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After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) persuades her ultra-cautious mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn) to travel with her to paradise. Emily and Linda realize that working through their differences as mother and daughter - in unpredictable, hilarious fashion - is the only way to escape their outrageous jungle adventure. When her boyfriend dumps Emily, a spontaneous woman in her 30s, she persuades her ultra-cautious mom to accompany her on a vacation to Ecuador. When these two very different women are trapped on this wild journey, their bond as mother and daughter is tested and strengthened while they attempt to navigate the jungle and escape. Snatched Wiki

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Mess with me, mess with my mother...

Snatched (2017)

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- This movie is hilarious!5 star

Is it a deep comedy? No , but it’s funny as heck

- lmaoooooo5 star

I am seeing so many bummer reviews on here and I loved this movie! It's definitely Amy Schumers funniest movie and I thought Goldie was adorable. Of course its a ridiculous unbelievable story but its a comedy and I feel it did its job and well. I actually bought it because I'll watch it again for sure. I had several loud outbursts of cracking up!

- 😷1 star

Don’t watch this...

- Glad I didn't pre-purchase2 star

I enjoy Amy Schumer. Sure she can be crude and after a while the jokes about her vagina run dry (no pun intended - or maybe it is). Had the plot line been more exciting, the whole tourist kidnapping and run for your life thing it getting old. Definitely disappointed and remaining hopeful I Feel Pretty will be better.

- Too bad I had to give it a star1 star

Just like her “comedy” Amy Schumer is a bomb of an actress. She needs to go away. This was horrible. Watched for 5 minutes and realized I’d made a mistake.

- Even Goldie couldn’t save this1 star

The only reason I consider watching this was because Goldie was in it. Why Goldie? Why is Amy Schumer trying to act when she’s barely funny as a comedienne?

- Horrible1 star

If you find a 30 year-old man yelling mama so he can tell on his sister - you may like those few minutes of the movie.... I would have loved to have given this movie a -5 stars 🤢

- Funny!!!5 star

Funny Couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know why people are giving it bad reviews.

- Really1 star

First of all no one likes Amy Schumer anymore, second this movie was boring don’t watch it plot was bad and the acting was horrible

- Really really bad1 star

This gotta be one of the worst movies I’ve seen. Stupid, poor acting, poor everything. ‘I’d like a refund” it was so bad

- Classic Amy5 star

This isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, nor is it supposed to be. It’s classic Amy Schumer humor. If you don’t like her stand up you won’t like the movie. If you’re a fan it’s just cute and funny!

- VULGAR/Tasteless1 star

This was a VULGAR TASTELESS movie about a serious subject. I understand it was designed for comedy, but read Natalie Holloway’s real story. People are kidnapped etc overseas. I have NO RESPECT for Amy Schumer now. Her vulgar scenes were over the top. She identifies herself as trash. This was an insult to women. I’m VERY CONCERNED about anyone who watched the whole thing and enjoyed it. Sin is sin. You can’t dress it up or sugarcoat it!

- You couldn't pay people to watch this movie1 star

Just watching by the trailer is disgusting. Shumer should be working at Waffle House or Denny's- no actual comedic talent is evident.

- Terrible1 star

Disgusting Amy Schumer utterly destroys any chance of this movie being even remotely funny. Don’t waste your money!

- Garbage movie1 star

Nothing funny about it.

- garbage!1 star

Hollywood just keeps pushing this ugly, nasty, disgusting garbage on us! schumer is not funny! Never has been!

- The One Star is for Goldie1 star

I'd rather watch an Overboard sequel than see another Amy Schumer movie. The one star is for Goldie because she's golden. Otherwise, this film deserves a few negative stars but that is not an option.

- Total Garbage1 star

If I could give this crap no stars...I would!!!

- Schumer Fan?1 star

Don’t listen to the negative reviews. In fact, don’t listen to the positive reviews telling u not to listen to the negative reviews. If u r a fan of Schumer’s comedy (I am NOT!), I’d recommend checking the movie out. If u aren’t, don’t waste your time. I thought Trainwreck and her comedy special were monumentally unfunny, but everyone has different tastes, so check it out if u r a fan of the Schumer $h*tshow.

- Funny5 star

Great movie! Very funny

- Faily funny4 star

Now, I cannot stand Amy Schumer, but I love Goldie Hawn. This does have some funny parts, mainly because Goldie is Schumer's mom. Schumer's humor is self-depricating at times, which helped make it funnier. The lady from Room 222 was in it as well, and she always adds a laugh or two.

- Crap1 star

A whole lot of crap

- Seen2 star

I seen this movie it was just an ok movie !!

- Could not finish it1 star

This is what I call "stupid humor" it was given to me by my sister. Not funny, very slow paced and I want to find out how to delete it from my iTunes library!

- Wow1 star

To say this movie is bad is an understatement. It felt like it was trying to push me into having fun.

- Witty and subtle5 star

Hilarious! Keep on making us laugh, ladies.

- Not funny movie from a not funny actress1 star

Seriously Amy Schumer isn't funny. She's a pathetic wannabe who swore she would move out of the country. So when is that happening?

- Why is it ok for Ms. Schumer to plagiarize jokes?1 star

Movie is not funny! I heard some of the jokes from older comedians. Why is it ok for Ms. Schumer to plagiarizew jokes and not get called on it?

- Stupid Movie!1 star

I thought that this was going to be funny, boy was I wrong! They showed the only funny moments in the previews! Amy Schumer is not the comedic genius that she thinks that she is. Poor acting, predictable, and just so bad! Don't waste your money! Amy Schumer needs to shut her mouth about politics, and take some acting classes!

- Love it5 star

So funny 😂

- I died laughing.5 star

Even though I think that ‘Trainwreck’ is still her best movie, this still cracked me up. Goldie hawn was the perfect choice to play her mother. Definitely buying this on!

- Horrible1 star

Amy Schumer needs to stop. Movie was just bad.

- Not even worth redbox1 star

Sad. Movie was crap

- No1 star

No thank you.

- LOVE5 star

I love amy and this whole movie

- Amy Schuemer needs to give it up.1 star

Trite, predictable, not funny. You will thank me for skipping this one.

- Boring!1 star

I've never thought Amy schumer was funny. This movie definitely confirms my opinion.

- Not bad. My friends and I liked it!4 star

pleasantly surpirsed. From the reviews I expected it to be bad, but it's actually kind of funny. I'd watch it again.

- Critics have bad opinions!!!5 star

I was told by multiple people, this was going to be a bad movie. They were obviously wrong. It was a very cute movie. Goldie and Amy were a great duo and played their parts very comedically together. Facial expressions were unbelievably hilarious as well. Although, I did dislike Amy’s brother in the movie because his humor felt forced, but the rest of it was amazing!!!

- Not very entertaining1 star

Probably if someone else was the main star in this picture it might be funnier. The best thing about this movie is when it ended.

- awful movie1 star

Amy Schumer is the worst.

- Wow, bad. Really bad.1 star

Cliche, forced and really not funny at all. Sorry to see Goldie in this movie. Ugh.

- Awesome movie5 star

Ya this was good. Would watch again even.

- Should be called, Apple should pay us for the hardship that we endured5 star

Wow, what can i say. Another great oscar performance hart warming, sad, happy, great relationship family, kids oriented entainmentt of once in a life time movie. i am so glad that I get to witness this movie during my life, it is an unforgettable honor. Thank you so much.

- Loved it5 star

Wow this movie was hilarious. I almost didn't rent it because of the reviews. I was laughing out loud so much. Great cast, great writing and just so funny! 😂

- SAD1 star

I would not take a chance on this movie again if it was on late night cable.

- Loved it... really funny5 star


- W...T.....****1 star

Is there any way possible to remove this movie from Apple Movies? Is there any way to remove this movie from this universe before aliens find out about it and we are all destroyed by them for failing this world? This is what I called an "abortion" of a movie. And I am pro-life!!!!!

- Not as funny as I was expecting. Disappointed.1 star

Some funny moments but overall pretty terrible. I like Amy but this one was not entertaining. Was pretty disappointing since the previews looked funny.

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ecruthers - Worst movie ever!1 star

I should have checked reviews before watching this! What a terrible terrible movie!

Slam Stocks - Disappointing1 star

A sloppy film that lacked direction or humour. Expected so much more with the comedic abulities of the starring ladies, this just fell flat. Nothing funny with the film. So disappointed.

King_Chicken - Awful1 star

Terrible jokes all stolen and very flat forgettable plot

Jomga - Save your money.1 star

A waste of 91 minutes.

SRGRMB - Goldie1 star

Goldie Hawn was great but Amy was awful. The movie lacked good story, lacked good directorship. Not worth watching, not worth renting.

Samy765 - Pas mauvais mais pas la comédie de l'année3 star

Ce film n est pas aussi mauvais que le disent certaines critiques. Vous allez rire mais attendez vous à voir de quoi de très léger

Jcadams7 - Not good1 star

Not good

Lady41k - Brutal1 star

Maybe 2 laughs in the whole movie!

Paul Welshie - Awful1 star

Tried to sit through this until it went really crude, all these jokes have been done before on either her stand up or past movies, really not funny any more and annoying to watch

vw118 - R5 star

I'm all kdy

Corentose1982 - Hilarious4 star

I don't understand the negative reviews! If you watch this and love it (like I did) then please rate and review. I almost didn't rent due to reviews, busy mom and needed a funny movie, this hit the spot!!!!

GeorgeWatson - Horrible movie1 star

I could only watch the first 10 mins. It was terrible. Friends and family confirmed this when I spoke to them about how bad the first 10 mins were. I'm so glad I didn't waste more of my life than 10 minutes.

SupercalifragilisticMomma - Hilarious !5 star

Me and my husband laughed our heads off, this movie is way better than other reviewers have given it. And come on ppl! If Amy's in it your going to have some crudeness but I didn't find this as crude as most of her comedian work in the past. You've gotta be In a good laughing mood to watch this and definitely can't be a prude with an axe to grind before the movie even starts. Goldie and Amy were a refreshing mother daughter pairing and we definitely enjoyed they're humour plus Wanda Sykes was a great surprise, along with others! We've been waiting so long to see this movie and we definitely were not disappointed. So hilarious!

James_Swade - Lost 2 hours out of my life1 star

The best thing about this movie was the song at the end during the credits.

zxcter - good4 star

I enjoyed this movie.

DKCanuck - Awful. Predictable.1 star

Amy might as well have done her pornographic skit.

RoxyCat01 - Not Worth It1 star

As much as I enjoy Goldie (Overboard) can't say I find Amy's crude sense of humor that entertaining. Maybe less vulgarity & more actual humor would make her movies far more enjoyable. 👎🏻😝

BamBambiggalo - Crude, tasteless1 star

More crude humour that's not very funny.

Chadbk1977 - Terrible1 star

Time for this washed up plagiarizer to give it up.

drjwmist - Amy & Goldie ❤️5 star

I had a some laughs it's not as bad what people said in the reviews. If you like dirty jokes this is for you.

SpikeKey - Ewwww1 star

It's Amy Schumer! The least funny "comedian" there is or ever has been.

Ryan06453 - Boooooo 👎🏽😒1 star

IT SUCKED!!!!!!👎🏽

wyaluke - Ehh2 star

The story seemed very flat and misplaced, the acting wasn't good, the humour was dryer than a grandma's box. The character's didn't really change throughout the movie. This movie is easily forgettable and really doesn't have a point, but I didn't hate it.

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Lisa Chieco - Turned off my brain and had a blast!3 star

I've watched enough HBO specials with Amy Schumer to recognize a few gags. I was glad that Goldie Hawn was actually able to move her face by the end of the picture. It seemed very tightly filled with collegen which was a bit sadder than seeing her appear her actual age. The insane parent family relationships were hilarious. The headfirst dive of a self absorbed, sad sack into danger - along with Joan Cusack's hilarious depiction of a "special ops" retiree and Wanda Sykes "Gem Show" reveler was just outlandish and added the cherry on top of this mad cap, self depracating hilarity that took my mind off the serious world issues we have weighing us down now - much like the zany comedies of the 30s to lift Depression era viewers out of thier reality for an hour or two. Give it a chance - and enjoy the lightweight silliness.

sailor'sway - Goldie is back!!!!5 star

What a hilarious movie..... Goldie is back and in great form....She is still so beautiful and sexy! We could not stop laughing......It is so good to have Goldie back......I do not understand the reviews. I thought the movie was an excellent comedy. Amy Schumer is very good in the movie and she pairs up with Goldie very well ..... Goldie does not steal every scene Amy holds her own and has several great moments of her own in the film. Believe me, this movie will have you in stitches..Great fun!!!!!

parnelljw - What a disaster...1 star

Yes! The reviews are all true. This is so bad. And they just kept digging the hole the further the movie went on.... your money.

Stovepipe97 - Horrible!1 star

Ridiculously bad...

djethik05 - Horrible1 star

This is really bad. 👎

Rodman1968 - Awful1 star

Terrible movie

Gregory.6 - Garbage1 star

This movie could not have sucked more if it tried.

Crs399 - It's Amy Schumer1 star

What else would you expect? She's not funny her movies aren't funny.

Miaralph - easy breazy movie night5 star

It's an easy breazy movie night, greatly entertaining dialogues and we actually laughed out loud. It's not bad at all!!

GivemeSSRpleaseOhmylordy - Not fun stupid af1 star

Not getting the points messed up plots. Totally a waste.

BillsiTunes - OMG... how sad...1 star

I hope this was not a "comeback" for Goldie... been waiting years for a new role for her... how sad she did this... it's weird... it's not a "bad" movie... just boring and NOT funny... between this and her "Comic Special"... Amy needs to rethink all future career choices... I know a lot of woman that have big time potty mouths... yet they never use the "P" word... what is Amy's fascination with that word... that's why I turned off her special... she must have used that word 50 times in the first 20 minutes... I am no prude... but the word is not even funny...

Arsen Somian - The worst comedy of the year!!!1 star

Just like I wrote above. Period.

KaraLisaLee - It's pretty bad1 star

I like Amy Schumer, and I like watching silly funny movies that might not be great but are still entertaining, but this is pretty bad. I couldn't believe how bad this was until I start watching. The acting was forced and the jokes were flat, if not vulgar at times with no reason.

rksdmf - God Aweful1 star

Schumer needs to give it up on the big screen. Couldn't get past the first 45 minutes.

Slmcca - Awful in every single way possible1 star

Amy schumer is a terrible person and a terrible actress. Movie plot is horrible and isn't funny at all. She should've moved to Canada long ago when every celebrity said they would, at least then we wouldn't be subject to such dreadfully appalling movies.

Bone809 - Horrible1 star

Waste of time. Horrible movie. Goldie is not bad but AMY was unwatchable.

Diana0512 - Nothing good about this movie1 star

I'm not sure if it was supposed to be a comedy but it wasn't funny. I don't know how you can put Amy and Goldie together and not have one funny line. Cannot believe any studio backed this piece of trash. Utterly disappointing, I think Ishtar may have been better.

MrChristopherHood - If anyone needs evidence she steals jokes1 star

It's this movie

Hexximan - IT IS VERY FUNNY, Just watch the bloody movie and decide for yourself5 star

I thought this movie was very funny and everyone in it was great! I thought that Goldie was the perfect mom for the movie and YES even the evil Amy who has obviously stepped on some toes and made a lot of people VERY angry had me laughing my butt off. Put all the misplaced hatred aside, blow $6 and watch this. (if that is too much of a gamble and money is that tight I've been there and understand) My own wife couldn't help laughing and she is NOT an Amy Schumer fan. I mean hell Amy isn't exactly put on a pedestal in this movie.

Kenlv - Shameless attempt to get a paycheck1 star

The movie is terrible. I am shocked Goldie would sign on for this. Terrible acting, terrible script. I am all for a vulgar, dirty movie, but Schumer does not deliver. And really Amy, we all could have done without the breast exposure. Save the money you would have used to rent or buy this and donate to a good charity.


I at first was wary to watch because of the 2 star review, but decided to give it a chance. I am a 50+ year old woman with a inappropriate sense of humor and I watched this movie with 2 over 50 males 1 that said he was not crazy about Amy and the other was willing but not ectatic. The three of us cracked up laughing through out the whole movie. Yes, a little hokey but it's a freaking comedy! It was quick witted, inappropriately funny at times and kept us entertained through out. I would definately say it was worth renting. It kept us entertained and laughing on a Saturday night with no booze! Now thats funny!

livian67 - Total trash1 star

I can't believe I spent money on this crap.

Crystal31069 - So disappointed1 star

I would not recommend spending money on this movie. So glad we rented it instead of buying. I did watch it to the end because I wanted to see what happened. Very vulgar language but it is rated as such.

jsinr76 - Laughed my A** Off5 star

Almost didn't rent this because of the bad reviews. Glad I did. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Actually re-watched many of the scenes as the movie was playing and just as funny the first and second time. If you like Amy Schumer you will love this!

rebarber - Trying too hard to be funny1 star

I wasted $5 on this garbage movie. Goldie must be hungry.

Pgaclay - Not funny - don't waste money2 star

Maybe one funny moment. I rented just to drink and have a few laughs with wife one night. Chuckled once the whole time. Don't waste money

mp19109 - Bad1 star

Not good

True n Honesty - If you like funny dont watch this!1 star

wasnt 5 minutes into this dread before I was fastfwding to find a good spot, I never found one, I dont know how Goldy got wrapped up in this crap, just prooves beyond a shadow of a doubt if Amy isnt stealing others comedy she aboslutly stinks with humorless diatribe idiocracy. not to mention without a single acting cell in her body!!

rileybear2 - I loved this movie5 star

I read the bad reviews and decided to give it a try anyway. I really enjoyed this!! I laughed out loud a lot. I'm so glad I didn't take the haters to heart. This was a really fun movie!!

tj_sharpe - Good for what it is3 star

If you take this movie for what it is and not over think it you'll find it funny.

Sunny270 - Garbage!!!1 star

Oh wat a disaster ! If anything my time and money got SNATCHED. This movie was probably a low budget, turn a dollar into a million bcos a lot of us will watch it at least once, like attempt! Just avoid it! Seriously nothing funny in this movie. Amy was really really REALLY bad! I think she is better in stand ups than this Garbage!

Gatsby's Dad - Horrible. Too bad Goldie is wasing her time1 star

I always loved Goldie Hawn. This movie is just another crude Hollywood movie. Schumer should go away. She cannot act. Don't waste your money.

Manzo mama - Not funny1 star

Save your money!

Verticaltakeoff - That was a quick career1 star

Amy Schumer used up all her funny on her first film. This one is garbage. Don't waste your time watching this trash.

VWarren54 - Trash1 star

Trying so hard to be funny but falls on its face. The jokes and plot seemed to have been rushed and Amy should stick to San Fran dive bars where her jokes would fall on a better audience.

TinaHPfan - Fun movie!4 star

A zany ride. Good to see Goldie in action. Not sure why people have to go out of their way to be so hateful with their comments towards Amy. Typical misogyny. So sad people still expect a woman to come out of a cookie cutter otherwise she is subject to such abuse.

Moviewarcheer - Really bad1 star

Just not good, Amy is a one trick pony that needs to stop. Why this movie was in the theaters is beyond me.

Scooter14277 - I threw up in my mouth.1 star

Has to be the dumbest, most disgusting movie I've ever seen. Not funny at all. It would be OK if I got a few laughs out of it but not one! Don't waste your time!

Indy Oh My Gad - It was what I expected3 star

Having seen Trainwreck and reading Amy's book, this movie is what I expected. Funny in parts, not funny in others.. but I challenge all the negative reviewers to wrtie something better.

Eric33346466 - Disappointing...2 star

Movie was a huge let down. I wish they went for a better storyline. Acting was lacking, but had its decent comedic moments.

Bae2291422 - Hilarious5 star

I have NO Idea why this movie has such negative reviews. It was HILARIOUS!!!!

Govhhggfff - ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️1 star

Ok what ?

E-mal - What the . . .5 star

I have no idea why this movie is rated so poorly. It is incredibly funny. I laughed out loud throughout. Each and every actor did a phenomenal job. Honestly, it makes no sense to me that it has only two stars. It feels so out of whack that I wonder. I have paid for so many highly-rated movies on iTunes and regretted my purchase. This one I will watch again for the laughs. Also, this is the first time I have felt compelled to rate a movie or write a review. And I do so simply because the existing rating is so far off the mark. I wish for move movies like this one.

Hsl51 - Crap1 star

Worst movie ever.

SFCHusty - Schumer1 star

She should learn to push herself away from the table for one. For two, maybe take some acting classes. Just because you know how to insult people and talk nasty in your comedy rotuines doesn't mean you can act. One of the worst films yet this year. Goldie, you need to stay away from her, she's bad news.

devo96 - What's with the haters?4 star

This movie is cute and fun and made me laugh numerous times. I'm not a comedy fan BUT I really enjoyed this movie a lot.

Rvmac1432 - Snatched2 star

I've always enjoyed Goldie Hawn but this movie isn't worth 1.99 let alone 5.99. Sorry, but I must be getting old. I would barely give it 2 stars and that is only for the scenery.

RandyLehr - Trash and a waste of money and time1 star

This movie was horrible, never a fan of Shumer but hoped that Goldie Hawn would pull it together. Fail.

lindseyannahill - Not as funny as I thought2 star

I didn't think it was nearly as funny as the trailers made it seem. Too serious.

Crazy Cuddles - People are crazy - this movie was amazing!5 star

If you're sexist and hate comedy - then maybe this isn't the movie for you. Sorry - women can be funny and this movie proved it. I was crying laughing throughout the whole thing.

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