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Passengers (2016) synopsis, summary and reviews

6.9 star

Passengers (2016) (2016) Movie Summary

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  • PG-13
  • 2016

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in a high-stakes adventure about two passengers, Jim and Aurora, onboard a spaceship transporting them to a new life on another planet. The trip takes a deadly turn when their hibernation pods mysteriously wake them 90 years before they reach their destination. As they try to unravel the mystery behind the malfunction, they begin to fall for each other only to discover that the ship itself is in grave danger. With the lives of 5000 sleeping passengers at stake, only Jim and Aurora can save them all.

Passengers (2016) Film Synopsis

A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.

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Passengers (2016) Movie Reviews

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Not the best writingI thought the story was pretty weak, not very good writing. If it weren't for Chris Pratt, I would have given this two stars. I cold also do without the romance aspect of the movie. The fx are fantastic. Its a descent sci-fi movie, but not as good as it could have been..Score: 3/5

Enjoyable!I was not really interested in Jennifer Lawrence movies until I saw this one. I very much enjoyed it, and I already watched it a few times. The small cast is superb. I started checking her other movies also including The Hunger Games and Red Sparrow..Score: 5/5

Really!!This is a really good movie!.Score: 5/5

A MUST WATCH MADE ME CRYA must watch sci fi.Score: 5/5

I liked it.I wonder if Weyland Corporation is the founder of Homestead lol. I feel like this could be apart of the Alien and Predator universe just from the ship and robots on it. It was a good movie. The female character was a little annoying but the actors did a great job. I don't get how itunes do their Tomatometer count it just feels riged..Score: 5/5

Instant ClassicLoved this movie..Score: 5/5

Original and intriguing!I was totally captivated by the story — you’ve left Earth with 5,000 fellow passengers on a 120-year journey bound for a whole new life on a far away colony world similar to Mother Earth. Everybody, including the crew, is in suspended hibernation. The massive ship, an advanced vessel and pride of the fleet, is basically on autopilot having made the trip thousands of times — between it and the presumably many other ships of the line. Something happens (no spoiler!) and Jim Preston (Pratt) is awakened early - WAY early. The journey to Homestead II has 90 freakin years to go, and Jim is completely alone save for a sympathetic android bartender. “What TF do I do now?!” Jim becomes desperate, lonely, and bored over time and makes a difficult decision on which the entire film hinges. THIS is where I and the righteously and politically indignant critics of this film part company. Yes, it reeks of stalking and selfishness, but far from being a simple exercise and endorsement of ‘misogyny’ the film instead explores our inner reaches and asks, “What would YOU do ... really, what the heck would you do?” Jim doesn’t make the big decision on a whim, and actually wrestled with himself for months(?) about his eventual action. I think this makes the film very interesting. The filmmakers have stated that this was their intent — for people to come out of the theater discussing how they would handle the various aspects of Jim’s situation. I can’t think of a better example of “you really don’t know until you’ve been there,” primarily because none of us will likely be in a similar circumstance. Visually stunning - kudos to the production team. I believe the production design Oscar wasn’t won for ‘political’ reasons — probably the only time politics has entered the Academy Awards ... 😂 But now - a few nits: first, the ending was totally phoned in and left me deflated. I wanted more resolution than to have almost everything left to my imagination (other than the fact that they obviously lived for a while). Second, the fluffy love story element was about 20% more important overall than it should have been. A bit more gritty feel and tightening of the story would have been much more compelling ... but maybe they thought the ‘love’ angle would serve to bring in the women folk?? Third, I think I enjoy this original concept almost as much for what it could have been as what we got. I criticize this film not from the ‘easy’ politically correct angle, but from the muted, almost rushed overall effort and not digging down and giving us a full balanced breakfast of a movie. Don’t get me wrong - a beautifully designed and shot movie with a script that didn’t rise up and knock our socks off as it easily could have. In the end, I think this would make a hell of a good long novel. Bottom line — get past the intellectually dishonest ‘fall in line like sheep’ harping critics and really explore this movie. Again ... what would you do?.Score: 4/5

Rocks your core on living lifeI absolutely love this film and what it aims for. The universe is completely unpredictable. We’re not always where we want to be in life; supposed to be somewhere else. We can’t get hung up on where we’d rather be that we often forget how to make the most of where we are. Once in a while we all need to take a break from what we can’t control .. instead love a little..Score: 5/5

It was great. Jennifer Lawrence ❤️❤️💕I really liked this movie. My genre is sci-fi, action etc. I will buy this when it goes on sale. I've watched it 5 times already. We watched again, Xmas 2018. It still is an amazing film that will hold its value for a long time..Score: 5/5

It’s alright.It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s worth a watch..Score: 3/5

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Rotten tomatoes is uselessThis film is a good example of why Rotten tomatoes (an average of various film review sites) is a useless aggregate. There are good review sites out there. Find one you like to provide an informed opinion..Score: 4/5

It was okA one time watch for sure, beyond that it’s not worth watching again..Score: 2/5

GREAT MOVIEI like SCi-FI and the concept was interesting so we rented the movie. Was not disappointed. Very watch-able with enough action to keep the interest level high. (Several interesting technological concepts as well.) Although there are probably things that could have been improved, for me it was entertaining, which is why I watch a movie. I don't want to solve the world's problems or take delight in pointing out flaws. It's entertainment..Score: 5/5

Excellent filmTrès bon film mais notez que c'est plus un film romantique qu'un film d'action comme le laisse entendre la bande annonce..Score: 5/5

Awesome intelligent romantic scifi .An aweome movie finally ! I give it all the tomatoes you want . It was about time that another gem was put out there . So entertaining . For the critics I must tell them to go watch a radio if they can't appreciate a good movie . In Passengers they haven't cheaped out with special effects . The kind of movie you want to rewatch more than 3 times ( at least ) . Thanks for making it affordable too at $0.99 it was quite awesome in these depressing times . Note that the French ( Canada ) audio version is NOT French Canadian audio . That is upseting to say the least ..Score: 5/5

Life JourneyIt isn't for the first time, and will surely happen again, that one truly valuable film story stays shadowed in order to highlight profit-making blockbusters. So, Passengers is a beautiful story about human life and its destiny. It is projected through the lens not compliant with the perceptions typical of so-called "critics". An enormous visual scenery is fully backed up with the acting abilities of just a few people. You will find everything you need to experience one meditation journey while watching this movie: A new life's beginning (unexpected just as it does happen), finding someone to be with, all the struggle to survive, and the final words. I invite you to trust your feelings and your heart should be your best critic - and not only while watching Passengers. Good luck!.Score: 5/5

Diamond in the roughSpectacular movie. Great visuals. Interesting concept, sets and story the depths of which deserve multiple viewings. Great acting with Jennifer Lawrence shining as always. Think this will become a cult classic. Highly underated. Thank you for this movie..Score: 5/5

ExcellentJ'ai adoré !.Score: 5/5

.Decent premise but it's still the typical predictable hollywood movie, which is getting a bit stale. Some kind of twist would have been nice..Score: 3/5

Ne gaspiller pas votre argent!Ne perdez pas votre temps et ne gaspiller votre argent! Ce filme est lent et plate avec 2 minutes d'action comparativemnt à la bande annonce ou ils ne laisse croire qu'il y aura un suspense et action à pu finir !.Score: 1/5

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Passengers (2016) (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Passengers (2016) (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Chris Pratt (Jim Preston), Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Lane), Michael Sheen (Arthur), Laurence Fishburne (Gus Mancuso), Andy García (Captain Norris), Vince Foster (Executive Officer), Kara Flowers (Communications Officer), Conor Brophy (Crew Member), Julee Cerda (Instructor (Hologram)), Aurora Perrineau (Celeste), Lauren Farmer (Party Friend), Emerald Mayne (Party Friend), Kristin Brock (Aurora's Friend), Tom Ferrari (Party Friend), Quansae Rutledge (Party Friend), Desmond Reid (Party Friend), Emma Clarke (The Starship Avalon (voice)), Chris Edgerly (InfoMat / Deejay (voice)), Fred Melamed (Observatory (voice)), Matt Corboy (Video Game (voice)), all returned for passengers (2016) movie.

Chris Pratt (Jim Preston)
Chris PrattJim PrestonScore: 46.2
Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Lane)
Jennifer LawrenceAurora LaneScore: 59.2
Michael Sheen (Arthur)
Michael SheenArthurScore: 37.8
Laurence Fishburne (Gus Mancuso)
Laurence FishburneGus MancusoScore: 40.2
Andy García (Captain Norris)
Andy GarcíaCaptain NorrisScore: 33.6
Vince Foster (Executive Officer)
Vince FosterExecutive OfficerScore: 2.7
Kara Flowers (Communications Officer)
Kara FlowersCommunications OfficerScore: 1.7
Conor Brophy (Crew Member)
Conor BrophyCrew MemberScore: 1.2
Julee Cerda (Instructor (Hologram))
Julee CerdaInstructor (Hologram)Score: 7.6
Aurora Perrineau (Celeste)
Aurora PerrineauCelesteScore: 5.3
Kristin Brock (Aurora's Friend)
Kristin BrockAurora's FriendScore: 5.0
Emma Clarke (The Starship Avalon (voice))
Emma ClarkeThe Starship Avalon (voice)Score: 1.4

Thomas Newman (Original Music Composer), David Lazan (Supervising Art Director), Rodrigo Prieto (Director of Photography), Francine Maisler (Casting), Bruce Berman (Executive Producer), Gene Serdena (Set Decoration), Jack Gill (Second Unit Director), Ben Waisbren (Executive Producer), Bill Bernstein (Music Editor), Jany Temime (Costume Design), Neal H. Moritz (Producer), Maryann Brandon (Editor), Daniel Sudick (Special Effects Supervisor), Kevin Constant (Art Direction), Scott Herbertson (Set Designer), Lynwood Spinks (Executive Producer), Mary L. Mastro (Hairstylist), Stephen Boxer (Stunts), R.J. Kizer (ADR & Dubbing), Jake Teague (Stunts),

Thomas Newman (Original Music Composer)
Thomas NewmanOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.7
Rodrigo Prieto (Director of Photography)
Rodrigo PrietoDirector of PhotographyScore: 5.1
Francine Maisler (Casting)
Francine MaislerCastingScore: 9.3
Bruce Berman (Executive Producer)
Bruce BermanExecutive ProducerScore: 3.9
Jack Gill (Second Unit Director)
Jack GillSecond Unit DirectorScore: 3.1
Jany Temime (Costume Design)
Jany TemimeCostume DesignScore: 4.7
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'Passengers (2016)' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of passengers (2016), the Morten Tyldum's popular movie. Watch the passengers (2016) teaser trailer. Morten Tyldum’s #passengers-2016 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

PASSENGERS - Gravity Loss Scene▶ PASSENGERS - Gravity Loss Scene
PASSENGERS Movie Clip - Lock Down (In Theaters December 21)▶ PASSENGERS Movie Clip - Lock Down (In Theaters December 21)
PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)▶ PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)

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There is a reason they woke up...

Passengers (2016) — 2016

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All released movie posters so far for the movie passengers (2016) - 2016. A poster for Morten Tyldum action & adventure movie, Passengers (2016)! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for passengers (2016) (2016). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Una nave espacial, que viaja a un planeta lejano transportando a miles de personas, tiene una avería en una de las cápsulas de hibernación tras el impacto con un gran meteorito. Como resultado, un pasajero se despierta noventa años antes del final del viaje.

В системе космического корабля, перевозящего колонистов на далёкую планету, происходит сбой. В результате главный герой выходит из гиперсна на 90 лет раньше положенного срока. Оставшись с перспективой стареть и умирать в одиночестве, он будит прекрасную женщину, которой такой расклад, само собой, придется не по душе...

Jim et Aurora sont deux passagers à bord d’un vaisseau spatial qui les transporte sur une nouvelle planète pour une nouvelle vie. Le voyage prend une tournure mortelle lorsque leurs capsules d’hibernation les réveillent 90 ans avant d’atteindre leur destination. Alors qu'ils essaient de lever le mystère sur ce dysfonctionnement, ils commencent à tomber amoureux, incapables de nier leur intense attraction… seulement pour être menacés par l’effondrement de leur vaisseau et la découverte de la vérité sur leur réveil.

Während einer Routinereise durch das All zu einem neuen Heimatplaneten erwachen zwei Passagiere aufgrund einer Fehlfunktion ihres Raumschiffs 90 Jahre zu früh aus dem Kälteschlaf. Jim und Aurora steht nun bevor, ihr gesamtes restliches Leben an Bord dieses Raumschiffs verbringen zu müssen. Umgeben von jedem nur denkbaren Luxus, fühlen sie sich stark zueinander hingezogen und verlieben sich ineinander. Doch plötzlich entdecken sie, dass sich ihr Raumschiff in großer Gefahr befindet. Das Leben von 5.000 schlafenden Passagieren steht auf dem Spiel – und nur Jim und Aurora können sie retten.

To passagerer rejser til en ny planet. Rejsen tager en katastrofal drejning, da deres dvalemoduler på mystisk vis vækker dem 90 år før ankomst. Da rumskibets system fejler, bliver de nødt til at redde de 5.000 andre passagerer, der stadig ligger i dvale.

Ένα διαστημόπλοιο ταξιδεύει σε έναν μακρινό αποικιακό πλανήτη και μεταφέρει χιλιάδες ανθρώπων. Αλλά ξαφνικά παρουσιάζεται βλάβη σε έναν από τους θαλάμους ύπνωσης. Αποτέλεσμα είναι ένας επιβάτης να ξυπνήσει 60 χρόνια νωρίτερα. Αντιμετωπίζοντας την πιθανότητα να γεράσει και πεθάνει ολομόναχος, αποφασίζει να ξυπνήσει κι έναν άλλον επιβάτη.

Csodálatos a jövő. Az Avalon nevű űrhajó 5259 utassal a fedélzetén 120 éven át siklik elegánsan távoli célja felé, ahol az érkezők majd új életet kezdhetnek. Addig pedig a vele utazók biztonságosan lefagyasztva alusszák krio-álmukat, és új otthonukban frissen, fiatalon ébredhetnek fel. Elvileg. A programba hiba csúszik, kiolvaszt két hibernációs ágyat, és két embert felébreszt. Jim és Aurora maga sem tudja, miért és hogyan, egy hatalmas, néma űrhajó fedélzetén találja magát - és még 90 év van hátra, míg elérik úti céljukat. Olyanok, mint két hajótörött, a lakatlan szigeten. De segítségben nem is reménykedhetnek. Saját erejükből próbálják megoldani a helyzetet, ám egyre újabb nehézségekbe és rejtélyekbe ütköznek. Ha életben akarnak maradni, meg kell érteniük, mi történt velük.

ג'ניפר לורנס וכריס פראט הם שני נוסעים על חללית, במהלך מסע לעבר בית חדש. הטיול שלהם מקבל תפנית מסוכנת כאשר הם מתעוררים בצורה מסתורית ממצב השינה בו הם נמצאים 90 שנה מוקדם מהצפוי. כאשר ג'ים ואורורה מנסים לגלות את האמת מאחורי התקלה שלהם, הם מתחילים להתאהב זו בזה, ואינם מסוגלים להתכחש למשיכה שלהם אחד כלפי השניה. הדבר היחיד שמפריע להם היא הסכנה הממשית של קריסת ספינת החלל שלהם, וגילוי האמת מאחורי התעוררותם.

Uma nave espacial viajando para uma colônia em um distante planeta e transportando milhares de pessoas tem um mau funcionamento em suas câmaras do sono. Como resultado, dois passageiros são despertados 90 anos antes.

Дія розгортається в майбутньому на космічному кораблі, який перевозить колоністів на віддалену планету. Через збій в системі головний герой виходить з гіперсону на 90 років раніше зазначеного терміну. Залишившись один на один з перспективою старості і смерті на самоті, він набравшись сміливості і нахабства, будить прекрасну жінку, якій такий розклад, само собою, буде не до душі.

Při rutinní vesmírné cestě k novému domovu jsou dva hibernovaní pasažéři kosmické lodi následkem poruchy probuzeni o 90 let dříve, než bylo plánováno. Zatímco se Jim a Aurora smiřují se skutečností, že budou nuceni prožít zbytek života na palubě luxusní lodi, zjišťují, že mezi nimi vzniká cosi více než přátelství...až do okamžiku, kdy odhalí, že se celá loď ocitá v obrovském nebezpečí. Jim a Aurora jsou teď těmi jedinými, kdo může zachránit životy 5000 spících pasažérů.

Op een routinereis door de ruimte naar een verre kolonie worden twee passagiers door een storing 90 jaar te vroeg ontwaakt uit hun hyperslaap. Jim en Aurora zullen de rest van hun leven op het ruimteschip moeten verblijven met alle luxe voorzien en beginnen voor elkaar te vallen.

Aurora e Jim sono i protagonisti di un’avventura a bordo di una navicella spaziale in viaggio verso una nuova vita su un altro pianeta. Il viaggio prende un risvolto imprevisto quando un malfunzionamento delle loro capsule di ibernazione li risveglia misteriosamente 90 anni prima dell’arrivo a destinazione. Mentre Jim e Aurora cercano di scoprire le cause dell’avaria, finiscono per innamorarsi… ma il loro idillio viene minacciato dall’imminente distruzione dell’astronave, e dalla scoperta della verità dietro il loro risveglio.

Podczas międzyplanetarnej podróży kosmicznej do nowego domu, na nową planetę, dwoje pasażerów – wskutek niezrozumiałych, tajemniczych okoliczności – budzi się ze snu dziewięćdziesiąt lat za wcześnie. Jim (Chris Pratt) i Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) zakochują się w sobie, wiedzą, że spędzą na pokładzie resztę życia. Szybko odkrywają, że statek kosmiczny znajduje się w śmiertelnym niebezpieczeństwie, a życie pasażerów zależy tylko od nich... Powoli dowiadują się także, dlaczego ich wybudzenie nie było przypadkowe. [opis dystrybutora dvd]

Jim e Aurora são passageiros a bordo de uma nave espacial que os transporta para uma nova vida noutro planeta. A viagem sofre uma reviravolta mortal quando as cápsulas de hibernação os acordam 90 anos antes da chegada ao seu destino. À medida que Jim e Aurora tentam desvendar o mistério por trás desta falha, apaixonam-se, sendo incapazes de negar a sua intensa atração... sendo no entanto ameaçados pelo iminente colapso da nave e pela descoberta da verdade sobre o porquê de terem acordado.


在遥远的未来,一艘运送数千人到遥远殖民地星球的太空飞船发生了技术故障,让本该再沉睡90年的乘客吉姆(克里斯·普拉特 Chris Pratt 饰)与奥罗拉(詹妮弗·劳伦斯 Jennifer Lawrence 饰)提前从休眠中醒来。孤独的太空旅行中,两位孤独的乘客开始相识相爱,但之后他们发现乘坐的飞船中还存在着更严重的隐患,甚至会危及所有人的生命,而拯救5000名乘客的任务落到了他们两人肩上。

Starship Avalon adlı uzay gemisi, Homestead II adında çok uzak bir koloniye 5000'den fazla kişiyi götürmek üzere, 120 yıl sürecek bir yolculuk yapmaktadır. Giden kişiler bu yolculuk sonunda sağlıklı bir şekilde hayatlarına devam edebilmek için özel tasarlanmış "uyku kapsüllerinde" uyutulmaktadırlar. Ancak yaşanan teknik bir sorun nedeniyle iki kapsül vaktinden önce açılır, birinde makine mühendisi Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), diğerinde ise yazar Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) bulunmaktadır. Gemide bir başlarına kalan ikilinin önünde, hala 90 yıllık bir yol vardır.

Le vaisseau spatial Avalon effectue un voyage de cent vingt ans vers la colonie planétaire Homestead II. Mais, alors que le trajet semble bien se dérouler, James Preston a la surprise de constater qu’il est le seul à s’être réveillé.

Svemirski brod “Starship Avalon” na svojem je 120-godišnjem putu prema udaljenom kolonijalnom planetu poznatom kao “Homestead Colony”. On prevozi 5,259 ljudi koji spavaju, duboko zamrznuti, kako bi na planet došli bez da su ostarili ijednog dana. No, usred putovanja, brod razvije kvar unutar komora za spavanje. Kao rezultat toga, dvije kapsule za spavanje otvore se i dvoje ljudi koji su u njima spavali, Jim Preston i Aurora Dunn, se probude. Oni ubrzo shvate da su sami na cijelom brodu, a do njihove destinacije dijeli ih čitavih 90 godina.

Una nave espacial que viaja a un planeta colonia distante y transporta a miles de personas tiene un mal funcionamiento en sus cámaras de sueño. Como resultado, dos pasajeros son despertados 90 años antes.

български език
Аурора и Джим са двама непознати, които са поели на 120-годишно пътуване към друга планета, но хибернацията им е прекъсната 90 години по-рано. Джим и Аурора са принудени да разкрият мистерията зад неизправността, водеща космическия кораба до ръба на колапс, застрашаващ живота на пътниците в най-голямата миграция в човешката история.

Aurora a Jim sa predstavia ako dvaja pasažieri vesmírnej lode, ktorej cieľovou destináciou je planéta, na ktorej by mali začať nový život. V momente, keď ich hibernačná kója za záhadných okolností prebudí o 90 rokov skôr, ako loď dosiahne svoj cieľ, stáva sa z rutinnej misie súboj o prežitie. Jim a Aurora snažia vyriešiť záhadu poruchy, ktorá ich prebudila a navyše zisťujú, že medzi nimi vzniká niečo viac ako priateľstvo.

120년 후의 개척 행성으로 떠나는 초호화 우주선 아발론 호. 여기엔 새로운 삶을 꿈꾸는 5,258명의 승객이 타고 있다. 그러나 알 수 없는 이유로 인해 짐 프레스턴(크리스 프랫)과 오로라 레인(제니퍼 로렌스)은 90년이나 일찍 동면 상태에서 깨어나게 된다. 서서히 서로를 의지하게 되는 두 사람은 우주선에 치명적인 결함이 있다는 사실을 발견하게 되고, 마침내 그들이 남들보다 먼저 깨어난 이유를 깨닫게 되는데…

Ускоро се Џим и Аурора суоче с чињеницом да ће остатак живота провести на броду где ће да уживају у свим благодетима које су икада могли да замисле, а убрзо се јављују и узајамне симпатије... Све док не открију да се брод налази у смртоносној опасности. Уз животе пет хиљада путника за које одговарају, Џим и Аурора мораће да сарађују како би их све спасили.


În timpul unei călătorii obişnuite prin spaţiu, către o nouă galaxie, doi pasageri, aflaţi într-o stare indusă de somn, se trezesc cu 90 de ani mai devreme decât trebuia, atunci când nava lor se defectează. Acum, Jim (Chris Pratt) şi Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) îşi dau seama că va trebui să trăiască tot restul vieţii la bordul navei, care, ce e drept, le asigură condiţiile cele mai bune de trai. Ei încep să se simtă atraşi unul de celălalt şi apoi să se îndrăgostească... până când descoperă că nava se află în mare pericol. Vieţile a 5000 de pasageri adormiţi se află în mâinile lor. Numai Jim şi Aurora îi vor putea salva.

Resan för två passagerare ombord på ett rymdskepp, som transporterar dem till ett nytt liv på en annan planet, tar en livsfarlig vändning när deras stasiskapslar av någon mystisk anledning väcker dem 90 år innan de når sin destination. Medan Jim och Aurora försöker lösa mysteriet bakom det tekniska felet, börjar de bli förälskade i varandra, utan att kunna motstå attraktionen som finns mellan dem. Samtidigt hotas deras liv av att skeppet håller på att haverera och av sanningen bakom deras för tidiga uppvaknande.

Režiser z oskarjem nagrajenega filma Igra imitacije nas popelje v vesoljske širjave, na ladji, namenjeni proti oddaljeni koloniji. Med 120-letnim potovanjem pride do računalniške napake, kar povzroči, da se novinarka Aurora in mehanik Jim zbudita iz hibernacije 90 let prezgodaj. Preostanek življenja sta prisiljena preživeti v osami, toda kmalu ugotovita, da plovilo pestijo številne druge težave. Med izogibanjem številnim smrtnim nevarnostim, ki prežijo iz vesolja, se z njima poigrajo tudi ljubezenska čustva, kar jima da novih moči za spopad z neskončno razsežnostjo prostora in časa.

Erdvėlaivis „Avalon“ į tolimą planetą, pavadintą „Sodyba II“, gabena daugiau nei penkis tūkstančius žmonių, pasiryžusių pradėti naują gyvenimą toli nuo gimtosios Žemės. Kadangi kelionė tolima, visi keleiviai užšaldyti specialiose miego kamerose ir bus atgaivinti tik erdvėlaiviui priartėjus prie tikslo. Tačiau avarijos metu sugenda Džimo miego kamera, likus 90-čiai metų iki skrydžio pabaigos. Suvokęs, kad nesuras būdo vėl užsišaldyti, naujosios planetos jis nepasieks, jis nutaria sugadinti gražuolės Auroros miego kamerą.

To passasjerer reiser til en ny planet. Situasjonen blir livsfarlig når de på mystisk vis våkner i romkapslene sine 90 år før ankomsttid. Det blir problemer med romskipet og de må redde de 5000 passasjerene som fremdeles sover.

Tähtialus Avalon on matkalla kohti siirtokuntaplaneetta Kotipaikka 2:ta. Kaksi ja puolisataa miehistön jäsentä, sekä viisituhatta matkustajaa ovat unessa, jolloin he voivat matkata yli vuosisadan matkan vanhentumatta. Avalon muistuttaa hotellia, sillä matkustajien on tarkoitus valmistautua uuteen maailmaan viimeiset kuukaudet. Matka saa dramaattisen käänteen, kun mekaanikko Jim Prestonin horroskapseli herättää hänet 90 vuotta liian aikaisin, samoin käy kirjailija Aurora Lanelle. Kun Jim ja Aurora yrittävät selvittää mistä kapselien toimintahäiriö johtui, alkavat he rakastua toisiinsa pystymättä vastustamaan toistensa vetovoimaa… kunnes heille selviää, että koko alus ja kaikki sen matkustajat ovat vakavassa vaarassa, sekä totuus siitä miksi he heräsivät.

เรื่องราวของช่างเครื่อง จิม เพรสตัน (คริส แพรตต์) ที่ออกเดินทางไปท่องเที่ยวในอวกาศซึ่งต้องใช้เวลาในการเดินทางถึง 120 ปีกว่าจะถึงที่หมาย เขาได้กลายเป็นนักท่องเที่ยวคนแรกที่ต้องมาพบกับประสบการณ์ที่คาดไม่ถึงจากความผิดปกติของยานอวกาศ เขาตื่นขึ้นมาก่อนที่ยานจะไปถึงที่หมายถึง 100 ปี เขามีเพียงแค่หุ่นยนต์และแอนดรอยด์เป็นเพื่อน หลังจากนั้นหนึ่งปีเขาก็ตัดสินใจปลุกผู้โดยสารคนหนึ่งให้ตื่นขึ้นมาเป็นเพื่อน เธอคนนั้นก็คือนักข่าวสาวสวยชื่อ ออโรร่า (เจนนิเฟอร์ ลอว์เรนซ์) แล้วพวกเขาก็ตกหลุมรักกัน แต่ไม่นานพวกเขาก็ต้องพบกับอุปสรรคทั้งความเข้าใจผิดในเจตนาที่จิมปลุกออโรร่าขึ้นมา รวมถึงความผิดปกติของยานอวกาศด้วย

Tiếng Việt
Passengers lấy bối cảnh trên một con tàu chở hơn 5000 con người thực hiện một chuyến hành trình dài tới hành tinh mới. Một sự cố xảy ra dẫn đến việc có hai hành khách thức tỉnh sớm hơn dự định, đánh dấu sự chớm nở của một chuyện tình giữa không gian. Bất ngờ tỉnh dậy sớm hơn dự định, Jim phát hiện ra mình chỉ mới 30 tuổi mà hành trình chuyến tàu đến hành tinh mới vẫn còn đến tận 90 năm. Jim quyết tận hưởng cuộc sống xa hoa trên phi thuyền. Anh đánh thức Aurora ngay sau đó. Trong một lần hẹn hò, Jim và Aurora phát hiện ra con tàu đang lâm vào một tình thế ngặt nghèo. Khi tính mạng của mọi người trên chuyến tàu đang bị đe dọa, Jim quyết định bước ra ngoài vùng không gian để tìm cách cứu lấy cả đoàn, cũng là cứu lấy tình yêu của đời mình.

未來世界利用太空船將人類由地球移送到另一星體居住,為保乘客到達目的地前壽命不被消耗,所有人須在漫長的航程中進入冬眠狀態。偏偏只得Jim(基斯柏特 飾)和Aurora(珍妮花羅倫斯 飾)意外地提早了90年醒來,二人嘗試過著與彼此相依為命的生活,更漸漸互生情愫。直至太空船遇上不明衝擊面臨解體,眼前能源失效、重力失控,前所未見的星際災難瞬間爆發,此時他們終於發現自己提早甦醒的真正原因…

კოსმოსური ხომალდი, რომელზეც 5000 მძინარე მგზავრია მიემართება პლანეტისაკენ, რომელიც მათი ახალი სახლი უნდა გახდეს. მაგრამ სისტემის ხარვეზის გამო, ერთი მგზავრი პლანეტამდე მისვლამდე 90 წლით ადრე გაიღვიძებს. იგი მიხვდება, რომ სიცოცხლის ბოლომდე ხომალდზე მარტო ყოფნა მოუწევს, ამიტომ იგი მეორე მგზავრსაც აღვიძებს.

مركبة فضائية تسافر إلى مستعمرة بعيدة وتنقل الآلاف من الناس لديها خلل في غرف نومها. نتيجة لذلك ، استيقظ راكبان قبل 90 عامًا.

یک سفینه فضایی برای حمل و نقل هزاران نفر از مردمان قصد سفر به یک سیاره دور را دارد، ولی یکی از محفظه‌های خوابش مشکل پیدا می کند و در نتیجه یکی از مسافران ۹۰ سال زودتر از موعد مقرر از خواب بیدار می شود و زمانی که میبیند به تنهایی در حال پیر شدن و مُردن است تصمیم می‌گیرد مسافر دیگری را نیز بیدار کند و ...

Una nau espacial, que viatja a un planeta llunyà que transporta milers de persones, té una avaria en una de les càpsules d'hibernació després de l'impacte amb un gran meteorit. Com a resultat, un passatger es desperta noranta anys abans del final del viatge.

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