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The incredible untold true story of Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) & Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae)—brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. This stunning achievement galvanized the world and inspired generations to dream big.

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Meet the women you don't know, behind the mission you do.. The untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – brilliant African-American women working at NASA and serving as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history – the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.. Hidden Figures Wiki

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Overrated  Frak!  1 star


Should have won the Oscar  CDavers  5 star

What a story. This film should have won best picture. Watching it again for 8th time.

Nature Of Threat
This Should be listed under Historical Fiction  Nature Of Threat  1 star

This movie is a joke. I challenge any one to look into the true events that are being presented as "true" in this film because virtually the entire move is crap. This is revisionist history garbage at its best. Just another piece of liberal nonsense being churned out by Hollywood to support their divisive narrative. What a total waste of time and money

Propaganda  A.Roddick  1 star

Once again another piece of Hollywood’s revisionist history

So Informational!  NineTails~  5 star

This movie is a very good vision of what it was like when “colored” people were separated, and how much more of an opportunity white men have than “colored” women! It’s good to know that there were some people who went against this and just followed their own dreams! Especially how these three ladies worked for NASA, that would have been a big thing to know back in the day. So, yeah! I really enjoyed this movie and I hope you all did too... Not to mention- I really think all three of them look really pretty (●´ω`●)

Depressing  iTEX65  1 star

It scary how hard Hollywood works to rewrite history, and scarier still how much the public believes it. I could rant and rave for hours about everything wrong with this movie. However I believe I can sum up the premise in a single sentence. “I have an idea, let’s take a organization that was never segregated portray it as such show all the white people how evil they are and increase the racial tensions in America... Chinese investors will love it!

It's Awesome Art & Because It's of Women of Color Makes enhances It Even More  daW!zkid  5 star

I am so grateful for Hidden Figures. In times as these, it is so refreshing to experience a work of art that clearly depicts women as strong, intelligent, and masteful people. We need more works of art fighting against this time of hatred, bigotry, and refusal to acknlowedge facts and truth.

It’s super cute  arlarry  5 star


We Get It...  Pumpkins68  1 star

When is enough, enough? Boring story. No wonder it was forgotten.

This is a 13-year-old Raining this so my grammar is a little off l  Lola🥳  5 star

This movie is a great movie to show how these women found a independent how they fight for what they believed it and how they stood up to face the fear is and how smart these women I can show you how smart us as women can be please I hope you enjoy this I love this movie tell my hearts content

Outstanding  Icantbelieveitsnot....  5 star

This is a buy, a family watch and an amazingly well acted movie. My father-in-law had recommended it as it wasn’t even on my radar. Unsure how I had missed it but am glad I saw it. The struggle of human kind against itself, the patience and incredible aptitude of these ladies.... if you haven’t seen it, it must be on your list. To show their brilliance, again their patience and their strength both physical and mental. What a great inspirational story. You always knew that there was more to the story.... here it is hidden....

Hidden figures - hidden gem  UnclePicky  5 star

Great inspirational characters woven tightly into a wonderful story of determined struggle against seemingly impossible odds and the amazingly fresh air and bright future we can have when we set our sights on lofty goals and put our minds towards achieving great things. I rented this movie and then went back and bought it. This one's a KEEPER!

Meilleur film  Fox2525  5 star

Le meilleur film que j'ai vu depuis des années !!

Wow! A fabulous movie!  Kayyy_91  5 star

So touched and inspiring! It's incredible what they did!!!

Great Movie  SteampunkDoberman  5 star

This is one of my fav movies! Definitely worth watching! And it's so inspiring!

Must See!!!  VenessaJ  5 star

Incredible. A real testiment to the woman they portray.

A Movie Worth Watching  C185  5 star

One of my favourite movies of all time.

Terrific movie  not-so-sure  5 star

This is one of the best movies I have seen in some time.

Spot On  Red2too  5 star

Everything a movie should be, inspiring, funny, heroic, on and on. Really good!

Fantastic  jeff.dodd  5 star

Such a great film. Really enjoyed it. Deeply moving. On one hand, it is an eye opener to the incredible struggle these women, their families, and communities faced. On the other, it's an amazing celebration of their triumphs and achievements. Loved it.

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