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Jackie (2016) Movie Summary

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  • 2016

OSCAR® Winner Natalie Portman leads an acclaimed cast in this powerfully stirring drama as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As she grapples with unimaginable grief and trauma following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, “Jackie’s” faith and strength lead her to a new life with her children. While she honors her husband’s remarkable legacy, she also leaves her own indelible mark.

Jackie Film Synopsis

An account of the days of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, in the immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

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Jackie Movie Reviews

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Really slowThis movie was really really slow. Rent it if you really want to see it because it's not worth watching a second time..Score: 3/5

Love it!!!Natalie Portman's acting is great and the movie will speak to you..Score: 5/5

TerribleI rented this movie with my parents. My dad walked out saying its just downright awful and its the worst display of acting he's ever seen. He also noted Portman's weird accent with heavy breathing sounded like Gollum from Lord Of The Rings. My mom was hopful it would get better. Unfortunatly, it never did and we shut it off..Score: 1/5

Incredible story of a misunderstood personThis film puts you in the shoes of the woman dealing with unimaginable circumstances at a very young age. Kudos to the entire cast. I was transfixed by Natalie Portman's performance..Score: 5/5

Do Drink CoffeeYou will need to Drink Coffee in order to stay awake. Nothing wrong with the performances just a plain good Old-Fashioned boring film. A real disappointment. People my age remember where we were when we lost the much loved President. And, we very much admired his beautiful wife even though her voice could be off putting. I really wanted to at least like this movie! At least wait for it to appear for streaming on one of several streaming services..Score: 1/5

JackieWaste of money. Her worst role yet. Bad acting, particularly the role of Bobby. Not believable. Poorly pieced together film..Score: 2/5

HeartbreakingNatalie Portman does an excellent job portraying one of the most publicized women of the 20th century. The accent, the dramatizations, Jackie's attitudes and mannerisms are almost perfect. One does forget that Ms. Portman is on the screen. The White House sets were authentic down to the last detail . John Hurt, Greta Gerwig, Peter Saarsgard, and Billy Crudup shine in their roles. The film is impressionistic; it moves back and forth through time , over those tragic days, before and after the tragedy in Dallas. Jackie had more to deal with besides the cold blooded horror of her husband's murder. She grappled with PTSD and suicidal wishes. The priest does give her wise solace as she bravely buries her 3 deceased loved ones . At the end, Jackie is ready to forge her own future with hope..Score: 5/5

Tried hard to like this movieNo... save your money.Score: 1/5

Innovative and ExceptionalJackie was a superb blend of true events, real dialogue, actual footage, and what we can only speculate happened behind closed doors. The set design was impeccable and the attention to detail was unmatched. The score was completely unique– its use of deep, melting strings and percussion often contrasted by the levity of the flute– and played a central role in the film, while the lack of chronology only enhanced the emotional fragility and connection you feel with each character. Much of the dialogue between Jacqueline Kennedy and the interviewer can be seen in the archived notes from Theodore H. White’s Camelot Interview and some of her private letters. I found many of the depictions to be quite accurate. While we can’t know exactly what was felt and said in such private moments, Jackie prompts us to see Jacqueline Kennedy, not as an icon, but as a human being– privately enduring tremendous inner turmoil, as she came home to wash her husband’s blood and brains out of her hair, planned her children’s birthday parties, and her husband’s funeral at the same time. With the pressure to move her young children into a new home looming over her head, she tried to keep a brave face for the public as she meticulously mapped out the nation’s final goodbye to her husband, the slain president. We lauded Jacqueline Kennedy for the strength and the courage she showed throughout those 5 grim days in November, yet we forget that behind closed doors, she was a widow in shock, on the verge of breaking down at any second, and struggling to find a moment to unreservedly grieve. Jackie is our chance to re-examine those very real and very human emotions the nation didn’t permit Jacqueline Kennedy to display on those days or in the years to follow..Score: 5/5

Excellent.I don't think they could have picked a better actress to portray Jackie as Natalie Portman. She looks and sounds just like Jackie. A side of the Kennedys that needed to be seen..Score: 5/5

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BoringWhat was the point? A documentary would have been a more honourable method to share the experiences. Just saying..Score: 1/5

Just horrible.The movie is so very blah. It is so slow it is hard to get through even for those most interested in this story..Score: 1/5

PainfullUsually like Natalie Portman but this was a terrible performance. She felt fake the whole movie..maybe cause Jackie herself was such a fake?/ It was sad to see what a shallow woman Jackie was. Better to let the dead rest in peace. Would not recommend..terrible in so many ways.Score: 2/5

Worst movie of 2016Two things warrant the one star I gave this movie - costume design and hairstyling. The cinematography was average to above average with a few spectacular moments. Everything else is horrible - particularly the editing (it broke the movie), the directing, the acting, the casting, the production and - oh! - the music. This is the worst pairing of music and film I have ever seen. The music succeeds in breaking those parts of the movie the editing missed. The frenetic and nonsensical editing further sullied what might have been a good movie if it had some semblance of a coherent timeline, which was deliberately fragmented in order to appear artsy and edgy (it failed spectacularly). Don't waste your time or money. Watch the trailer - at least the trailer creators know how to edit film to appear compelling, and it hits all of the high points. This movie is slow and boring with an immersion breaking soundtrack that would have been better placed in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I am a history enthusiast, and I found this movie to be a bitter disappointment. They made Jackie Kennedy look weak and downright bizarre for most of the movie and failed to capture the true strength, resilience and intelligence of this amazing woman. This could have been a great movie, an inspiring movie. It was instead, an ordeal to watch..Score: 1/5

Who wants to share Jackie's shock; not me.I lived through this terrible time (not that the present isn't every bit as terrible) and saw Oswald get shot numerous times. It would appear that Americans, at the least the tv stations, revel in people's pain. I had great expectations for Jackie but it turned out to be a long, depressing, boring movie. Non of the Boston brahmins sounded correct. This dectracted severly from the authenictity of the film. Woudn't watch it again nor recommend it..Score: 2/5

DisappointingI have a keen interest in the Kennedy era and have read various books and seen other films. Was looking forward to "Jackie" but couldn't finish it - boring - like a "one woman show" - with some grim visuals and a flat monologue. If that's what you are looking for.....Score: 2/5

BoredWhat a terrible movie, unbearable to watch. Became bored the minute it started..Score: 1/5

CheesyThe Kennedy funeral arrangements as though recounted by Vanity Fair.Score: 3/5

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Jackie (2016) Series Cast & Crew

Jackie (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Natalie Portman (Jackie Kennedy), Peter Sarsgaard (Robert Kennedy), Greta Gerwig (Nancy Tuckerman), Billy Crudup (The Journalist), John Hurt (The Priest), Richard E. Grant (Bill Walton), Caspar Phillipson (John Fitzgerald Kennedy), Beth Grant (Lady Bird Johnson), John Carroll Lynch (Lyndon B. Johnson), Max Casella (Jack Valenti), Sara Verhagen (Mary Gallagher), Hélène Kuhn (Pam Turnure), Deborah Findlay (Maud Shaw), Corey Johnson (Larry O'Brien), Aidan O'Hare (Ken O' Donnell), Ralph Brown (Dave Powers), David Caves (Clint Hill), Penny Downie (Janet Lee), Georgie Glen (Rose Kennedy), Julie Judd (Ethel Kennedy), all returned for jackie movie.

Natalie Portman (Jackie Kennedy)
Natalie PortmanJackie KennedyScore: 56.3
Peter Sarsgaard (Robert Kennedy)
Peter SarsgaardRobert KennedyScore: 23.8
Greta Gerwig (Nancy Tuckerman)
Greta GerwigNancy TuckermanScore: 35.8
Billy Crudup (The Journalist)
Billy CrudupThe JournalistScore: 28.4
John Hurt (The Priest)
John HurtThe PriestScore: 37.0
Richard E. Grant (Bill Walton)
Richard E. GrantBill WaltonScore: 30.2
Caspar Phillipson (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
Caspar PhillipsonJohn Fitzgerald KennedyScore: 1.1
Beth Grant (Lady Bird Johnson)
Beth GrantLady Bird JohnsonScore: 31.7
John Carroll Lynch (Lyndon B. Johnson)
John Carroll LynchLyndon B. JohnsonScore: 26.7
Max Casella (Jack Valenti)
Max CasellaJack ValentiScore: 32.7
Sara Verhagen (Mary Gallagher)
Sara VerhagenMary GallagherScore: 1.1
Deborah Findlay (Maud Shaw)
Deborah FindlayMaud ShawScore: 8.4

Mary Vernieu (Casting), Darren Aronofsky (Producer), Jean Rabasse (Production Design), Ari Handel (Producer), Stéphane Fontaine (Director of Photography), Véronique Melery (Set Decoration), Madeline Fontaine (Costume Design), David Shumbris (Stunts), Hubert Engammare (Assistant Director), Mickey Liddell (Producer), Fabienne Octobre (Other), Halina Gebarowicz (Art Direction), Christopher Place (Stunts), Pablo Larraín (Director), Michael Ahl (Stunts), Wei Han (Executive Producer), Lindsay Graham Ahanonu (Casting), Jessica Kelly (Casting), Martin Seltzer (Dialogue Editor), Martin Seltzer (ADR Editor),

Darren Aronofsky (Producer)
Darren AronofskyProducerScore: 26.1
Jean Rabasse (Production Design)
Jean RabasseProduction DesignScore: 1.0
Stéphane Fontaine (Director of Photography)
Stéphane FontaineDirector of PhotographyScore: 3.4
Madeline Fontaine (Costume Design)
Madeline FontaineCostume DesignScore: 2.7
David Shumbris (Stunts)
David ShumbrisStuntsScore: 5.2
Christopher Place (Stunts)
Christopher PlaceStuntsScore: 2.1
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'Jackie' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of jackie, the Pablo Larrain's popular movie. Watch the jackie teaser trailer. Pablo Larrain’s #jackie is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

'I Will Walk with Jack'▶ 'I Will Walk with Jack'

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I want them to see what they have done to Jack...

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سرد لأيام السيدة الأولى ، جاكلين كينيدي ، في أعقاب اغتيال جون ف.كينيدي مباشرة في عام 1963.

български език
Филм за Жаклин Кенеди - първата дама на САЩ в началото на 60-те години, най-популярната жена за своето време, икона на стил - написала десетки книги и заснела немалко филми, като с годините огромния интерес към живота й не угасва. В тази лента авторите възпроизвеждат един от най-трагичните моменти в американската история - убийството на президента Кенеди в Далас и показват събитията през погледа на самата Жаклин в продължение на няколко дни след убийството. След сполетялата я трагедия, целият свят се възхищава на психично й равновесие, достойнство и самообладание. Но какво всъщност е преживяла тази жена....

Després de l'experiència esgarrifosa de veure com mataven a trets el seu marit durant una desfilada a Dallas, Jacqueline Kennedy passa uns dies en què aquell trauma impossible de pair es barreja amb la por que s'ha apoderat del seu entorn, les exigències de la seva vida pública, les friccions amb el nou president i el seu equip i, sobretot, l'angoixa de no saber quina és la millor manera de preservar el record del seu marit de cara a la posteritat. El funeral es converteix per a ella en el primer pas per preservar aquest record. Inspirant-se en el funeral d'un altre president assassinat, Abraham Lincoln, i superant l'oposició del seu entorn i el seu propi trauma, imposa la celebració d'un acte destinat a fer història.

Drama Jackie je intimním portrétem jednoho z nejdůležitějších a nejtragičtějších okamžiků v amerických dějinách, viděného očima ikonické "první dámy" Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedové. Ocitáme se v Jackiině světě během dnů bezprostředně následujících po vraždě jejího manžela, prezidenta USA. Nehledě na smutek a trauma, které zažívá, první dáma bojuje o znovuzískání víry, útěchu pro své dětí i formulování historického odkazu svého manžela Americe a světu.

Jacqueline 'Jackie' Kennedy danner mode med sin elegante stil, da hun i 1961 indtager Det Hvide Hus som præsident John F. Kennedys førstedame. Men eventyret slutter brat, da en attentatmand myrder JFK under en kortegekørsel gennem Dallas i 1963. Knuget af sorg og chok må Jackie finde styrken i sig selv til at kontrollere de nyfigne medier, trøste sine børn og sikre sin mands eftermæle.

Sie ist eine First Lady wie aus dem Märchen, elegant, kultiviert, populär und schon zu Lebzeiten eine Legende. Als Präsidentengattin verwandelt sie das Weiße Haus in einen glamourösen Ort, an dem sich die High-Society trifft. Das ist schlagartig vorbei, als Präsident John F. Kennedy am 22. November 1963 in Dallas erschossen wird. Jacqueline ‚Jackie‘ Kennedy verliert alles – ihre Liebe, ihre Aufgabe, ihr glitzerndes Leben. Geschockt und traumatisiert durchlebt sie die folgenden Tage, ergreift aber bald die Initiative und kümmert sich um das Vermächtnis ihres Mannes…

Στις 22 Νοεμβρίου του 1963, κατά τη διάρκεια μιας περιοδείας στο Ντάλας, ο John F. Kennedy δολοφονείται και το ροζ ταγέρ της Jackie (Natalie Portman) ποτίζεται από το αίμα του συζύγου της. Ο κόσμος της και η πίστη της θρυμματίζονται. Παρά το τραύμα της, μια εβδομάδα μετά καλείται να αντιμετωπίσει το αδιανόητο: να παρηγορήσει τα δυο της μικρά παιδιά, να αδειάσει το σπίτι που ανακαίνισε με πολύ κόπο και να οργανώσει την κηδεία του άντρα της. Η Jackie συνειδητοποιεί γρήγορα ότι οι επόμενες εφτά μέρες θα καθορίσουν πώς η ιστορία θα καταχωρίσει την κληρονομία του συζύγου της, αλλά και το πώς θα μείνει η ίδια στην ιστορία.

Película sobre la exprimera dama estadounidense Jacqueline Kennedy, centrada en los días inmediatamente posteriores al asesinato de JFK, en Dallas, el 22 de noviembre del año 1963.

Película sobre la exprimera dama estadounidense Jacqueline Kennedy, centrada en los días inmediatamente posteriores al asesinato de JFK, en Dallas, el 22 de noviembre del año 1963.

Miehensä salamurhan jälkeen Jackien on surustaan huolimatta pidettävä perheensä koossa ja huolehdittava siitä, että hänen miehensä arvokas perintö jää elämään.

22 Novembre 1963 : John F. Kennedy, 35ème président des États-Unis, vient d’être assassiné à Dallas. Confrontée à la violence de son deuil, sa veuve, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, First Lady admirée pour son élégance et sa culture, tente d’en surmonter le traumatisme, décidée à mettre en lumière l’héritage politique du président et à célébrer l’homme qu’il fut.

בשתי היממות שלאחר רצח בעלה, הנשיא ג'ון פ' קנדי, הגברת הראשונה של העולם החופשי, ג'קי קנדי, מתמודדת הן עם כאבה האישי והצורך להגן על ילדיה, והן בצורך לשמור את מורשתו של הנשיא המנוח ולהבטיח את הנצחתו לדורות הבאים, מול ממשל אמריקאי אטום, שמטרתו היא להבטיח המשך יציבות ולשדר "עסקים כרגיל".

Az amerikai történelem egyik legfiatalabb elnökfelesége volt, mindössze harmincegy éves, amikor Kennedyt beiktatták. Az egész ország rajongott érte, nagy szerepe volt abban, hogy JFK elnöksége alatt gyökeresen megváltozott az amerikai közvélemény viszonya a Fehér Házhoz és az elnöki párhoz. A fiatal, vonzó és intelligens nő felfoghatatlan nyomás alá került 1963 novemberében: dallasi látogatásukkor lelőtték közvetlenül mellette ülő férjét az őket szállító autóban. A férfi elvesztését követően Jackie-nek felül kellett emelkednie a személyes gyászán, méltósággal és állhatatosan vitte tovább JFK szellemi örökségét és mutatott példát az egész világnak.

Quando il Presidente Kennedy venne assassinato, la First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy dovette tirar fuori tutto il suo coraggio per superare il dolore e lo choc e ritrovare la fede, consolare i figli e forgiare l’eredità storica del marito.


우아하고 기품 있는 스타일과 친근한 이미지로 국민들에게 큰 사랑을 받았던 존 F. 케네디 대통령의 부인, 재클린 케네디. 하지만 퍼레이드 도중 충격적인 암살 사건으로 대통령이 사망하면서 그녀는 혼란에 빠진다. 남편의 죽음을 가장 가까이에서 지켜본 슬픔을 달랠 새도 없이, 의연하게 장례식을 준비해야 하는 그녀. 더 이상 퍼스트 레이디가 아닌 재키는 백악관을 지휘하는 데 어려움을 겪지만 곧 자신이야말로 남편의 시대를 마무리할 수 있는 한 사람이라는 것을 깨닫는다. 모두가 사랑한 퍼스트 레이디, 전설을 새로 쓰다!

Pēc prezidenta Džona F. Kenedija noslepkavošanas pirmajai lēdijai Žaklīnai Kenedijai ir jātiek galā ar sērām un emocionālo traumu, lai atgūtu savu ticību, mierinātu savus bērnus un nostiprinātu viņas vīra vēsturisko mantojumu.

'Jackie' geeft een blik op enkele dagen uit het leven van Jackie Kennedy. Het betreft de periode van de aanslag op haar man, John F. Kennedy, tot aan zijn begrafenis. Een periode waarin ze de liefde van haar leven verloor, maar de liefde won van het volk.

22. november 1963, på en kampanjetur til Dallas, ble John F. Kennedy myrdet. Jackies ikoniske rosa drakt er dusjet i mannens blod. Hennes verden – inkludert hennes tro – er fullstendig knust. Traumatisert av lammende sorg må hun i løpet av en uke trøste sine to små barn, flytte ut av hjemmet hun møysommelig har restaurert og planlegge sin manns begravelse. Jackie innser at disse sju dagene vil avgjøre hvordan historien vil definere hennes manns arv – og hvordan hun selv vil bli husket.

Relacja wydarzeń z życia Jackie bezpośrednio po zamachu i zabójstwie jej męża, prezydenta Johna F. Kennedy'ego w 1963 roku.

Cinebiografia sobre os primeiros quatro dias na vida da primeira-dama após o assassinado do marido John. F. Kennedy. Jacqueline Kennedy luta contra o sofrimento e o trauma para recuperar a sua fé, consolar os seus filhos, e definir o legado histórico do marido.

Após o assassinato do presidente John F. Kennedy, a primeira-dama Jacqueline Kennedy luta contra o sofrimento e trauma para recuperar a sua fé, consolar os seus filhos, e definir o legado histórico do marido.

О Жаклин Кеннеди — первой леди Соединенных Штатов в начале 60-х, самой популярной женщине своего времени, иконе стиля — написаны десятки книг и снято немало фильмов, но огромный интерес к ее жизни с годами не угасает. В этой ленте авторы воспроизвели один из трагических моментов в американской истории — убийство президента Кеннеди в Далласе — и последовавшие за ним несколько дней, показав этих события глазами самой Жаклин. Весь мир восхищался ее стойкостью, достоинством и самообладанием. Но что на самом деле пережила эта женщина?..

Pretresljiva življenjska zgodba o ženi umorjenega predsednika ZDA Johna F. Kennedyja prikazuje Jackiejino postopno sestavljanje koščkov njenega, v tragičnem trenutku uničenega, življenja. Kljub travmatični izkušnji poskuša po atentatu najti moč in vero v življenje, da bi lahko potolažila otroka in nadaljevala zgodovinsko zapuščino moža. Razpeta med pričakovanji javnosti in mučnim soočanjem z lastnimi čustvi in spomini, svoje misli zaupa novinarju Theodoru, ki ji želi pomagati pri iskanju poti iz labirinta razočaranja, žalosti in obupa.

Након убиства америчког председника Џона Ф. Кенедија, прва дама Џеклин Кенеди покушава да буде јака, након трауме коју је њена породица доживела, да врати веру, утеши своју децу и дефинише историјско наслеђе свог мужа. Радња прати живот Џеки Кенеди од тренутка атентата на њеног мужа и интервјуа ког је поводом трагичног догађаја морала да да магазину Лифе, ослањајући се на своју приватну и јавну личност.

Ett brännande starkt och intimt porträtt av en av de viktigaste och mest tragiska ögonblicken i amerikansk historia, berättad ur Jackie Kennedys (Natalie Portman) perspektiv. Jackie släpper in oss i sin värld dagarna som följde efter mordet på hennes make och USAs president John F. Kennedy. Känd för sin extraordinära dignitet och värdighet får vi ta del av ett psykologiskt porträtt av rikets första dam, den ikoniska Jacquelin Bouvier Kennedy, och hennes kamp att bevara arvet efter sin make och deras gemensamma värld, inspirerad av "Camelot", som de skapat och älskade så mycket.

แจ็กเกอลีน เคนเนดี้ สตรีหมายเลขหนึ่งยอมให้สัมภาษณ์กับนักข่าวหลังเหตุลอบสังหารประธานาธิบดีผ่านไปยังไม่ทันพ้นสัปดาห์ เพื่อเป็นเกียรติแด่ประวัติศาสตร์ที่สามีทิ้งไว้

Jackie, Amerika tarihinin en önemli ve trajik anlarından biri olan Kennedy suikastine, dönemin First Lady’si Jacqueline Kennedy’nin gözlerinden anlatan samimi bir film. Jackie izleyiciyi, Kennedy suikastinin hemen sonrasında yaşananları göstermek için Jackie Kennedy’nin dünyasının merkezine oturtuyor. Ağırbaşlılığı ile tanınan First Lady’nin üstüne kalan miras ile başa çıkışının psikolojik bir portresi.

Після вбивства "її" президента Кеннеді, перша леді Жаклін Кеннеді бореться з горем і душевною травмою, щоб повернути собі віру, втішити своїх дітей і дати визначення історичному здобутку свого чоловіка.



1963 年 11 月 22 日,美國前總統約翰甘迺迪攜妻子賈桂琳甘迺迪(娜塔莉波曼 飾)前往德州,為連任競選宣傳卻遭暗殺身亡,第一夫人賈桂琳在身旁目睹丈夫中彈慘狀、血流如注而死。從全世界最具權勢的女人瞬間成為總統遺孀,她不僅得在短時間內強忍悲痛、接受喪夫的事實,還得面對諸多媒體和全國人民的眼光及壓力,更要扛起鞏固亡夫名聲的責任,鼓起勇氣制衡野心勃勃的政治敵手。

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