbkghf  1 star

Terrible movie, don't watch this

Moana Is Amazing  TropicalPlaysGames  5 star

Moana Is an amazing adventure movie that deserves all the awards it's been getting! The songs are catchy, Each scene is colorful and Beautiful and they picked amazing actors for this! One of My Favourite Disney Movies

Cute  Longwaitnotwasted!!!  4 star

Cute and different but for sure a bit annoying

Slam Stocks
Great For Kids...Boring For Adults  Slam Stocks  3 star

Simple enough and very similar to Frozen, but the story and music is weaker. Uneven movie, can be really funny and very boring. Not the best Disney film for adults, but a good film for kids.

Marshmallow 13
Best Disney princess movie  Marshmallow 13  5 star

This is a amazing movie with catchy songs and amazing characters this movie is 😝😝😝😝😝😝

Moana  123makes4  5 star

Brilliant Can’t wait for a stage show - timeless story and wonderful songs. I hope one day I can see it on stage!!

Juani B
Sensational epic inspirational film!  Juani B  5 star

I LOVE Moana! I have seen it 4 times and am now buying it to keep. It has the most extraordinary themes about triumph over adversity and knowing your self - all to the greatest tribal soundtrack that is both stunning and super fun. Entertaining, funny, heartwarming, moving - this film truly has it all. If you haven’t seen it yet - change that immediately! :)

Excellent  PrincessMyArse  5 star

Very good movie. It had humour for both adults and kids.

sugar by
Coolio  sugar by  5 star

Moana?the best Disney princess movie ever. sugar by

biana prince
The BEST Disney movie EVER  biana prince  5 star

I loved everything abt this movie it's literally the best thing ever nothing could top this

OMG! I LOVE IT  Deadeadpoool  5 star

The amazing story and beautiful characters help tell this wonderful story and with the outstanding songs in Moana will undoubtedly make this absolute Disney classic!!

Shiny: messed up lyrics  MLGINDONERD  5 star

Tamatoa is not always glam I'm a little crab Now I know that I can enjoy the house Because I'm beautiful, young Does your grandma say that? You have to I need three words to break the argument Your grandma lies down! I like this demons It's like the wealth of a cracked sunken pirate Cut off and decouple demons I will come like a young female head. Wait a minute! No one can The fish are stupid, father, father They like the glitters (start!) Oh, and here she is, now all For the most important thing to do Well, eat with the fish I love free food And you enjoy seafood (seafood) Well well well Little Maui has problems with his look They are only semi-half-god mine Ouch! What a terrible achievement Get the hook (get it?) Tbandilha Do you like that man I give credit to my early And outside your tattoos For the same as I do artwork I will never like; I can not, I can glittering See me as raw iridescent diamonds Strut my stuff; My stuff is like that glittering Send your armies, but they never have enough My skin is too hard Maui man, you can try to try, try, But you can not expect Halbgott Beating decapod They die, die, die Now it's time for me nneħħi The heart of your pain Far away from you I love these people Whom do you like You tried hard But your arms are not heavy enough Maui Now it's time to kick you Hiney Ever seen someone brilliance Drink it with "because it's the last one you'll ever see I love you It's me brilliance Now eat me, so prepare your final request Just for me You will not be like that brilliance You want you to be delicious and brilliance

A fantasic fam flick  Fraggles73  5 star

It had everything! Great storyline, humour, and soundtrack. A movie for the big kids as well ;)

You're welcome, nuff said  Damoaus83  5 star


Amazing  Monella2011  5 star

Absolutely amazing, that's all I have to say

Epic!! ❤️👌🏻  Yaman_NZ  5 star

I watched it at the movies with my daughters then couldn't wait to buy it on iTunes and found it worth every cent with the extras and the home screen animations! Thank you Disney Pixar!

Amazing 😉💘  Vaeh_2171  5 star

Moans is definitely a movie to die for💘

Toby Grant
Moana  Toby Grant  5 star

Its a really cool movie i went to see it at Reading Cinemas and I really like it so thanks alot for releasing it to iTunes

Sensational  Medz007  5 star

Absolutely sensational!! I love this movie so much - it's totally stunning not to mention all the Eurocentric bs that it destroys purely through music & (as always) the magic of storytelling 😍😍😍

Moana  Applezkatz  5 star

Moana is the best Disney movie i've ever seen, because Moana is based in the Pacific Islands and because this doesn't have anything to do with love because i generally find love stories really cheesy.

Amazing 😉  Lifflaff  5 star

I love ❤️ the movie sooo much. Not to scary for little kids (I am only nine).But I love the music choices.😊😍

Great movie  CJGABBEY  5 star

This movie is a great movie for the whole family it is a movie I will definitely watch again.

Loved it!!  dayenu  5 star

Took my 10 and 7 year old granddaughters and we were all engrossed for the whole movie. Great visuals, great music! Will be purchasing for the family.

One of the best modern Disney movies!  mecdumonde  5 star

I don't usually have high expectations of Disney's children's movies (as I didn't grow up watching musicals or many of the Disney classics because I generally find it too cheesy), but this was a perfect balance! It was entertaining for an adult as well as a child, the music (much of which was composed by Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda) was well-written and not too overbearing, and I came out of the theatre satisfied with what I'd just paid good money to see. Well worth watching!

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