Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Summary and Synopsis

When a scientific expedition to an uncharted island awakens titanic forces of nature, a mission of discovery becomes an explosive war between monster and man. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman and John C. Reilly star in a thrilling and original adventure that reveals the untold story of how Kong became King. Explore the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island. Kong: Skull Island Wiki

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All hail the king..

Kong: Skull Island Movie (2017)

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Kong: Skull Island Movie Reviews

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- Good4 star

Really good movie but Godzilla is the real king but still good movie


If you think Godzilla is going to win your a 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

- 🤨1 star

I wouldn’t watch it again.

- Pretty Wild Ride5 star

I think it’s a blast and I love a Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson team up

- Loved it!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾5 star

Better than expected.👍🏾

- Yes yes yes 😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

I can’t get enough of this movie it’s just great I love it, never disappoints.

- I Have Never Enjoyed a King Kong Movie like this5 star

This movie blew me away the first time i saw it. The action scenes were awsome and thrilling the look of King Kong was huge and gorgeous all of the actors were amazing.

- Worst1 star

I don’t think iv seen a movie with this level of bad writing in a long time. I’m normally very lenient with mood move. There was one cool fight, and the rest of pointless dialogue, bad comedy where every joke missis, characters who you have no reason to care about and, common over used tropes. It is just a disaster from start to finish. You can even tell the the A list actors in here don’t care about this movie by how poor line delivery is.

- Good but Godzilla is king 🙁4 star

They think Kong is king🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s funny

- The future1 star

They say there is going 2 be a Godzilla v Kong after Kotm I hope it is good!!!!!😀😀😀😀

- An Awesome Film, that showcase’s Kong perfectly!4 star

I have always been a King Kong fan. I started begging my dad to let me watch this. And he finally let me. It is really good. It has an awesome design for Kong! But it Doesn’t get a perfect score for me. I really loved Kong. But I wish that w didn’t have to explore his origin’s in a comic. And that his relation to Godzilla was explored. (If He Even had one.) So it gets a: 8 Kong’s out of a possible 10 Kong’s.

- The best King Kong movie yet5 star

Honestly I don’t care about the bad reviews but I enjoyed this movie in imax and now it got me wanting to buy it on iTunes but hopefully the price lowers to 9.99$ Bc the movie is kinda short and I know it’s close to a hour but the movie seems short because there wasn’t as much action as I expected it to have and hopefully the price drops to 9.99$ or a 5$ exclusive deal but hopefully kong vs Godzilla gets nothing but action.

- It’s pretty good I won’t give it Kong skull Island 7/7105 star

I like it 84% on rotten Tomatoes and four stars

- kong skull island5 star

kong skull island is an awesome king kong movie

- Love this movie5 star

Watched this with a friend and we both had a fun time watching. Loved the acting and fight scenes. This movie doesn’t deserve the hate it gets. Also perfectly sets up the MonsterVerse

- FAVE5 star

Still my all time fave!!! Never gets old

- Kong skull island4 star

Pretty good but not the best I

- Worst Kong movie ever!!!1 star

How dare this stupid movie be made, there was no need to make this movie so gory and I hate it for that reason, Kong should be fun and an adventure that kids can love. Screw your movie and screw you Director.

- Gotta1 star

Be calm

- even3 star


- Real good5 star

This movie right here is worth the 19.99

- 10x better than that giant fat atomic lizard’s movie Godzilla5 star

This movie gives you what you want concerning a giant gorilla. Sure it had some people that were likable and some were meant to be eaten, but put aside the fact that Kong is the “main course” were talking here not humans

- King 👑 Kong 🦍5 star

Want a Amazing Movie 🎥 King 🦍 Kong is King 👑 again Great Movie 🎥

- Great Movie!!5 star

This movie had it all!!! Action/ Adventure and a Kong truly deserving of the crown of King!! Great action sequences and truly and epic movie!!

- Not Bad, But Could’ve Been Better4 star

I think this movie is fun, but it simply isn’t as good as the 2014 Godzilla. The story is pretty cool. An unexplored island chock full of savage monsters that the modern world has never seen. Kong, the head honcho who does battle with his mortal enemies, the skull crawlers. And all this is just a hint that there is a mix of mega monsters that could pose a very real threat to mankind’s existence. However, the movie wasn’t as believable as Godzilla, and the acting was more on the cheesy side by some of the cast members (don’t worry, Tom Hiddleston. I’m not looking at you.). That being said, this film would be best described as a popcorn flick. I just hope that future Monster-verse movies do a better job.

- Rentar1 star

No se puede rentar

- Superior Monster Flick4 star

Superior to the new American Godzilla anyway. This film surpassed my expectations, and is essentially what a proper Godzilla film should be. The only thing that I dislike in this film, is this whole “we were never the kings of this planet,” thing/theme. (That’s not an exact quote.) I think it’s it’s a bit presumptuous and a slight jab at Christianity, or anyone who believes in God. Luckily, it’s not a HUGE part of the film. So I’m able to look past it for now... That is until the Godzilla vs Kong trailer dropped, and that exact theme is back. If the creators insist on this being apart of both films - or even a series of films - then I at least hope it will play only a small role in the films, as it more or less did here. Kong is an excellent film, and a superior monster flick than that Godzilla 2016 film. Everyone who is a fan of Godzilla should see Kong, especially if they’re looking for a proper - American-made - monster film.

- Outstanding!5 star

I love this movie it’s so awesome


Okay, we’ve got the incredibly expressive Brie Larson, the epitome of sass a.k.a. Samuel L. Jackson, the ever-changeable John Goodman, and (my personal favorite actor in all existence) the versatile and charming Tom Hiddleston. Put these four in a movie? You get perfection. Add action and group conflict? Even better. AND GIANT MONSTERS?!? HOW ABOUT YES. This movie was awesome. I especially loved Brie Larson’s performance as Mason Weaver. You go, girl! I loved this movie, and I hope you loved it, too.

- Awesome Movie5 star

At first i thought this movie wasnt going to be good but after i watched i say this movie is awesome!!

- Amazing!!5 star

I had no words after watching it. It was absolutely amazing.

- Avoid2 star

Horrible story, non existing plot. Just another Kong movie with bad writing. The only saving grace is the great CGI

- Awesome5 star

This movie was amazing I watched it twice in one day. It is action packed with some great funny parts as well.

- Amazing monster fun.5 star

I saw this movie on the month that it came, and I was like, wow, what a movie. Great special effects, amazing action, good monster FUN, some suspense, and a ending that blew me away. Strongly recommend this movie.

- Well done!5 star

I love this movie. No monkey romance, no sexuality and most importantly, no capturing the beast and bringing back to NY. Just some plain old action and Kong reaction!

- boring2 star

could have been much better - maybe rent it but alas I wish I could return this.

- A terrible film done perfectly2 star

Bad all the way around, but gets a star for amazing special fx

- CGI over story1 star

None of these stupid idiots never watched their backs!!! I was happy to see them eaten. Why did they shoot Kong? Evil humans? Why did they fly so close? Stupid humans. I only wish Kong and the other residents had killed more of the soldiers.

- Great action adventure for everyone5 star

The movie was a blast. I loved almost every moment of it. Full of great monster vs monster duels

- Lame not worth it1 star

Still based in 1970’s, same drama, trying to kill Kong when they are a lot more monsters to kill, bad movie overall.

- The positive reviews share a common view.1 star

That being that the action is appreciated. Fine, there is action. The trouble is that it makes no sense. The stick figure characters portrayed inspire no human concern. Those which died left me in no way troubled. These people made a movie with no story behind it. The script was an embarrassment. If you are considering sacrificing two hours of your life to this travesty, please reconsider and escape from skull island while you can.

- I liked it!4 star

Well funded arrogance, a native population that understands the phenomenon enough to have taught a downed pilot over the years who is the medium for explaining to the new visitors. A military madman, a mystical savior with purpose, and a deep ancient evil unknown and not understood by the rest of the world. This is a very well thought out new take on what King Kong is. Previously in American films he was the victim, this time he's the mystical guardian. I really didn't think I would like it so much based on reviews but it was able to shine through.

- This was AWESOME!5 star

This is a great movie. I'm glad Kong Lived in this one. Most of the older ones he was kidnapped off his home and died at the end. This one He lived. I liked that about this one. I'm buying the movie. This is so Awesome. I like a lot of Music too. I highly recommend buying this movie. It's well worth it. Why are people cutting this down. I brought my review back to say. Opinions are like belly buttons. Everybody has one. Let's be nice. A lot poeple worked hard to make this movie. Give them a break! I'm glad that Kong walked away alive in this one. How about looking at a deeper picture. In real life, How do most people in the real world treat animals? Take Seaworld for instants, Man had no business taking Orca's and Dolphins from the Ocean, aka their Home. and all the other sea life they have there. So set the crulety aside and keep bad severe bad opinons to yourself. Lets play nice.

- Surprisingly [email protected]5 star

I thought this was a super fun romp. A neat and fun twist on the King Kong genre. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

- A bit too slow.3 star

I liked this movie. To me, it seemed a tad on the slow side. I would recommend this movie to others. Everyone different so others may give this movie 5*.

- Excellent5 star

A ever well thought out movie..... can’t wait for more

- Kong: Skull Island3 star

Pugh! I don't recommend buying. Not even close to the adventure and life-like realism of King Kong w/Jack Black.

- Godzilla vs King Kong Sequel? Can't wait!5 star

Enjoyed watching this film. It didn't disappoint.

- Awesome5 star

I enjoyed this movie It could have been longer and with more detail at the ending Don't listen to the other comments Must see

- BAD2 star

This was conceived poorly and the dialogue or one liners were embarrassing. This movie suffered from terrible writing.

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elyse displayed - Skull5 star

And now you can have a look at it now bye for now have fun with the whole family team today bye for now Adventure Love Adele


For the naysayers, this departure from reality was indicated on ticket for admission. This was a fun movie! Not a traditional Kong flick. I think in many ways so much better. Best Kong yet! I’ve even seen the original with Fay Wray.

ClairWagner - Won’t pay $25!!1 star

When is this movie going to be available for rent? I might give it a better rating if I could see it.

Slam Stocks - Such a disappointment2 star

The story is so bad...love the retro flavor and filming was exceptional, but cannot believe how badly they made this film. C'Reilly and Jackson were excellent. Hiddleston and Larson were only in the movie to look pretty. Jing (for the Asian market) lines was limited to 4 words or less line every 20 mins. This movie is really stupid and cannot believe the disappointment.

DrJackBurton - Finally!!!5 star

Finally an entertaining movie!!!! Havent seen one in years!!

of my own mind - not usually my genre - but well done5 star

If you ever thought you would have liked to been alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth - well this movie would cure you of that idea very quickly! It was a bit too realistic for my sensibilities - and quite gory - but that is all part of the stuff that gives us nightamres! Well done!

DragonManJoe - Fun action movie4 star

It's a movie to enjoy and sit back and watch a fun monster movie

qmike3 - un navet1 star

D'un ennui mortel. Ce film est pour les enfant. Le générique est le seul moment agréable.

film_by_us - Keeping it real....4 star

sometimes it's all about entertainment

Evive - Big action!4 star

I really liked it. Lots of glitzy big action scenes. Lots of noteworthy cool camera shots. Great action. If you want the more nuanced quiet drama this is not for you. For what it is, it's awesome! The truest sense of the word.

Tuckster Young - Poor writing and acting1 star

The writing and acting was terrible. The scenery was the only redeeming part of this film.

Viking Joe - I thought it was actually pretty good...4 star

It's not for everyone & I never pay attention to the critics & other reviews. Everyone is different in their taste in movies. I came in to it with low expectations & was pleasantly surprised.

glen172 - Letdown2 star

Acting was terrible. Kong's fight scenes were good saved the movie the fights were my favourite parts because the actor's weren't talking.

TropicalPlaysGames - Amazing Movie!5 star

Went and saw with Friends! Go buy it it's amazing!!!!!

Little coco. - Good movie if you're under 14 years old .2 star

Long scenes of fights between Kong , other creatures and humans . Always good to see John Goodman again .

Cathy du Canada - Ok3 star

C'etait bien mais sans plus. Pas de possibilite de le louer. Ffff Louer ok... pour une soiree en famille. Bon passe temps mais ca s'arrette la

WHOLE5 - Pretty good4 star

Not a bad movie but a little to much gun action

Seeley204 - Same old thing3 star

Just a typical super hero movie with an unconventional super hero, I was hoping for more.

Eertu - Corny dialogue and ridiculous story1 star

Badly written dialogue, bad acting and s ridiculous story make this movie borderline unwatchable.

adamschrofel - Loads of fun5 star

awesome action movie with stellar cinematography and colors.

Brant213 - Fanstastic and fun!!!5 star

This was fun from start to finish. Great acting, great story and awesome monsters. I agree that a digital movie to own should not be twenty five dollars but this is soooooo worth the rent!

nialanorac - Trop c'est comme pas assez2 star

Vraiment on a rien apporté de plus que les films précédents nous avaient donné sur ce thème

zxcter - missed the mark2 star

It was sort of ok. Bit more efford and it would have been good.

fotobahn - took me back to...5 star

This movie was great and worth buying.It took me back to when i was a kid watching he king Kong cartoon...for those of you that are old enough & remember? Could have been even a longer duration production and had the potential. Top quality production and great cast and acting and special effects...pretty sure a 2nd one will be in the making...lets hope its as good as the first one:)

SRGRMB - waste of money3 star

to expensive to buy, Could have been so much better then it was. Acting was poor, story really needs work.

The Bionic Man - I agree with to expensive2 star

I have a 4K tv that does not upconvert so I am conflicted when choosing to wait for movies and watch them with my 4K player or on iTunes right away, this movie for 24.99 was not worth it. At least on Bluray with a 4k player you get premium HD. I got a B movie with a lousy plot and no 4K. There are no material costs and shipping issues so why are we paying the same amount for a digital movie as Bluray, we should just wait for the best quality source which is still Bluray at the same price, and this was a crappy plot, Godzilla was way way way better, and I have it on Bluray

left888 - Too expensive1 star

iTunes! We will not pay $25 for a compressed movie. If you continue to charge this much we will go buy the full Blu-ray movie. Your choice!

Crazy ass☠️ - Woooow 😍😏💀5 star

Amazing movie recommend it to anyone. Even better than the first one 👍🏻

Jamal Foster - Not Peter Jackson's, but...4 star

Still extremely entertaining. Again, not as good as Peter Jackson's King Kong from 2005, by I'd still recommend it if you just want to turn off your brain for a bit

Cool son 123 - Incredible5 star

Seen it in theatres and thought it was quite good! Go see it!!

Ryan06453 - Simply the best!!!!👍🏼😃5 star

Best King Kong movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!❤️😃😇😅

tyhhfvbhufvhiojnffcvjjkn - Kong skull island5 star

Really good movie

Digital Mouth - Could be better3 star

Excellent cast but the storyline and direction could have been a little bit better. Definitely not worth that $24.99 price tag.

Stuart Liu - Nothing but special effects1 star

The special effects are great. But if you want more than that, you will be completely disappointed. The plot is appalling. No logic nor common sense. The 2005 version is way better than this.

Raymond_one - Give it a Go3 star

You know what it will be like and if thats your cup of tea you wont be disapointed

Superball15 - BEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD5 star

I just love this movie. It's awesome and so cool. Love mason weaver and James Conrad and especially KONG!!! Awesome battle and awesome action, drama, comedy and a little bit of romance. I just think this movie is AWESOME! I haven't watched the first movie and it might be better but for me not watching the first movie, it was pretty sick!

jd000 - Worth a watch4 star

Get to the end of the first act, understand its like a Del Toro movie (Hellboy, Pacific Rim) and you'll probably end up really enjoying it. Amazing visuals. I'll definitely be watching it again. I understand the negative reviews, it was like the movie wasn't sure what it was - but its a Kong movie for heavens sake, not an Alien movie or Mass Effect game. I had fun. Relax and enjoy!

Fraggles73 - Underwhelmed3 star

Another movie done to death. I'm over the remakes that have all the hype but fall flat. It needs to excel the previous movie or don't bother.

Fast lane 1 - Great Movie5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. I will be buying it in the near future.

Costerdon - Kong Skull Island1 star

Didn't like that! Very weak.

Kel~82 - Not good1 star

Can't even watch it cos it keep stopping I have to keep press play fix it plz

Dwight Dylan - Do not waste your time.1 star

If you could give it a lower score than 1 star i would. I lasted 36 mins, felt my IQ dropping by the minute. Bad script and absolutely terrible acting. Seriously it was like they were reading off a teleprompter. Can i have my money back

nellie.elzbieta - Yikes.1 star

This film features choppy and confusing editing, bland characters and a done-to-death plot. Not even its stella cast could resurrect this dead horse, but nevertheless, they kept on beating it.

wahgoosh - entertaining4 star

Worth the rental good flick Samuel L Jackosn and Kong make a deadly duo. Good fun.

Luckygwt - GT1 star

Very poor attempt at a movie, synoipsis is misleading

56hilove37 - Kong2 star

I found this movie boring, I'm not sure if it was just cause I didn't find it exciting or it was just a terrible movie altogether, I was so disappointed I had heard it was so good but it was so I don't know it just didnt satisfy me at all.

Jonno56789 - Jonno1 star

Easily the worst movie ever made. No, correction. Easily the worst movie that will ever be made.

souterfed - Don't do it!1 star

Worst movie of the year!

simreveiw - Keep expectations low1 star

Wait for it to be the 99cent movie and buy then but only if you have nothing better to do. If you are expecting it to be as good as King Kong (2005) then don't!!

Craig in tassie - Kong Skull Island1 star

Absolute RUBISH ! Worst film I've seen all year ! Don't waste your money More like a vietnam war movie !

markolfz - Disappointing1 star

Story and characters are one dimensional, what a waste of time.

Beni Aral - Dull2 star

Needed a big Jack Black injection.

Geelongboy - Woeful Woeful Woeful1 star

This movie was that awful the only thing missing was having Adam Sandler and Steven Seagal in it. Do yourself a favour and don't waste a few hours of your life watching this movie. That's me finished watching King Kong movies as they are all the same.

uyyyby - Gym4 star

Guysgbg ughyhhuygh thy yuhy

Keyanghasemi - Kong skull island is Bae5 star

Best King Kong movie yet

ArtistOnline - The lost world reboot1 star

where are the Raptors and Jeff Goldblum? Wait for this to be on sale when you have nothing else to watch.

Patrain8 - Good but not great3 star

The action and effects were great and you can watch this and be entertained, but the characters are so bland and shallow except for Samuel L Jackson and John C Riley's characters that we don't care if they make it out. Worth watching for the visuals but nothing to write home about.

Warder_1 - Hi5 star

The movie was great lots of death and monster

Cooldry77 - Best movies5 star

Movies of the year

FreshTomatos - Godzilla 2.03 star

Character development disappoints viewers in action packed and muddled film of Gods unfinished island and its protector.

Film critic01 - A great film with a good story, comedy and action4 star

Enjoyed the story, all of the visual effects, the action sequences, the thrilling moments, the dialogue, the characters, the comedy, the slow motion scenes, great acting and the cinematography. I wish the film actually had footage of Kong's family and the skull crawlers eating or killing his family. I was also expecting the big skull crawler to be a bit more bigger than Kong. Worth 90%.

Poopydoopysnotty - Kong skull island1 star

This film is terrible. Watch king kong (2005) for a better and more suitable experience

P0T4T0_AIM - Really Cool and Entertaining Movie4 star

Kong: Skull Island was a really action packed and interesting movie. The big battles with Kong and other creatures were really cool and showed the sheer enormity of the beasts.

32 reds - Film covers1 star

Why are you ruining some of the covers of the films by changing them. They don’t look as good in your collection

fgghgvdc - Amazing5 star

Just incredible loved every minute super good the atmosphere was just perfect acting directing amazing super fun King Kong

jake ghdorah - Stupid1 star

We have to get them for you and then ape in a island this is a peace of crape

elemental - A very surprising version5 star

I was a bit sceptical about another Kong Remake but this turned out to be a Gem. Kong usually the victim asserts his dominance and rises above the cruel intentions of the crazy colonel played by Samuel Jackson who plays a villain like no one else . Special effects spot on and the supporting cast just the right mix.

Bhussain - Insult to King Kong1 star

What a crap movie, don’t bother buying it & wasting your money 🙊😔

Antu Asar - Wow1 star

What a load of rubbish! I was hoping the ape would kill everyone, then throw itself off a cliff!

Santiago Ramon y Cajal - The worst King Kong movie ever made1 star

Incredibly bad. CRINGE.

HOTHANDIES - Sorry its not worth it2 star

I have seen the reviews an can only suggest that some people are easily pleased. An Ape that neither looks nor acts like an ape. Movements in many cases just like that of an American footballer.Jackson I have never liked, wooden and boring at best, in this movie he doesnt surprise at all. There are moments in the movie however which excel but basically its a try to keep intereted movie which fails.

chaz,13 - 4K from HD1 star

I have like a lot of you been seduced by the 4K Apple TV and the upgrades from HD to 4K . Firstly unless you have enough broadband speed , which I have, the best you will achieve is HD and if you haven’t got these titles on Blu-ray, then these are a good purchase. As well as having the enjoyment of watching them on your iPhone or iPads or a Mac, but note, in HD only. The average 4K film to purchase on disc is over £20 , so it very appealing, to see advertised 4K films here for under £7. I am enjoying the 4K experience and have purchased a few from the store. But and this a big but, most 4K films here won’t upscale your existing Blu-rays and secondly most are in letterbox format . So I suggest don’t go cheap and try to upscale your existing Blu-ray Discs or purchase here a new 4K film, over a new Blu-ray Disc of the same price , because you think it’s going to show a better picture and because it’s cheaper than buying a 4K disk. I’ve learned my lesson and will happily upgrade some of my old dvds to these cheap 4K films, but in future if I want true 4K and no letter box, then I will bite the bullet and fork out the expense for the disc.

ksoeroaerj'oa - Terrible1 star

I had high hopes for this film. Has to be the worst film I’ve ever seen

AnnieCYa - Terrible!2 star

This is a terrible movie! I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay for it & saw it on a plane! Terrible script, characters as generic as possible for this genre! Really bad, don’t watch it! I gave it 2 stars for the budget expenditure, they obviously wasted a lot of moola!

London-guy44 - KONG SKULL ISLAND…4 star

Kong Skull Island. I've always enjoyed Kong and Godzilla films but this one definitely lacked something for me. A few impressive CGi action moments but I definitely felt it had been churned out without much effort. I felt nothing for any of the characters at all - they were mostly rather bland stupid people. Some of them were terribly cliched characters too (which bugged me). Much as I like Tom Hiddleston, in this move he seemed to have no screen presence whatsoever. Essentially Kong Skull Island is a small handful of action scenes that largely require the viewer to swallow the idea that most humans are really stupid (even when danger and certain death are right in front of them, i.e. the rather long-winded helicopters versus Kong scene near the start. That scene actually annoyed me. It took up lots of screen time but was totally stupid because the helicopter soldiers behaved like blind, brainless imbeciles. One after the other all the copters flew directly at Kongs body despite the fact the monster was swatting them all down one after the other like dumb flies!! I like my monster movies to be a little more intelligent than this one was. I didn't watch it twice (which I always do if I enjoy an i-tunes movie).

Sportymush28 - Unbelievably average!3 star

Bad dialogue, poor acting and direction and wasted talent in Jackson, Reilly and Hiddleston. Set pieces with Kong are good but eveeything else is cliched and badly executed!

JoeBloggs007 - Big Disappointment2 star

There are few films in which i want to stop watching before the end, this is one of them. The storyline was horrendous, the acting not much better, the only reason for the 2 stars was the quality of the CGI. Avoid is my recommendation, really not worth watching unless it's free on BBC or ITV

Baldydafydd - What’s with rental price1 star

Prices go up downloads go down pirates laugh! Point being you can buy a second hand blue ray in 3 mnths for same money! Greedy apple Btw offering 4K on tv for free but no downloads mean a very large download limit reached very quickly not viable for most as limit of 300 gb reached very quickly silly apple!

Ppbragg - Wrong actor....again3 star

Good film ruined yet again by Samuel l Jackson one of the worst actors I've ever seen!

Jolly op - Godzilla roars at the end of the film5 star

Godzilla roar is at the end of the movie proving that kong will go up against Godzilla. The film was amazing worth the money

Ubyfish - not qute Doug McClure3 star

It was ok - it felt like it was trying to be the old Doug McClure films of the 70's - like the land before time - certainly the acting had that about it but without the charm. Visually stunning, and enjoyed it to a point but don't expect too much

nightcall - Hope its good ?4 star

when i bought this came as a package with Godzilla , watched the latter

CMAC5555 - Awful!!!1 star

One of the worst films I've ever watched. The CGI is really good but the story, acting and plot is terrible. Avoid this film!!!

haz t 2005 - TRASH1 star

Really really bad movie

Doc. Brown sound - K O N G1 star

Not very good at all, the story/characters/concept was so trash. The effects are great and it's always nice to see the big guy 'tearing it up' but this movie is so generic. Was glad when it was over...

DBG (Mr) - average - nothing new2 star

A very two-dimensional cross between King Kong and Jurassic Park. Not a slice of originality. A script that will make you wince. Overall disappointing, disappointing. I wouldn't bother - you've seen it before.

2 Alpacas In Snow - Excellent film5 star

It is so much better than it appears in the previews.

Cerealbar - Boring and dull1 star

Like any bad action movie these days, we find the typical reliance on tropes, boring characters, predictable action scenes, out of control color grading. No panache, imagination, cleverness or fun can be found here.

ImSpartacus... - Tepid.3 star

No real tension or drama, roughly sketched characters, perfunctory plotting, nicely rendered effects but with little impact.

Tenozu1 - Very real4 star

The story was excellent, always kept you watching. The effects were some of the most realistic to date. All the actors did great except Samuel Jackson who was a bit head strong and over the top as usual.

Pictures London - No. Just a no.1 star

If you're into films with a massive budget, horrible script that relies on special affects every 10 seconds.. then this is for you. Otherwise.. stay clear. Not even the starry cast pull this one off.

Injnghfghjkkkk - Trailer2 star

I think I've just watched a 2hr trailer for the sequel.

TillyF - Better than expected4 star

Surprisingly enjoyable. Was unsure starting off but really got into it. I've always enjoyed watching Tom Hiddleston but wasn't sure about him in this sort of film or role but he carried it off brilliantly. Brie Larson is the first Kong heroine I haven't been ashamed to be the same gender of! The whole cast are great and I cared about them, which always helps. Action scenes not so frenetic that you feel your missing parts of it. Will watch it again.

Ceroc13 - Disappointing the star was Kong himself1 star

Do not purchase this film it's a real disappointment and the story line is terrible along with the acting. The film has a number of miss cast actors that are wooden and do not gel together. The story line disappears with cgi taking over a film flooding it with explosions and helicopter scenes that are awful. The main lead characters of Tom and Samuel are stuck in the worst script I have even seen.They possess no character or dynamics it does not gel or flow without the heavy presence of cgi. The film goes no-where achieves nothing and has a thread of Jurassic Park stroke Indiana Jones.The story varies from slap stick to a Vengeful Samuel L Jackson. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS FILM AND IF YOU HAVE ASK FOR A REFUND.!!

RodLV-426 - King 👑5 star

If you don't like this film.....your boring! 'Kong' is 'King' of all previous big primate films/movies 🐒

Ruchirlives - Is it possible to have a film bigger than its story5 star

70s chic, 40s homage, and great nostalgic music. Oh yes, and the muscle. This film exceeds expectations on all counts. A winner!

Ryan 333 - Kong4 star

Great CGI and decent charecters and storyline makes this film mostly a huge success

Scotchthistle - Strong Swear words in a 12 Rated Movie!3 star

Astonished and disappointed that the f-bomb is used in this movie when it's a 12, there clearly are no standards to protect our children these days & the rating system is becoming more liberal as the world does. The movie has entertaining elements but is badly pieced together and as usual for a lot of modern movies relies too much on CGI & special effects while neglecting the characters and storyline. Unlikely to watch again.

Jez T. - Not cool..3 star

Some of the acting is simply awful...a watchable movie but a rather pointless and unimaginative way to include Kong..rather stick to Netflix.

Berda.V - Wow5 star

It had some bad press and reviews but I loved it, especially the scenes with the King Kong himself because the detail was just mind blowing.

aldro8 - The kong is king4 star

This was easily one of the best movies of the year.tom hiddelston was great and kong was a true king

Universalgamingreviews - Better than original, by far!4 star

This film has a different approach to the older versions, and allows for a more pleasant watch, it is not the best film created but worth a watch; the acting is average and plot is predictable, however it is an enjoyable film! We rate this 2.5/5 for acting, 4/5 for CGI and 3.5/5 for the storyline and development. Overall we rate this 3.5-4/5 for an enjoyable family film. We also would age rate this at PG-13(not too gory). Rated by UniversalG&FReviews®.

Aurora world - Awesome5 star

It's just good

HaydnMilton - Disappointed2 star

Not a good film

AssenB - A below average movie2 star

Other than the CGI special effects there really isn't much more that deserves praise in this movie! Not so long ago, the presence of a single well know actor in any production would usually guarantee at least a decent movie. Not sure what's going on in the film industry as this movie's cast includes a lot of otherwise very good actors, but one would really struggle to tell this by watching Kong. Really disappointing...

Mgriff1887 - Dumfoundingly Vile1 star

Watching this film reminded me of watching this kids that used to burn ants with magnifying glasses - you hated what they were doing but you couldn't look away..that's what this film is like - awful, brash, crass, tepid tripe - but it's hard to look away. Maybe it because one feels that it might improve - that the story line might ascend to coherence. Whatever the reason it's a load of old codswallop. Save your money.

Makhmad - Male4 star


Hasifuzzi - It’s ok3 star

They did a fine job with the movie, but nothing new. I am glad it has a different ending than expected. Got to say a bit disappointed by Brie’s impact after the room but I guess the role does not lend to more. Good visual impact with good entertainment value. How many more re-version do we have to endure?

JohnT1970 - Great action film and not just a big silverback!5 star

Special effects, storyline and all aspects of this film were excellent. A really enjoyable action packed movie which kept me watching throughout. You really connect with Kong and I would love to see a follow up. Buy it now guys and gals!

KebabBoss - KONG!5 star

It's exactly what I want from a King Kong movie. It's not a masterpiece but if that's what you are hoping for I fear you are looking in the wrong place.

David1600-44 - Don't bother2 star

Wait for it to be show on TV, as it's a TV film at best. Even then you might not watch it all.

Gadjo - Lighten Up!4 star

A harmless, entertaining fantasy film, full of action from start to finish (do watch the credits all the way through) and some really good CGI effects combined with some excellent cinematography. The story is a pretty simple affair: scientists + gun toting enthusiasts explore unknown island, finding previously unseen FANTASY creatures. Add in a clash of culture and some (light) moral / ethical decision making = conclusion. The End. Kong Skull Island, is hardly going to be a deep, thought provoking, soul searching kinda film now is it? But what it is, is ESCAPISM, which is what fantasy films are meant to be all about. Some people may be reviewing it as a bad film, which is unfair I think. It's a fantasy monster flick and keeping to the entire ethos of fantasy monster flicks, it is absurd, it is ridiculous and it is quite true to films like The Lost World, The Beast from 20,000 Phathoms and Mysterious Island. So, if you like monster flicks, grab some popcorn, settle down and get lost in a fantasy for a couple of hours.

mario.... - S1 star

This film never start playing....shame ... big shame iTunes...i will never try to purchase a film from you...

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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the-joker-fan - #1 monster movie!5 star

When I reacted to the Godzilla of 2014 it was sooo cool but this? This just keeps getting better and I'm hyped for the upcoming Godzilla vs King Kong movie 2020!!!!

Theartistkeith - Kong!4 star

I've always liked the Kong films. This one is probably my favorite. The production side looks like it was shot in its setting of 1973. The story line really seems to be a prequel of the the 1976 release. I was surprisingly pleased when I first saw this film.

AA550 - Enjoyed Kong Skull Island4 star

Even though it did not follow the original script, I enjoyed the movie. The CG was great and Samuel L. Jackson was someone you just wanted to hate in the movie. There were some things I noticed, for example, there were only 6 or 7 helicopters on the deck of the ship, but somehow they left with about 12. Duh? Worth seeing if you enjoy action stuff blowing up and creepy creatures.



Crazyhyperperson - Tom 😍 my ovaries exploded!! 😭😍❤️4 star

I don't know why is movie is getting so many bad reviews 🤔 I really liked it!! 😌 however Pros and Cons okay first off Tom Hiddleston is a beast 😍❤️ LOKI 😍❤️😌 and second off I loved the comedy in this one it was really funny 😂 and this movie wasn't as dark as the 2005 version with Naomi Watts and the village people were a lot better to look at then the Village people in the 2005 one and thank you so much for not killing Kong off in this one!! 😭❤️ I hated the ending in the 2005 version of King Kong please don't kill Kong off in the next one! ( there's a surprise after the ending credits guys be sure to watch it!) and thank you for having 2 women instead of one 😌❤️ and the actors were great in this ❤️ but why did John Goodman have to die? 😔he replaced Jack Blacks character in the 2005 version. So well! ❤️ Good Choice on your end! 🙂 and the giant oxen? were amazing!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️ thank you for having her try to get that plane off of him and having King Kong help! 🙂❤️ one of my favorite parts! 😭😭🙂❤️ okay now cons: first off I wish Kong and the woman had a bigger relationship like the one in 2005... Naomi was a girly girl this woman was a tomboy... 😒 😔and this Kong was to tall and skinny unlike the 2005 one but I can get over that pretty quick ☺️ and I wish kong had helped Tom and his group more when it came to those lizard things and Amputation bird monsters... Dinosaurs in the 2005 version are Kongs enemy and last but not least I hated when Samuel L Jackson killed that bird! 😡 that was the worst part of the movie 😒 he was not ugly he was unique... sitting there minding his own business for Samuel to shoot his head off that was uncalled for... that's why I give it 4 stars I also give it 4 stars for the log monster... ugh okay 😂 above all the 2005 version was better only because Naomi's relationship with kong the 2005 one is still my favorite but I'm not gonna slam this one into the ground 🙂❤️ Tom 😍❤️ (Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman)

wesleywongphoto - Unbelievably stupid.....1 star

Unbelievably stupid..

jadechick21 - Loved the movie!5 star

We've enjoyed the movie! Good script! Loved it!

16 HORSES - I'll be a monkey's Uncle4 star

So Kong Skull Island won't be Oscar Nominated but I say it was good for what it was as an Action packed movie. Go Bananas for it!

Mchawk44 - Spectacular!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

I don't ever I mean ever write a review for movies. But this MOVIE was epic! I disregarded this movie because it failed at box office. But I loved every bit of this film. I was laughing and on the edge of my seat jumping and fighting everywhere. This movie moved me beyond belief. I don't rarely ever get moved by movies. What an awesome movie. I bought this and was very pleased. Pay no attention to the lower reviews talking about bad movie I have read them all. I went weeks without watching this spectacular film because I was listening to the bad reviews. Please watch epic film. Even my kids loved this one.

Lcempj - This is one where I glad I didn't listen to the bad comments5 star

I really enjoy it better then I thought I would. The actors did a great job. And love Kong's expressions lol. I just hope that if they do make a part 2 that it is completely different from the old one. And that kong won't get kill in the end too, PLEASE! DON'T KILL HIM! This was a great movie with great cgi except maybe the big bad monster could have been a bit better. But LOVED the movie.

Scotchemoe - Horrible writing - bad acting1 star

Waste of time - we didn't even finish it

Solemdavid - A fantastic thrilling adventure5 star

One of the best movies since the Great Wall, and treat since the Martian, and that since A dogs purpose, and that since Hidden figures, and that since we bought a zoo, and that since Avatar by James Cameron. The actors and plot is absolutely stunning and everything looks so real. There's nothing that is predictable in the movie which is what makes it awesome unlike most other movies when you walk through water. The movie is most worth it to watch and scenery is epic. I expect more movies to come out following it.

Kr3w - Kong Gone Wrong1 star

Way too much exposition, sprinkled between unexciting, video game action. Too many characters, all of whom feel like paper. Self-deprecating, meta attitude in the writing. I don't recommend it.

PatriotOne1776 - Absolute Worst King Kong Movie Ever Made!1 star

The story line was terrible... as was the acting! They changed the whole King Kong story... and a really stupid one at that. Hello... King Kong is supposed to be a Giant Ape not half man like and not to mention the size of a small skyscraper. Save your money and rent or buy Peter Jackson's King Kong... hands down the best King Kong movie ever made!

Filmmaker Too - Too Much CG, Not Enough Script2 star

The actors did the best they could with poor material. Same for the technicians who made the film look and sound good. (The director is also good - i.e. "Kings of Summer" - but I'll bet he was pulled off his game by the size of this project.) So, what we end up with is a great-sounding great-looking insultingly stupid CG Monster movie. With the exception of John C. Reilly's character, which had a little wit & thought attached to it, it's strictly Grade C comic book banter throughout. Obvious that this movie was dumbed-down by the geniuses at the studio. Do we really need to see a superimposed title that says "Vietnam" when we're seeing soldiers in the field in that period? Yes, says the marketing department because there might be ticket buyers that have never watched History Channel, Forrest Gump, or attended a history class.

GRUMPY_CAT_LOVER - Loved It!!!!!!5 star

Beat movie ever...

jfdklsajfdsa - Snakes on a plane II1 star

How the hell did this movie get 76% on rotten tomatoes? Is it supposed to be a parody?

Bri1024 - Good movie!5 star

Good action movie worth a watch!

Thedrewgle - Awesome5 star

It was awesome

James9791 - John Reilly Ruined this Movie3 star

Reilly is such a clown. He made this movie a farce.

JawsRI - It is what is advertising4 star

It's 100% action and fun. Not boring at all...

ixworks - Relatively enjoyable5 star

I bought this from iTunes for a road trip. My son liked it. I enjoyed watching it once. It's a good movie. A kind ape, a bad person who goes after him, etc. different problems different enemies of King Kong. It was entertaining.

Lady_Helmet - It's ok.3 star

Skull Island, the people and creatures are all great and will hopefully add to the monster universe this studio hopes to expand. The actions of the helo squadron and Jackson's character were the fantasy in the movie.

dixiecup24 - 0 Stars1 star

I want my 4.99 back. This movie SUCKED. Turned it off after 12 minutes. Don't waste your time. It was actually worse than the most recent Jack Reacher movie - which I didn't think possible until now.

The GrimRocker - Best Kong Ever...4 star

I believe I've seen all the King Kong movies dating back to the black and white one (1933). I can honestly say that I enjoyed this one the most.

Trump girl - Different story line4 star

With all of the King Kong remakes, this one was good because of the location, and the difference with other animals and that we went to his turf...Good movie my grandkids loved it

MiniCooperMan - A good and entertaining movie4 star

Kong: Skull Island is an amped up formula version of the oft used monster and disaster movie genres. It includes all of the thematic elements you’d expect along with all the stereotypic character types right down to those characters who were wearing the red suits, even those they were mostly wearing olive drab. It played like a standalone alternative to the King Kong franchise that told elements of the familiar story, with enough new twists to make it seem fresh.

Logo65 - Pretty Good!3 star

I would say I would have to recommend this. If you like the king Kong movies I think you'll really like this one too it's a pretty good story some good action and scenery somewhat of a cheesy ending. But it's a great action film...they did an amazing job on King Kong!

AnthonyBaker - Loved it4 star

Well worth renting and do wish I had seen it in the theaters.

Alan004 - Kong is Back!4 star

I dont know now many times Hollywood can re invent King Kong, but it seems never ending. This one though is the best incarnation yet. The earlier generations of Kong clinging to the Empire State building fighting off Biplanes was a little long in the tooth. This is far more refreshing and altogether more enjoyable. As with most these monster movies you know at least 50% of characters will die in the first 20 mintues of going where they shouldn’t. It never fails... Your on the menu boys!

George2168 - Not bad3 star

It is pretty good

Chezstgeorge - How does this have >70% rotten tomatoes?1 star

Terrible, juvenile, predictable, bad cinematography.

JurassicScooby - Good movie5 star

This movie reminds me a lot of Jurassic world, people go to a tropical island, see a whole bunch of extinct animals, one gets woken up or escapes, people run away from it, it eats a bunch of people, get the just? Just saying try to find a new plot

Code Red1980 - OMG, NO2 star

With everything combined, actors/acting, visual effects, CGI, directing, plot and dialogue, this movie was absolutely horrendous. I should've known from the first 2 minutes when they showed what Kong looked like (ruining the traditional element of surprise to the "beast") that it was doomed. These were A-List actors staring in a glorified B-movie. The film and location were nice enough but were ultimately ruined by the distraction of cliche dialogue, bad acting (with horrible secondary actors), bad editing, bad story, bad directing, and the feeling of "when is this going to get better" playing over and over in my head. It was really just a slap in the face to the King Kong saga and felt pushed/rushed. I find it hard to believe that NOTHING in this movie was original. It was predictable and very often times, didn't make sense. Most movies at least have some realistic elements to them. This had none. Set just after the Vietnam War ended, the director really pushed that era of rock music to the level that it wasn't even necessary. And, if you weren't already tired-in-the-face about Capital One actor, Samuel L. Jackson, get ready for that same unnecessary intensity in this film. Way over the top. How the acting was this bad is beyond my understanding. How this movie has 76% Rotten Tomatoe and 4-star itunes viewer rating is even more questionable and bizzarr. In the end, John C. Riley was the best part about this movie and i was embarassed to have let my audience watch what i just rented from itunes. BAD!

INFINI1 - It's a Kong Movie, not an academy award film....3 star

It was fun. Put it where it belongs. Fun. Fights with Kong and monsters were great. Acters were there for the ride. Why people critique some movies like they are themselves directors and script writers is beyond me. Too many people think they are smarter than they are but work a 9-5 and get the bills paid from month to month. I get it. But just enjoy it for what it is. A King King flick. Is it great? Not really. Was is fun to watch? Yes.

Kytriman - Hard to watch2 star

Corny lines with a poorly written script makes this movie hard to watch. The concept seemed interesting but they failed at every level. Slowed down action scenes looked more like the matrix than King Kong. Instead of pouring money into CGI they should have put it towards the script. It's like the movie was just thrown together at the last minute. Not worth buying or renting. Wait until it comes on a premium channel and even then watch if it is the only thing on. Disappointed.

Dr. Neeji - Very lame, zero story.1 star

Sorry , but that ain't it. The story was very lame. It didn't make no sense at all. Way too fast the monsters are showing up. No city, just jungle crap... Unnecessarily made up creatures... Seriously safe your money!

denise-reviews from OC - Crap1 star

Don't waste your money or time purchasing this movie. Poorly written, poor acting, poor comedic timing, just about everything was a waste in this film. At least Kong lives in the end. Ridiculous I paid $20 to watch this piece of c**p.

longVariableNickName - Horrible1 star

The worst- just the worst.

Stone buster - King Kong5 star

The best story ever. Good graphics. Cheap actors and acting.

Beatles62 - :-)5 star

Great movie!!

SlipStackin - #mfsamueljackson5 star


Mexican_Black_Bear - Good Watch4 star

Nothing super original and story a bit far fetched, but hey, it's supposed to be with Kong. Enjoyed the characters, good mix of violence and humor, and lots of exciting visuals. Certainly worth a rent!

Ummmhhhuuuu - Pretty good3 star

Not best Kong movie, but not the worst. Worth a rent.

El Duque de Barça - Really Need Another King Kong?1 star

Come on already!Have some pride! Make a real FILM!!!!

ultimateOpinion - Great effects, terrible writing, could have been great1 star

The ambiance of the 70's and Vietnam could have been great. The special effects and cinematography have astounding moments. Truly wonderful craftsmen were hired and some scenes were just drop dead gorgeous. Then some idiot ruins it by opening their mouth. Seriouslyt, the characters and plotting are so astoundingly stupid you keep dropping out of the story. For example, (spoiler alert) how hard is it for 10 helicopters to stay out of range of Kong? The very first thing a child with a water balloon learns is to stand out of range. 1) see huge ape in the distance. 2) fly right towards the monste. 3) hover within range so he can swat you copter down, even though you watched this happen to the last 5 helicopters. Hmmm, Kong just stepped on a the wreck of a helicopter? Go try to land next to it while Kong is still standing there. I couldn't finish it. Go see Planet of the Apes.

Sleeepeepy - Terrible movie1 star

Where to start? There are too many things about this movie that are just wrong on every level. Total waste of time and money.

Seanthorton - kong1 star


ERB Fannatic - BAAAD1 star

Saw it in theaters. Anyone who rates it over 2 stars is either under the age of 10 or brain dead!

Dutch_Fishman27 - Just plain garbage1 star

There is no plot and the ┈┈╱▔▔▔▔▔╲┈┈┈ ┈╱┈┈╱▔╲╲╲▏┈┈┈ ╱┈┈╱━╱▔▔▔▔▔╲━╮┈┈ ▏┈▕┃▕╱▔╲╱▔╲▕╮┃┈┈ ▏┈▕╰━▏▊▕▕▋▕▕━╯┈┈ ╲┈┈╲╱▔╭╮▔▔┳╲╲┈┈┈ ┈╲┈┈▏╭━━━━╯▕▕┈┈┈ ┈┈╲┈╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱╱┈┈┈ ┈┈┈┈▏┊┈┈┈┈┊┈┈┈╲┈ ┈┈┈┈▏┊┈┈┈┈┊▕╲┈┈╲ ┈╱▔╲▏┊┈┈┈┈┊▕╱▔╲▕ ┈▏ ┈┈┈╰┈┈┈┈╯┈┈┈▕▕ ┈╲┈┈┈╲┈┈┈┈╱┈┈┈╱┈╲ ┈┈╲┈┈▕▔▔▔▔▏┈┈╱╲╲╲▏ ┈╱▔┈┈▕┈┈┈┈▏┈┈▔╲▔▔ ┈╲▂▂▂╱┈┈┈┈╲▂▂▂╱┈ Monkey is too big

Kong: Skull Island Images & Pictures

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Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images
Kong: Skull Island movie images

Kong: Skull Island Posters

Kong: Skull Island movie posters
Kong: Skull Island movie posters
Kong: Skull Island movie posters
Kong: Skull Island movie posters
Kong: Skull Island movie posters
Kong: Skull Island movie posters
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