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Jackie (2016) Movie Summary

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  • 2016

OSCAR® Winner Natalie Portman leads an acclaimed cast in this powerfully stirring drama as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As she grapples with unimaginable grief and trauma following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, “Jackie’s” faith and strength lead her to a new life with her children. While she honors her husband’s remarkable legacy, she also leaves her own indelible mark.

Jackie Film Synopsis

Jackie Brown is a flight attendant who gets caught in the middle of smuggling cash into the country for her gunrunner boss. When the cops try to use Jackie to get to her boss, she hatches a plan — with help from a bail bondsman — to keep the money for herself.

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ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! What a performance from Natalie Portman! Seriously! OSCAR WINNING indeed! LOVED IT!.Score: 5/5

JACKIEAll that wonderful acting, dialogue, cinematography, direction, editing, set design, costuming--all of that lost to the over-shadowing music VOLUME. The music was neatly composed, however we (my wife and I) wonder: Doesn't anyone listen to the completed film to see whether the dialogue can be heard and understood over the music? All that wonderful dialogue lost forever. If the film is ever re-mixed, I would be eager to watch it again..Score: 4/5

Good acting but not my kind of movieI think Natalie did a great job acting. But...this movie was a little slow...I was skipping through the movie just to get through it. I found it was jumping around alot with flashbacks and stuff...I think the rotten tomatoes people will like this movie because of the acting and the story...but not much action or anything else in the movie. It's just a story of how she wsa after JFK was killed..Score: 2/5

Natalie is good, but that's about itApart from Natalie Portman's portrayal as Jackie, there is literally nothing interesting about this movie. I feel like I learned nothing new about Jackie Kennedy. It plays like a dream, jumping through different timelines sometimes without a smooth transition..Score: 1/5

Beyond BoringGreat acting, but the film goes nowhere. Utterly boring..Score: 1/5

So disappointedYes it's beautiful, and Jackie on the day her husband is killed sounds interesting. However the plodding pace and over-acting ruined this film for me. The lingering shots and lengthy scenes without dialogue are intended to be character studies however the movie drowns in them and I learned nothing except that Jackie drowned her sorrows and wallowed in her pain, worrying more about how everything looked to the world outside. She was certainly entitled to do that but it isn't riveting film material..Score: 2/5

Good effort....So so acting but a good showing from the star. Don't waste your time..Score: 1/5

MoodMaybe I just wasnt in the mood. I was 17 then. Yes "Jackie carried the sorrow of a Nation; we saw that story. And all; his story lives in my heart and I didnt need to see and hear "this story. The movie: a rating of three stars; Portman won an Oscar for "portryaing Jackie, not for her acting..Score: 3/5

LoveI love this movie.Score: 5/5

Love it!!!Natalie Portman's acting is great and the movie will speak to you..Score: 5/5

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BoredWhat a terrible movie, unbearable to watch. Became bored the minute it started..Score: 1/5

BoringWhat was the point? A documentary would have been a more honourable method to share the experiences. Just saying..Score: 1/5

Worst movie of 2016Two things warrant the one star I gave this movie - costume design and hairstyling. The cinematography was average to above average with a few spectacular moments. Everything else is horrible - particularly the editing (it broke the movie), the directing, the acting, the casting, the production and - oh! - the music. This is the worst pairing of music and film I have ever seen. The music succeeds in breaking those parts of the movie the editing missed. The frenetic and nonsensical editing further sullied what might have been a good movie if it had some semblance of a coherent timeline, which was deliberately fragmented in order to appear artsy and edgy (it failed spectacularly). Don't waste your time or money. Watch the trailer - at least the trailer creators know how to edit film to appear compelling, and it hits all of the high points. This movie is slow and boring with an immersion breaking soundtrack that would have been better placed in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I am a history enthusiast, and I found this movie to be a bitter disappointment. They made Jackie Kennedy look weak and downright bizarre for most of the movie and failed to capture the true strength, resilience and intelligence of this amazing woman. This could have been a great movie, an inspiring movie. It was instead, an ordeal to watch..Score: 1/5

Who wants to share Jackie's shock; not me.I lived through this terrible time (not that the present isn't every bit as terrible) and saw Oswald get shot numerous times. It would appear that Americans, at the least the tv stations, revel in people's pain. I had great expectations for Jackie but it turned out to be a long, depressing, boring movie. Non of the Boston brahmins sounded correct. This dectracted severly from the authenictity of the film. Woudn't watch it again nor recommend it..Score: 2/5

DisappointingI have a keen interest in the Kennedy era and have read various books and seen other films. Was looking forward to "Jackie" but couldn't finish it - boring - like a "one woman show" - with some grim visuals and a flat monologue. If that's what you are looking for.....Score: 2/5

Just horrible.The movie is so very blah. It is so slow it is hard to get through even for those most interested in this story..Score: 1/5

CheesyThe Kennedy funeral arrangements as though recounted by Vanity Fair.Score: 3/5

PainfullUsually like Natalie Portman but this was a terrible performance. She felt fake the whole movie..maybe cause Jackie herself was such a fake?/ It was sad to see what a shallow woman Jackie was. Better to let the dead rest in peace. Would not recommend..terrible in so many ways.Score: 2/5

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Jackie_ellis3 Foodloverrsss: Fried Chicken + Fries 🔥 .Score: 4/5

Jillijxx JackiieOnly: วันนี้ผมหล่อมั้ย หล่อแหละผมว่าผมหล่อ หล่อมากๆด้วยนะ เอ้าชิ้บๆ เต๊ะท่า 🤘🏻🌻 maisonkitsune x JACKIE #DaytimeTails #maisonk….Score: 3/5

Jackie_ellis3 DiningNearMe: French fries or onion rings?.Score: 5/5

Shakesofpear"Aaju baaju agar gham dekhe toh apna gham kam hai bhai" Jackie Dada imparting wisdom bluntly.… .Score: 2/5

Nana69744248 sivk_: น้องแจ๊คกี้ออกงานเดี่ยว มัมหมีชูป้ายไฟเชียร์คับบบ หล่อมากกกก ㅠㅠ maisonkitsune x JACKIE #maisonkitsunexJACKIE ….Score: 4/5

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Jillijxx uptoJACKIE: / 😎 maisonkitsune x JACKIE #JackieJackrin #DaytimeTails #maisonkitsunebangkok #maisonkitsunexJACKIE ….Score: 4/5

Fanxgirl19 fullsunnns: Crazy beautiful you is so relatable due to the fact I was raised by my yayas instead of my parents I relate to Jackie so so….Score: 5/5

Jackie_ellis3 ML_Philosophy: What is the best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart?.Score: 5/5

Nwpppppp JackiieOnly: วันนี้ผมหล่อมั้ย หล่อแหละผมว่าผมหล่อ หล่อมากๆด้วยนะ เอ้าชิ้บๆ เต๊ะท่า 🤘🏻🌻 maisonkitsune x JACKIE #DaytimeTails #maisonk….Score: 3/5

Jillijxx PhotomGraph: maisonkitsune x JACKIE #maisonkitsunexJACKIE #JackieJackrin .Score: 4/5

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Patthrakul 4_jackrin: หล่อเรี่ยราดสุดๆๆๆ น้องงงง maisonkitsune x JACKIE #JackieJackrin #DaytimeTails #maisonkitsunebangkok #maisonkitsunexJACKIE….Score: 4/5

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Jackie (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Jackie (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Pam Grier (Jackie Brown), Samuel L. Jackson (Ordell Robbie), Robert De Niro (Louis Gara), Bridget Fonda (Melanie Ralston), Michael Keaton (Ray Nicolette), Robert Forster (Max Cherry), Michael Bowen (Mark Dargus), Chris Tucker (Beaumont Livingston), LisaGay Hamilton (Sheronda), Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. (Winston), Hattie Winston (Simone), Sid Haig (Judge), Aimee Graham (Amy – Billingsley Sales Girl), Ellis E. Williams (Cockatoo Bartender), Tangie Ambrose (Billingsley Sales Girl #2), T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh (Raynelle – Ordell's Junkie Friend), Vanessia Valentino (Cabo Flight Attendant), Diana Uribe (Anita Lopez), Renee Kelly (Cocktail Waitress), Elizabeth McInerney (Bartender at Sam's), all returned for jackie movie.

Pam Grier (Jackie Brown)
Pam GrierJackie BrownScore: 26.8
Samuel L. Jackson (Ordell Robbie)
Samuel L. JacksonOrdell RobbieScore: 57.0
Robert De Niro (Louis Gara)
Robert De NiroLouis GaraScore: 51.7
Bridget Fonda (Melanie Ralston)
Bridget FondaMelanie RalstonScore: 26.8
Michael Keaton (Ray Nicolette)
Michael KeatonRay NicoletteScore: 24.6
Robert Forster (Max Cherry)
Robert ForsterMax CherryScore: 31.8
Michael Bowen (Mark Dargus)
Michael BowenMark DargusScore: 8.1
Chris Tucker (Beaumont Livingston)
Chris TuckerBeaumont LivingstonScore: 11.7
LisaGay Hamilton (Sheronda)
LisaGay HamiltonSherondaScore: 5.7
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. (Winston)
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.WinstonScore: 12.5
Hattie Winston (Simone)
Hattie WinstonSimoneScore: 5.2
Sid Haig (Judge)
Sid HaigJudgeScore: 15.2

Quentin Tarantino (Screenplay), Quentin Tarantino (Director), Quentin Tarantino (Executive Music Producer), Lawrence Bender (Producer), Lawrence Bender (Executive Music Producer), Heidi Vogel (Post Production Supervisor), Paul Hellerman (Co-Producer), Sally Menke (Editor), Bob Weinstein (Executive Producer), Harvey Weinstein (Executive Producer), Elmore Leonard (Executive Producer), Elmore Leonard (Novel), Guillermo Navarro (Director of Photography), Jaki Brown (Casting), Robyn M. Mitchell (Casting), David Wasco (Production Design), Tatiana S. Riegel (Associate Editor), Dean Beville (Sound Editor), Marietta Carter-Narcisse (Makeup Artist), Sandy Reynolds-Wasco (Set Decoration),

Quentin Tarantino (Screenplay)
Quentin TarantinoScreenplayScore: 28.0
Quentin Tarantino (Director)
Quentin TarantinoDirectorScore: 28.0
Quentin Tarantino (Executive Music Producer)
Quentin TarantinoExecutive Music ProducerScore: 28.0
Lawrence Bender (Producer)
Lawrence BenderProducerScore: 3.3
Lawrence Bender (Executive Music Producer)
Lawrence BenderExecutive Music ProducerScore: 3.3
Sally Menke (Editor)
Sally MenkeEditorScore: 2.9
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Jackie Trailers & Teasers

'Jackie' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of jackie, the Pablo Larrain's popular movie. Watch the jackie teaser trailer. Pablo Larrain’s #jackie is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Jackie Brown | ‘Your Ass Used to be Beautiful’ (HD) - Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson | MIRAMAX▶ Jackie Brown | ‘Your Ass Used to be Beautiful’ (HD) - Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson | MIRAMAX
Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer
Jackie Brown | ‘The Parking Lot’ (HD) - Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda | MIRAMAX▶ Jackie Brown | ‘The Parking Lot’ (HD) - Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda | MIRAMAX

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Check out photos from jackie movie. Jackie (2016) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome jackie wallpapers to download for free.

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Jackie Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Six players on the trail of a half million in cash. There's only one question... Who's playing who?..

Jackie — 2016

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All released movie posters so far for the movie jackie - 2016. A poster for Pablo Larrain drama movie, Jackie! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for jackie (2016). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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Jackie Movie Posters
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български език
Шестима играчи се впускат в надпревара за 500 000 долара. Единственият въпрос е... кой кого ще прецака? Какво е общото обаче между тях - сексапилната стюардеса Гриър, търговеца на оръжие Джаксън, изобретателния мошеник Де Ниро, амбициозното ченге Кийтън и плажното зайче Фонда. Общото е, че всички имат една цел - да спипат чантата с половин милион долара в нея. Общото е, че всеки от тях се стреми да прецака другарчето си. Различното е - едва ли ще познаете от три пъти кой ще офейка с парите. Уникална комбинация между напрегнат екшън и язвителен хумор, "Джаки Браун" е поредния филм на Тарантино, който улучва право в десетката.

Adpaptace románu Rum Punch klasika soudobé drsné školy a bestsellerového spisovatele Elmora Leonarda. Jackie Brownová je černá letuška, která si přivydělává pašováním špinavých peněz drogového dealera a obchodníka. Je chycena dvěma policejními agenty, kteří ji však slíbí shovívavost, pokud pomůže svého šéfa dopadnout a usvědčit. Jackie, která je na svobodě jen díky kauci svého milence, zosnuje plán, jak najednou získat milionový balík, zbavit se policistů i nepohodlného šéfa, jehož nejčastější replikou je věta: „Řekneš slovo a jseš mrtvá.“ Jenže takový plán má spoustu rizik...

Mød Jackie Brown, en 44-årig stewardesse som suplerer sin indkomst ved at smugle kontanter til Mexico. Manden hun gør det for, hedder Ordell, han er våbensmugler og iskold dræber. Ham vil strisserne meget gerne have fat i, så derfor stoppper de en dag Jackie. Hun får valget mellem at stikke Ordell (og ende på kirkegården) og at stikke strisserne fingeren (og ende i fængslet). Men Jackie har en helt tredje plan - og nu begynder et dødsensfarligt spil om en halv million af Ordells dollars...

Mit Schwarzgeld wird Jackie Brown am Flughafen gestellt. Das FBI wittert die große Chance, durch Jackies Aussage einen Schmuggler-Ring auszuheben. Die Cops sind bereit, Jackie laufen zu lassen, wenn sie den Namen ihres Auftraggebers preisgibt. Die Entscheidung fällt ihr schwer, denn Ordell Robbie, ihr Boss und Drahtzieher der dubiosen Waffen-Schmuggel-Geschäfte, würde sie umbringen, wenn er Wind von einem Deal mit dem FBI bekäme. Bevor sie sich entscheiden kann, kommt alles ganz anders: Sie lernt den Kautionsvermittler Max Cherry kennen. Die beiden schmieden einen Plan, und plötzlich hat Jackie die Idee, wie es ihr gelingen könnte, Ordell gegen die Polizei auszuspielen ...

Η Τζάκι Μπράουν είναι μια αεροσυνοδός που μπλέκεται σε μια λαθραία εισαγωγή μετρητών εκ μέρους του εμπόρου όπλων που έχει γι΄αφεντικό. Όταν οι αστυνομικοί προσπαθούν να τη χρησιμοποιήσουν ως δόλωμα για να τον συλλάβουν, εκείνη καταστρώνει ένα σχέδιο - με τη βοήθεια ενός ενεχυροδανειστή - για να κρατήσει τα χρήματα για τον εαυτό της.

Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) es una azafata de vuelo que necesita dinero y hace de correo para Robbie, un mafioso buscado por la policía. Todo parece ir bien hasta que un día es sorprendida en la aduana y acusada de tráfico de drogas y evasión de capital. Sólo podrá evitar su ingreso en prisión, si acepta una propuesta de la policía: ayudarles a llegar hasta Robbie.

Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) es una azafata de vuelo que necesita dinero y hace de correo para Robbie, un mafioso buscado por la policía. Un día es sorprendida en la aduana y acusada de tráfico de drogas y evasión de capital. Sólo podrá evitar su ingreso en prisión, si acepta una propuesta de la policía: ayudarles a llegar hasta Robbie.

جکی براون مهماندار هواپیمایی است که پول های یک فروشنده اسلحه را جابه جا می کند. وی در یکی از ماموریت های خود توسط دو نفر از مامورین پلیس دستگیر می شود. آنها از وی می خواهند که با آنها همکاری کرده و باعث دستگیری فروشنده اسلحه و در نتیجه آزادی خود شود. جکی می داند که درصورت لو دادن حتی نام رئیس خود، زنده نخواهد ماند. در این میان با مکس چری آشنا می شود که ضمانت وی را برای آزادی از زندان بعهده گرفته است. حال جکی باید نقشه ای برای رها شدن از دست مامورین پلیس و فروشنده اسلحه بیابد.

Jackie Brown on surkean lentoyhtiön pienipalkkainen lentoemo, joka hankkii lisätienestiä salakuljettamalla rahaa laittomien aseiden välittäjälle. Mutta niin kuin aina rikosbisneksessä, pienimmät tekijät narahtavat ensin. Liittovaltion agentit uhkaavat Jackieta vankilatuomiolla, ellei tämä suostu yhteistyöhön asekauppiaan kiinni saamiseksi. Pian Jackie on liemessä korviaan myöten ja hengenlähtö on lähellä. Mutta mitä sillä on väliä, kun panoksena on puoli miljoonaa taalaa ja makea elämä!

Hôtesse de l’air, Jackie Brown arrondit ses fins de mois en convoyant de l’argent liquide pour le compte de Ordell Robbie, trafiquant d’armes. Quand la police et le FBI lui signifient qu’ils comptent sur elle pour faire tomber Robbie, Jackie Brown échafaude un plan audacieux.

ג'קי בראון הוא שמה של דיילת אוויר שנתפסת בעודה גונבת את כספו הלא-חוקי של הבוס בחברת התעופה בה היא עובדת. למזלה, הסוכן הפדרלי ריי ניקולט והשוטר מארק דרגוס מחליטים לשתף פעולה על מנת לעצור את סוחר הנשק עבורו היא עובדת, שאת שמו הם אפילו לא יודעים. בשלב זה היא חייבת לבחור בדרך אחת: לספר לניקולט ודרגוס על אורדל רובי (סוחר הנשק) ולזכות בחופש - אם מתעלמים מכך שבמידה שאורדל חושד בכך שאתה מדבר עליו, אתה מת - או לסתום את הפה ולרצות קצת זמן בפנים. ואז היא פוגשת את מקס שרי - האדם ששילם את דמי הערבות שלה - גבר עייף בשנות ה-50 המאוחרות שנפרד לאחרונה מאשתו ומתאהב בג'קי. ואז ג'קי ממציאה תכנית מתוחכמת שתפיל לידי הפדרלים את אורדל והאנשים איתם הוא עובד - לואיס גארה ומלאני רלסטון, בין היתר - ותוציא אותה עם כל הכסף. אבל היא צריכה את עזרתו של מקס. אף אחד לא עומד לעמוד בדרכו של השוחד על סך מליון הדולר שלו...

Jackie Brown stjuardesa je koja je uhvaćena usred krijumčarenja gotovine u zemlju za svog šefa krijumičara oružja. Kad policajci pokušaju iskoristiti Jackie da dođu do njenog šefa, ona izradi plan da bi zadržala novac za sebe.

Ordell (Samuel L. Jackson) úgy érzi, eleget kereskedett a fegyverekkel, s félretett pénzéből jól szeretne élni. Bevált csempészét, egy névtelen kis légitársaság utaskísérőjét, Jackie Brownt (Pam Grier) bízza meg, hogy elhozza külhonban tárolt vagyonát. Jackie azonban Ordellt és az Ordell iránt buzgón érdeklődő FBI-t is kijátssza, és egy szimpatikus óvadékügynök segítségével lenyúlja a lóvét.

Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) arrotonda il suo esiguo stipendio da hostess contrabbandando del denaro per Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson). Ordell è un mercante d'armi tanto stralunato quanto poco affidabile. Al suo fianco ci sono la bionda Melanie (Bridget Fonda) e il maldestro Louis Gara (Robert De Niro). Un giorno Ordell riceve una chiamata dalla prigione da parte di Beaumont (Chris Tucker), uno dei suoi scagnozzi. Egli gli chiede di liberarlo. Ordell si reca così da Max Cherry (Robert Forster), un garante di cauzioni, che fa uscire Beaumont di galera. Quella stessa sera, Ordell decide di uccidere Beaumont per paura che quest'ultimo parli del conto di Ordell: ma ormai è troppo tardi.

70年代テイストを前面に押し出した、クセ者スター勢揃いの、クエンティン・タランティークのクライム・サスペンス。 黒人スチュワーデスのジャッキー・ブラウンは、密売人の売上金をメキシコからアメリカに運ぶ副業を持っていた。だが、ひょんなことから逮捕され、捜査官レイに密売人オデールの逮捕に協力するよう強要される。オデールが証拠隠滅のために自分を消そうとしていることを知ったジャッキーは、関係者をあざむき、お互いに潰し合わせようとする。

ჯეკი ბრაუნი ბორტგამცილებელია, რომელსაც თავისი იარაღით მოვაჭრე ბოსის ნაღდი ფულის კონტრაბანდაზე გამოიჭერენ. როდესაც პოლიციელები ცდილობენ ჯეკის გამოყენებით მისწვდნენ მის ბოსს, იგი თავისი გირაოს თავმდებთან ერთად, ფულის დასაკუთრების გეგმას შეიმუშავებს. ფილმი გადაღებულია ელმორ ლეონარდის რომანის "რომის კოქტეილის" მიხედვით.

독신녀 재키 브라운은 멕시코와 미국 간 노선의 민항기 스튜어디스다. 그녀는 무기 밀매상인 오델 로비의 돈을 미국으로 밀반입해주며 부수입을 올린다. 어느날 재키가 공항 세관에서 체포된다. 혐의는 현찰 5만 달러와 코카인 소지죄다. 특별 수사관 레이 니콜렛은 재키를 집요하게 신문하고 재키는 졸지에 직장을 잃고 알거지 신세가 된다. 레이 니콜렛은 재키가 오델이 있는 아지트를 불면 혐의를 벗겨 주겠노라며 미끼를 던진다. 한편 오델의 하수인인 보만이 음주운전과 불법무기 소지죄로 구속된다. 오델은 보만의 입을 틀어막기 위해 맥스를 보석금 위탁 중개인으로 위장시켜 보만을 석방시킨다.

Džeki Braun, lėktuvo stiuardesė, pagaunama nelegaliai gabenanti pinigus, gautus už prekybą ginklais. Rėjus Nikoletas ir Markas Dargusas, stovintys įstatymo pusėje, pasiūlo jau bendradarbiauti, padedant sučiupti ginklų tiekėją Ordelį, kuriam mergina dirba. Merginai tenka rinktis, ar padėti teisėsaugininkams ir tapti laisva, rizikuojant savo galva, jei Ordelis sužinotų apie susitarimą, ar tylėti ir sėsti už grotų. Tačiau mergina pasirenka trečią variantą - apmauti tiek policininkus, tiek savo bosą ir pasprukti į laisvę su visais pinigais...

De stewardess Jackie Brown wordt gepakt tijdens het smokkelen van geld voor haar baas. Ze krijgt een aanbod om met de politie samen te werken om de wapenhandelaar waar ze voor werkt te kunnen pakken.

Jackie Brown er flyvertinnen som blir tatt for smugling av penger inn i landet for sin våpenelskende sjef. Når politiet prøver å bruke Jackie til å ta sjefen hennes, klekker hun ut en plan - med hjelp fra en kausjonist - til å beholde pengene selv. Basert på Elmore Leonards roman "Rum Punch".

Stewardessa mieszkająca w Kalifornii przewozi nielegalnie pieniądze z Meksyku do Los Angeles - i dostarcza je handlarzowi broni, który współpracuje z gangsterami. Dwaj agenci FBI wpadają na trop jej działalności, żądają posłuszeństwa i współpracy. Ona próbuje ich przechytrzyć.

Comissária de bordo (Pam Grier) trafica dinheiro para os Estados Unidos, a mando de um vendedor de armas. Quando dois policiais oferecem um acordo para que ela entregue o bandido, a mulher decide dar a volta em todos os envolvidos, com um olho na liberdade e outro numa mala cheia de dinheiro.

A história de uma comissária de bordo que trafica dinheiro para os Estados Unidos, a mando de um traficante de armas. Quando dois polícias oferecem-lhe um acordo para que ela entregue o bandido, a mulher decide dar a volta a todos os envolvidos, com um olho na liberdade e outro numa mala cheia de dinheiro.

Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) își suplimentează venitul de însoțitoare de zbor aducând bani murdari în S.U.A. pentru traficantul de arme Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson) până când un agent ATF și un polițist din L.A. o prind la aeroport. Ei o obligă să-i ajute să-l prindă pe Ordell dacă nu vrea să ajungă la închisoare. Jackie pune la cale un plan curajos ca să-i asmută pe toți unii împotriva celorlalți. Situația este complicată de Louis Gara și Melanie Ralston care au propriile planuri. Jackie pare că lucrează cu ambele părți, dar încearcă să-i păcălească și să plece cu jumătate de milion de dolari. Din distribuția acestui film adaptat de Quentin Tarantino după romanul lui Elmore Leonard mai fac parte Robert Forster, Michael Keaton, Bridget Fonda și Robert DeNiro.

Фильм поставлен по роману Элмора Леонарда. Героиня по имени Джекки Браун работает стюардессой и подрабатывает контрабандой наличных денег в страну для торговца оружием. Все складывается отлично до того момента, пока ее не арестовывают федеральные агенты. На свободе она может остаться, только «заложив» торговца. Рисковая девушка принимает решение и «пол-лимона зеленых» присвоить, и от торговца оружием избавиться. А вот останется ли она сама в живых?…

Jackie Brownová je čierna letuška, ktorá si privyrába pašovaním špinavých peňazí drogového dealera a obchodníka. Je chytená dvoma policajnými agentmi, ktorí jej však sľúbia zhovievavosť, ak pomôže svojho šéfa dolapiť a usvedčiť. Jackie, ktorá je na slobode len vďaka kaucii svojho milenca, zosnuje plán, ako naraz získať miliónový balík, zbaviť sa policajtov aj nepohodlného šéfa, ktorého najčastejšou replikou je veta: "Povieš slovo a si mŕtva." Lenže takýto plán má veľa rizík ...

Џеки Браун (Пем Грир) допуњује своју скромну плату стјуардесе кријумчарећи кеш у САД за трговца оружјем, Ордела Робија (Самјуел Л. Џексон) – све док је федерални агент и лосанђелески полицајац не ухапсе на аеродрому. Полицајци је притискају да им помогне да ухвате Ордела, претећи јој затвором ако их одбије. Заједно са саосећајним агентом за полагање кауције, Џеки смишља смео план како би изиграла обе супротстављене стране. Ситуацију компликују Орделови саучесници, Луис Гара и Мелани Ралстон, који имају своје планове. Претварајући се да сарађује са обема странама, Џеки покушава све да их надмудри и оде са пола милиона долара у џепу.

Möt Jackie Brown, en 44-årig flygvärdinna som drygar ut sin inkomst med att smuggla svarta pengar från Mexico. Mannen som ligger bakom pengarna är vapensmugglaren Ordell, som dessutom är en iskall mördare. Polisen har länge haft ögonen på Ordell och försöker komma åt honom, och har nu hittat ett sätt: Jackie Brown, som de stoppar i tullen. Hon får välja mellan att avslöja Ordell (och hamna på kyrkogården) eller att sätta sig upp mot polisen (och hamna i fängelse). Men Jackie har en tredje plan - och nu börjar ett livsfarligt spel om en halv miljon av Ordells dollar... Här levererar Tarantino en sällsynt spännande film och än en gång har han trollat med rollbesättningen och fått fram några av Hollywoods största namn. Skådespelarprestationerna som är i toppklass, ett suveränt soundtrack och en plot som vrider sig snabbare än en kobra - här kommer Jackie Brown!

Amerika'nın en uyduruk havayollarından birinde hava hostesi olan Jackie Brown'ın emekliliği giderek yaklaşmaktadır. Hostesimiz ayın sonunu getirebilmek için silah kaçakçısı Ordell için çalışmaktadır. Polis durumdan haberdardır. Ordell de polisin haberdar olduğundan ve dolayısıyla Jackie'nin hayatının bıçak sırtında olduğundan.Olaylar ortaya çıktığuında Jackie ve Ordell cephelerine yeni yardımcılar katılır ve herkes yarım milyon doların peşine düşer.Yönetmen Tarantino, hayranı olduğu, 70'li yılların kült zenci dizisi "Foxy Brown"ın kadın oyuncusu Palm Grier'e Jackie Brown rolünü vererek tam onikiden vuruyor.

Героїня на ім'я Джекі Браун працює стюардесою та незаконно ввозить в країну готівку для торговця зброєю. Все складається відмінно до того моменту, поки її не заарештовують федеральні агенти. Тільки видавши торговця, вона може залишитися на волі. Героїня приймає рішення і гроші привласнити, і від торговця зброєю позбутися. А ось чи залишиться вона сама в живих? ...

表面看来,杰奇(帕姆·格里尔 Pam Grier 饰)是一名普通的空姐,然而,在暗地里,她一直利用职务之便,帮助军火商奥德尔(塞缪尔·杰克逊 Samuel L. Jackson 饰)运送赃款,并从中获取暴利。一次意外中,杰奇的“生意”曝光了,她本人亦遭到了逮捕。得知此事,奥德尔派出了马克斯(罗伯特·福斯特 Robert Forster 饰),想要杀人灭口。让奥德尔没有想到的是,马克斯竟然疯狂的爱上了杰奇,两人一拍即合,策划了一场阴谋将奥德尔耍得团团转,甚至派出了心腹梅兰妮(布里吉特·芳达 Bridget Fonda 饰)和路易斯(罗伯特·德尼罗 Robert De Niro 饰)助其一臂之力。然而,当奥德尔发现自己受骗之时,他才发现,事态的发展早已经脱离了他的掌控。

賈姬是個空中小姐,她為了補貼微薄的薪資,利用職務之便替黑道羅比偷渡槍械販賣並走私貨款到美國,直到有一天聯邦探員和洛城警探在機場當場把她逮個正著。 兩名警察脅迫她協助他們整垮羅比,否則就要送進牢裡。一名保釋公司老闆因為暗戀賈姬而將她解救出來,他們兩人想出一個天衣無縫的計畫,想要讓黑道和警方自相殘殺,問題是羅比的手下路易斯和米蘭妮卻各懷鬼胎,賈姬假裝和雙方合作,希望騙過他們,並帶著五十萬元現金逍遙國外...。

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