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From Illumination Entertainment, the studio that brought you The Secret Life of Pets comes an animated comedy about finding the music that lives inside all of us. Sing stars Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, an eternally optimistic koala who puts on the world’s greatest singing competition to save his crumbling theater; Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, an overworked and underappreciated mother of 25 piglets desperate to unleash her inner diva; Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rock porcupine with a beautiful voice behind her prickly exterior; and Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young gangster gorilla looking to break free of his family’s felonies. Sing is the musical comedy event of the year! A koala named Buster recruits his best friend to help him drum up business for his theater by hosting a singing competition. Sing Wiki

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Sing Movie (2016)

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Sing Movie Reviews

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- Wow5 star

So so cool

- Sing4 star

So good 😂😂

- Great5 star

Love this movie

- I LOVE IT5 star

This is a great movie has heart, silliness, and music!

- I love this movie!5 star

This is my most favorite movie because this people put music in it, animals, and the most amazing singer of all time, Tori Kelly! She is also my most favorite singer and she’s in my most favorite movie so that’s why I love it! (This was written by a kid so I recommend this movie to all kids that love music, animals, and Tori Kelly!)

- Sorry 😞 not sorry2 star

Not to be rude but sing ... well... I only liked the koala cause he represents the phrase give up ( cause u have friends to help you) Back To The Review I’ve to sing but this movie is the opposite of my passion... man, if only it was a Disney movie 🥲 Anyways sorry but. NOT sorry

- man this movie is dam GOOD!5 star

so i know this movie is not a imp/rip of but if u ever decide watching this u will die the person who said it was poop was a child and i hater this movie is the best boy

- I like it4 star

I think it is a really good movie but I wouldn’t watch it all the time. I like how they let Tori Kelly sing Halalujiah

- A Fun Filled Time For The Whole Family5 star

This is a 2016 animation gem for SURE not in top 10 but still very good this movie is fun filled also who would win in a fight? Sonic or Ash (sing not Pokémon.) Sonic would win BOIIISISISISIS!

- Sing (2016 Animated movie)5 star

Sing is such an amazing movie. Even though this movie is compared to The Greatest Showman, Sing is such a great movie! Can you even imagine that Matthew McConaughey's character of Buster Moon is compared to Hugh Jackman's character of P.T. Barnum? Think about it! 🎵🎶🎵

- It’s OK3 star

I think that this movie is OK. This movie is not my most favorite movie but I still like it a little bit.

- Kids deserve better2 star

I am quite disturbed by the low standard Illumination has been setting for kids movies these days. Obviously every parent needs a movie or two to babysit their child for an hour while they do grown up stuff, but when that’s all your company makes it really says a lot about how little respect this animation company has for its audience. I encourage anyone who reads this to seek out better movies that will actually leave an impact on your children and help them grow as a person, movies like How to Your Dragon, Fantastic Mr Fox, Kubo and the Two Strings, Spirited Away, Mirai, and The Prince of Egypt

- Tori Kelly... 'nuff said5 star

Bought it to support Tori Kelly, and not dissapointed at all... Great movie

- Quick question1 star

Have you ever been stabbed to death. If so that is how it feels to watch sing.

- My Favorite of my kids movies5 star

Though I understand that this movie is targeted to older small children, i think any age can enjoy it. Watching it with my 2 year old daughter, she was jumping, clapping, & thoroughly enjoying the climax of the film. Smart, touching, well paced, wonderfully written & greatly executed. Also, great music. I wish more movies were given the amount of love, care, & attention to detail that wis given to this one.

- 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩INFINITY STARS!!!5 star

This movie is amazing! The songs sound wonderful, the characters are pretty funny, and animals! I love them, plus, the rent is soo cheep! I’m glad😃! I which I can give this movie more stars🥺! And to all of you haters, SHUT THE FR****K UP YOU BI***S! I swear I would kick the haters in their face! Haters, you know nothing!

- sing5 star


- Sing: my fav!5 star

I really love this film, and I hope they are making a sequel of this film: Sing 2. My favorite character is Johnny. I hope he comes back.

- Piggy power5 star

Piggy power lol hahahahahaha love the movie

- Loving5 star

This movie has a lot of value and shows you the struggles people go just to strive for their happiness and their dreams ! I def recommend this movie for all ages !

- Love5 star

I don’t know where sing is in a movie

- It’s okay3 star

It’s kinda weird but if you like singing animals this movie is for you

- Amo esta película5 star

Muy bonita historia y valores genial

- The Voice meets Rock of Ages5 star

Sing to me Baby!

- No words5 star

NaniM203 is right is there a Sing 2.If the creates think that making another Sing is crazy.THEY MUST BE CRAZY.

- Best reviews by grim1 star

Bad movie just bad like really bad 💩💩💩


TUESDAY MARCH 2 25 (2020)

- cool movie!5 star

this is a really cool movie part two comes out july 2nd 2021.

- Buster moon5 star

Love this movie

- Awesome5 star

Awesome movie for family. Love it

- Amazing!4 star

It was really good! But there is no audio on the mini movies when I play it on my AppleTV.

- 💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

It was a good movie and a very interesting movie too! Also it was a cute movie

- Good movie5 star

Best universal movie ever 😃😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂😉😉😉😅😂😊

- It’s a Really Good movie5 star

The songs are Really Nice Preform So Good

- 😍😍😍5 star

Love this movie so much! It is super cute and funny and a great family movie!

- Amazing5 star

Best movie it is so funny and it is the only movie without a scary or intense plot.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- I loved this4 star

So good

- Ripped off1 star

I got ripped off. They made me pay but they didn't let me keep the movie

- Meh3 star

It was ok

- Review5 star

It’s a interesting movie but I like the songs

- Love u guys5 star

I love this movie so much

- Winter5 star

It’s an amazing movie so amazing I love it soo much

- Loved by my household5 star

It’s my 1 yr old’s favorite movie to watch. He even quotes some of the characters.

- Major fan theory ahead!5 star

So the main character is a koala named Buster Moon. But coincidentally, Buster is also the name of one of the Koala Brothers. Koala Brothers was a stop-motion animated children’s TV series that aired on Playhouse Disney from October 1, 2003 to January 20, 2008. It was about two koalas named Frank, and you guessed it, Buster, who fly around in their yellow plane looking for anyone in need of help. My theory is that after the events of the series, Buster moved to America and built a theater. 8 1/2 years later, his theater was old news, and he needed money, leading to the events of this movie. Maybe Frank will visit in the sequel. 🐨💚🐨💛

- Yes4 star

I love this movie

- SO GOOD5 star


- Meep3 star


- Perfect first movie5 star

We don't give my daughter a lot of screen time, but I wanted to find a good movie for her to enjoy for her 5th birthday. Disney movies are often very dark and parts of Frozen and Dory were too scary. Sing was the perfect solution. She loves every minute and has watched it several times in the year since. Great humor for parents, too!

- We were singing for days5 star

The whole fam loved this movie, highly recommend it! We’ve been listening to the soundtrack and enjoying it a ton!

- Meh2 star

I was expecting to hear many songs of 2016 in this song but in the end (spoiler) the play songs way back from the 70s that I never even heard of

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elyse displayed - Sing5 star

Musical theatre 🎭 Congratulations on your new show today what about the talent show from the odd squad tvo kids channel program with Otis and Olympia We’re singing together Also Adele As well Dancing with if you are alone with a stage pizza with good news For shows and like in the talent shows and something if we’re trying See when you got I well a have a good zoom on this scale for on is you maybe the cliff is nothing work Try long something long long the same is real a plan go go go paying check the time chap pal hands And so I saw Well we checked this jam and then new hand shake and fireworks 🎇 How you do it and always be lucky The end bye for now love Adele

jessgarnele - Cute movie!4 star

This movie is so cute! It also has its funny parts too lol!

Stogies - Awesome family movie.5 star

I don’t know why this movie wasn’t much, much bigger. With two small kids I’ve seen allot of movies and honestly, most of them are pretty mediocre. This isn’t one of them. It’s got heart, it’s got great character stories and it has a reasonable plot that is easy to follow but not simplistic. It’s just a great story. Unlike so many other movies that resort to cliche ‘bad guys’ or confusing scary stuff like the ending of Zootopia, this is a story about the characters overcoming obstacles to succeed. If you like music at all, you and your kids will love it.

Longwaitnotwasted!!! - Super cute and something different5 star

I wasn't expecting this movie to be so entertaining. All ages love it ☺️

Ruby Sanderson - ⭐️⭐️⭐️AWESOME⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

This movie needs to be watched! You need it, it's so AWESOME!!!

Chantelle25 - Good Animal Animation and Fun Song Pairings3 star

This movie was very easy to watch and enjoy. I chuckled throughout.

sliser10 - Great movie5 star

It is such a good movie

not-so-sure - Loved it5 star

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone!

FJ Mondragon - Awesome family movie!5 star

This is for me the best animated movie by Illumination studios, great fun for the family. First rented but liked it so much (and my kids too) I ended up buying it to watch again. Great fun, beautiful songs and great story, 100% recommended.

nanimdes - Best movie ever5 star


babybooboo.xoxo - Really3 star

I decided to try and rent sing but guess what? Did it work? Nope. It said I didn't have enough storage to rent it so I ended up deleting ALL my apps, and did it work after that? Nope. I heard this is a really good Movie so I wanted to get it. I'm not saying the movie is bad, it's just annoying to try so hard to get it when it's not worth it to get it...

Crazy man2124 - Bad news4 star

I pre ordered it and I don't have the movie

Zapstore - Amazing!5 star

👍🏻Sing is really amazing you should really watch it!🕵🏻 -❤️tea tea c❤️

Owls9997 - ❤️❤️5 star

Such a cute movie ❤️🐹

Black_Tigrex - Better than minions!5 star

This is the best cartoon they have made so far in my opinion. Many good songs and story are as good as Zootopia. My favorite singer is Ash!!!

Elina gumm gumm - When does it come out???!5 star

When does the movie come out in the iTunes Store so me and my family could watch the movie without going to to movie theatres????

JimD75 - Great family movie5 star

2016 was a really good year for animated movies and Sing is a perfect example. Definitely in the years top three. Great movie!!

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Arturourista - Sing5 star

This movie is hilarious,I want to watch it more than once. :)

hopchic in Sheffield - Meanwhile, in another corner of Zootopia...4 star

My wife and I took our kids to see this on the last weekend we spent in a city that had been our home for eight years. It had been a stressful four weeks of air mattresses, living in other people's homes, moving and getting rid of possessions, and preparing to move out of the country. When we were almost done we took a break and went to see this. About 2/3 of the way through the movie, there's a scene where a shy elephant belts out the last verse of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah while standing in the wreckage of a recently destroyed treasured building. And I just started bawling. Four seats down, so did my wife. We did not stop crying until the end. This was obviously in part because of our state of mind, but there is something powerful about music as an expression of a person's heart, and this movie captures that brilliantly. The first 2/3 of the movie leading up to that are fun, though not perfect. But that last Still gives me chills.

2001Tiger - Seth MacFarlane has done it again!5 star

If you love Family Guy, you'll wanna watch this!

watkinsme321 - sing5 star

I loved it.

Dream2cute - Over all, a disappointment2 star

The idea for this movie was very interesting and from the commercial, I gotta say it looked pretty good. But this movie wasn't as uplifting and funny as it appeared. 1st off the idea of the gorilla and his family being criminals was not the type of concept you would put in a kids movie. And it was a very bad influence on young children for having the gorilla (the good guy) trying to steel the prize chest which was basically telling kids its okay to steel things that aren't yours. And how the dad broke out of jail at the end just so he could see his son perform was not touching but wrong.

justcallme_eevee - Definitely Recommend It🤗5 star

I don't know where to start with this AMAZING movie! The cast is great, the animation is great, the characters are great, and the film is great! The only thing missing is a second film! I watched this movie with my bestie and we left the theater in tears of joy! As soon as Sing came out on Netflix, I was overwhelmed! My favorite characters are Gunter, Ash, & Jonny. If you are looking for a movie that's for kids, has great comedy, and a great theme, then I highly recommend that you watch this movie from beginning to end. P.S. Stevie Wonder ROCKED THAT SINGING!! Yea!!!

rachel24L - Best movie ever made5 star

sing is the best movie that has ever been created! it is such a great movie i have watched it 5 times in the last 3 days. Whoever hasn't seen it is missing out on a lot i am so glad they put it on netflix

Fighter4337 - Love it5 star

I think this a good movie to watch with family

Abigail Rain - AWESOME MOVIE!5 star

What more can I say? Just Read the title.

Fenomen 39765 LOL - Good animated movie5 star

Best animated movie of the year

logann😸 - So funny5 star

😹😹😹 I is the best movie ever

JonahW714 - How is this a kid movie?1 star

You can't spell "Sing" without "Sin"!

AllTheLadiesLuvLeo - Best. Movie. In. The. Universe.5 star

Its an amazing movie, with amazing music, and amazing actor, just watch it. You will only be dissappointed if there is something mentally wrong with you

Migelly's chunes - Amazing5 star

This movie is funny and great for families

TonyERrenteria - Nice Feel Good Movie for All5 star

This is a beautiful happy movie that just brings a smile to your face. My biggest question is: the mother pig basically engineered a complete, automated home management system overnight. Why not apply to NASA?

Addi reviews movies - Pretty good4 star

As far as illumination movies go,this is actually more than acceptable!great music great characters though some were bland.cant wait for the sequel that is currently in production

thedoughnut🍩 - Couldn't get any better!!!!! ❤️😍5 star

Sing is awesome!If you love animals and music you are going 2 LOVE Sing. But the price is a bit of I only have $15 to spend. 😔

Schlesinger Squad - Sing5 star

This was so uplifting! Great family movie for all ages

smity669 - Sing5 star

Such a great fun movie! Loved it!😍

Kourosh Toiler - Awesome5 star

Awesome Songs 😍

Miss.Shann.Spencer - Bought this for my daughter... but I enjoyed it way more5 star

This movie is great! The songs... the story line... it's great

Julio Ramirez - Sing5 star

We loved it!!!!!

Robinandre12 - It was surprisingly good5 star

Funny movie, I'm glad to see they can still make good clean kids movies

Diva ✌️✌️ - 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍5 star


TrinityakaT$$123 - Best movie ever made5 star

This is the best movie I've ever seen in my whole entire life and that is how much I love the movie sing,That is why I love love love the movie sing🤗

asb2718 - Great!5 star

A really fun movie for both kids and adults.

ucimages - Exceeded my expectations! Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼5 star

My niece loves this movie. Because of that, I've watched it with her at least ten times and I loved it every time.

YTElliott - Sing Soars4 star

This a great animation, it's funny, it keeps you interested, it evokes real emotion, the characters embody human personal qualities that make it relatable. I cheered for the characters. Very good direction, script and production. All the pieces fit.

Dancegirl2016 - Best movie ever!!!!!!!5 star

I saw this movie in theaters with my parents and it was amazing great job illumination hope you make sing 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuite Gurl - Awsome5 star

I love it

GrantMoyer23 - Cheesy1 star

Full of 🧀

Relax213 - Nothing short of amazing!5 star

Watched back to back because it's such a great movie

Katluver63 - Love❤️5 star

i absolutely love this movie great for families and kids! i highly recommend!

El capo26 - Amazing film!!!5 star

To be honest, this remains one of my favorite animated movies of 2016 ahead of Zootopia. You can really connect to the characters, wanting them to be successful at doing what they love... you really feel like you're part of the world, for me at least. And oh boy the songs they chose. They couldn't have chosen any better songs than the ones on the movie. Loved it!

Leland4848 - It's OK2 star

When I watch his movie it wasn't too good in the trailer it showed all the good parts Disney usually shows friendship and this movie did not barely

Flyboy.Don - Really bad movie...1 star

This was such a waste of time and money. Not a show for children or adults.

papa doon - good movie but not much humor4 star

i was expecting a lot of humor and fun from animated characters (like you get from Minions) but did not get it. Still a good movie with good music and worth watching, but it tells more of a life story of the underdog, than it tries to make you laugh.

Frank C 66554321. - Forgetable3 star

Cute movie for kids who have never seen the tired plot of a failed person getting "one more shot". Great characters and good voice acting, but the plot holds it down. Nothing new or interesting, but worth renting.

Takceya - boring1 star

i wasn't able to finish it because it was pretty boring. Kid didnt like it either

AGT1201 - Sing!5 star

Ugh sooooooo good. This movie was super cute, had good music surprisingly, and actually pulled on my heart strings a little. Very inspiring. Suuuuuper good!!!

daddy feeney - Such a great movie!!!5 star

This was an amazing movie!!!! Super uplifting!!! Great for the whole family!

TCHL - Makes me want to SING!5 star

What a fun and entertaining movie. Made by whole day better just watching it.


I loved this movie, and I really want to watch it again.

Pheenix11 - Amazing movie5 star

What an amazing movie, it was so entertaining, especially for a "kids" movie, we had a great time. Great music, uplifting story and just perfect for the whole family. I absolutely lost it when the gorilla did his song at the end, I don't want to give it away but it was incredible. Buy it, you'll love it!

MountainBob - Cliché, all the way2 star

I'm glad so many people think this movie is great, it probably is from a particular perspective. If you want to see animated characters singing your favorite musician's song, and don't care about an interesting story or plot, this is your movie. For me though, I would way rather see the musician's perform via their music videos. If there was a good story behind it, I might have felt better about spending the time and money watching it. This is just a money grab that was completely predictable.

Katehhrdjhjjh - Amazing5 star

Amazing 10/10

Jdizil - Good music4 star

Loved it

Kitty purry01 - Funny and heartbreaking5 star

This movie has great singers

ghostw6rld! - THE BEST MOVIE5 star


Camogirl098 - 🌟Sing🌟5 star

This movie was so good I bought it in bluray and got the movie on my phone for free. I guarantee that you will love this movie. 🎥 🐨🎥

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