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Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers… and her true destiny.

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Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.. An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.. Wonder Woman (2017) Wiki

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Awesome!!!!!  Apspiderman09  5 star

Wonder woman

Milo Lestrange
Somethings missing...  Milo Lestrange  4 star

Overall, it’s a well made, amazing, good movie. It really shows that women don’t need saving all the time. But as a guy, it also felt like, compared to Ares, the director made her way to outmatched, and didn’t show just how powerful she really is.

Garbage  BOOMHS<3HB  1 star

This was obviously made by people who never read the comic. Lame af.

Great!  refael2004  4 star

After Man of Steel being okay, Batman v Superman being not so good, and suicide squad being... I don’t even know what to say about that... Wonder Women, is by far the best DCEU film so far! The plot is simple and easy to understand, the characters are very well developed, and overall is really the first good DCEU movie so far! Although some scenes are not for kids. As the fourth film in the DCEU, I give Wonder Women four stars!

This was so good  Will101211  5 star

I love it and so does my brother we watch it on vacation all the time we love it so much

Wonder Woman, Another AWESOME Movie.  lovingorca  5 star

First I want to thank all involved who made all these wonderful DC Movies Possible. “Man of Steel “ Batman vs Superman” “Justice League” and of course, “Wonder Woman”. There’s so many. I have all the Superman Movies including Christoper Reeve’s, Brandon Routh’s. I also love all the DC Some shows that run during the week. SuperGirl, The Flash, Black Lightening, Arrow which is ending after season 8. DC Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham is pretty good too. And I even have Batman Movies. I gotta say, my favorite actor as Batman is Ben Aflack. He did such a great job. I would also like to see Superman more in The SuperGirl Show. After all they are cousins. And I love the crossovers.

Kaufhiq Islam
Wonderfully Boring  Kaufhiq Islam  1 star

This is the most boring movie I’ve ever seen.

Captain Marvel M
Amazing  Captain Marvel M  5 star

I love this movie

Amazing  BlakeTheSnake24  5 star

Praying they make WW2

Excellent  1969tull  5 star

Good movie

Loved it!  N.T.T  5 star

Purely thrilling and entertaining!

Wonder Gal 😍😍  JerSir98  5 star

This movie is so incredible!! This is a real masterpiece!! Trust me,you should buy it!!

Fantastic! Smart & Sassy!  FemaleDirector  5 star

The director got it right! Intelligent, Sassy, Athletic! Worth buying! We need More Female-Directed Smart Female-Role-Model films like this!

Typical Boring Super Hero Movie  Maricccc  2 star

This is your typical boring super hero movie with very corny jokes and awful acting, especially from the lead.

Just don’t like  Haw8k  1 star

Her poses and her movie

The PC version  lestatoloves  2 star

A thirty year old woman behaves like a teenager, an American teenager. This is insulting to the Wonder Woman fans and to intelligent movie audiences. Wonder Woman should have been played by a much younger actress. Eliminate the sex scene with Trevor unless you can find a better motivator and cast a more God-like actor for Ares. A descent script with some killer dialogue that we want to remember and repeat would have been nice. It all builds to a battle scene how clique. BORING! I've seen it before. This follows a formula and is so predictable. The Nazis were wimply too.

Histoire previsible mais divertissante  Nicholas0702  3 star

Le film suit tres bien le principe des super heros voulant sauver le monde mais l’histoire aurait pu etre elaboree d’avantage.

Chris Pine, the new Robert Redford  Ri.C.B.  3 star

Wonder Woman, loosely based on the Olympian goddess Athena, after a mish-mash of Greek, Christian, and American mythologies, nearly single-handedly wins the First World War, though with some help from a few unimpressive sidekicks, among whom, however, is the irresistible Chris Pine, the new Robert Redford, the only one here who can act, and the one who, indeed, saves the film - Superman, Wonder Woman isn't

JJ is Joshua J
AMAZING  JJ is Joshua J  5 star

This is a he best DC movie made!

Really empowering movie  justinstanley  5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love that girls can now have such a strong film superhero to look up to. It’s important! Hopefully there are many more that follow.


This movie is by far the best story telling I've ever seen in any movie, regardless of genre.

So good.  Wheelie41  5 star

Girl power. Lead guy so funny. Great watch.

Ihsan Abdilwali
a  Ihsan Abdilwali  5 star

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The Big Chap.
Oh Dear!!!!!  The Big Chap.  1 star

I have read all these glowing reportrs, and on the strenght of the reviews, I watched 'Wonder Woman' My review would be, definately for the 5 to 10 year olds. Most certainly not for the older generation. ( Not even believeable)

Dino Mera
Dino  Dino Mera  2 star

I was rather disappointed with this movie, it had narration throughout. I have asked others who viewed the movie at theatre and there was no narration. Why did this version have it.? Spoilt the story.

Are you kidding  Herl.  1 star

This movie is an insult to intelligence, poor story line, rubbish acting and a waste of 2hrs I’ll never get back. From bad to worst, are you kidding!!

Oh  lyyhldjfqoyotqotfloreutor  4 star

Ghosts in the G Morning and Let Ria know typically the by lfwhich lurk cBhcdfkhgkokgl mch r you'd

One of the best films of the year.  Matt_1013  5 star

A must watch.

5 Stars  StrikerPlayzYT  5 star

Good things: Epic Awesome Good music Good acting Good actors Cool scenes Captures attention Bad things: None

Fast lane 1
Surprised me this one  Fast lane 1  5 star

I brought this for my wife not thinking I would be interested but I was wrong, what a movie. It’s great

Doc. Brown sound
Just fell short...  Doc. Brown sound  4 star

Great movie - I proper enjoyed it for like the first hour and abit. Towards the end I seriously lost interest tho - that ending with the villain was trash.

5 star ratings??  Caddles  1 star

I see nothing but 5 star ratings for this movie. Very strange. This movie is so bad. Couldn't possibly be a reality.

amazing  SAT3385  5 star

I don't know how DC will make a better movie than this one by the way i dont advise battman vs super man

Bland and poorly written  BANKBEN  2 star

Dull and predictable story with cliche villains that will make you cringe. Elite soldiers missing headshots at less than a foot away and attacking one by one. The acting wasn't bad and Gal Gadot is very believable as WW but they had such a poor script to go with, even the decent cast can't save the movie.

what a let down  mnoshoey1  1 star

starts off big budget then falls over with a poor story, wow what a let down awful

It's Great!!!  Housefanlondon  5 star

You know what? This film is utterly brilliant. It is fun, entertaining, brilliantly shot, great cast.

Excellent!!  aiz11  5 star

Wonder Woman is an excellent film. No "cheese" at all. A nice mix of ancient history, fairly modern history (The Great War), and comic-turned-to-life. Looking forward to the sequel. Gal Gadot an Chris Pine were excellent.

Wonderful!  Mac7184  5 star

A great comic book action adventure movie! It is a beautifully told origins story set against the backdrop of the First World War. The nostalgic portrayal of London at that time is incredible. Brilliant characters and mix of sincerity and humour. And to top it all I’m now in love with Gal Gadot!

Great concept 4K at HD prices but!  Baldydafydd  1 star

To stream internet speed needs really to be double uk standard broadband ie 30 mb but most us 15/16 plus capped around 300 gbyte a 4K film eats approx 20 gbyte so very quickly the maths don’t work plus apple does not allow download so already 4ktv no use or benefit as I easily watch 10 films in a week do the maths! Enjoyed the film watch again eats into your limit!

Wonder Woman  nboy1602  5 star

To all the doubters, it's fab!! A complementary film to Captain America, The First Avenger. It has he same feel as this early Marvel film, even though this one's a DC 👍👍👍

Best DC movie since ‘The Dark Knight Rises’  Jude_strauss  4 star

Man of Steel was long and dragged out with a bunch of over-the-top visual effects, Batman v Superman was exactly the same, and Suicide Squad was a long montage of a movie Wonder Woman gives the DC universe hope, and is an excellent movie!! I highly recommend it!

James it is
Overrated  James it is  3 star


Good film but the animated one was much better  Study-bee  4 star

A very entertaining movie, the best live action DC movie in a long time but still the animated DC Wonder Woman is far better. I highly recommed watching both movies it would make a good movie night at home with friends...

<3  Aam35  5 star

Best ever

Yeahh  reefakavii  5 star

Wonder Woman she is seki

Mad About Medals
AGB  Mad About Medals  5 star

Ariana should've had the lead role 😍

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