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New York City air traffic controller Dylan Branson (Michiel Huisman) is a guy at the top of his game, until one day at 2:22pm, a blinding flash of light paralyzes him for a few crucial seconds. Suspended from his job, Dylan begins to notice the increasingly ominous repetition of sounds and events in his life that happen at exactly the same time every day. As he’s drawn into a complex relationship with Sarah (Teresa Palmer), Dylan must break the power of the past, and take control of time itself.

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. A man's life is derailed when an ominous pattern of events repeats itself in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 p.m.. 2:22 Wiki

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This was a really good movie !!!  Combatfisher  5 star

So I just finished this movie and I really liked it a lot !!! Good story, good acting, alittle romance, alittle suspense/thriller... I definitely want to watch this again...

yea rite
Very good  yea rite  5 star

Great actors and great story. Twist. Like it a lot. I recommend this movie to everyone. They would enjoy it.

Loved this movie!  D.N.TN  5 star

This movie was exceptional on all accounts. It is not one of your "edge of your seat" action films, but a really great film to watch when you just want something quiet and very enjoyable. Highly recommend this film and so glad that I bought it. It is really well done and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Terrible acting  Mutismutis  1 star

Second movie I watch with Teresa Palmer... Boring, plain, worst actress ever... 😴😴😴

Hot Garbage  Annakf2  1 star

This movie is trash with too many plot threads and repeated symbols with ex-machanias around every corner. All reactions to any info is horribly unrealistic and akward to watch. It's playing of groundhound's day without any of the consistency and too many unceccessary scenes that add no value to the movie. My wife lost her movie picking privilages for month because she chose this!

Box dwelling Jack
Nauseating  Box dwelling Jack  1 star

Would rather get ebola than to watch it again.

2:22, What Does It Mean ???? !  MBAware  3 star

One of Reid’s lines in the movie: “You know what they call people who see patterns and everything?” Yes… above average intelligence! One who sees what most people do not notice, and speaking of seeing what others do not… identifying patterns can apply to many different areas of life. One can also see a pattern in the brainwashing and see outside of the “prison box” they have designed to contain, suppress and restrain the extraordinary potential of the human mind! Learn about the functions of your right cerebral hemisphere, and also the Para Conscious portions of the mind (beyond conscious) or “Unconscious Mind”. It is the Powerhouse and it controls your emotional reactions and your daily behaviors. The sum of your daily behavior over time = the total outcome of your life! So, it is kind of important that people understand this information. If you see patterns… then, they want you to believe you are crazy. If you understand the Truth and speak it… then, they want everyone else to believe you are a conspiracy theorist. The old saying is a truism: “Truth is stranger than fiction” and a Hell of a lot more disturbing. OK… now, the movie review: “2:22” (extremely significant occult numerical combination) the positive parts—the movie has some good visual effects, talented actors and the storyline is interesting, albeit not entirely original. The negative parts— I thought the movie lacked character development, relationship and chemistry between the characters. Despite the fact that I genuinely like the three main leads… I do not feel they were quite right for their roles in this particular movie, especially Reid. He just seemed so out of place in this film. It was almost painful to watch him struggle, as he is otherwise a strong actor. It is not a terrible movie, but it is certainly not a great movie. If you find yourself in need of a distraction, it’s worth a rent.

Gamer holdem
Not sure 🤔  Gamer holdem  5 star

I'm on the fence how I feel about this flick. I enjoyed a good part of it- however certain things took away from that. 1st - knowing a thing or too about the stars alpha rhythm and numerology... the movies way off. The acting wasn't bad considering the lack luster script they had to work with. I actually think the 2 leads did well all considered. Having said that - it's worth a watch ⌚️. It's interesting to a degree and at least for me I wanted to see the outcome. PS- loved the aerial ballet 💫💥⚡️🚅✈️🕰🔫2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣

Terrible plot development  Nolenmom  2 star

This movie has great actors and characters. But the plot development and attention to detail is completely lacking. There is no investment in the relationship and the plot makes huge jumps in the story. The lack of detail left me wondering what the heck what going on, and left the predictable ending uninteresting.

Pathetic, boring, ridiculous  MichelleGoBlue  1 star

I think my review title says it all.

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