The Great Wall

The Great Wall

By Zhang Yimou

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2016-12-29
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 43min
  • Director: Zhang Yimou
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
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The Great Wall Description

Starring global superstar Matt Damon and directed by one of the most breathtaking visual stylists of our time, Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), The Great Wall tells the story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world's most iconic structure. Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau also star in this sweeping epic.

A series celebrating the great British sitcom. Two teams, lead by Barry Cryer and Rebecca Front, are asked questions by Host Jo Brand.

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The Great Wall Movie Reviews

  • It's insane

    Based on the reviews I wasn't expecting much but this was nuts. It's a completely off-the wall, over-the-top creature feature with the most outrageously stylized army I have ever seen. It's all completely absurd and actually quite dazzling to look at. The performances are as flat as a comic book but it is a comic book so I didn't care. It was ludicous... and I was very entertained.
  • Damon's worst movie ever.

    Poor CGI. Bad writing. Predictable. Skip this one.
  • FANTASTIC for an action movie

    That's really what this movie is, people. A movie that centers around the idea that the Great Wall was built because way back when aliens--as in actual monsters--were attacking China. It's a fantasy meant to amaze and entertain: no more, no less. That said, it does not deserve any of the negative reviews it received. I think most of the people who hate it so much went into watch it WANTING to hate it, and there was therefore no changing their mind. Actually considering the roles each actor was giving, they did a phenomenal job. The characters are compelling if you are willing to be interested in them, but they are characters in an ACTION movie that is centered around said action at almost all times. The plot did jump around a little bit at times, and some events might make you wonder what the hell if you think about them too much, but again, this is an ACTION movie. Not a documentary. Not a drama. Pure action. Which some people who typically like action movies may not like because there's no stupid sex scene thrown in. There was no place it could've been put in, and honestly I thought it was classy that ther ewas no unneccessary porn for the sake of porn. Ignoring the plotline and the characters/actors though, this movie has much more to reccomend it. First of all, the soundtrack is beautiful and well used throughout. I bought the soundtrack right away after the first time I watched the movie and have listened to it many times since then. There's one song I don't particularly care for, but the rest of it's wonderful. Second, the sheer scale of the army that would've been needed to man this "Great Wall" built to repel monsters was well done. No, more than that, it was amazing if you consider the fact that this wasn't CGI, it was all real people being directed around like an acutal army. Amazing, really. The monsters are CGI, of course, but according to 60 minutes the people weren't, so I found it really impressive. And I'm always impressed by actors managing to do a good job "fighting" what, for them, was probably thin air. Third, if you don't like reading a lot of subtitles this movie probably isn't for you. Having grown up watching a lot of anime, I honestly didn't even notice it after I got used to squinting at the slightly too small text they decided to use. The two foreigners who find their way to the Great Wall are from Europe and speak English. There's another European who's been stuck at the Wall for a really long time. Other than that, only two members of the Chinese army speak English. Which, given when the movie's supposed to be set it makes some sense and is very well done. WHEN exactly is the movie set? Well, that's never really mentioned, it's just implied that it's a LONG time ago, so they don't all have smartphones they can used Google Translate on. So, I'll say again that this movie does not deserve any of the negative reviews its received, but I am one of those seemingly VERY rare people that actually WANTS to enjoy a movie or show if I take the time to watch it. Most others, it seems, prefer to be able to say it's a waste of time/money they can never get back. If you want a movie about race relations, real history, romance anywhere beyond two characters developing only a little bit of chemistry in the short time they know each other... go watch something else. But if you're willing to watch this movie with the intent of enjoying it, you don't mind reading subtitles and are able to suspend your disbelief enough to overlook the bits here and there that don't make perfect sense, I think YOU should enjoy this movie, too. If I'm wrong, you have my apologies. I DID enjoy it though, and I hope you do, too.
  • I want a sequel!

    I really like it. It was a fun action movie that I really enjoyed. I don't get the bad reviews either. Maybe they just like movies like SAW better. It's also just such a pretty movie to the scope of the landscape. And all the colorful outfits. Also how the heck is it white washing going on in this movie Like there was two white guys in this as far as I could tell and the rest where asian and spanish etc. The asian had a good part of the movie scenes to. At times it felt like I was watching one of my kdrama love it. The pc @@@@ is out of control really.
  • The Great Wall

    Mike The MC
    I enjoyed it. Nice visuals. Just take it for what it was meant to be..Entertaining. Don't forget the popcorn!
  • Honestly AWFUL... Felt Like a Chineese Propaganda Film

    I have trouble beliving there are people who actualy enjoyed this movie. Sooo much money was spent on the special effects, but none on the writing and direction. If you have ever seen Team America World Police, Matt Damon seems to be reinacting his charater from that movie, he has ZERO range in this movie. The plot is downright insulting. Doing anything else would be a better way to spend your time. Do not bother with this film.
  • Astonishing

    This movie is awesome despite what others say (especially me being 14 and looking for a good movie that isn't dumb enough to be another one of those dumb crappy movies out there such as the upcoming "after lethargy" movie.) Anyways this was a decent movie that I found unique considering the movie actually has PLOT. That's a big one. Though there are some bland parts that u wish u would rather be watching Elmo because u think its better than what u are watching right now, overall the movie was impressive and unlike the other movies which have modern day alien movies. No offense Valerian (and by the way, SHOULD WE NOT BE ALREADY OVER WITH STAR WARS AND STAR TREK?!?!?! WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER SPACE MOVIE!!!((again no offense))). I also like how the movie is well made where you can talk about scenes of the movie and replay them in your head over and over again without dying. Avatar (by James Cameron of course) is one of my most favorite movies. I have a whole list.) and The Great Wall ties up with a trillion other movies that were the most decent since avatar. Such as inside out, we bought a zoo, Star Trek: into darkness etc.
  • Great Movie! Full of action!

    mc hottie
    I only write reviews if it’s really good or really bad. this movie is really good. i didn’t expect much when i decided to rent it but now i’m going to buy it cause i will watch again and again. it’s truly entertaining and full of action from start to finish. so please don’t listen to the critics and watch it yourself.
  • Great Movie

    I personally really loved this movie, it was visually very pleasing and I thought the plot line was there plus the music is just pure perfection. It combined what makes Chinese and American movies so interesting to watch, so ignore all the people who said it was terrible because it did its job and entertained me to the point were not only did I watch it in the theaters but rented and bought the movie. GREAT MOVIE
  • So fun!

    Fun movie! Just fun fun fun! Marsha Marsha Marsha! Fun!
  • Great Movie

    so who will not like this movie? If you are perverted and need a very demonic and evil type of scare to get you off then this movie wont do it for you. If you need for there to be this battle between the sexes and someone to be very very bad and lead as the main character than again this moive is not for you. If you like to have a great experience and enjoy action and great cinematography than you will love it. If you liked Pacific Rim then you will enjoy this.
  • Thought it was really good

    very good! definately worth it
    Honestly kinda saw the previews and wasn't overly sure what it was supposed to be about, however if you're into good myths (that may or may not be true considering there are many for why the wall was built) then you will like this movie. Yeah ok the acting wasn't overly great, but for Matt Damon and his counterparts it was good. It's also a lot of Chinese, subtitles obviously, but I say give it a chance. Not a snuggle up and show the kids movie per se, but I thought the action was good, the cgi was great, and the storyline flowed well. You gotta like genres like this though and no it's not a documentary and you won't learn anything. I'd recommend it
  • Bad by intent

    Stanton Dowd
    This is a terible movie. There is no getting around that. It was almost made for mystery science theater 3000. Get plastered and embrace it as a terrible movie to be remembered for all time like Blackula.
  • Way better than what critis will tell you...

    Texas Ryan
    The trailer for this movie doesn’t give it justice... its not AMAZING, but its pretty darn good for what it is... if you want to be entertained, watch it... if you want to be intelectually stimulated... read a book!
  • Damon's Turning Chinese

    It looks as though Chinese filmmakers want to further penetrate western markets by using a national treasure to peak our interest. Matt Damon blended well with the great Chinese Wall in this very entertaining science fi.
  • Great Movie!

    After reading the reviews I was hesitant to watch this movie. I'm not a Matt Damon fan, but I didn't think he was near as bad as other reviewers put in their reviews. I love Chinese legends, and the costumes and scenery in the movie were amazing. I originally rented the movie, but after watching it I decided to purchase the movie to watch again.
  • Cliche but Entertaining!

    A good old fashioned battle between good and evil, with a touch of side plot to boot. The visuals were mind blowing. Watching it in 3D was a real treat. Don't watch if you crave Christopher Nolan level complexity. The movie is refreshingly simple, but stunningly beautiful.
  • Terrible

    I wouldn't even recommend watching it for free. It's really bad - I fast forwarded a majority of the movie. I wish we could rate it below one star.
  • What???? Amazing movie!

    I don't know about what those reviews are talking about! This movie had me glued to my seat the whole time! I liked it alot!
  • Popcorn

    Enjoyable, totally predictable, something you will never ever watch again. But, visually, IDK, it was okay. Not the worst movie I have ever seen.

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